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. What he did do is travel a significant distance, purposely going out of his way to find Lonzo. And mockingly dribbled the ball around around him as he made way to the towards the lockeroom. Zo’s teammates Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle quickly came to his defense, trying to take the ball from murray at halfcourt. Some words were exchanged, the team’s were separated, and any hard feelings were put on hold til next outing. Which again Jamal Murray was at the center off, Denver again on their home floor took care of business, had the lakers finished 121 to 116, and again Murray with the ball in his hands. Was soaking all of it in, KCP & Lonzo sprint over to foul him. He heads to the line, ices the free throws. Then on the other side of the floor, intercepts Lonzo’s pass, proceeds to make a scene of it which didn’t sit well the laker bench, head coach luke Walton specifically. Who was restrained by his players after giving it the mouth to the nuggets players and staff. So then same season, Denver’s next trip to Staples. This go around the Lakers takes the dub, Julius Randle roughens up on Nikola Jokic. Some more words, shoves whatever are exchanged, and then the following possession. Isaiah holding the ball top of the perimenter. Throws the ball in Murray’s direction who was stood by Lonzo in the corner. As a gesture of bad riddance towards someone who not too long became his teammate, when Isaiah joined the nuggets this summer. Anyways this season, now with the backing off arguably the world’s best player in LeBron James. The new look lakers wanted all the smoke, coming into the game at staples with 1-3 record. Against an improved Nuggets team 4-0 undefeated on the season. What most surprised me watching this game, was the assertiveness from Lonzo Ball. Something he was critised for lack off last year. Ball embraced the Murray assignment, bringing out that chino hills fullcourt press. A noticeable sequence came in the 2nd quarter. Lonzo comes charges into the paint and pace only to just as quickly direct a pass from mcgee into the path of LeBron James under the basket for an easy too. He then stays put with Murray on the inbound, forces him to turn. Rips the ball loose and lays it in for an easy two to tie the game. This was a man seeking revenge, in laid back fashion you’d only ever see for Lonzo Ball. What he did in the fourth was reminiscent of something he did a few years back at UCLA. Perhaps the game that first elevated Lonzo from ballislife star to the mainstream media’s new favourite talking point. Bare with me for the backstory, Prior to his breakout game, December 2016 UCLA had Oregon up 4 points with 14 seconds to go. Yet somehow would end up losing 89-87 after Dillon Brooks hit a walk off contested three pointer at the Buzzer to win it. The much anticipated rematch came Febuary 2017. Orgeon were in control most of the night, led by as many as 19 points at one point. Yet a particular freshman guard from chino hills refused to let his team lose. Ball finished with 15 points and 11 rebounds, Focal point of the late comeback which saw him make the ball game’s two biggest plays. Putting the bruins up 5 with 1;10 to go on a halfcourt drive. While the Ducks would knockdown a 3 to bring the game back within two points. Lonzo on the very next possession would throw that three ball right back at them. Sizing up and stepping back far beyond the college three point line to bury Oregon and wrap up a clutch performance. We hadn’t seen Lonzo shoot with such confidence since UCLA, and that’s what made last night’s game so fulfilling. Zo held a grudge over Oregon and made em pay, which is near enough exactly what he just did to Denver, In identical fashion too. After some solid defense ripping both murray and jokic re-obtaining possession on the other side. With 3 minutes to go, Lakers leading 110-108. Lonzo with Jokic guarding him. Dribbled through his legs a series of times, before crossing into his trademark step back. Stunning Jokic and knocking down a cold blooded dagger to put the Lakers up 5 and ultimately pull away for their first win of the season.

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  • B Kelly
    B Kelly

    Bruh Lonzo playing good so far and all the haters quite 🤔🤔🤔

    • kdincali4nia

      I'm not a hater but he is streaky, good sometimes and nonexistant other nights.

    • sdagonz67

      Trade Lonzo.

    • Casey

      *cough cough* Stephen A

    • B Kelly
      B Kelly

      EXpoSIN DemBabylonians lonzo really ain’t playing bad yes his numbers aren’t impressive but stats aren’t always the whole story

    • EXpoSIN DemBabylonians
      EXpoSIN DemBabylonians

      @D L 100%

  • PK

    That UCLA stepback 👀👌🏼🔥

  • 1dayullsee

    This mans step back 3s touch my soul

    • D L
      D L

      Only about 31% of the time, even with all the wide open shots he gets playing with LeBron and opponents ducking under screens...

    • gernm18

      you mean his airballs lol

    • Ron


    • JJTh2Baller22

      Facts bru

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      Lol facts.

  • Phil Langston
    Phil Langston

    Zo good he just has to stop thinking and just play he does that he’ll have more games like he did against Denver

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      zo is a bust stop hyping

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      enrique martinez lonzobust

    • imagesfromLA

      Phil Langston, spot on analysis.

    • BatangFirst

      Phil Langston lonzobust

  • Jay P.
    Jay P.

    IT was a real one just for throwing the ball towards Murray like that...lol like go ahead do that thing you was doing last time playa Lmao

  • dieselshug

    So happy for Lonzo, just hopes he continues to play with this attitude

  • Matt Levy
    Matt Levy

    I think your off Lonzo said the coaches want him to start picking up full court, and he normally somewhat full court presses of the inbound.. But Murray was a prick last year

  • Uaint Down
    Uaint Down

    great vid. great talent. he's finding his way. he's a hard worker/determined and this will get him far

    • DKM

      Uaint Down appreciated

  • Dayglo

    Zo got a bone to pick with the Northwest 😂💀

  • SawceNextDoor

    Lonzo plan was to look like a bust his first season so that he could showout his second

    • gernm18

      total bust, since when is a triple single special?

    • Hxvoc

      @Rollan Powell who else because Russ averaged a trip-dub last season

    • SawceNextDoor

      Most likes ive ever got

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      0 Subscribers Without any vids

      He did good last season

  • T J
    T J

    When he stepbacks you know he’s on a mission 🤬😠

  • O O O
    O O O

    I went to college with one of the Denver nuggets. Crazy how he's living his dream, playing against Lebron, after playing for iowa state.

  • lucas sickner
    lucas sickner

    I love whenever the Lakers and the Nuggets play honestly one of the better matchups in the west.

  • TheDarkHunter81

    It’s all just confidence for Lonzo. If he confident all the time he’s gonna help that team be good.

  • Xiaolong Lee
    Xiaolong Lee

    He wants to prove that he belongs to the League

    • Itaflamingo Doe
      Itaflamingo Doe

      ツshane His little brother was the 7th ranked in his class he is good. The media just don’t like the ball family because lavar checked them and they got but hurt.

    • Shane

      @Itaflamingo Doe Dont forget he has an over rated little brother too. He is the only Ball brother good enough to go pro

  • Jonathan R.
    Jonathan R.

    Zo just needs to start playing more confident, consistent, and be more aggressive then he'll be straight. He needs to shake off that bad rookie season, not everyone can makes a the transition from college to NBA and just balls tf out their first year. So he gotta stop over thinking shit when hes on the court and just play his game!!!

  • Chris Lombera
    Chris Lombera

    Finally playing with confidence!

  • dominique banks
    dominique banks

    love the vid...so many people hate on ball due to his fathers antics, but lonzo is a special player. he may not be a huge scorer but the kid is going to be special if he continues to keep this up.

  • Pure Jokes
    Pure Jokes

    If Lonzo has this same energy every game he’d be one of the better players 25 and under.

  • Savagekilla 2
    Savagekilla 2

    I don’t know why people be hatin on lonzo

    • FaZe 1v1
      FaZe 1v1

      He is bad

    • AirNick23 NC
      AirNick23 NC

      @JeffX facts, his dad had a big mouth, but I respected what he did for his boys. He put atleast Lonzo in the right direction and with enough attention to get him where he is. I cant say the same for the other 2 kids but they made their own choices. Lonzo playing with confidence and fire can do everything.

  • De'Dric Washington
    De'Dric Washington

    Lonzo put on about 20lbs of pure lean muscle over the off-season. This man is now 210lb and can't be bullied like he was last year. Size matters in the NBA and it took him a year to realize

  • R C
    R C

    I agree it was a blessing in disguise for those in the bench. Sometimes Somethings happen for a reason. Gotta make the best of a bad situation turn into a positive one.

    • N Marbletoe
      N Marbletoe

      yup, and I think the Lakers got Rondo primarily to help Lonzo in two ways, 1) by teaching, and 2) by sharing minutes and so keeping him healthy

  • Mark Louis Cornea
    Mark Louis Cornea

    I mean he really play good in his UCLA years.

  • JahPoetix

    People who criticize Zo for his shooting motion forgot about another UCLA draftee who played over a decade with the Lakers, Jamaal Wilkes, Cornbread himself. They empowered his shot, and won hardware too.

  • Jordan Grayson
    Jordan Grayson

    I appreciate the content like your point of view when discussing basketball respect

  • SJ

    Lonzo need that melo lay up package

  • TomLuke

    I don’t think there’s anyone in this world who loves the ball family like this guy

    • DKM

      TLJ Wb the people that watch?

  • Hugo Vega
    Hugo Vega

    We’re going to see this lonzo every !! Go lakers !!

  • Jacob Rojas
    Jacob Rojas

    Awesome video I want to see lonzo come up in the league

  • M

    We need Lonzo to develop that layup package and mid range so he can be iso zo

  • Hero Miles
    Hero Miles

    Good Story Bro, but Lonzo ain't better than Rondo. I'm happy thought that Lonzo is playing the way he should have been all along. Something needed to wake his laziness up. Denver did right by taunting him. And he did right by responding the way he did. That said. Rondo a goddamn fool. Has to be embarrassing losing starting position to Lazy Boy.

  • Jesus

    This put a smile on my face

    • Jesus

      gernm18 calling someone “homo” is not a insult

    • DKM

      Lukas Novak :))

  • JCL C
    JCL C

    Thats how it should be Lonzo! Keep it up, I might be convinced to be your fan... lets see!

  • Ricky Pee
    Ricky Pee

    Been watching this boy since his junior year in high school. He the Truth...he getting more and more comfortable...now we know what him and LeBron been whispering bout.


    Zo honestly needs to play every game like it’s his last or like it’s a personal rivalry

  • s 23
    s 23

    Lonzo should get his confidence up like the way he played for ucla

  • MB

    Wow! That performance was even more amazing given the history and the context! Thanks!

  • Malcolm Carter
    Malcolm Carter

    The sad part he doesn't show this aggressiveness every game

  • JaBird 72088
    JaBird 72088

    He didnt play angry he just showed us why hes number two pick overall

  • Jlove

    The only reason lonzo played hard that night is because the black mamba was sitting courtside

    • Brandon

      I detect a hater already

    • Just Another Name
      Just Another Name

      And not 1 player on the whole team covered him. They just "LET" him shoot wide open shots and he missed lots of them with his Trademark "AIRBALL"

    • DB Wapss
      DB Wapss

      He wanted Murray’s blood

  • mark flame
    mark flame

    even if he gets better the credit will go to lebron because he makes players better and he is such a great leader


    Did yall ever think he tanked last season for the most inproved player award

  • youngaks

    That step back could be a problem🤔

  • Vince Farelli
    Vince Farelli

    This video was actually so good man keep it up

    • DKM

      Vince Farelli thanks my man

  • brandon Brown
    brandon Brown

    why does jamal murray dislikes lonzo ball , lonzo just be chillin hooping and roasting his teammates

    • mojo OGK
      mojo OGK

      brandon lewis Murray was hurt cuz he wanted the clout Zo was getting so he went after him

    • david togi
      david togi

      @mykeebeast oh you replied, sorry for not responding to your butthurt reply imediately. Well thank you, you have answered your own argument. We are talking about pros here not ball park player. Congratulations, you've become smarter after conversating with me. Though i doubt you realized that since your last sentence sounds sulky lol

    • mykeebeast

      david togi lol looky here tough guy this is my last one so listen good nba different than a random park we don’t get paid millions of dollars to play ball so yes if i was tim duncan getting paid like tim duncan i for sure wouldn’t hit anyone in the nba too, im not trying to get fined or jeopardize my place in the league but if you disrespecting me while I’m doing something i love to do, not getting the big bucks like nba players, then yes i have a short temper but obviously you wouldnt know that cuz dont play or you’re like fifty years old

    • david togi
      david togi

      @mykeebeast so your fellow player in the park had the same short temper like you? What a marvelous example. Short fuse learning from other short fuse. No wonder. Ever seen Tim Duncan? Ever seen him loose his mind after taunt? Now that is what we called tough, boy. Next time try to use the best person as an idol, not your fellow short tempered homies. 😂

  • Gjxhav

    Lonzo is doing good and we still haven’t heard from lavar

  • C Sanders
    C Sanders

    So if Magic believes so much in Lonzo Ball, why did he go out and sign Rondo? Especially with Josh Hart playing the way he is right now? The only reason I can see is because LeBron wanted him nowhy is that? We all know that LeBron only trusts veteran guys. But where does that leave Lonzo? If you have Rondo and Hart you dont need Lonzo, especially when his shot is still questionable from the outside. Rondo's aint too much better but Rondo was most likely LeBron's choice because he is battle tested. Lonzo Ball is still a bust by #2 pick standards and that just a reality. He should have stayed in college and developed. Hart and Rondo are ready now. Rondo needs to be in that starting line up not Lonzo. I know you Laker fans dont want to hear that but it is what it is. You guys let LeVar Ball bamboozle you and so did Magic and Rob.

  • Janelle Taylor
    Janelle Taylor

    Keep it up Lonzo!

  • John White
    John White

    Muray is now in trouble for going for 50 in the final seconds. 11/5/2018

  • Dominion

    Great observation and analysis. Zo is good now in two years he will be great.

    • gernm18


    • DKM

      Liberty 🙏🏻 thx

  • Jaq

    His step back on jokic will never be forgotten

  • BRWY The Channel
    BRWY The Channel

    👌🏾 appreciate ya content bro

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    Lonzo ☝🏽is going to be a great player ..

  • House Cat13
    House Cat13

    Oh my god he scored 12 points let’s get him in the hall of fame lol

  • ADAM

    Sucks that he got traded

  • Jason Keith
    Jason Keith

    How he shoot from the side like that?!?

  • jneroo226

    I'm sorry but the fight with Houston showed him to be soft. This is his problem. He needs to get into a couple of fights and win. Easier said than done.

  • Milimo Pius Chilonda
    Milimo Pius Chilonda

    Good video my brother! I like Lonzo and want him to do well. He has so much talent

    • DKM

      Milimo Pius Chilonda appreciated

  • thebrian8

    That step back is wet

    • AirNick23 NC
      AirNick23 NC

      @August Taylor you can say that about every guard. That's what screens do, gets the guard against a bigger man, look at majority of curry or kyrie plays they get matched on bigger players and do a lot of dribble moves. The step back was nice dont hate on it.

    • Charles Nornoo
      Charles Nornoo

      Winning. All that matters to the man is the win.

    • August Taylor
      August Taylor

      thebrian8 Zo wishes he had jump shot like Murray

    • August Taylor
      August Taylor

      thebrian8 yeah against Center! He can’t do that on a guard. Zo is trash 🗑

  • Rollxm Joey
    Rollxm Joey

    because Murray last year dribbled around Lonzo at the end of the game. Zo never forgot

  • ceo chris
    ceo chris

    Ball going to be a great point guard

  • William L.
    William L.

    Can’t wait to see that matchup with Patrick Beverly

  • Matt Hefflefinger
    Matt Hefflefinger

    He is playing so good because of lebron

  • Butt Hole
    Butt Hole

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    Nico Savage

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    King Luckey

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    Spider Monkey

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    Tyler L

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    sabih mitchell

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    Brice Felver

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  • SuperNikeface

    Your Research On Ball is level 9000. Good Vid!

    • Jimmy Vo
      Jimmy Vo

      @Fly Pelican not many people follow college ball man so this was a great narrative no mater what.

  • Deuteronomy 6:4
    Deuteronomy 6:4

    Raleigh Simmons coached by Fred Tex Winters. Lakers play Lonzo. He's developing really well. I can already see 6-8 Championships if no injuries. Pay attention.

  • Mitchell Cowan
    Mitchell Cowan

    Who kept replaying that step back tho

  • Mapix Mapix
    Mapix Mapix

    Lonzo Ball is the JR Smith on Lakers

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    Yamato Hanabi

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    Rashid Morris

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    Jimmy Vo

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    humble_dJJerry Charles

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    typical g

    Never doubted him honestly he's good it was just a bad year for him that's all

    • N Marbletoe
      N Marbletoe

      and it was only bad in shooting, everything else was ok to great

  • Matías Fagián
    Matías Fagián

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  • Bagtalk Komethazine
    Bagtalk Komethazine

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    Piv Piv

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  • Cramsey 0824
    Cramsey 0824

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  • Ricky Smith
    Ricky Smith

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    playa 23

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  • Donny Rye
    Donny Rye

    I watch Lonzo play area high school game in high school he needs to play with some attitude he just gets lost in the offense it’s like he doesn’t exist dude you have to be a threat if you’re not a threat you might as well go home

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams

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    Peen Freeman

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  • EXpoSIN DemBabylonians
    EXpoSIN DemBabylonians

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    Murray had the better game and is the better player than Zo tho so...

  • Johnny Kilroy
    Johnny Kilroy

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    Drew Wøød

    This guy's voice sounds like he has food in his mouth and is trying to talk😂 still a great video

  • Pudnite

    Whyre you naming off his percentages? He literally has only played 4 games...

    • DKM

      So far