Catching a GIANT BEACH BALL from 165m Dam!
How Ridiculous
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We love filming at Luzzone Dam in the beautiful Blenio Valley in Ticino, Switzerland. A big thank you to all these amazing people for helping to make this video happen:
- Ticino Bellinzona e Valli Turismo // @bellinzonaevalli //
- Officine Idroelettriche di Blenio SA
- for helping us get some of the catching items
- Vat19 for sending us the Giant Beach Ball (plus other epic stuff that you'll see in future videos)
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نظر: 2 447
  • That'll Work
    That'll Work

    Herron deserved that one after making that insane catch off the cliff 👏👏

  • Gabriel Fallon
    Gabriel Fallon

    The fact that nobody thought to call it a "Rexercise ball" left me feeling a little hollow.

  • Danielle Milligan
    Danielle Milligan

    I was so confused how you were gonna catch things from that height since it's usually bowling balls and watermelons, glad everything was soft and floaty. Also soccer ball redo was deserved!!

  • Ryan

    Love how you can physically see how much fun you guys are having and can see what such great friends you guys are in this video. 44-4EVER

  • Michael Fink
    Michael Fink

    A suggestion to make the next catching competition fairer: the thrower gets half a point if the catcher catches the item. That will be an incentive to try to throw it close to the catcher (and give a count down).

  • Max

    Western Australians complaining about the bugs has to be one of the funniest things I've seen this week

  • ForeverRanger 91
    ForeverRanger 91

    Gaunson definitely got the raw end of that soccer ball throw. Even if he had the countdown there was no way he was catching that and should have demanded a rethrow.

  • Wazza

    My (nearly) 2 year old daughter loved watching this, she never sits still long enough to watch anything through so we were shocked! Great work guys, another cracking episode!

  • Demon Fingaz
    Demon Fingaz

    You guys deserve every good thing that comes your way, you’ve earned it and then some. Keep it up.

  • hueo far
    hueo far

    You guys are a great watch, funny as hell and entertaining ! Always look forward to the new videos more than others

  • Mr Sir To You
    Mr Sir To You

    21 seconds after the 5 second heads up? I'm with Gaunson, that's outrageous, the difference between when he expected it and when it was thrown is over 3x the original given timeframe. For all he knew, something interrupted the throw. Even when Gaunson dropped the duck, he did so knowing full well that Herron would have time to react to the trajectory.

  • Pirates Cove
    Pirates Cove

    Respect! Took his eyes off the ball and went from the sun to the shade stumbling, with the mountain bounce! Well done!!!

  • hilji car drawings
    hilji car drawings

    swiss dam videos have got to be some of my favorite. keep up the great work guys🔥

  • Swooshpragler

    Today I went to the dam and it's crazy huge seen irl, all these camera angles just don't give the right idea of how truly ridiculous it is to throw stuff down or catch it! Can't wait for the rest of the vids from their Swiss trip

  • M Williams
    M Williams

    What an awesome job by all involved! I love the Switzerland videos!

  • Don

    Very impressive catches! That's very difficult.

  • Nicolai Holst
    Nicolai Holst

    You guys are amazing you save my days for ages!!! Sooo fantastic and if you ever feel the slight change in life to the worse just see a video of these guys they know how to put a smile on EVERYONES face again and let it be a lesson in good therapy!!!! 😀

  • Lemuel Dunleavy
    Lemuel Dunleavy

    The tp floating through the air actually looked pretty cool.

  • Andrew Simmons
    Andrew Simmons

    Great to see the boys on holiday and having genuine fun with each other. Like some of the best older videos.

  • Olivia Rose Arts
    Olivia Rose Arts

    Gotta give Herron props for that rubber ducky catch 😂