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  • malak abumusallam
    malak abumusallam

    Kyle should join the lights society

  • Phillip Lawrence
    Phillip Lawrence

    Pick the light side because they can give you so much more

  • Power girl khushi 🤩
    Power girl khushi 🤩

    Ok stromedy we all voted for the light team bro come let’s take it over because literally the dark team was so mean like they even trapped you but the light was so kind they helped you so you have to go for the light team definitely

  • Ewa S Jones
    Ewa S Jones

    I love your videos I love all the crazy stuff it’s really cool I want to be like you when I grow up

  • Ray One
    Ray One

    Ask them what type of mission they want you to go to the one that's the most dangerous or sketchy do not pick that one

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore

    The light community, TRUST ME!!

  • Joanne Patterson
    Joanne Patterson

    Join the light don't turn to the dark like anakin from star wars

  • Jermaine Smoke
    Jermaine Smoke

    I would read with him I mean okay but can we add one if your biggest fan into your videos please??

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio

    I'm glad they have content for kids on IRglo too.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    Pick light lights might be better because dark might take you somewhere and leave you there and run away

  • Freddie White
    Freddie White

    I think you should join the dark side because they tried to save you

  • Shantell Nappers
    Shantell Nappers

    Join the Light because I think they’re more safer

  • Mr mango
    Mr mango

    Light feels really nice

  • DeltaWolf-1503.

    Join the light side of the Red Team and the Shirai Ryu Clan. Because the White Civilization/Shirai Ryu Clan always helps each other and they showed him work Together. We can defeat the dark civilization who is the BLU Team and the Lin Kuei .

    • Carmen Estrada
      Carmen Estrada


    • Karter Jones
      Karter Jones


    • ROBLOX princess Queen
      ROBLOX princess Queen


    • KingTy

      i don’t t what i is

  • Manton

    Don’t choose the dark side if you do there will be consequences

  • Nathan Welsh
    Nathan Welsh

    Drawing drawing the art society now

  • Angela

    You guys should join light they look nicer and MAYBE the dark is going to make you hurt someone if you join them I do not know but light seems nicer

  • logan88

    Not watching you live I'm watching this at 10 o'clock at night

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips

    Your a good boy kyle

    • Eva Makulova
      Eva Makulova


  • Calkins Family
    Calkins Family

    You guy should join the light side.

  • Alexander Baliey
    Alexander Baliey

    I feel like light is bad... do dark

  • Harris Khan
    Harris Khan

    Just do a competition which one wins go to that side

  • Casey Ellington
    Casey Ellington


  • Zachary Fudge
    Zachary Fudge

    You guys should do the light society they seem more nicer

    • See Lor
      See Lor

      Enjoying them nice side

    • Dilip Asolkar
      Dilip Asolkar

      The 1word is seems

    • Sean Novotny
      Sean Novotny


  • Lwandile Lwandile Madi
    Lwandile Lwandile Madi

    Join the dark one's

  • Nathan Welsh
    Nathan Welsh

    Drawing the outside

  • Britney spears
    Britney spears

    If you like your friend listen to the ones that say light

  • Mattia hits Miller
    Mattia hits Miller

    Bombadier I've subscribed to every single one of your guy this channel you guys are lit yeah Abby Hunter Transformer Dili videos do anything for this IRglo now set talk when they bark

  • Kitty cat
    Kitty cat

    OK so I got an idea You should get one of your friends to join the dark side and then you should join the light side and you can keep in contact with your friend so then you can know which side you should join

    • Rebecca Toye
      Rebecca Toye

      Good idea

    • Jamie Celikovic
      Jamie Celikovic

      @𝙱𝚕𝚒𝚡𝚒𝚎シ︎ no yes no yes I don't know

    • Juice Wrld is my medicine
      Juice Wrld is my medicine

      @𝙱𝚕𝚒𝚡𝚒𝚎シ︎light side was good side

    • Uzair Ahmed
      Uzair Ahmed

      Good idea

    • Elena Nawroozi
      Elena Nawroozi


  • Raging Thunder
    Raging Thunder

    you guys sould use the #LightSociety Because its light and thats a good guy sign and they are much nicer

  • Erik Scoggins
    Erik Scoggins

    Do light I trust in you Kyle I trusting you

  • Tiffany Bartlett
    Tiffany Bartlett

    The light side is the bad side and the dark side is the good

  • XMrCandyX_YT

    Light side because they're the light to Lead you the right way so join light side if you pick dark side they will lead you to a dark end so If I was you I would pick #lightsociety so go with white

  • Apex

    Light could be evil because they said the truth. All the bad stuff means that they did they could say it is classified information. Not to mention companies say alot of their good perks like the dark but bad company's sometimes do the same if they someone easy to persuade to make them think the choice they made is easy but stromady isn't that good to persuade so that would mean the dark society is good and when the dark told them to get in the car aggressively they could have been trying to get them to safety fast like in some movies where the heroe/heros try to get people to safety in the same ways. I would join dark white never mentioned any perks. Dark said they could protect stromady and his friends know they could be in danger and acting at the exact moment.

    • Lil Brezzy
      Lil Brezzy

      join the light please it could be good for the gang

    • Apex

      It keeps me thinking very deeply at night

    • Lrod

      I don't really know what your talking about but i can tell you really like this light/dark thingy.

  • Pugs 4life
    Pugs 4life

    I feel like you should join the light because they seem safe and they led you through a mission but you guys got caught by the dark so light goes. Also love your vids!💖🙏

  • Tuấn Hà
    Tuấn Hà

    Join the light one kyle

  • Jason Conrad
    Jason Conrad

    Omg love you stromedy

  • malak abumusallam
    malak abumusallam

    You should join the light society

  • Narelle Delagarde
    Narelle Delagarde

    Just still mission for light society and do a mission for dark society

  • Brenton Manhart
    Brenton Manhart

    Going to write the light society join the light society it looks good

  • Corteriyah Smith
    Corteriyah Smith

    I subscribed to the whole squad

  • Brittany Jewell
    Brittany Jewell

    Join the light Society they are the good guys.

  • Noelia Ayala
    Noelia Ayala

    You should join darkness

  • The G. O. A. T
    The G. O. A. T

    Keep up the great content

  • joel t
    joel t

    join the dark because it rimins me of demins

  • JellyPanda

    What if both sides are evil

  • Claudia Aquino
    Claudia Aquino

    You should go join the light society pls.

  • Mary Anne pia
    Mary Anne pia

    I want to join the light

  • Chloe Davies
    Chloe Davies

    join the light because little chlidren is scared of the darck at night so I think you should join the light

    • owais mansoor
      owais mansoor


    • wizarddemon 5000
      wizarddemon 5000

      Scared of the dark huhh this is not a daycare

  • Sassie Cunningham
    Sassie Cunningham

    In the dark join the Dark Side join the Dark

  • Destiny berry
    Destiny berry

    The light one stormedy

  • faaz khan
    faaz khan

    the dark are the bad ones

  • Jamie Paton
    Jamie Paton

    U should join light!

  • Danielle Baez
    Danielle Baez

    normally the ones who are all like "oh we're bad and their dark!" are the bad ones

    • Serena Velderman
      Serena Velderman

      No the black ones are good!

  • Nirjhor TV UK
    Nirjhor TV UK

    light your videos always make scared choose light what do you think will happen to the dark society and light

  • lorenzo daniels
    lorenzo daniels

    You should join light screw dark

  • James Gogo
    James Gogo

    you should join light side just like Star Wars

  • Kierra Steffey
    Kierra Steffey

    Join the dark side.

  • Mrs. Anderson
    Mrs. Anderson

    Join the light side (they are nicer)

  • Lucy Rodriguez
    Lucy Rodriguez

    The light is the girl one and the dark is the bad one

  • 613terrie

    Join the light Grow

  • Tom Holland Lover
    Tom Holland Lover

    OK Kitty Cat is right Tell yo friends to join the dark side and then One more friend to Join the Light Side.

  • Sarah Mcneal
    Sarah Mcneal

    Sorry 😞didn't have a lot to do in a long while but I am glad that you are doing well 😀

  • Paula Gorba
    Paula Gorba


  • Raiden2008


  • Bethany vloger 32
    Bethany vloger 32

    I was in the live it was amzing

  • Kimberly Willey
    Kimberly Willey

    I love your vids 💙

  • Cooper is friends with Bella porch
    Cooper is friends with Bella porch

    Keep up the great work 👍

    • Lucinda McNerney
      Lucinda McNerney

      Sarah is still quite

    • Lucinda McNerney
      Lucinda McNerney

      Sarah is still quite

    • Budlee Standifer
      Budlee Standifer


    • tiea hirst
      tiea hirst

      How to make boy castles in

  • Brittany Stallworth
    Brittany Stallworth

    Doing the dark 🌑

  • Jesus Coronado
    Jesus Coronado

    Light society join Dark society I know what idea track

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    Kyle pick white hacker they make you good fighters and ditch them like you where getting chased by sonic and then fight them

  • Tiktok Song & Compilation
    Tiktok Song & Compilation

    I feel like the light might be on disguise and the dark is the good side. Idk I guess we will have to find out.

  • J

    Stromedy doing the light side in the light side is telling the truth don't join the Dark Side during the light side

  • Sarah Mcneal
    Sarah Mcneal

    S I am glad you are doing well 😊

  • Archie Shaw
    Archie Shaw

    Join the god damm light side

  • Ervin Nagy
    Ervin Nagy

    join the light they seem more nicer

  • Leslier Denis Lora
    Leslier Denis Lora

    Join the light stociety

  • Dakota Fergus
    Dakota Fergus

    You already know that dark is the best does he look so cool

    • Amelia Force
      Amelia Force

      No it’s the light because he saved you live

    • Valorie Santos
      Valorie Santos


    • Valorie Santos
      Valorie Santos


    • Eban_EvanYT


  • Manton

    The dark side go to have the clowns you don’t like clowns

  • Alisha Sukhan
    Alisha Sukhan

    join the light society stromedy