Shaqir O'Neal "Day In The Life" | Inside Shaq's INSANE Atlanta Mansion!! The O'Neals are COMEDY!
We got to spend a day with Shaqir O'Neal at his insane Atlanta mansion where we also got a few surprises from Shaq himself! Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed our time with the O'Neal boys!
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  • Ballislife

    We got a lot of surprises and dope stuff coming y'all!!

    • Jjcoola


    • Roberto Raymon
      Roberto Raymon

      What's the name of the wireless audio system that you're using?

    • Martin Aurik
      Martin Aurik

      I’m realy curious if shaq Attack comes back😃

    • Brandon Planchat
      Brandon Planchat

      Did u play ball some were nice h Jumper

    • SoCalBeauty

      @Jorge Cabrera I'm talking about their looks not their height

  • Diggy Diggz
    Diggy Diggz

    The way Shaq left the room after hitting the 3 had me dead 💀

    • Drew Landon
      Drew Landon


    • Too Koo
      Too Koo

      That’s how the senior leave the gym who skippin the only 3 classes he got that day

    • Lucifer Morningstar
      Lucifer Morningstar


    • tyrone sanford
      tyrone sanford

      Shaw was never a jump shooter,shit never a shooter 🥳🥳

  • lukeransom

    This looks more like a date than a house tour

    • Jesus is king
      Jesus is king

      @Horshu Amen

    • YNW Melly
      YNW Melly


    • Itz Voysey
      Itz Voysey


    • Bryan Cleary
      Bryan Cleary

      I mean she fly! id make it a date if it were me

    • Ja Morant
      Ja Morant


  • Roy Fablooo
    Roy Fablooo

    Shaq has made more three points as a retired player than when he was active.

    • Uncle Ivan
      Uncle Ivan


    • A J
      A J


  • James

    I really love the work ethic that Shaq puts into his son that is awesome

    • Drew Skinner
      Drew Skinner

      His son was afraid to attempt 5 pull ups because he was scared that he couldnt lol.... Reality

  • Jordan Porter
    Jordan Porter

    You would think shaq would customize his house to his his liking yet he still has to duck to walk in rooms


      That's just one of his homes probably not his main house

    • Ty E
      Ty E

      @Mockingjay bruh idk how my comment got here

    • Mockingjay

      @Ty E what??

    • PrinceDaniel720

      Door frames for houses and restaurants and stores at like 6'7.5-6.8" so if you're 6'7"-6'8" you do have to duck your head

    • Ty E
      Ty E

      Even if he doesn't grow an inch just remember the mamba is 6'7

  • jay a morerant
    jay a morerant

    Shaq is just unpurposefully funny💀😭😭😭😭

    • Micah Wilson
      Micah Wilson

      @Neil David it should be a qord

    • josephmontoya

      thanks brotha

    • Ian Muthoga
      Ian Muthoga

      @Xzander Graves God Bless you, I love you and so does Jesus❤️🙏🏽

    • Xzander Graves
      Xzander Graves

      @Bill Metz God bless Jesus loves you

    • Bill Metz
      Bill Metz

      Nigga made a whole new word

  • Keith Jr
    Keith Jr

    Imagine growing up being raised by one of the 10 best basketball players of all time

    • WoomyZooms

      too much expectations

    • mike_e

      @Lakers Reaction Favorite player and overall person

    • Astgfrallah


    • Lakers Reaction
      Lakers Reaction

      Top 5 he’s my fav player all time .. most dominant ever ! One of 2 players to 3peat and win ALL 3fmvp in a row.. MJ x 2 & Shaq 🐐

    • SheLuvBando

      Most dominant center ever in my opinion

  • Bo B. Chillin
    Bo B. Chillin

    Good Job Shaq! Hes an intelligent funny humble kid. Hope he reaches all his goals in life💯

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    As a father, the best part is 24:02. There's nothing like being such an inspiration to your child, that they want to follow in your footsteps.

  • T S
    T S

    Am so proud of Shaq, training with his son, bonding and spending quality time together ❤. ❤. This speaks volume. Shaq, is remarkable 👏👌🙌.

  • Daniel Ally
    Daniel Ally

    3:05 Shaq hits the corner-3 to win the game!

    • Horshu

      Jesus Loves You


      @Abel Franco that’s his wish what he wants to do with his life. Get a life

    • Eben Habte
      Eben Habte

      @MAIN fax

    • Eben Habte
      Eben Habte

      @Abel Franco fax

  • Five Onthebeat
    Five Onthebeat

    He’s a star!! Definitely got some of his dads personality . Can’t wait till he gets to college! The O’Neal’s are dope

  • Moses

    Fun fact about Shaq: he doesn't has to stay six feet away from people because he is naturally socially distanced.

  • tchavez gold45man
    tchavez gold45man

    By far one of the most exciting episodes. They both had great natural chemistry

  • Christoph Anzy
    Christoph Anzy

    This kid is by far the most like his dad ... funny humble and a beast

  • JustWhisky

    Mans really has all his stats on the wall... even the “most free throw attempted in a game with none made. December 8, 2000” 😂😂 Shaq is a goddamn fool

    • VirginLeaf

      Aye that’s when I was born literally turn up I’m 21 now😭

    • N O P E
      N O P E

      😂 😂 😂

    • Davids

      @chillinglikeavilling God bless you for standing up for the Most high King! 🙏🏽😃😃

    • Davids

      Please don’t blaspheme God’s name. God bless you.

    • Xzander Graves
      Xzander Graves

      @ME Aye it's all glory to God my guy. God bless you and your fam. Do you have any prayer requests?

  • alex bah
    alex bah

    Shakir and shareef you guys are the definite faces of basketball. Your focus intensify and skills levels are off the charts. Your humility and ability to play the game at this levelis very impressive and youve ekevated the game to another level. Your fedication and talents is the highlight of my day each time i watch you guys@!

  • Miguel Magana
    Miguel Magana

    You can tell Shaq is a great dad. His son look so humble

  • Plbm Nojus
    Plbm Nojus

    Imagine they would do Bronny James day in the life. The schedule would be: Getting whooped everytime

    • Phantom


    • Rogerfitness32 R
      Rogerfitness32 R


    • ZMad-Mafia

      Lebron: Oh son you thought you were slick when I was in the bubble......well now it's just burst. (SMACK) GIVE ME DA WEED BRONNY! (SMACK)

    • peterson the creator
      peterson the creator

      Lol thats funny

  • Candice Smith
    Candice Smith

    I really enjoyed this video … The memories of uncle Kobe was what did it for me ❤️ still hard to believe he’s no longer with us ! Rest well Kobe & GiGi 🙏🏾

  • MistaBozack

    Shaqir got happy as hell when she said they goin to the room.

    • Austin Bolton
      Austin Bolton

      @Arthur Washington Lost all my good videos on my old Snapchat ffs

    • Austin Bolton
      Austin Bolton

      @Arthur Washington The camera 😂 Bro I just use my phone

    • yellow bees
      yellow bees

      he asked which room thats y he was laughing

    • yolo

      @danrichkid 1k 17:00

    • maddog xne dndnd
      maddog xne dndnd

      @Li Starr idk

  • Stu ray
    Stu ray

    Shaq is just too Cool.We need more Shaqs on this Planet

  • D B
    D B

    Shaq = too funny 😂 Shaqir= lots of potential The part about Kobe = RIP 🐐#LEGEND

  • Queen Mi
    Queen Mi

    "You tired"? "You wanna go back and run on that treadmill"? "Alright let's go" I loved this🙌🏽

    • Daiana da costa tavares
      Daiana da costa tavares

      😭😭😭😭PLSS that was the funniest part

  • Blessed🙏🏾

    Shaq is truly hilarious, he still have to bend down going through the door in his house!

  • Sean Carter
    Sean Carter

    Lmao when Shaq finally sunk a 3 and dipped out the gym. That killed me 🤣

  • munky 1806
    munky 1806

    I love it how it's his own house that he probably built but he still has to duck under the door frame

  • R O
    R O

    Fakes talk,real walks.Shaq was an unstoppable/enjoyable force to watch. Thanx Shaq.

  • Sven Lechtenberg
    Sven Lechtenberg

    22:17 shaq just casually palming the basketball with his fingertips hes just diffrent

  • unik case
    unik case

    Look how humble this kid. 👍👍

  • Albert Pang
    Albert Pang

    Holy cow!!!!!!! Such a huge and magnificent mansion belonging to big man Shaq himself.

  • Glenn Maylas
    Glenn Maylas

    Shaq is good not only in being a one of the most greatest player of the NBA but also in Parenting too💯

  • ZeroForced

    The fact his freestyle was about food makes it obvious he is Shaq’s son 😂

  • Shutey

    19:20 Ahhh man that touched my heart I respect shaqir a lot more hearing that from him you can tell when she brought him up he was lil hurt respect saying that he’s his favourite player an inspiration for him 💯💯 Kobe the goat man in my books for real💯💯 rip mamba🐍🐍🐍

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez

    Shout-out to shaq for being a great dad.

  • Stay Gold
    Stay Gold

    This was more of a house tour than a day in the life

  • Ceez B
    Ceez B

    Shaq raising them right… respect for Kobe, on the wall as motivation. 💯

  • Prince Ty
    Prince Ty

    He looks so short next to his dad. That’s just shows you that Shaq is a giant

    • Astgfrallah


    • Mj7 Boy
      Mj7 Boy

      @Ginsuma it depends on genetics and what u do everyday not everyone is the same bro

    • Backpackslayer 73
      Backpackslayer 73

      @Ginsuma its not that rare at all. Ive seen muitliple people in my life who have grown 2 more inches or 3 when they are in there early 20s. There seems to be a stop at 18 and complete there adult height at 20-22

    • jin

      Ginsuma Lmfao, I’m not gonna keep going back and fourth with you. Do your research and inform yourself, don’t be ignorant and spread misinformation. This is my last response.

  • will C
    will C

    The dance after the horse win is hilarious 😂😂

  • MxOxDx

    I love shaq one of the all time greatest humans and ballers and super excited to see what shaqir becomes

  • Reasonable Person
    Reasonable Person

    Shaqir chase your dreams young man! I'm excited to see your future. Always chase your dreams!

  • George Michaels
    George Michaels

    Shaq still got all the skills ! All 2 of them.😉

  • André Cardoso
    André Cardoso

    Damn I respect these people. They are privileged kids and still want to make a name for themselves and work harder than most of us do.

    • Astgfrallah


  • Dillon Evans
    Dillon Evans

    Today we see the first 3 pointer ever recorded Shaq hit 😂 much love

  • O

    Surprised to see Shaq still in great shape.

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker

    I love how they interact together.

  • Sherrell Seda
    Sherrell Seda

    Very dedicated and talented 💯

  • Sr.

    Shaq's a good Dad, he seems hard but there's nothing he wouldn't do for his kids

  • Antoine Camara
    Antoine Camara

    He's totally like his father lmao ! 🤣👌

  • Karlin Ladera Music
    Karlin Ladera Music

    Shaq is an amazing Dad

  • P7wer Morris
    P7wer Morris

    Shaqir is a stretch big in the making 💯

  • DuRaun Pierre
    DuRaun Pierre

    Mom has strong genes, both boys look just like her

    • Javin Richardson
      Javin Richardson

      Shareef and a picture of young Shaq those are twins

    • Rogerfitness32 R
      Rogerfitness32 R

      I guess her mom is tall

    • DuRaun Pierre
      DuRaun Pierre

      @Shaq34332 I actually havent

    • Shaq34332

      I guess you haven't seen pictures of Shaq when he was younger....

  • Mac Sim
    Mac Sim

    I like what you doing this is the best interview I ever seen I can't stop watching love it

  • RussJsn

    Shaqir my dad was a fan of your dad and right now im watchin you! Cant wait to see you play in the NBA! Godbless

  • GLJ2307

    I like the fact that Shaq still has to duck under his own doorframes


    These two make a cute couple. This felt like a date honestly. I hope Shaqir O'Neal has great health going forward.

  • Chikush Odiz
    Chikush Odiz

    Shaqir going to be a beast for sure one and done

  • John Randle
    John Randle

    Lord I LOVE SHAQ!!! His son looks to be just like him!!!!

  • Anthony

    Shaquir looking more & more like his older brother as his height stretches out.

  • DeVon Avant
    DeVon Avant

    This low key felt like a date

    • Sugawara Koushi
      Sugawara Koushi

      @Milton Thornton Aketra Sevillian

    • Philgob

      bruh i thought he was bout to turn on a movie and be in then cheeks

    • Milton Thornton
      Milton Thornton

      Who is the girl?

    • Bobby King
      Bobby King

      Bruh she a baddie

    • Michael Castaneda
      Michael Castaneda

      It does tho

  • Clark Monexant
    Clark Monexant

    Love u Shaq forever Shaqir I'm proud of u

  • Daniel Tatum
    Daniel Tatum

    3:08 had me deaddd the way shaq just disappeared 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jeffrey Foss
    Jeffrey Foss

    If only I had this guidance growing up. This is an inspirational and moving video. Father and Son plus girlfriend influence.

  • Tina Turner
    Tina Turner

    I can say this is the important of fathers in a young man life. Say what y’all want about Lavar Ball, look at his sons. Same for all of these men. Shaq, Wade, Lebon, Tiger Woods. We need more fathers in the homes and not just acting as a pay check etc... My husband is going to be a great dad someday. And they don’t even have to be with the mothers. But also long as they there when it matters the most.

  • Kirkzeus ุ,
    Kirkzeus ุ,

    i knew shaq was big but DUDE he is massive holy

    • Lame Fart
      Lame Fart

      @Dave McCartney might want to look for Shaq and Yao conversation, an interview. Shaq looked like a kid.

    • Astgfrallah


    • WhosYasin

      He came to my school every basketball game when shakir used to go to union grove and dude is massive

    • kory king
      kory king


    • baronceli

      Pau Gasol (7 foot tall) in his rooky year What has impressed you the most in the NBA? Seeing Shaquille O'Neal in perdon.

  • Rob2Live

    “Eggs, bacon, cookies and, some fries” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alp

    Misses the free throw just like his daddy 🥰

  • Bernadette Rivers
    Bernadette Rivers

    I love Shaq and shanie sons and all their children down to earth very respectful

  • AverageBrino

    I teared abit while they were talking bout Kobe man and the way he choked up. Miss you legend. 💯

  • Exploring with Bellanoche
    Exploring with Bellanoche

    Well mannered young man, much respect to the O’Neal family 👍🏿

  • Alex2570

    Damn that last bit hit hard man- must have been extra devastating for him :(

  • Post Bologne
    Post Bologne

    His dad got a arcade machine that came out in 2020 in his rookie year? Damn he’s living 30 years ahead of all Of us

  • Arrae Lenox
    Arrae Lenox

    This is cute. Loved the good energy.

  • Nacho Libre RM
    Nacho Libre RM

    Imagine knowing you'll never have to work a day in your life.... this kid has no excuse for not making the NBA.. he has every resource at hand..

  • etuboldon boldon
    etuboldon boldon

    Shaq built that mansion from the basement up, brick by brick...😁😁😁

  • N O P E
    N O P E

    9:14 Shaqir is his father LOL I love it haha he said sike hilarious hold the rap 😆 champions breakfast I’m dying!!

  • Davo

    Shaq might actually be one of the funniest Athletes of this time in my opinion anyway 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Joshua Duran
    Joshua Duran

    When you’re excited to be at your friends house for the first time and they’re bored as hell

  • Brandon Collier
    Brandon Collier

    Shaq still “WATCHING THAT BOOTY” guess we don’t get to see that part😂💀