EXTREME Balloon Pop Racing!!
How Ridiculous
How FUN are balloon popping races?!
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This video was a lot of work and we had lots of help to make it happen. A big thank you to all these folks for their support:
- Perth Wake Park: perthwakepark.com.au/
- WA Athletics Stadium
- Lombard Cannington www.lombard.com.au/
- Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre www.pcec.com.au/
- BouceINC Cannington www.bounceinc.com.au/
- The Kart Centre www.thekartcentre.com.au/
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نظر: 2 368
  • Xavier

    Biggest take away - I want to go play whereever that initial water course was! That looked freaking amazing :D

  • Stahlflower Animation 'n Art
    Stahlflower Animation 'n Art

    You can make a show with other contesters out of this.

  • Real Terrain Hobbies
    Real Terrain Hobbies

    This was SHEER MADNESS!!! 😄😄😄

  • jelpy

    That was an absolutely epic episode! Loved it guys and have to say I'm not sure if you can top this this year but if you can I'll be even more impressed and full of adrenaline 👏👏👏

  • AliveInTwilight

    This is like 6 months+ of DudePerfect content and you guys put it in one 11 min vid with no filler talk or over-explaining. Absolute legends!

  • Mr.E

    This looked like so much fun. I can imagine how exhausting that was tho lol

  • Baekxing's Bunny
    Baekxing's Bunny

    The hours of prep this must have taken!! I was exhausted just watching y'all tackle the courses. It was all so worth it! Thank you for always giving your all for us 💜 this was one for the books!!

  • Lance Chiasson
    Lance Chiasson

    That was an incredible emotional rollercoaster, a part two would be insane!

  • DecoR Gaming
    DecoR Gaming

    Can we all appreciate the content this man and his crew makes it's just a masterpiece imagine what he's gonna be doing in future 😇😇

  • Caitlin Gilgannon
    Caitlin Gilgannon

    Love it. I've been watching your channel a couple of years now. I'm really looking forward to Rexys Story video. I decided to go back to the beginning of the channel. I cant believe you guys have been going 12 years. You looked so young and yet the three of you have hardly changed.

  • CoreySM

    Unbelievably episode, absolutely smashed it lads, thank you for sharing this with us 💙

  • Yamnel

    This was a big one, I liked it! I love how you guys have been able to pivot and rebrand yourselves though out the years. Congratulations on the success, keep up the good work.

  • Alex Meakins
    Alex Meakins

    Oh man, picking those darts up must have been a mission afterwards! Great vid!

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    The content never fails with these guys, that was amazing! 🔥💯

  • Crimson King
    Crimson King

    This was great, the most entertaining video yet. That’s saying a lot considering they have been consistently good.

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb

    This is awesome! Love how you guys have expanded from dropping items at the tower to doing more cool things. Love your channel!

  • Alistair Foden
    Alistair Foden

    That was a flippin' incredible and insane video guys, well done! Don't ever stop being awesome! Also, big shut out to the folks that blew up all those balloons and who let you use those venues.

  • Zak Leek
    Zak Leek

    What an action-packed video! No room for conversation, just one epic game after another, looks like you lot had a blast! 💛

  • Burt Huffman
    Burt Huffman

    That was really exciting with Jack's editing and footage! WoW!

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan

    How good! That was an amazing episode, big up the boys for doing this, so fun and entertaining