BRONNY FORMS A SUPER TEAM!! Bronny, Rob Dillingham, Mookie Cook, Jah TEAM UP & Take OVER Vegas!!
Bronny James formed a super team with Rob Dillingham, Jah, Wesley Yates, Mackenzie Mgbako, and Mookie Cook. This is an insane basketball squad.
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نظر: 307
  • Romes Palace
    Romes Palace

    I gotta get it out of my head that Bronny is supposed to score mad points every game. Bronny plays basketball how it’s supposed to be played, he’s becoming a real point guard out there. I’m happy he teamed up with a REAL squad now 🔥

    • Rasean Benton
      Rasean Benton

      @6ixChains OvO he not on Mikey level chill

    • Rex Scipio
      Rex Scipio

      @Romes Palace No he isn't dummy

    • Romes Palace
      Romes Palace

      @Rex Scipio you’re actually wrong , he is Lebron 🤣

    • Rex Scipio
      Rex Scipio

      He isn't LeBron. LeBron is an elite scorer and passer.

    • I AM QIYLO
      I AM QIYLO

      @j sometimes

  • Piggybabiez Records
    Piggybabiez Records

    No doubt the best team bronny has played with. Everyone effortlessly nice💯

    • Piggybabiez Records
      Piggybabiez Records

      @Kobedropped_81 no where near better than these guys, everyone in the starting five is McDonald’s All Americans.

    • Kobedropped_81

      @Romes Palace in that case I guess this is true

    • Romes Palace
      Romes Palace

      @Kobedropped_81 we’re talking AAU my boy

    • Kobedropped_81

      What about Sierra Canyon his freshman year

    • Tony

      @brandon gutierrez they were also mad young and not facing as good of competition

  • Matthew Mantro
    Matthew Mantro

    Ain’t no way Rob Dillingham, Bronny, Wesley Yates, Mookie cook, & Big Jah on the same team 🤯🤯

    • smyzo

      And they lost.


      @Cam10allday he forgetting the best player 😂

    • Jajuan S
      Jajuan S

      it’s crazy ! how they even get this together

    • ecorbs43

      Bruh it's an aau isn't hard to make an elite aau team....especially if your bron son..

  • Trandy Barnes Jr.
    Trandy Barnes Jr.

    Dang it’s crazy seeing two of my young bulls on the big stage shoutout to Markel and DJ on the gold team proud that they’re getting this opportunity.

  • Mir.-

    Ngl shout out to the team they played against they were completely undersized and still played with heart and competed well

  • J vlog
    J vlog

    Bron did have a nice game . I can tell he defers and not as aggressive when we has real ballers on his team . But I was still glad to see him get somewhat active


    Like father like son 🥲 LeGM is generational

    • Ladarius Lightbourne
      Ladarius Lightbourne

      Oh this comment killed me 😭😭😭😭💀💀

    • Jajuan S
      Jajuan S


  • Sommer

    They was playing some real hood kids. They raised in the rec center. I like the energy ✊🏿

    • Who dis
      Who dis


    • Pedro 77
      Pedro 77

      @EronOTN SFG WON

    • EronOTN

      which team won, idk which one was away


    Rob and bronny backcourt is crazy compliment each other’s games.

    • Dre Howard
      Dre Howard


    • Romes Palace
      Romes Palace


    • Trell Beach
      Trell Beach

      Fr fr

  • YvngMaree

    Fun Fact: Mookie Cook is playing Lebron James in his HS movie

  • G3

    Bron must of taught him his gm skills

    • GTS Trigg
      GTS Trigg

      @Tyler Jacobs i’m going to vegas tournament tmr

    • Tyler Jacobs
      Tyler Jacobs

      BUT i completely agree with what you said lol

    • Tyler Jacobs
      Tyler Jacobs

      It’s the Vegas tournament 😂. Literally every team does this

    • GTS Trigg
      GTS Trigg

      exactly. my comment similar. 😂😂

  • lnh

    Bronny needed this squad for the start I’m not gone lie

  • ecorbs43

    Like father like son, need to form a super team to accomplish anything 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tr1

    bro, ain no way this shit real bruh; i already know what the comments finna be “he got tht from his pops” 😭😂

  • GTS Trigg
    GTS Trigg

    already following his daddy’s ways🥰 genetics can be crazy😫

    • That Nigga GHOST
      That Nigga GHOST


    • Honest Fan
      Honest Fan


    • Travis No name
      Travis No name

      I was finna say that

    • Mr. Warrior O
      Mr. Warrior O

      damn bro?

  • Robert Keys
    Robert Keys

    Man when Bronny play wit his Dad its gonna be the first ever father duo ever in da Nba and da most fire duo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • 0ozle

      @StopQueefin you must be illiterate, I said “let’s pray he has a good college season and can work his way up from the g league”. If you disagree and think he’d be ranked regardless of his name, hey bro that’s on you, me? I’d bet my life savings that’s not the case, just an opinion, no need to get your draws ina knot.

    • StopQueefin

      @0ozle why are you praying on his downfall before his career even really started ? You’re weird

    • Etrnl

      @0ozle here we go

    • Vanitryy

      @Omneil Pelluru cornball

  • _shinbee_god

    Look at bronny man so inspirational 😏

  • Rahim Glee
    Rahim Glee

    1:24 I’ve never seen such a clear 2 hands in my life😭

  • Aaron Rivera
    Aaron Rivera

    bronnys team dont even look like they trying 😂😂

  • Khamani Shabazz
    Khamani Shabazz

    If y'all see this video man, give a shot out for Ballislife man they doing they think out there they be flying all around the world just to play all them trash talkers man it's Ballislife all day everyday

  • Choc 007
    Choc 007

    #34 is a young Shaq in the making! What a unit!

  • TheScoopp

    He's 6'1, it's better for him to practice threes, and be something like Steph Curry because in the nba will be just another small player. For all those who are waiting for the Bronny's magic grown spurt - Bryce outgrew him already

    • TheScoopp

      @Kyvern and ur just another salty goof xd triggerd about 6,1 LeShorty so ez. btw Bryce is already 6'3+, so yeah bronny is leshorty

    • Patrick Morgan
      Patrick Morgan

      @Kyvern Ong💀

    • Kyvern

      @TheScoopp ur calling him short and i get a strong feeling your 5'6 redhead irl skateboarder 💀🤷🏾‍♂️

    • DThree

      @BandooThaGuru_ I think you onto something fr I was lookin at the video and was thinkin “damn he lookin bigger”😭

    • BandooThaGuru_

      @DThree nigga is actually 6’4 in a half 😭

  • Yian Torres
    Yian Torres

    Maybe w rob and mookie sfg can finally win a damn game

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    Like father like son😂

  • Cody Phillips
    Cody Phillips

    Wesley Yates 🔥🔥

  • iammaortx

    From the tape .. Bronny had 6 points & 6 ast maybe more


    How y’all gonna leave out Mackenzie Mgbako? He the best one on the team lol

  • Abram Freeman
    Abram Freeman

    Peep Julian Newman on the sidelines wishing he can play basketball again😂 lamelo ended his career before it could end itself respectfully💯

    • T10nFold

      @pluto2Will because he's short

    • YBK

      U wrong for dis

    • Abram Freeman
      Abram Freeman

      @0:01 he’s right behind bronny sitting down

    • Tyger L
      Tyger L

      Y'all wrong

    • pluto2Will

      i don’t see him 😭

  • Drizzy Q Urkel
    Drizzy Q Urkel

    They even made Andrew Meadow look like a super hero but poor poor Dylan lol


    Who misses to see Mikey balling with Bronny? Even Mikey is not as good as him now

  • Yoel Y
    Yoel Y

    No he didn’t form a super team 😂😂😂. Bro stop acting like kids don’t move around to play with eachother. It’s not always about your LeBron to Miami, KD to Golden State, KG to Boston super team agenda 😂😂😂😂. Maybe kids just wanna play on the same team as their friends?

  • Trell Beach
    Trell Beach

    They also got Mack Mgbako from DJ Wanger team

  • Curtis Lewis
    Curtis Lewis

    So is AAU basically pick up now?? Lol aint no way they was just chillin on SFG roster this whole time so the dynamics to AAU must've changed

  • Alec

    Mookie cook the best on this team

  • Luis Gutierrez
    Luis Gutierrez

    Bro this team is a national champion contender next year lol

  • Maxie Suller
    Maxie Suller

    Forming a superteam like his pops.😂😂 the james legacy.😂😂

  • MasterBlaster29

    He learns from his dad, go get the best players you can find....

  • SheBrokeMe



    Rob is crazy

  • Luze Certify
    Luze Certify



    Bronny is gonna make a great ball player

  • Airsudan

    Ain't no way this a U17 game them boys hoopin like its JV

  • RoscoeKiller

    LeGM son right there 💯

  • Coby2geeked

    they sleeping on westly yates

  • dbzfan4ever mj23
    dbzfan4ever mj23

    Like father like son 💀💀

  • Niccolo Astillas
    Niccolo Astillas

    8:12 julian newman in the cut 😂

  • mc robinson
    mc robinson

    This Vegas where you get who you can

  • Stretch made Ktz
    Stretch made Ktz


  • IVIake

    Bronny got that juice like his Dad 😎

  • Hayden Sprague
    Hayden Sprague

    Bro at 5:16 dude floated for the put back lmao 😅

  • Ko Johnson
    Ko Johnson

    Bronny will better then Dj and Mikey, he probably already is. Better Defense then both. Better IQ and passer then both. More athletic then Dj and equal or better athleticism then Mikey. The only knock is his aggressiveness, which we saw in eybl he can take over games too. I truly believe he gives a team what they need and he has the skills to provide it all.

    • Rodney Salazar
      Rodney Salazar

      U trippin.

  • Lansing JP
    Lansing JP

    This is special, unheard of.. but becoming the norm!

    • Lansing JP
      Lansing JP

      @Honest Fan we are in transition, right in the middle!

    • Honest Fan
      Honest Fan

      Being unheard of and becoming the norm are mutually exclusive

  • Brian Clarke
    Brian Clarke

    Everybody loves playing with rob

  • iTsJuStDaN

    Bro is building super teams just like his daddy 😂


    When I clicked this vid I expected to just see “like father like son LeGM”

  • Clinton Oreofe
    Clinton Oreofe

    wesley yates was THE best player on that court .

    • Juice Lezama
      Juice Lezama

      Exactly and they didn’t even mention him in the title 🤦🏽‍♂️


    looks like some solid role players in college, and bronny of course.

  • CMF Biggz
    CMF Biggz

    All good AAU teams are super teams

    • Hustleman


  • Hiitsmorgan

    Taking after his Father

  • Dred Finance TV
    Dred Finance TV

    They should have won by 20+

    • Mari

      southern kings good

  • Josh Green
    Josh Green

    Y’all see jaden Newman there😂😂😂

  • jh251

    Just like his dad, gotta make super teams to compete.

    • King Bo
      King Bo

      All good AAU teens are super teams. The problem is you don’t mind anyone else having a super team. Most nba teams that win the championship are super teams. U just notice when Lebron or bronny do it

    • Lunny 01
      Lunny 01

      You honestly think he picking people to play with instead of somebody else 😂

  • roccstar zeus
    roccstar zeus

    2:41 is beyond me that kid to fuccing big to be missing layups

  • NolimitMK

    bronny a W recruiter 🤣they would’ve won peach jam with this team

  • Richard Masoara
    Richard Masoara

    it's not just about bronny, it's a team. and they played really nice.

    • OBuc👁️330

      Richard you're absolutely right... however, not every child playing youth sports has a 🎯 on them... worldwide, to keep things at an adult perspective... different type of expectations than even his father had. His criticism is greater than his peers due to who his father is. No one will be able to intentionally ignore his teammates talents, it's a team sport! #NEOApprovedcomment

  • Lathan Truesdale
    Lathan Truesdale

    what the world how did this happen 🤯

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham

    Father like son

  • eggsandwichbacon

    aye, yall see Julian Newman at 8:17 😂

  • Julioo

    Don’t know if it’s just a skill gap but it just always feels like it’s never any D being played “pause”

  • Rex Scipio
    Rex Scipio

    Jah did a Giannis..coast to coast. I don't know about Bronny making it to the NBA. Not compare him to LeBron but LeBron was bigger and better at this age. I don't even know if Bronny is a top 50 recruit in his class.

  • Tyquaz

    So we not gon talk bout jah travelin 4:06

  • RSL

    those guys got shited on😂. Bronny team made them look like nobody's

  • Makkaveli

    How u gonna leave Mack out the title

  • BallinBoxer

    Bronny still plays super passive when playing with top tier players.

    • Evil Twin
      Evil Twin

      @BallinBoxer yeah I understand that and that's why it was good for him to play with low ranked players for peach jam. He was able to start learning how to carry a team

    • BallinBoxer

      @Evil Twin Exactly, it's become a pattern for him to become passive when playing with good players. This isn't a huge problem now, because again he's still young, but if not addressed properly then it could be once he goes to college/pro after his high school career is over.

    • Evil Twin
      Evil Twin

      @BallinBoxer well if you actually watched him play at peach jam you would seen that he was being more aggressive and actually trying to carry a team. Obviously he's going to be more passive when he's playing with other good players he's still a kid. Tbh the ranking system doesn't matter. Recently a lot of 5 stars players coming out reached their ceiling in highschool emoni bates is the perfect example. We won't know how good he is until college tbh.

    • BallinBoxer

      @Evil Twin make more than 1 fucking shot maybe. Lmao y'all ride him like he's some kind of basketball god. Bronny is still a kid of course there's a lot of things he needs to work on and pointing those things out isn't some kind of blasphemy like you guys take it to be

    • Evil Twin
      Evil Twin

      @BallinBoxer so what do you want him to do analyst?

  • IGr44nYTO


  • LoqZ

    Just like his damn daddy🤦🏽‍♂️

  • KoldheartedBam

    Y’all gotta add a scoreboard gang it been what like 10 yrs y’all still don’t got one😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • EronOTN

    Which team won? Idk which one's away

  • John H
    John H

    How is he going to get better by playing with the best, he should be going against to the best to build his confidence.

  • Mario Puzo
    Mario Puzo

    I wonder where he got this idea to form a super team? 🤔

    • King Bo
      King Bo

      Did u see the team DJ playing on?