if you ever see this on the front door of your house, Call 911 and Run Away Immediately!!
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  • coolguysgamingepic 4
    coolguysgamingepic 4

    Omg that was insane I hope you guys are okay.

    • Parker and lawson!
      Parker and lawson!


  • Lemon_Hart

    Oh a drone flying out your window? Little do we know Kyle is a stalker, he flies the drones outside your window!

  • stella donnelly
    stella donnelly

    I fell so sorry for u guys getting stalked hope u r ok

    • Brenda Thaller
      Brenda Thaller

      @Killer gamer yea it is fake

    • Stromedy Fan
      Stromedy Fan

      It’s feel not fell

    • Vergil

      It is okay and I agree with it is fact

    • Killer gamer
      Killer gamer

      You know it’s fake but I like his videos

  • DL

    Stromedy you guys are awesome, very fun to watch! It would be cool if you guys went to investigate the bigfoot like on that show Alaskan killer bigfoot. You are good at the drones and I think those would be a way better way to search then just on foot like the Netflix guys

    • Ricky Calica
      Ricky Calica

      Funny clowns are real Slices not real Scary clowns real

    • Belle Clifton
      Belle Clifton

      Clowns are Real

    • The hard working gamer
      The hard working gamer

      Great idea

    • Car boxed you 3300
      Car boxed you 3300

      Yeah do something not clowns 🤡 there so fake but

    • Brooklyn Miller
      Brooklyn Miller

      Great idea 💡👍

  • lisa marie
    lisa marie

    Hey Stromedy,iam enjoying all the videos that you put together, totally insaine!!! Omg!, wow!, hope you all had a wonderful new years.😁😁

    • Brenda Thaller
      Brenda Thaller

      You to

    • penguist

      @Patsy Wood First kid that's not a reason to report

    • penguist

      @BilalSC wrong

    • Aiswinth World
      Aiswinth World

      @Seth Watson it is fake

    • Patsy Wood
      Patsy Wood

      @Seth Watson we don’t have to hate now do we or….. we will ALL REPORT u

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright

    1 more thing They're trying to take everything in your house So some people need to say at your house Some people need to leave Some people need to do stuff some people don't Some people Stay at the house please

  • jelly cow
    jelly cow

    You should have got the stuff on the license plate that way you can take this evidence to the police

    • Vergil

      That is ✅

  • elias alvarado
    elias alvarado

    video in a nutshell: you know what i'm gonna use a drone to follow this possibly dangerous person nothing could go wrong

  • MaryAnn Ewald
    MaryAnn Ewald

    That's what i want my future house to have a secret place!

  • Amber Pinkey
    Amber Pinkey

    It’s so funny how they have all this stuff happened to them and literally nothing to me -

  • Alicia Robertson
    Alicia Robertson

    Ladder left up against the side of the house is a definite no no in assisting your friendly neighbourhood burglar!

  • RBLXAlan_ YT
    RBLXAlan_ YT

    every time i watch a stromedy video it gives me goosebumps and i fail to sleep easily

  • •Tomioka Giyüu_
    •Tomioka Giyüu_

    omg, you should told me earlier there was a drone that passed by my house twice in two different days.

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright

    Every single time it's the same guy he just dresses different I'm watching your videos and I love them Security cameras Build some stuff out Of your house Like you could be safe make a Fanta slow just to make an electric 1Peace

  • Nicholas

    Your vids are always INSANE!!!

  • Boruto

    I’m enjoying all ur vids I watched u from the start I’m a big fan!

  • Noel Renteria
    Noel Renteria

    Hey stromedy ,hope you had a great new year’s

  • N3u5

    He’s gonna tell you what to do when you fly your drone out your window.

    • andreadanielle05


    • Jayden Haskins
      Jayden Haskins

      Maybe its in the school

    • Jayden Haskins
      Jayden Haskins

      What 🤑🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🙂

    • N3u5

      @S & S & Mwtf?

    • S & S & M
      S & S & M


  • Sara Ramirez yepes
    Sara Ramirez yepes

    minute 8:30 there was like a drone flying over the trees go look the footage


    Imagine being his neighbors lol

    • Brooke Debauche
      Brooke Debauche

      Yeah lol 😆

    • Jeremy Cook
      Jeremy Cook

      Imagine being the one flying an stromady tryed to grab it

    • Nevaeh Perez
      Nevaeh Perez

      Yea it rather be his neighbor because win He was flying the drone outside his house

    • Lemonzzz

      @Sasuke r u

    • Lemonzzz

      Ye I know be bad and annoying

  • Sharon Adamson
    Sharon Adamson

    Lol love the videos great job stromedy❤️👍

  • Dopey boi
    Dopey boi

    30:00 when you drove your drone upwards really high i seen a black car in the parking lot of the school

  • EllaNoleah Cole
    EllaNoleah Cole

    he is a runner he is a track star he is going run away when he gets caught

  • Nevaeh Rivas
    Nevaeh Rivas

    i llove your videos stromedy and they make me laugh and you make my day even better :)

  • Laicee Valerio
    Laicee Valerio

    Hey Stromdy I am enjoying all the videos that you are putting up on IRglo

  • Angila Fery
    Angila Fery

    🤫 I can see a car with an open door looks like the owner of the drone looks like to be that person whoever is in there.

  • Bopsy Twins
    Bopsy Twins

    I also saw footprints when you guys were trying to go outside to see if he was still there and I saw that letter when you guys checked on the side of the house

    • Foxygirly🦊#STOPTHEWAR

      Omg really😲

    • Ryan Logerquist
      Ryan Logerquist

      I love your videos.

  • Lindsey Hanson
    Lindsey Hanson

    The first thing is to get to see if you're on top with that!

  • chris dubbs
    chris dubbs

    Thanks for letting us know just in case it happens to us

  • sochoti

    I like these not the clickbait ones bc these can actually happen no 🧢

  • Sister Adventures
    Sister Adventures

    When I am crying I watch your videos keep up the good work

  • Boom Boom Rex
    Boom Boom Rex

    Hopefully next you can go back to haunted videos because there are fun but just wondering why you haven’t done them for so long and I wish you can go back to the old days and I enjoy your videos I really like your haunted videos and some of your viewers like your haunted videos.

  • Kadin Houston
    Kadin Houston

    you helped alot of people with your videos stromedy

  • Michelle Saxton
    Michelle Saxton

    They must have used that other drone to hold the message

  • Marisa hartmann
    Marisa hartmann

    I love stromedy I love your videos Whenever I feel bad I watch your videos and it makes me happy

    • Marisa hartmann
      Marisa hartmann


  • •MIKASA Senpai•
    •MIKASA Senpai•

    him-if u see this run away from ur house asap! also him- *still in his house every vid*

    • Amanda Knittel
      Amanda Knittel

      Yeah man


    stromedy: the drone is spying on us! also stromedy: spying on the drone while its spying on them me: wth... ANOTHER ONE: stromedy: why are these things happening to us? people: ... Me: BECAUSE UR A RICH AND FAMOSUE IRgloR? DUH!

  • Danielle Arricale
    Danielle Arricale

    I searched this up for fun this channel was my childhood


    It has to be the same stalker every time He’s is using the same car every time

  • ShadowTheWolf5021

    Thank you and your team for helping keep us safe every day I appreciate your channel! 😊

  • William Keitaro
    William Keitaro

    my theory: the people with the drone are jealous about your yt channel, so they decided to target you as a revenge, maybe because they dont want you to be more succesful than them, also i think that is what is causing weird and criminal activites all day

    • Living Dead Girl
      Living Dead Girl

      Orrrr it's staged


    It seems like ages ago but I still remember when Stromedy was below a million subs, I was a fan of the channel from the early days. I still remember the first "3am challenge in all of youtube" or the potion videos and how enjoyable watching the channel was in general. Even though I don't regularly watch stromedy's videos anymore, it's really nice to see the channel grow, content wise and with the immense interaction from viewers. It's nice to see a youtuber who you've known from the early days of his/her channel become successful, but the feeling of nostalgia for those days will forever plague me. Keep going strong stromedy. since this is sort of a throwback to when the prime capitol gang lived in this house for less than a year, it's so weird now to see the inside of the house's rearranged differently.Hey Stromedy,iam enjoying all the videos that you put together, totally insaine!!! Omg!, wow!, hope you all had a wonderful new years.😁😁 He’s gonna tell you what to do when you fly your drone out your window. just love it when the notifications pops up you got a new subscriber it makes me so happy 🏝😊Hopefully next you can go back to haunted videos because there are fun but just wondering why you haven’t done them for so long and I wish you can go back to the old days and I enjoy your videos I really like your haunted videos and some of your viewers like your haunted videos. how do you know how much it was


      i can’t even real good English and this text is long

    • Pandamark and jaythecrazy
      Pandamark and jaythecrazy

      That’s long but good

  • Wolfgamer

    Stromedy I love your videos keep up the good work bro 👍 I subbed to all of prime capital

  • Cheyenne Smith
    Cheyenne Smith

    Time stamp 33:47 behind you someone comes out from around your names house and runs across the street.

  • Melody Gineman
    Melody Gineman

    When they were watching the footage from the drone the guy that went in the kitchen had the same shorts and shoes as the guy who was flying the drone

  • Bledi Balani
    Bledi Balani

    I saw a drone flying around my house and I was just weird but the drone was Grey😰

  • Wiley Reid
    Wiley Reid

    Andre “bro my shoulder” stromedy “idc”

  • Kim Moore
    Kim Moore

    He is trying to blend in with the roof so the drone doesn't see him.

  • Muffin

    same thing happened but I caught the drone when it was not looking and I got a hammer and smashed it

  • Gacha Queen
    Gacha Queen

    Sooo this is a story that happend today, so I was walking home from a park.I was the only one in the house. I came home I heard footsteps in my attic I thought my mum came home.but I realised my mum comes home from work in the morning . I got scared and ran in the basement. I heard a fain voice saying “ohh sweetie just come play hide n seek~” I got a fring pan and i went out no one was there I saw a BLACK HOODED FIGURE AND I JUST KEPT STARING AT ME I went hit it I keeps coming back help me get rid of it please it’s outside RIGHT NOW

  • Angila Fery
    Angila Fery

    Keep Your eyes peeled on that person he might have something something that might cause trouble or he might be just the course of truble

  • Aziza white
    Aziza white

    Imagine it being a clown.

  • Jonathan Lalla
    Jonathan Lalla

    1:30 you can see someone in the backyard flying the drone PS it was someone on prime capitol

  • JellyPanda

    money gets puld Everybody: WOW AHH WHAT!!!!!!!😲😱 stromdy: 🤭🤫he can’t hear us! Then does it again😂

  • Rupert Feeney
    Rupert Feeney

    bro this content is cleaaan bro keep up the great work man!

  • Brynn Nicole
    Brynn Nicole

    thank you guys for warning us about all of these stuff going on you guys are so wonderful oh and tell Tiana she's beautiful

  • Nature time
    Nature time

    Not to be a Karen but I find it funny that every time he “says let him go”like it is staged 😂

  • Aaliyah Boyle
    Aaliyah Boyle

    hey stromedy in one of your old videos from years ago said the world will end this year and it was a spirit of the door i was wondering it you will do a fallow up on that video. i have been watching you sence the beginning and i really like your videos so i was kinda hoping you would do another spirit of the door to see if it changed

  • Kid human sunrise and moondrop
    Kid human sunrise and moondrop

    This happened to me and I am glad I watched this video now I will watch all of your videos

    • ali's chanel
      ali's chanel

      it did !?!?!?!??!

  • David Kelley
    David Kelley

    The helicopter was backup for the guy so you guys could try to confront and then he has his phone too call the pilot in the helicopter to leave

  • Adis Adventures
    Adis Adventures

    When he said you that he’s been caught red-handed more like green handed

  • Dondi Smith
    Dondi Smith

    Who else have seen all of these videos a thousand times!!❤️❤️

  • jellyblox

    Stromedy:we can handle this, Us who is watching this:wtf but how he can handle?!

  • Yo boy Kywo
    Yo boy Kywo

    I love stromedy even though it's fake it's so good

  • Mjbro 12
    Mjbro 12

    They were waiting for you to go to sleep then they were going to rob you.

  • Daimsoldier

    yo do you know that by its loks it was a toy drone it has generally 100 feet of coverage which is about 30.48 m which means in order to fly it effectively he (the controller) needed to be in 29.47 or 29.48 feet away if you scan the area you could find them

  • Jace Deal
    Jace Deal

    The guy inside of the house he was spying on once you guys found the drone he was wearing the same shorts as the guy that was spying on you

  • •tangovfx•

    “Money is never free in this world!” *mrbeast:*

  • Alfred Nichols
    Alfred Nichols

    You should have told the police about this and you should have said he's been caught paint handed

  • GalaxyStar

    Stromedy, get thin net curtains, very hard for ppl to see in and super pratical for famous ppl that gets targeted and spied on

  • The five nights at Freddy’s gamer
    The five nights at Freddy’s gamer

    To the stromedy squad you should get another drown and run one of them into the person who is trying to get away

  • Razor Cash
    Razor Cash

    0:12 THERE IS A DRONE IN SIGHT him the next day flying the drone through the neiborhood

  • MrRian

    I know the third video was fake because stromedy said they put ladder just chilling on the side of his house. Who does it????

  • spagetti

    "ITS NOT OUR DRONE!" (casualy spray paints drown black)

  • Hamza The gamer
    Hamza The gamer


  • sedwell Aran
    sedwell Aran

    I really want to have one of those drones that you have

  • Liliana Wilkins
    Liliana Wilkins

    I saw a guy looking pretty sus he looked like he was spying or something he was on the oppiste side of where you were looking


    One time there was a drone outside your house looking in our window and we grabbed it and smashed it to pieces


      It was creepy and gave me shivers and goosebumps btw ❤️ Your vids to I just won a GAA final won a cup 🏆🥇 woo hoo


    him:im not tryin to get exposed on the internet : me well you kinda already are lol

  • Henry Gilfoyle
    Henry Gilfoyle

    Whoever is reading this stay safe and God bless u 💟