HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 5-0 BURNLEY | ft. Heung-min Son's wonder goal!
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch all five goals from Tottenham Hotspur's Premier League win over Burnley, including Heung-min Son's unbelievable solo strike!
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نظر: 3 243
  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich
    Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Brilliant game 💓 what a weekend 💓

  • Mo Adam
    Mo Adam

    Son’s goal should win the best goal of the year

    • asha diriye
      asha diriye

      he did

    • Pele

      It did win a puskas so yh

    • Lucas Cotton
      Lucas Cotton

      And you were Correct

    • Joca Sisi
      Joca Sisi

      I’ve come from future and it did win

    • Dennis Macheda
      Dennis Macheda

      It should be🔥🔥🔥


    First goal is son's assist. Second goal is son's cross&shot. Third goal is son's wonderful goal. He is crazyman.

    • Grape

      @Michael Fu how is it that there's not even one decent chinese player in 1.5 billion people😂 china has no say in football stfd

    • Francisco Santos
      Francisco Santos


    • Jesus Health Save
      Jesus Health Save

      Masturbation made me depressed and dark. After I stopped this behavior for 3 months, I start to become optimistic. 🏜 Friend, make a correct decision, stop this scaring behavior, God will help you to find a healthy future 🙏🏜🏜🏜

  • LEAA113

    *0:53** Magic!* 😱😱🔥🔥👏🏻👏🏻

    • Un random de 15 años...
      Un random de 15 años...

      Tu hablas español XD

    • giga_EditZ_*69*


  • DEVA

    Congrats Son ! i want to thank him because he is the reason when i'm watching all Tottenham Hotspur games !!

    • Mohan Kumar Kesaguli
      Mohan Kumar Kesaguli

      Same here

    • dee silver
      dee silver


    • Lejacé

      I think we're all the same

    • joy

      Sonny's goal is goal of the year🔥

  • Dorian [Doge Dogee]
    Dorian [Doge Dogee]

    Did I just see a man crossing the whole field with the ball running at the speed of light and scoring a goal? Absolutely brilliant.

  • leolau1983

    Kane: i scored 2 wonder goals. Son: i scored 1 goal of the season.

    • 탱고알파카

      진짜 ㅈㄴ 쪽팔리네 ㅋㅋ 무슨 해석을못하고 지껄이노

    • 슬하박스 🥕
      슬하박스 🥕

      @올록 뭐하는 거니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 문맥파악 좀 하자

    • Ambar Brites
      Ambar Brites

      kane nonimporta aca lo mejor fue el gol de song un verdadero golazo

    • 오경민

      가만히있으면 중간이라도간다..

  • Chris Sirvid
    Chris Sirvid

    Quite simply the best goal I've ever seen. And I'm talking over 55years. Quite brilliant.

  • Lusxz

    Son Runs from his own box to the opponents and scores yet he isn’t tired after it

    • Ali cool gamer
      Ali cool gamer

      Poppy but

    • Jarrett Thomas
      Jarrett Thomas

      Lusxz what? Did you not see him panting and kneeling over? Then "fixing" his socks to get more breath lol. He was tired af.

    • Richard Feynman
      Richard Feynman

      @ST H lol...You do know that Asian countries like China, Japan, S.Korea etc are always top 5 in Olympic games right?

    • Jay D
      Jay D

      @ST H You missed several others, Ji Sung Park (Manchester Utd.), Bum Keun Cha (FC Frankfurt) come to that actually. Son was not the only one.


      3 lungs son

  • RYO-Z 99
    RYO-Z 99

    I have to admit Son is obviously frist-class and one of the best player in the world. Everything he did in this game was beyond description.

  • S Mac
    S Mac

    Liverpool fan here, and I must say I’m starting to really like spurs and there’s literally only one reason. Hueng-Min Son.

  • El goleador 2402
    El goleador 2402

    *0:54** The goal of Son*

  • jackieboy johnson
    jackieboy johnson

    He is not Heung-min, he is from another planet.



  • Luca Achilli
    Luca Achilli

    I Want Son immediately in our team. I just love his skills and abilities. God Damn wow 🙌🙌

  • Hero lung
    Hero lung

    This goal will be in football history and will be replayed a century ahead. SONic is a living legend and a hero fast like flash.

  • brendon solomons
    brendon solomons

    As a Liverpool supporter son is just unbelievable. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves

  • koreanational

    Hut damn... Son is on another level. Haven’t seen a goal like this in a long time!!

  • playerone

    Must be one of the classic goals of all time

  • pre cel
    pre cel

    When Kane is in the zone, his instinct and accuracy are incredible

    • 너투엉이라이

      pre cel It is reason why he is captin of England.

  • Justin Park
    Justin Park

    Son's goal will be remembered forever by world soccer fans!!!

  • Applasamy Subbha Rao
    Applasamy Subbha Rao

    Oh Dear. Son.....You give me goosebumps after cross the center line. Wow. Great To Saw That in Live...THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • Topical

    Who agrees Sonny for Puskas !!!!

    • Brenax Quiny
      Brenax Quiny

      @Just Dance TM Not from almost his penalty box

    • elbarto

      @Roméo Tamagne he is started from the defence area...

    • ABritInNY

      @Garam Kwon I'm still trying to find that 'official' record for Son as 88m and 2nd to Weah. I'm wondering how long it'll be before you admit you completely manufactured the entire thing? No? So who exactly is this "official" record keeper that you quote but don't list? Perhaps some of us would also like to see it first hand, instead of taking your word for it? I've told you where I got my information from, but it seems I misquoted his time. I saw it again this morning on an NBC sports gold replay, and it was actually 91.3m in 11.6 seconds and until I see different, I think I'll believe what I saw with my own eyes, (that anyone with NBC sports package can check,) over the "official" record you claim to quote, but fail to actually list. Hey it's possible NBC is wrong, but I'm not going to just accept that based merely on your uncorroborated statement. So that's a WR for Sonny, aka Sonaldo Nazario ;) (at least according to the Mourinho house,) well done indeed...

    • Arafat Emon
      Arafat Emon

      @colin It's my issue, not your... You use slang and for my family education I could not repeat.. One thing I do,, I don't accept your slang, just keep it...

  • Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin
    Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin

    Brilliant game, fantastic goals and Son is a magician! 👏👏👏 #COYS #THFC #손흥민

  • Pavel Janečka
    Pavel Janečka

    Best match from Spurs this season 100%. It's a pity that we won't see anything like that till next season :(

  • Tony Dalston
    Tony Dalston

    Kane’s goals were world class - son’s goal was the best goal I’ve ever seen in my life / spurs are starting to heat up - well done Jose -

  • felicidamia123

    ese es un gol que te lleva a un equipo grande, y te pone en el Olimpo de los goles

  • Jack CHOI
    Jack CHOI

    00:50 son’s amazing booster goal

  • Stefano Paolucci
    Stefano Paolucci

    Son. Fantastic player.

  • Carlos Eduardo Fernandez Sandoval
    Carlos Eduardo Fernandez Sandoval

    maravilloso gol!!!

  • BChrizZ94

    Son with one of the best goals of all time!

  • Marlin Gosari Muchim
    Marlin Gosari Muchim

    Every goals were beautiful. In particular, Son's goal was legendary of century.

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali

    What a goal for son absolutely world class brilliant solo goal

    • Saad Ali
      Saad Ali

      @ㅇㅇ thanks for the comment

    • ㅇㅇ


  • Minh Nguyễn
    Minh Nguyễn

    Son's son: Well done, Dad Son: Thanks Son

  • 이유미

    Son's very very amazing

  • myong3738

    Wonder Goal it is, how rare is that goal? Not many players can score like that, AMAZING!!!


    Son Heung Min, mi jugador estrella, anotando un gol para la historia.

  • M.S Cho.
    M.S Cho.

    The most wonderful goal heung min son

  • omo

    What a run , its amazing 👏

  • jungyoul yea
    jungyoul yea

    There are many goals but few goals inspire you !! But every time you see this goal, you get great courage! Run, run, run It's the same goal as Tottenham's spirit!

  • Glenn Hoddle
    Glenn Hoddle

    Kane : My opening goal was magical..... Son : *Hold my beer*

    • 슈뢰딩거의 고양이
      슈뢰딩거의 고양이

      @진짜 남자는페달 3개 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • Rizzftw

      u mean, hold my Soju

    • the cynic
      the cynic

      @Stark Studios He's one of the most complete goalkeeper without gloves.

    • 진짜 남자는페달 3개
      진짜 남자는페달 3개

      개웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 홀드 마이 김치 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 씨ㅋ바 ㄹㅋㅋㅋㅋ


    Damn that goal by son is 🔥it reminds me of prime kaka n to think that he was able to do this kind of run every single match... unbelievable, unplayable... only if injuries doesnt kill kaka's career than he would give messi n ronaldo a hard time dominating the ballon dor

  • Marcelo yaxon
    Marcelo yaxon

    son is actually on fire🔥

  • Lóh Agui
    Lóh Agui

    Selo Messi de qualidade nesse gol de Son...putz! Que golaço! Só não foi mais bonito que todos os gols do Barça contra o Mallorca...

  • Rachel Rachel
    Rachel Rachel

    what a goal goal of the season

  • 김태관

    Son's goal is really amazing and remarkable. Wonderful SON!!!!

  • Nemidia

    What a move from son!!!

  • Avien

    Im a Chelsea fan but I must admit that Son goal was pure class

    • moreshige

      @unchanging golovin "learn football at my level lol " I don't think he wants to go that far down... '

    • Vihan Subramaniam
      Vihan Subramaniam

      @unchanging golovin why is Son average? Completely 0 arguments you have. Goal translates to wins. He gets a good amounts of dribbles and has few weaknesses. He has a good amount of key passes. He is easily top 4 wingers in the prem.

    • Vihan Subramaniam
      Vihan Subramaniam

      @unchanging golovin no, u just don't know what to say bye buye

  • Juan Carlos Humareda Lopez
    Juan Carlos Humareda Lopez

    Definitivamente este GOL ...supera al de Maradona....gooooooolaaaaasooooooo

  • 로봇늑대인간

    보고 또 보고, 보고 또 보고, 봐도 봐도 질리지 않는 ... Best goal!!! 오늘만 한 30번 본듯

  • Jp Bm
    Jp Bm

    Son made a goal that only one other player in the history of the sport could score: Maradona. Absolutely phenomenal.

    • Jason Mendoza
      Jason Mendoza

      Maradona runs fast on coke. Son runs fast cuz his dad doubles his "homework" training if he doesn't XD

    • Kevin De Bruyne GOAT
      Kevin De Bruyne GOAT

      @you know what I mean Golden boot means nothing if you can't score solo goals. Messi could never do what Son did.

    • you know what I mean
      you know what I mean

      @Kevin De Bruyne GOAT thats why he was the top scorer in UCL last season and collected his Ballon d'Or and European Golden boot this year for sixth time each.

    • Kevin De Bruyne GOAT
      Kevin De Bruyne GOAT

      Black MK Messi is overrated, he just gets carried by his team in a farmer’s league. He’s just a tap in merchant.

  • Hatim Tim
    Hatim Tim

    Kane: I scored beautiful goals Son: I scored a wonder goal

    • Hatim Tim
      Hatim Tim

      @Jimmy Page ah ok ;)

    • Jimmy Page
      Jimmy Page

      @Hatim Tim the comment above yours

    • Hatim Tim
      Hatim Tim

      @Jimmy Page didn't copy anything. Bahhhh.

    • Jimmy Page
      Jimmy Page

      copied comment, good job.

  • thelma rios
    thelma rios

    Un aplauso y un like por el GOLAZO DE SONNY👏👏👏👏👏

  • Yasinthedon Jr
    Yasinthedon Jr

    I have Watch this over a hundred times and still get goosebumps on sonaldo solo goal

  • Shahar C
    Shahar C

    Amazing Goal! Hats off!

  • jarry goidon
    jarry goidon

    Legend from another world.

  • 첼이블라썸 chaer2y blossom
    첼이블라썸 chaer2y blossom

    Very proud of Son!!!

  • abimanyu Aslam
    abimanyu Aslam

    That son solo's was incredible for me... The way he slowly running and running was surprising...

    • Kowxley

      @El Pinto De La Vega the last one I can recall was Dembele last year against Spurs

    • El Pinto De La Vega
      El Pinto De La Vega

      @Kowxley When was the last time you saw a goal like that in PL? Or in one of Europe's top five leagues, for that matter?

    • abimanyu Aslam
      abimanyu Aslam

      Am I late?

    • 장홍준

      @Kowxley u came from the planet that such goals can be seen everyday lol

    • Kowxley

      You guys clearly didn't understand my comment at all, I said it was a really great goal, just not worth being called "goal of the season". I guess it's the overrated part that made this impression

  • Chris Jin
    Chris Jin

    He’s controlling the ball so well with that high speed, that’s why we don’t see this kind of goal often, it’s just so hard to control and run with the ball at the same time

    • life Wolf 200
      life Wolf 200

      exact!! That is why aesthetically it is better than Maradonna's goal, by the control and speed !, the goal of Diego will always be better because it was in a World Cup, and that has more value

  • Kacper Plata
    Kacper Plata

    Son Gol Wow Pure Class ✌️💪⚽

  • Arc Light
    Arc Light

    Perfect Spurs performance. Son is just unbelievable at the moment. Kane's goals were outstanding. Injecting a bit more confidence into the team, following a tough spell. COYS!

  • life Wolf 200
    life Wolf 200

    siempre pensé que Son estaba limitado con Pochetino; Mon le esta dando esa energía ganadora y lo esta dejando ser libre para mostrar su mejor versión, estoy 100% seguro que con la ayuda de Mourinho Son nos va a regalar mas perlas como estas, quizás no iguales, porque este gol es casi irrepetible, pero si otros de gran factura

  • Mini Mocha
    Mini Mocha

    Sonny, bloody marvellous!! Once in a Century goal. Congratulations, Sonny forever!! 👍👍👍

  • Antonio conte and his lovely little man Mourinho
    Antonio conte and his lovely little man Mourinho

    Son's solo goal And Lamela's robona is absolutely magnificent

  • Edo Purwanto Purba
    Edo Purwanto Purba

    OMG that Son goal!!!

  • AirRaid2010

    Along with the infamous empty net goal that elimiated Germany at the group stage in Russia 2018, this one will be marked as the most memorable out of his all career goals.

  • MM02

    Sonny is actually insane. Would love to see him at Barca...

    • J R
      J R


  • Suraj Raut
    Suraj Raut

    Heung Min son is the best! He deserves to be more famous than he is. He deserves to win more awards( individual and with team)! But i don't think he is getting noticed by so many people and football legends as much as he ought to be.

    • Umar Fraz
      Umar Fraz

      Because he's Asians

    • Daniel Salinas
      Daniel Salinas

      Who the fuck Care be more famous? I want trophy’s

    • Jaja Rogar
      Jaja Rogar

      Whoever still saying japanese legends like Nakata, Kagawa or Park is the best asia player of all time need to wake the fuck up.....

    • dee silver
      dee silver

      @Viji _123 what???

    • Marek Krzyszczak
      Marek Krzyszczak

      In Korea he has a statute of god so

  • Amper Sand
    Amper Sand

    I'm still amazed by how Sissoko kept cool and finished with such a clinical execution, wow!

  • life Wolf 200
    life Wolf 200

    lo único que evita que sea mejor que el de Maradonna , es la circustancia, maradonna lo hizo en un mundial!, y eso vale mas , pero en todo lo demás es superior, el gol de Son;Son partió desde el borde de su area,corrio 82 mts, paso entre 8 rivales!! si no le salieron al encuentro todos es porque Son es mucho mas veloz que Diego, pero su conducción es brillante, no es fácil conducir un balón a esa velocidad, y si los defensas no lo detuvieron fue por el doble spring final que se pego, los defensas pensaron que lo tenían controlado , pero cuando Son metió tercera y cuarta ya los había dejado pagando, solo fueron espectadores de lujo de un gol para la historia


    The goal from Heung min son made my year hoooo

  • Trần Hương Giang
    Trần Hương Giang

    Son is amazing

  • ahmad syahid
    ahmad syahid

    He was like doing dribbling while laughing!! Damn it, Son!! He ran like having cereals in the morning!!

  • S Ch
    S Ch

    Wonderful Son's goal

  • Alwi Nafian
    Alwi Nafian

    Amazing goal by Son 👍👍👍👍

  • Los Angels
    Los Angels

    Did you see that goal by SON? OMG!!!

  • KS LEE
    KS LEE

    Hello guys! I am a New Spurs fan from Korea. SON brought me here. I want to be able to watch it with you guys directly at the stadium someday! GO Spurs!

  • Grayson Han
    Grayson Han

    I didn’t expect him to make a goal then seriously.

  • Kit King
    Kit King

    Omg Son that was unbelievable! WoW!!

  • Julia

    Love Spurs💙 Son,Kane,Dele....Our precious players🥰

  • Ahmet Leo
    Ahmet Leo

    Simdiden söylüyorum bu yılın tüm ligler arasındaki en iyi gool budur.. 🇹🇷 heung min son 👏🏼

  • Aaron Aamir
    Aaron Aamir

    im a united fan & i come back regularly to watch sons' goal

  • Sylphid

    Harry's first goal was brilliant enough, but Sonny's goal was perfect.

  • 류재훈

    Very proud of Son!!

  • Nixolas

    Suarez goal vs Mallorca and this beauty from Son definitely the best goals of the season by far.

  • Nadia Fiorentina
    Nadia Fiorentina

    Just came here for Sonny's goal, I'm not disappointed. He's indeed exceptional.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    Wow brilliant goal he runs like Mo Salah run in his top form .. love you Son from Egyptian liverpool fan

  • Ken Kk
    Ken Kk

    Dude Son is absolute class, seems to have one or more of these 'solo-dribble goals' that prove what a complete player he is

  • Benjamin Boateng
    Benjamin Boateng

    Son is simply amazing and a delight to watch...

  • B L
    B L

    Honestly incredible commentary for Son's goal

  • No.1 Spectator
    No.1 Spectator

    That son's goal though 🤯

  • Richmond Hance
    Richmond Hance

    Son's goal was a Messi-like goal ♥️🔥

  • Septianta Yochi
    Septianta Yochi

    Son should stay at tottenham forever. He's already a legend there. By Liverpool fan

  • Nomomania

    Didn't Son score this similar wonder type of goal against Chelsea couple years ago? Just unbelievable!

    • Dhaka Dhaka
      Dhaka Dhaka

      Lmao couple years? Try couple months

  • Fari

    That goal llus his smile put an icing on ending 2019. Well done Son

  • MiG-21 Fishbed
    MiG-21 Fishbed

    Barca fan here, Son's goal reminded me of young Messi. Absolutely unbelievable goal, Son Heung Min could stamp his name as the undisputed GOAT of Asian football if he keeps scoring great goas like this.

  • CirnoAim

    Super goal! probably he is gonna be better than before games!

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox
    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Not a spurs fan, but Son's goal was just amazing to watch. I watched it more times than I can count

    • Kevin De Bruyne GOAT
      Kevin De Bruyne GOAT

      Borat Sagdiyev The greatest injustice in soccer history was Ronaldo Nazario winning 4 FIFA World Player Of The Year trophies and Thierry Henry winning 0. I don't believe Ronaldo ever played at a level high enough to be considered world-class, let alone win the Ballon D'or as the absolute best player. He was a below average player at best and was only relevant for maybe 4 years. Henry on the other hand was absolutely prolific in every way. He deserved to win at least 10 Ballon D’or titles throughout his career. FIFA has no credibility.

  •  Jxker

    Well Done Sonny!!!! 😢💙💙💙

  • Nicolas Salazar
    Nicolas Salazar

    Vaya... Y Son se llevó el mejor gol del año, que bien.