when your drone see's this on Haunted Clinton Road DO NOT try to pass him! Drive away FAST!
when your drone see's this on Haunted Clinton Road DO NOT try to pass him! Drive away FAST!
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  • DK

    I’m not a pumpkin 🎃:(

    • jackie breeze
      jackie breeze


    • Rade Tomic
      Rade Tomic

    • Haywood Overtown
      Haywood Overtown

      @Stromedy one video I seen your girlfriend tried to kiss DK

    • Stacey Kelly
      Stacey Kelly

      Kn Hav. A. Now. I. Add. And. A. Now. Fin. Plea. From. Ava

    • Felicity Chaney
      Felicity Chaney


  • Katysne Gaming
    Katysne Gaming

    Throughout this whole video, I had an eerie vibe. Something about this road just isn't right.

    • Em Em
      Em Em

      Yes ta edited

  • Jana Kozányová
    Jana Kozányová

    Love your videos, they’re awesome. Keep up the great work and stay super safe!❤

  • Aishath Shuhaana
    Aishath Shuhaana

    Yo you guys missed the car that went down the road before the drone glitched Time:6:46 Note: look at the road carefully :)

    • Capital Gains Spider-Man
      Capital Gains Spider-Man


    • hafizh akhtar dhiafarhan
      hafizh akhtar dhiafarhan

      is it white?

    • hafizh akhtar dhiafarhan
      hafizh akhtar dhiafarhan

      yea i saw it

    • Elizabeth Wylde
      Elizabeth Wylde

      I agree i saw the car

  • just an anime fan
    just an anime fan

    19:20 who saw something come by?

    • Jenny Ramsdell
      Jenny Ramsdell



      it was another car

  • It’s gotcha  creator
    It’s gotcha creator

    Did y’all see something white moving across the street i did

    • Yourlocalperson

      It was a car

    • Sandeep Goswami
      Sandeep Goswami

      A dont no 3

    • Sandeep Goswami
      Sandeep Goswami

      I saw a 2 white cars

    • Jennifer Williams
      Jennifer Williams

      Me to

    • Kandee Norgard
      Kandee Norgard

      I did it was like the demon thay ware talking about

  • Jude Leonowitz
    Jude Leonowitz

    Him: The Forest Is the thing that makes Clinton road haunted. Them: Parks right next To the forest😶

  • 0-Clutch-0

    15:20 Don’t look at the right wall

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones

    6:37 there was a car driving and I also saw a clown head peeking out of it

  • Gamer cousins ch:1
    Gamer cousins ch:1

    I sure actually went there once when after this video to see him and he tried to break open my car door he broke my car and I had to run 5 miles to get away from him

  • cyaneyed

    “never been caught on camera” *proceeds to show the demon taken by a camera*

    • OMGreaper 33
      OMGreaper 33


    • Arsiema Grmat
      Arsiema Grmat

      @Savagegamer adgh

    • Savagegamer


  • Adam N
    Adam N

    14:32 he has a mask its easy to see also he only goes for srtomety 21:23 wait the car stays still when he falls the camera is just going crazy

  • jeanne rostance
    jeanne rostance

    11:17 anyone else see the truck or is it just me???

  • Hannah Pence
    Hannah Pence

    Lord how he just stops and looks at the drone

  • Jeremy Palmer
    Jeremy Palmer

    Nobody has ever made it to the end of Clinton road? I’ve done it several times

  • Kitty138 Starshine
    Kitty138 Starshine

    At 4:43 andreases face is so hilarious I'm in hysterics 😂😂😂

  • Emily Tibbetts
    Emily Tibbetts

    If he hasn’t been caught on camera than how did you show the pictures of him

  • Aiden Amburgey
    Aiden Amburgey

    Me: I hope he goes in. Stomedy: were not going in

  • Lillian Beth Shortland
    Lillian Beth Shortland

    So one time a little boy asked his mother If he could go on the swing in their backyard while she dose the laundry his mother said yes but when she went back..... Her son was found dead on the swing. There was a tall man he was white and a bit skinny like siren head kinda like one of the scps he had blood on his face with a wide smile while waving to the mother still pushing the dead body This is a true story! 😱

  • MrDinoMan

    Anyone esle screaming into their screen: "GET OUT OF THE TUNNEL NOW!!!"?

  • Nico Loco
    Nico Loco

    Thanks so much Stromedy you’re so nice to take time away from your day to film

    • Tuấn thanh Nguyễn
      Tuấn thanh Nguyễn


    • Tuấn thanh Nguyễn
      Tuấn thanh Nguyễn


    • Tuấn thanh Nguyễn
      Tuấn thanh Nguyễn


  • dragglock edna
    dragglock edna

    Dk: cus its cold keyle: wearing a short sleev t-shirt

  • Corey Meldrum
    Corey Meldrum

    Imagine people actually think this is real lmao

  • Gamer cousins ch:1
    Gamer cousins ch:1

    My foot sensed something whenever you started going super deep into the forest And that only means something bad was going to happen

    • Chonje Marak
      Chonje Marak

      My sensed is tickling 😂

  • Ninja Edan
    Ninja Edan

    10:55 who else saw that figure?

    • Ha Ha
      Ha Ha

      Where my nigga

    • DinoGage



      In where dude

    • Debbie Cazzato
      Debbie Cazzato


  • Wild Animalz Club
    Wild Animalz Club

    The beginning is funny, then the end gets creepy. But, I am dying at that first bit.

    • Smiles and roblox
      Smiles and roblox

      I am dying to if the first part

    • Sheila Ruiz Díaz
      Sheila Ruiz Díaz

      Que ser mi amigo

    • Sheila Ruiz Díaz
      Sheila Ruiz Díaz

      Estado está

    • Angela Clark
      Angela Clark

      Hiu my name is Macy I hope you have a good day I love your kitty thing on your phone of your thing and I'll give you something bye I love you

    • JellyPanda

      That is true funny then creepy

  • Gary Withem
    Gary Withem

    Question how do you know what he looks like if he’s never Caught on-camera ?

    • June Rouen
      June Rouen

      because he is am urban legend and i tbink hey found the pic at the google

  • Estelle Jackson
    Estelle Jackson

    i watched a video about clinton road someone was driving a car at 2 in the morning and the "phantom truck" knocked their car off the road just before the sharp turn and one survived but the worst thing is the man who survived did not report this and minutes later hung himself and died


    4:11 That looks scary it looks like a mask which of course it is But I'm gonna Enjoy the Video

  • I love art
    I love art

    8:42 I saw blood on a tree on the right

  • valerie dimaulo
    valerie dimaulo

    Wait, if no one has caught him on camera, how did Stromedy get that picture. 🤔

    • flo


    • seqshxll! ☻
      seqshxll! ☻

      Wiki or google. Like he said, nobody has cought him on YT. Someone prob took a pic from a drone and posted to google.👉👈

    • Cringe King
      Cringe King

      Yea how did he get it?

    • Camden Parker
      Camden Parker

      Its fake

    • skulldragonz

      Ohh he use Google

  • Brandon Boone
    Brandon Boone

    i like how in the intro andre is like what the heck is going on

  • The Relying Orpheus
    The Relying Orpheus

    Dude says “no one has caught this guy on camera” and yet shows pictures of him that shows he got caught on camera lol

  • Yourlocalperson

    My sis literally said well somebody does because somebody built the road when he said nobody knows where it leads and I’m like “well you do have a point”

  • Shehreeda Khan
    Shehreeda Khan

    Stay safe that looks creepy

  • jasmine knightlittle
    jasmine knightlittle

    6:00 when he hovers over that road did anyone see that car driving

    • Nancy Lucas
      Nancy Lucas

      I love your dog so cute

    • Nancy Lucas
      Nancy Lucas

      I love your dog it's so cute

    • Galaxy Dust
      Galaxy Dust

      Yeah me

    • Blackie The Clover
      Blackie The Clover


    • Guadalupe Lanuza
      Guadalupe Lanuza

      Me to

  • Tara Hays
    Tara Hays

    how does he know what it looks like if it has never been caught on camra

  • Mark Byrkit
    Mark Byrkit

    Hey show me I listen to your videos basically almost everyday but I watch every single video about 50 times maybe more probably more than 50 times

  • lacey craft
    lacey craft

    Stromedy:take my hand we will fLy sOmEwHeRe 😩😩✌ Dk and aundray: teheh hahahahahahha 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Saskia Gordon
    Saskia Gordon

    In the video stromedy says that the Butcher has never been caught on camera!’ THEN WHERE DID UU GET THAT PHOTO????

  • ♡Vᴀʟᴇɴᴛɪɴᴇ♡

    wait when i saw the demon from the side i thought i saw a mask opening.....

  • Zarina Ysabelle
    Zarina Ysabelle

    i cant tell if this is satire.. it gots to be no way this is real my guy..

  • Lowei_099

    I was so mad when you guys did nit run that after i was scared when i look at them i was like oh hello like im gonna die

  • Logan Harris
    Logan Harris

    " we are running low on gas " has a full tank

  • Dinesh Badgujar
    Dinesh Badgujar

    This makes me feel scared 😳😨

  • cheng ze lee
    cheng ze lee

    if i went there on foot and saw this thing,im out of there!


    When all those clowns and scary people was his friends lol

  • Roger Tang
    Roger Tang

    😰😧😱😨 Oh my goodness is that a clown hiding under the bridge be careful guys be careful stop get off we can’t forget route faster

  • Sacred Beenz
    Sacred Beenz

    You gotta be a lil “special” to believe this

  • Gamingwithvivian

    Your the best IRglor you guys are very brave I would never go here bc I’m a scary cat

  • L3G3ND4RY

    "Has never been seen or caught before" *proceeds to put a picture of him on the screen*

    • Lynda Olsen
      Lynda Olsen

      On IRglo he said but still good point

    • Haley Henderson
      Haley Henderson

      No it is really if you don't think it is really you or dom

    • Haley Henderson
      Haley Henderson

      It is really

    • Random stuff
      Random stuff

      @L3G3ND4RY yes thats what im saying

    • Random stuff
      Random stuff

      That means this is FAKE

  • Shannon Mingle
    Shannon Mingle

    At about 5:42 there is a car that is passing down on Clinton road. Who the heck would be driving down there!

  • Gerard J. "Rusty" Brinkman
    Gerard J. "Rusty" Brinkman

    I like how when they take the drone up and there are just cars going in and out.I’m just like: nooooooooo donut go down that road

  • Seann Jherace Capistrano-Ibea
    Seann Jherace Capistrano-Ibea

    Can we just forget that there is a car that drove in clinton

  • Siberian Husky
    Siberian Husky

    6:17 if you look at the road at enough you can see a moving car

    • Chonje Marak
      Chonje Marak


  • joanna wozniak
    joanna wozniak

    😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂when you said follow pumpkin i stared laughing and tears came out of my eyes.

  • Agaforfun

    There is a ghost figure at 8:56

  • Elishaba Aiden
    Elishaba Aiden

    It was so horrible sir I thought something bad will happen to you all, but thank God he keeps you safe, Love from India 🇮🇳❤❤❤

  • Jason Lanza
    Jason Lanza

    Stromedy I would have scream if I saw that at the end of my bed

  • William Keitaro
    William Keitaro

    If my school invited me to a scout camp on this road im definitely not signing up for it

  • Rene Solis
    Rene Solis

    i loved the pranking dk series it was the only thing i had ever seen on stromedys channel that wasn't scary

    • omar m
      omar m

      Its not real

    • Mark Gaskin
      Mark Gaskin




  • Mohamad Husaini
    Mohamad Husaini

    If you don't have enough time, you can watch start from 14:16 Thank me later

  • Erika Grayson
    Erika Grayson

    Kyle why every time when you get mocked by DK why do you get mad so much about your spaghetti

  • Riley Casey
    Riley Casey

    at 11:22 there was a van on the side of the road

  • Jeremy Palmer
    Jeremy Palmer

    The road does not turn to dirt at the end. It leads to another road and it’s paved the entire way

  • Potato_Freak

    Omg I love these videos! Keep up the hard work! #StromedySqaud!

  • Erica Wiens
    Erica Wiens

    I’m not trying to be mean but that’s not a real face it’s called a mask and it might be fake idk I’m not being mean I love your entertainment and idc if it’s fake❤️

  • Turbo Telfer
    Turbo Telfer

    I saw 2 people walking in the woods its hard to see but i saw it

  • Fusion Food Station
    Fusion Food Station

    Me me getting scared when he said Jason voorhees lives here 😱😰

  • Eraine Cooper
    Eraine Cooper

    I just saw something in the woods moving

  • Elyssia LinkWade
    Elyssia LinkWade

    Good video. Gotta give y'all props you guys. Especially having the Clinton road actor under that bridge.

  • Calli Jones
    Calli Jones

    When I was watching this my cat was starting to fall down my bed DK you are a pumpkin

  • Jelly_vinn.random

    Me: wait if he was never caught on camera how they get a photo of him?😭

    • Unicornluver_13

      Maybe they found it on Google

  • Rhonda Davidson
    Rhonda Davidson

    6:17 seconds what is that on the road


    Shows photo of Clinton road demon n gives a Boombastic introduction, the guy is even wearing a pair of Nike Air 🤣

  • Rylee Chatman
    Rylee Chatman

    17:27 the way he was walking gave me the chills

    • Eilidh Kerr
      Eilidh Kerr

      💖💖💖go jop

    • Jojje

      That looks more fake than my imaginary gf

  • itachi vfx
    itachi vfx

    The demon was wearing travisscots😂😂

  • Iulian Arvinte
    Iulian Arvinte

    You guys are brave!

  • Harry Phillips
    Harry Phillips

    At 11:17 you can see a white truck in the forest maybe a phantom truck🤷‍♂️

  • Shea V
    Shea V

    Sometimes I skip some parts cause I get nightmares and I don’t sleep ever again