Stromedy - Tik Tok Clowns (Tik Tok Diss Track Song) - (Official Music Video)
Stromedy - Tik Tok Clowns (Tik Tok Diss Track Song) - (Official Music Video)
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Written By: Alexis Ricordi
Directed By: Kyle Godfrey
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*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.
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  • Stromedy

    TAG Bryce Hall everywhere! @brycehall. We bringing IRglo Back, The time for Tik Tok is over... This means War!

    • malakai kirkpatrick
      malakai kirkpatrick

      Sup boy I what to come see you all

    • Vilma Tuskeviciene
      Vilma Tuskeviciene


    • Vilma Tuskeviciene
      Vilma Tuskeviciene


    • Leard Bytyqi
      Leard Bytyqi

      Jes plizzzzzzzzzz

    • Mohammed Hasan
      Mohammed Hasan

      You and your friends are the best IRglors ever

  • Peter Burgess
    Peter Burgess

    dude this is soo cool this is my new fav song. Keep the work up guys you'll bring it back i bleve in you tik tok is very bad youtube needs to win

  • MR.   S.W.A.T
    MR. S.W.A.T

    Yep!This is what i want to watch thanks for making this music Stromedy because you get the epic lambo DUDE!!

    • SMLERT

      ❤you jeffy SML Zo I am a little 💖 💓 😅❤😂😂😂🎉😢😮

  • Grace Warner
    Grace Warner

    I was singing this song in the shower every time and I was singing it at school and I got told of BUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT SCHOOL😎😎😎😎😎

  • King Mikey
    King Mikey

    Ive been watching this for so long after the firat six days i decided to come watch some stromedy and saw this song on his channel

    • Paper Chaser
      Paper Chaser

      The cringe levels are unmatched

  • Lily goalden baller
    Lily goalden baller

    Well done keep it up love you guys

  • Tasha Pimm
    Tasha Pimm

    Love it!! Your doing well Stromedy

  • JMD's Channel
    JMD's Channel

    As of a Filipino Student, I compromised that everyone in Gen Z makes them helping each other not the war in L.A

  • Kristi Smith
    Kristi Smith

    i like how theirs mostly no auto tune and every 1 else needs full autotune to make a sick song but kyle is to good

  • Tulikaa Kashyap
    Tulikaa Kashyap

    one year and a day since this was released. ngl. for a diss track, this is pretty catchy.

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson



    “Heard you beat up my boi why you throwing hands” ayo epic music stromedy let’s go beat tik tok bois

  • Liam Vazquez
    Liam Vazquez

    Stromedy is the best and videos are good there and there are 🔥



  • Darren Birch
    Darren Birch

    The stromedy squad will have your back and I will always have your back

  • Rezi and john Rrapi
    Rezi and john Rrapi

    I love the song I even want to hear this when I grow up cuz I'm just 10 years old and I love videos

  • Random stuff
    Random stuff


  • s amjad
    s amjad

    Yo this is such a great song keep up the good work

    • Blu3u

      You probably listen to like Oprah peoples farts

    • lilac blossom
      lilac blossom

      you sound like my mom

    • Ptr2680

      please be satire

    • crazy golf
      crazy golf

      Have you heard anyothersong ever?

  • Kensey Campbell
    Kensey Campbell

    Kyle nice song man he’s bringing another banger video back love u bro ❤️😇

  • Justine Tanner
    Justine Tanner

    I love this phone it's amazing I think you did really good on it a really big fan of yours too

  • Funnyhuskeyboyy

    #teamIRglo we bringing youtube back

  • Annabelle Collins
    Annabelle Collins

    I love it so much it’s like a rap song and this is fire lol ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Ninjagaming 200
    Ninjagaming 200

    When this gets on treding Stromedy: stonks

  • Angela Lyons
    Angela Lyons

    Yeah bring IRglo back go stromedy!

  • Erica

    I love how cringey the clown dindt want to spend money on an actual place to make this But instead he danced on the road and his roof Continue making money off of children

  • Keeva Allen
    Keeva Allen

    Love it this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tillerose Westgarth
    Tillerose Westgarth

    This is so so good 💞.

  • Spring-a-ling

    “Oh no, oh yeah” lyrical genius right here bois

    • Gamerboy150

      @Ptr2680 that's been true for a long time my dude

    • Krenar Alushaj
      Krenar Alushaj


    • Ptr2680

      @Super Teenage Dude truth

    • Ptr2680

      @Lisa Kellett youtube and tiktok are widely different, they can coexist, where the flip is this sentiment coming from!? if twitch and youtube can coexist im pretty sure tiktok can. why arent people like doing this to twitch!?

  • Its your girl Darcey
    Its your girl Darcey

    Every time im sad l watch thus and it makes me happy

  • Kennedy &Kennedy
    Kennedy &Kennedy

    Keep up the good work

  • Destiny Shearer
    Destiny Shearer

    I come back to the song everyday just to remind me that Tik Tok is Just an Illusion

  • Carson Mcluckie
    Carson Mcluckie

    We’re bringing IRglo back

  • Rohan Singh
    Rohan Singh

    Why does this remind me of the Jake, Logan, Ricegum and Sidemen beef..

    • Kobe Dunn
      Kobe Dunn

      Probably because it’s as shit

    • Joaker21


    • Frambit

      lol cool!nope

    • shared opions
      shared opions

      America has production line full of these carbon copies haha..... its sad

    • LaQuia Campbell
      LaQuia Campbell


  • David0906J

    This is the best song that my friend Paisley at my house actually watched this song

  • Riley is worst brother ever
    Riley is worst brother ever

    I would dis this but he's actually right for once :/

  • Idk ok
    Idk ok

    Love it bring IRglo back

  • fran ocho
    fran ocho

    Stromedy squad is the best it fells like I'm with you.

  • Nicolas Campbell-Warner
    Nicolas Campbell-Warner

    Lol That Part When It Says "But Bryce Why You Pissing On Your Fans?" LOVE IT

    • Penelope Scott
      Penelope Scott

      LOL 😂

    • Ptr2680

      please be satire

    • Yoboy CORNMASTER 123
      Yoboy CORNMASTER 123

      Let goooooo

    • stormfire


    • L


  • Atlantis Buxton
    Atlantis Buxton

    I listen to this song everyday it's literally stromedy

    • Atlantis Buxton
      Atlantis Buxton



    So lit🔥🔥🔥

  • coop

    My fav part is when he said oh yea oh no 10 million times

  • Natoria Augustin
    Natoria Augustin

    That was freaking lit

    • Ptr2680

      please be satire

  • Kaison Micheal
    Kaison Micheal

    Another Banger coming back for everybody let's go lit🔥🔥💥

    • Ptr2680

      please be satire

  • Tommy Madigan
    Tommy Madigan

    Thank you for bringing back IRglo and you’re the best IRglor ever ever

  • Ryan Hakey
    Ryan Hakey

    ( love this song just no hate but I just have to say this! Stromedy: we’re not wasting money! The next scene: a bunch of smoke on a roof

  • Archie Orpe
    Archie Orpe

    That's a fire track you just done

  • Aubrie Wingo
    Aubrie Wingo

    you most likely had to pay them to be your friends

  • James Durkee
    James Durkee

    Tik Tok has always been lame it’s so hard to even see something from it.

  • Hailey Fought
    Hailey Fought

    I have a question like I watched one of your music videos and like you told a lot of children to shut up you told us to shut up I know that some people don't like your videos guess what I love your videos to death I would never stop loving them and especially the scary scary ones I'm only 7 I already watched like a scream movie I watched a lot of scary movies so I don't really care so yeah you're very good IRglor don't even pay attention to people that doesn't like you you are the greatest IRglor I've ever seen in my life never pay attention to those people I got your back no matter what you are my favorite IRglor and I will never forget that you're going to be my favorite IRglor ever since I'm going to be 100 I love you I already watched all of your songs this is my last one so yeah hope you give me a

  • jasmine rodriguez
    jasmine rodriguez

    I love this so much it’s the best thing to channel

  • Loretta Nilsson
    Loretta Nilsson

    These freaking dudes are so rich

  • David Harding
    David Harding

    i love this diss track i love it

  • Fayden Walker
    Fayden Walker

    I listen to this song every day. This song is so true. Every. single. word.

  • Pixie riri
    Pixie riri

    Fire Music is the music is fire still a discord fire❤️‍🔥

  • Violeta Szigyarto
    Violeta Szigyarto

    Well this embaresd me alot even if I dont make content but let my tel you that no one is cryngy or has bad content hope you have a good day🥰😘

  • Jessica Letts
    Jessica Letts

    Okay I know I'm 9 but I LOVE THISSSS

  • Denise Gibson
    Denise Gibson

    Oh yeah hey cow I just got through subscribing to everyone on the channel and it really was just the time

  • Aisha lunar
    Aisha lunar

    man said big man when he's out there dressing up as a clown for clout LMAOOOOOOOOOOO.

    • PUBG guy
      PUBG guy

      U def or wat

    • Fort Nite
      Fort Nite

      It say hunting clowns

  • Amanda Reyerson
    Amanda Reyerson

    You guys deserve to be in the top ten songs

  • Sl4rul Hedgehog
    Sl4rul Hedgehog

    Yo man, I love this song bro 💯💯💯🤘🤟

    • David Pearce
      David Pearce


  • Archie Orpe
    Archie Orpe

    We are bringing IRglo back!!!!!!!!

  • Bixdee_13

    Damn he prob exposed some tik tokerz

  • Shining wing
    Shining wing


    • Ptr2680

      please be satire this isnt satire is it, dude spelt kept as cept. frok

    • Lisa Martinez
      Lisa Martinez


    • Micro Mitchez
      Micro Mitchez

      Sameeeeeeee bro

    • Summer Peck
      Summer Peck

      Innit tho

    • Charlotte Marie
      Charlotte Marie

      Omg same

  • Dehdrey Kageyama
    Dehdrey Kageyama

    come on youtube is back thats rock bro stromedy and prime capital its cool like your song good luck bro

  • Noobvspro

    Awsome bring yt back!!!!

  • Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson

    #Keep this going!

  • Aleyeen Parveen
    Aleyeen Parveen

    Amazing track ❤️

  • Alonzo Dee Hayes
    Alonzo Dee Hayes

    “Bringing IRglo back”? IRglo never left. And even though you “get more views than them on your 2nd channel”, I knew of Bryce, Tayler, and Alex Warren since you name dropped him too through IRglo, long before I ever downloaded TikTok. Even factoring in your 2M views per vid (I thought we left “evil clown videos” in 2017), I only heard of you once you started calling Bryce and Tayler out

    • I like ur cut g
      I like ur cut g

      TikTok is garage


      Nahh bruhh tiktok shit

    • wemfee

      If youtube dies then youtubers will lose a lot of money

    • JoshTheIcey

      I never even heard of this kid lmao

    • Super Midget
      Super Midget

      he called bryce irrelevant when no one knows him 😭

  • Ilona Vogel
    Ilona Vogel

    If you're going to talk to Bryce Hall like that then he's going to knock you out

  • JoovanyHernandez

    Hey Stromedy I like the Musicals Clown's in your channel

  • Jaana Toro pulido
    Jaana Toro pulido

    I see this song every day

  • Jonathan


  • Fiona Hansbrough
    Fiona Hansbrough

    I love how in almost every music video on youtube, has some cool expensive cars in the background! :>

    • Gacha_Cheezle_Wolf

      @Simplyjustvibing♡ me too

    • Earth

      Except he just rented his

    • Alexander Zhivkov
      Alexander Zhivkov


    • MistyBleu McAmis
      MistyBleu McAmis

      This means war bryce hall I agree with stromedy

    • Simplyjustvibing♡

      I watch Gacha to

  • Kalon Livings
    Kalon Livings

    Tik-Tok never ends but IRglo videos does

  • Michael Cruz
    Michael Cruz


  • Riley Benns
    Riley Benns

    I wish I was a member of your squad 😔

  • Liam Quigley
    Liam Quigley

    That was a great song

  • Caitlyn Barr Mcguigan
    Caitlyn Barr Mcguigan

    You have the best singing voice! This song is a banger!!

  • Tracy Kershaw
    Tracy Kershaw

    Ur the best I appreciate all your and your gangs help

  • Sundiata HVACR
    Sundiata HVACR

    @Stromedy What does that disclamer mean? Is it about reuploading videos without premission?