Meet The BEST SHOOTER On The Internet, Lethal Shooter! | LA Hoops Training Ep. 2
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Meet Chris Matthews aka Lethal Shooter, who many consider to not only be the best shooting coach but also the best shooter period on the internet.
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نظر: 65
  • HoopDiamonds

    Basketball IS the best sport in the world. Not possibly 🙄

    • Tretch

      @A menace. lol that point hurts basketball more than it helps.

    • Stephon Sistrunk
      Stephon Sistrunk

      Gotta keep it hunned💯💯💯

    • Lewcasso

      I just quit my job to pursue my dream of music. I just dropped my first two songs on YT, lmk what y’all think 😌

    • JW28

      Thats cap, HoopDiamonds. NFL will always be king. CFB is GOAT too.


      I’m sorry bro but I’d rather not spend 2 hours watching a ton of me run back and forth a million times just to score 2 goals

  • Ultra Chadstinct Goku
    Ultra Chadstinct Goku

    I wish my high school coaches could teach us like this or have the time. But we usually have a month to prepare for season. Our coach will want guys with experience or the endurace

  • Ultra Chadstinct Goku
    Ultra Chadstinct Goku

    I would LOOVE this guy to be my coach fr.

  • Disc Jocky M.G.
    Disc Jocky M.G.

    Great basketball content! Them KD 15’s tough too 🔥🔥😤🧠🏀

  • NardoBlackGate

    He top 5 in the world for sure

  • vintage haze
    vintage haze

    Tell Chris I beat the Red Bull challenge . I need to see him

  • Star Warz
    Star Warz

    What shoes was that kid wearing @07:30 ?

  • Joe Pelak
    Joe Pelak

    Joe Pelak can shoot as good if not better 💯

  • yonyLA8028

    Everyone knows Fred Vinson is the best shooting coach out there tho

    • Ifeanyi Ilonzo
      Ifeanyi Ilonzo

      Correction dell curry is the best shooting coach. 2 in top ten.

  • doug dimadome
    doug dimadome

    I mean curry, klay, and the rest onof the league on the internet so can't really say he's the best shooter 😂😂😂


    Lakers GM: 🗣️ RUSSEL WESTBROOK ❗🧱

  • Hooper

    Lethal Shooter doesn’t know it, but he’s probably going to be coaching the next Steph Curry 👀

    • just another nigga
      just another nigga

      @Alfred Jones mans had nba shooting coaches aroung him his whole life lmao

    • just another nigga
      just another nigga

      @Alfred Jones if his dad didnt train him he wouldnt be nearly as good. stop coping

    • Alfred Jones
      Alfred Jones

      Coaches didn't make Steph it's literally in his blood

  • Donald Hogan
    Donald Hogan

    If your so good why aren't you in the nba

  • YB MUZiK
    YB MUZiK

    homie been throwing up bricks every time he play against other creators though 😂 all he did was catch n shoot too at that

  • Marquis F.
    Marquis F.

    Lack of fundamentals…that part

  • Shawn Clayton
    Shawn Clayton


  • 209ModestoHoops


  • Witteny Cineus
    Witteny Cineus

    I know than Quincy Cineus, he is not better than him

  • Hazel God
    Hazel God

    Where is Episode 1?

  • coolruiz19

    Not the best sport, there is a World Cup. Whole world

  • Isaac Li
    Isaac Li

    8:17 lmao wtf

  • King Kobra
    King Kobra

    Whoever is reading this…Slow down,you’re doing fine! You can’t be everything you want to be before your time💓.It’s going to work out 💯

    • Don Lamb Jr.
      Don Lamb Jr.

      Sow a seed of hope and faith, and it shall be returned unto you a thousand times over. Thank you.

    • Brandon Clark
      Brandon Clark

      I hate comments like this because it has nothing to do with the video and you think you are funny but really this is a dumb purposeless comment And NEWSFLASH.... ... things don't workout for everyone. Stop getting peoples hopes up. .......thats evil and dangerous

  • wavy_ cam
    wavy_ cam

    Why i thought that was bruh man from martin at first on the thumbnail

  • #true2dis #unew2dis
    #true2dis #unew2dis

    Steph Curry. Period.

  • Lewcasso

    I just quit my job to pursue my dream of music. I just dropped my first two songs on YT, lmk what y’all think

  • Brian Michaels
    Brian Michaels


  • Bigtone35

    He look like bruh man

    • Vito Asè
      Vito Asè

      frum the fif flo 😅😅

    • J P
      J P

      facts lmaoo

  • MalReacts

    Y’all lucky I’m not on the internet cuz I’m better than this fool🤣

  • Chase Sanchez
    Chase Sanchez

    Probably the trashest looking jumper I've ever seen

    • J u d e
      J u d e


  • Bolts Duce
    Bolts Duce

    hey repent here repent what this means is give your life to Jesus and turn away from your sins and you will be saved and the blood of Jesus

  • Saniya Hill
    Saniya Hill


  • u eat it ok
    u eat it ok


  • RandomMemer


  • Keyvontay McKinzie
    Keyvontay McKinzie

    I'm first to comment

  • Brandon Clark
    Brandon Clark

    Best shooter on the internet but NO NBA team will give him a tryout? You guys will "buy anything" nowadays

    • Gerstel

      @Noah Sylvester facts

    • Noah Sylvester
      Noah Sylvester

      If you’ve done any research you’d know that he has injuries and conditions that do not allow him to play high level ball, nonetheless , he played overseas for years and was a beast, hes way too old for nba right now 🤦‍♂️

    • Pressa604

      you do realize a lot of nba players train with him. difference between trainers and nba players