HIGHLIGHTS | MANCHESTER UNITED 1-6 SPURS | Ndombele, Son, Kane & Aurier score in emphatic win
Tottenham Hotspur
Highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 6-1 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford.
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نظر: 6 111

    KANE + SON once again 😎😎

    • 운영자

      @Zoo Lawrence 이 뭔 🐶소리야~~

    • Zoo Lawrence
      Zoo Lawrence

      Sonny is a great player, but He is not a player who deserves high praise. There are many players like this in Asia. There are many better players in China, Vietnam and especially Japan. The Korean government made a huge investment in Tottenham, so Sonny was able to play many games and seized the opportunity. BTS ranked first on the Billboard chart because the Korean government spent a lot of money. His real name is Son Heung-min. But he is called Sonny. Do you know why? This is because Japan has great influence in Britain and Germany. Most Europeans know Son Heung-min as a Japanese player. That is why he is called Sonny, not his real name. He also knew it, so he chose Japanese influence rather than his real name. He’s a great player, He is not a player who deserves high praise.

    • cola dod
      cola dod

      Son is Taiwan player

  • lifestyle

    Son Heung Min is world class player. He’s an important player at Tottenham. He won the Tottenham Player of the Year award. He was also selected in Ballon d'Or vote.

    • gdh

      @Don Draper 이건 또 뭔 개소리노ㅋㅋ

    • Dikoena Tsolo
      Dikoena Tsolo

      Who tf asked?

    • ملك الساحة
      ملك الساحة


    • 김충만

      "Son heung min is not a world class"-son's father

    • Don Draper
      Don Draper

      앞으로 국뽕에 취해 댓글달면 처벌해야

  • Fix Films Ltd
    Fix Films Ltd

    Will never get bored watching the goals in this brilliant game. So amazing to smash United!

  • primary

    Dang, Son has become such a ruthless player with his crazy bursting speeds.

  • Recipedia A to Z
    Recipedia A to Z

    Kane and Sonny Fantastic combination for this season. If they keep score like this, they will surely win the title this year.

    • Aravind

      This aged very poorly..😂😂😂

    • Michael Scott Paper Company
      Michael Scott Paper Company

      Surely lol


    KANE + SON + BALE (later) 😎😎😎

    • kim

      @벨라오리 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄴㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㄹㅇ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋ

    • Zoo Lawrence
      Zoo Lawrence

      Sonny is a great player, but He is not a player who deserves high praise. There are many players like this in Asia. There are many better players in China, Vietnam and especially Japan. The Korean government made a huge investment in Tottenham, so Sonny was able to play many games and seized the opportunity. BTS ranked first on the Billboard chart because the Korean government spent a lot of money. His real name is Son Heung-min. But he is called Sonny. Do you know why? This is because Japan has great influence in Britain and Germany. Most Europeans know Son Heung-min as a Japanese player. That is why he is called Sonny, not his real name. He also knew it, so he chose Japanese influence rather than his real name. He’s a great player, He is not a player who deserves high praise.

    • Kevin 0111
      Kevin 0111

      Bale already need to retired

    • 34 12
      34 12

      @The H koreans said "This guy is stupid"

  • Ab A
    Ab A

    24/9: Shkendija 1-3 Spurs 27/9: Spurs 1-1 Newcastle 29/9: Spurs 1-1 (5-4pen) Chelsea 1/10: Spurs 7-2 Haifa 4/10: Man U 1-6 Spurs Crazy how Mourinho & team could keep players fit throughout these matches and produce sublime performance.

    • 하늘

      Spurs 2:7 Munich

    • Rekkles

      We were robbed by Newcastle

    • Kristoff Campbell
      Kristoff Campbell

      5 matches in 11 days was really crazy.

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    What a fantastic DUO, Kane and Son.

  • ZeroFox75

    If Son and Kane keep up this form, and if Bale can return in decent form, best front three in the league

  • Juana isabel Arroyave
    Juana isabel Arroyave

    I loved Son Heung Min's celebration!👍👏😇😊

  • Greg Cracknell
    Greg Cracknell

    The Holberg pass for Auriers goal should become the definition of pinpoint. Outstanding.

    • Joon

      It only happened cuz all the defenders had their attention on Son.

    • Brenax Quiny
      Brenax Quiny

      @Gang TheBadass What goes around comes around remember the pogba dive

    • Sir Switch Crookington
      Sir Switch Crookington

      @cogamers84 Look like some prime 09 Tiki Taka

    • Gang TheBadass
      Gang TheBadass

      there was Outstanding acting too don't forget about that lol

  • SportsHD

    I swear you will never see anything like this ever again - Martin Tayler What a game

  • Bathseba Manono
    Bathseba Manono

    Congratulations Spurs. Am a fan of you from Kenya. Hope Bale will be in the pitch soon.Great job guys.

  • Michael Alando
    Michael Alando

    The season's still young. The utter joy of finishing at least 3rd last season after some had practically predicted relegation for us more than makes up for this minor disappointment against a very strong team. (We must not underestimate our opponents) LET'S GO GET 'EM MANU!!!

  • Phoebe - Chan
    Phoebe - Chan


  • Sanjiv Lamsal
    Sanjiv Lamsal

    Sonny and Harry. What a partnership.

    • Dimas Games
      Dimas Games

      Harry Maguire

    • Mino

      They always know where each other would be

  • Unknown _guy
    Unknown _guy

    Im not a spurs fan but can we just appreciate Højberg. Thé guys criminally underrated


      I'm a spurs fan and everyone is appreciating him

    • 이영진

      It's højbjerg🤭

    • L

      No one is not appreciating him.

  • Olakunle Dosunmu
    Olakunle Dosunmu

    Remember the game; remember the scoreline

  • Aaqil ahammed
    Aaqil ahammed

    I love son I wish I could see him 😭

  • Akhtaruzzaman Joy
    Akhtaruzzaman Joy

    A United fan but liked the video. We deserve this. We kicked out our last hope which was Jose for some pathetic players. We need a good manager.

  • ELP

    MU need more penalties

    • Aravind

      @Jay-R Tabar yes. yes they can

    • D.B.D Alex
      D.B.D Alex

      @Mitoo what mr 2 weeks leaugue winners

    • D.B.D Alex
      D.B.D Alex

      @A j

    • Mitoo

      What is happening to Tottenham right now? Somg not dancing anymore😊😂😂😂😂😂

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      @ZunfiX You're top,well-played!But remember the beating we gave you..Cavani is the difference..talk to me AFTER you play us at The Lane..Many teams will be top this season.

  • 한윤수

    Again and again I see... So good and proud of them.

  • TimMy K
    TimMy K

    Son Heung Kane. Both are not just two brilliant individual players. Both are an unstoppable Force.

  • HaHa Travel Vlog
    HaHa Travel Vlog

    I am so lucky to watch Son’s match in 2018 live....!!! I hope to see him again next time... 😭 🇮🇩❤️🇰🇷

  • Ali Castro
    Ali Castro

    Hahaha the Heung Min Son celebration to 2nd goal is gold 😂

  • Home Cooking Lifestyle
    Home Cooking Lifestyle

    Such a wonderful game, good job to the team and to Jose.

    • Patrick O'Brien
      Patrick O'Brien

      @King Lords it was a red

    • Den-Den Mushi
      Den-Den Mushi

      @King Lords lets go unitedd!!! 2nd division is waiting🤣🤣🤣

    • 코너Mcgregor

      Son go Real Madrid Please 🤩🤩

    • RAN IME
      RAN IME

      Hmm well

  • Wesley Junior
    Wesley Junior

    Kane e Son joga muito

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Son scored his 100th league goal here .

  • 유준모

    My life watching this game live is awesome.

  • Pung Purwanto
    Pung Purwanto


  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt

    Son is sooo clinical what a player Him and kane have such a good synergy

    • alfa Beta
      alfa Beta

      Incisore laser a fibra 20W: amzn.to/34vDQwZ Incisore laser a fibra 30W: amzn.to/3nkIWoe

    • Ab Jabbar Abdulah
      Ab Jabbar Abdulah

      Please God ... dont ever let PSG or Barca or Juve nor Madrid know about these pair!


      Best duo atm

    • Drew Fermanta
      Drew Fermanta

      Wait till Bale combines with them

    • YR Kim
      YR Kim

      @yup Glass clinical also he cures us coys

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee

    That game shook the world.

  • SivaKumar S
    SivaKumar S

    Always I can see the first goal by H.SON excellent player

  • Elliott Wong
    Elliott Wong

    I came here to congratulate all of you Spurs fans for your historic victory. From a Manchester United fan.

  • WahZyu

    this is truly an extraordinary skill. such an astonishing ability that I had never seen

  • Rund um den Sv Niederwerth
    Rund um den Sv Niederwerth

    1-0 Bruno Fernandes (2 min (PK)) 1-1 Tanguy Ndombele (4 min) 1-2 Son Heung-min (7 min) 1-3 Harry Kane (30 min) 1-4 Son Heung-min (37 min) 1-5 Serge Aurier (51 min) 1-6 Harry Kane (79 min (PK))

  • Arifatul Rizal
    Arifatul Rizal

    Son man of the match , Amazing & Fantastic👏

  • vibeyzx

    Spurs are absolutely crushing it this season(real Madrid fan)

  • Semo Show
    Semo Show

    Son the best player ever nowadays

  • Suyo Begna
    Suyo Begna

    Son’s movement is just mind blowing.. reminds Ronaldo during Man U days

    • Bhawna Arora
      Bhawna Arora

      Wheres the comment

    • Bhawna Arora
      Bhawna Arora

      @ivai nyamutsamba sonaldo Isn't cristiano its r9

    • Shuma Atiqunnassa
      Shuma Atiqunnassa

      @ivai nyamutsamba loool good nickname

    • chokri mzoughi
      chokri mzoughi

      I agreed

  • Luna x IQ
    Luna x IQ

    Even if your not a spurs fan you gotta love the teams chemistry

  • Viva Korea
    Viva Korea

    What a perfect team work! Sonny is not a soccer player but a billiard player.

  • Mark Frosty
    Mark Frosty

    Holy Shit!!!🤯🤯 Well Done Spurs!!! Support from Poland 🤙💪💪💪

  • Ritchie Rambeka
    Ritchie Rambeka

    Heart breaking moment to me as a Man U fan😔😔😰😰😭😢

  • Timmy Lawson-Tancred
    Timmy Lawson-Tancred

    Son and Kane at this point are unarguably the best attacking duo in the world right now on form. Getting dangerously overexcited about a title challenge now, especially with City and Liverpool slipping up.

    • Sweetify

      Hasanul Banna If you had told me this during his atlético or France times would’ve agreed, resorted to the past instead of current form though...

    • Sweetify

      Hasanul Banna Griezmann isn’t even worth Kane’s left ball

    • Sweetify

      Hasanul Banna 😂😂😂😂 have you seen his recent form?? Deluded

    • hb_gallary

      @Sweetify lmao,, griezman is more known and achieved more than whole spurs club,, forget about kane and son.. They aren't even worth his hairband

    • Sweetify

      Hasanul Banna lmfao those aren’t duos, and most there are worse duos, if you had said messi and Suarez before Suarez had left I would’ve given the point to you... Too bad the best duo la liga has got is messi and griezmann, and griezmann is shit 😂😂

  • Subscribe me for blessings
    Subscribe me for blessings

    Great job by Son and Kane chem

  • Victor Allen
    Victor Allen

    Heartbreaking performance, awful defending. More work needed in that defense line up 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • G722 Fútbol
    G722 Fútbol

    Back in 2017 when I said Son was going to be world class,some fools disagreed

  • xtrys

    Spurs in heart dearly since 2007 😍😍😍😳😳😳

  • Jeffrey Suharto
    Jeffrey Suharto

    The assist by son to kane is incredible. Such a chemistry...

    • Goodman Mandlenkosi
      Goodman Mandlenkosi

      They play very well

    • toomanytreasure.

      like a jesse and walter.

  • paddym27

    the power in that penalty from kane...

  • Matías Marin
    Matías Marin

    Bruno Fernández without penalties, free kicks and corners would have a global of 63 in FIFA

  • harun alfaini
    harun alfaini

    Spurs sudah bekerja dan berjuang dengan sungguh. Mereka juga sudah berlatih dengan keras. Adapun hasil yang tidak sesuai harapan itu karena lawan mereka teryata lebih hebat dari perkiraan. Semoga spurs bisa belajar dan terus berlatih supaya di kejuaraan selanjutnya bisa meraih hasil yang lebih baik👍

  • YH Tan
    YH Tan

    Remember the scenes...Remember the scoreline... #COYS

  • Dinobj Nweze
    Dinobj Nweze

    Son and Kane chem is fantastic

    • RiMiX

      Yoooo irglo.info/from/fZedqqaTf8_TeXE/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Arsenal london
      Arsenal london

      @Budi Hartoyo wtf

    • Dali Madjutov
      Dali Madjutov

      Куси биета хурди

    • RiMiX

      To Atlanta irglo.info/from/fZedqqaTf8_TeXE/fy-lm-h-y.html


    " Harry Kane, captain of the three lions and one very hot spur "

  • Stefan C
    Stefan C

    Just imagine how this could have ended if Bale were on the pitch 😁

  • boolangiu

    That “yeaaahh” at 1:27 by Harry Kane is killing me 😂

  • Yosaphat Hari S. W.
    Yosaphat Hari S. W.

    Son is amazing!

  • NosoyArkano

    Followed by Aston Villa smashing Liverpool and after West Ham shocked Leicester. What can I say? Hope this season continues to surprise.

    • 진영정

      Wh vs tot 3:3 legend season

    • _Rafael

      @Ethan Harvey omg

    • Ethan Harvey
      Ethan Harvey

      Liverpool told united that they will never walk alone

    • Gamaray

      I (an American who just got into football during the pandemic) and trying really hard to get my dad to watch football with me. Maybe this season is our best hope

    • _Rafael

      Villa is the liverpool's father

  • 05. Moch Ainur Rohim
    05. Moch Ainur Rohim

    Son on fire 🔥

  • cobalt

    Kane superb ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Arthur Li
    Arthur Li

    Am an Arsenal fan and this is the first time I am happy for a spurs win haha

  • J. K.
    J. K.

    Amazing matches in PL.. but fans couldn't be there :(

  • Rhdkq

    Everyone knows how good KaneSon was today. Ndombele, Aurier, and Hojbjerg were outstanding today.

    • 김윤겸

      So was Lamela! He was amazing today too! I beleive Lamela made 99percent of the first goal for spurs🔥🔥

  • the guy who want to be Garou
    the guy who want to be Garou

    Son really amazing talent from Asia ✋🌌

  • Tahel Clarke
    Tahel Clarke

    As an Arsenal fan I enjoyed this match 😂

  • Trip4man

    Aowwww what a win! Me likes!!! Such potential that this team has... Once they step on the gas pedal, they can hit like a truck (or a bus?! Idk!). Awesome win! Congratulations

  • Yobias

    That ball from Højbjerg was really nice.

  • Viktoj

    Yes Son is just incredible, his pace, his passes, his shooting! The worlds most underrated player!


      @NEXUS tp

  • Olatunde Oparemi
    Olatunde Oparemi

    Can't stop watching🤗

  • Gaming Zone
    Gaming Zone

    Football is love ❤️ Tottenham Hotspur dark horses 🤝

  • d_pro editz
    d_pro editz

    Who's here after utd beat spurs 3-1 ? This randomly popped up In my recommendation

    • FW_Aness 🐐🐐
      FW_Aness 🐐🐐


  • MichaelWorldOne

    Only 22 seconds in the video and I have one big question... Why on Earth was Maguire holding back Shaw when Shaw was attempting to get to the ball and clear it? Maguire took down his own teammate for Ndombele to pounce and score. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Pengclub

    Seriously, Sonny is on fire. That pass to Kane !

    • sj shin
      sj shin

      @Pengclub 걍 이상한 애들 신경쓰지 마삼, 나도 영어로 댓글 달고 한국 사람들 영어채널이니까 영어로 댓글 많이 다는데 걍 영어 못하니까 아니꼬와서 그러는듯

    • Pengclub

      @박동연 한국말로 하면 한국사람만 알아듣는데 영어 할 줄 알면 영어로 된 영상에 영어로 댓글다는게 뭐 잘못됐음? 영어 못하면 몰라도 ㅋ

    • Dire Wolf
      Dire Wolf

      It was a outrageous pass...

    • 夜に駆ける

      손흥민과 동시대에 그의플레이를 볼수있다는게 행운이고...대한민국 국적이라는게 너무 자랑스럽다!!

  • Sony Man
    Sony Man

    Interviewer: What do u think about the loss Ole? Ole : It was a close game,Lost only by 5 goals.Boys are improving and this is the way forward.

    • JanO

      „The boys had fun on the pitch, that’s the most important thing“

    • Juliet the author
      Juliet the author

      Haha, funny

  • Muhammad Afif Harist
    Muhammad Afif Harist

    Line Up Manchester United D. de Gea 1 (GK) A. Wan-Bissaka 29 E. Bailly 3 H. Maguire 5 L. Shaw 23 N. Matic 31 P. Pogba 6 M. Greenwood 11 Bruno Fernandes 18 M. Rashford 10 A. Martial 9 Tottenham H. Lloris 1 (GK) S. Aurier 24 D. Sanchez 6 E. Dier 15 Reguilon 3 M. Sissoko 17 P. Hojbjerg 5 T. NDombele 28 E. Lamela 11 H. Kane 10 H. Son 7

  • Noam Malka
    Noam Malka

    Tottenham at this season were 🔥

  • Angelina Cruz
    Angelina Cruz

    The ball literally went through their legs.


    Credit to aurier. We always give him a hard time when he makes mistakes but today he was sooo clinical and worked hard and played very well, so thank you aurier we appreciate it 👍

    • Арслан Кумаев
      Арслан Кумаев

      GREATEAST17 I think it’s because there is a competition between him and Doherty. It forces Aurier to play better

    • Sydney Ashiona
      Sydney Ashiona

      He's always good with those kind of shots... Well done

  • الهاشمي سالمين
    الهاشمي سالمين

    A happiness appeared on the player's face that we have not experienced in years, especially under the leadership of French coach Zinedine Zidane, who completely excluded Gareth from his calculations. Bale gave an interview to Tottenham Channel, in which he said: “It is great to come back to Tottenham. With tournaments

  • Akshay Khot
    Akshay Khot

    United fan here... really enjoyed the thrashing (Jose fan too)...This is what you get when back Mou fully..!! Really want him to achieve a trophy or two with Spurs so that utd can know what they missed!😭

  • Mario

    The Defense from United is fantastic ! For everyone else except United 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Teressa Mcilroy
    Teressa Mcilroy

    Lamela is a champion 💪

  • Sir Switch Crookington
    Sir Switch Crookington

    That first Son goal was one of the best finishes I've seen in years.

  • Anthony Jonathan
    Anthony Jonathan

    lord maguire never failed to amaze me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 우정패딩's

    Son heung min 최고다!!🤗 기분좋은소식 전해줘서 고마워요😍

  • Uchizi Mhone
    Uchizi Mhone

    If spurs can do this imagine what Bayern could do

  • 결이랑미랑

    손흥민 팬으로써 정말 자랑스럽습니다 헤리케인과 티키타카 다음경기때도 기대합니다 토트넘 화이팅

  • Ibrahim Permana
    Ibrahim Permana

    Heung-Min Son🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 박준수

    What a wodnerful player son!! Sonmessi

  • Sky Night
    Sky Night

    Amazing Kane.

  • Njoroge Samson
    Njoroge Samson

    Lamela changed the game.first goal and the red card.

  • Fatona Oladimeji
    Fatona Oladimeji

    Son's second goal was a double nutmeg

  • Andy F
    Andy F

    I hope Spurs win something this season. The Son and Kane partnership is formidable. Both are lethal.

    • Bagus Putra
      Bagus Putra

      Never haha, End with nothing 🤷🏻‍♂️ All season lol

    • Andy F
      Andy F

      @Ron Wright The attacking Trio will be hard to defend against. Fire Power all the way.

    • Andy F
      Andy F

      @Andy F 😁

    • Ron Wright
      Ron Wright


    • Andy F
      Andy F

      This is odd

  • Victor Miller
    Victor Miller

    Wow, good times. What a slippery slope.

    • Aurochs Beats
      Aurochs Beats

      These players play like they've aged a 1000 years since then.

  • Mandla Majola
    Mandla Majola

    Kane and son are football soul mates

  • Joga B Neymar
    Joga B Neymar

    Holberg and Reguilon class players!

  • kki kka
    kki kka

    I LOVE SONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • christensenDo


  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva