Freshman Eli ELLIS Teams Up w/ Gelo Ball at The Drew League!! Gelo Drops 27 Points 12 Asts & 5 Rebs!
Gelo Ball with the slight work at Drew League. Freshman phenom, Eli Ellis, joined Gelo on the BBB squad.
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نظر: 430
  • Dashing Dreww
    Dashing Dreww

    One summer Drew league game can we please get all three ball brothers playing together


      Yeah!! I'd pay to watch that !! ,

    • LeTimothy Kelly
      LeTimothy Kelly

      @HoodieSolo 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️sad for you if you don’t understand exaggeration

    • HoodieSolo

      @LeTimothy Kelly 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️there’s always been 3 don’t play stupid

    • LeTimothy Kelly
      LeTimothy Kelly

      @Jimmy 2 Times yea idk what this dude is talking bout there isn’t a end to them

    • Jimmy 2 Times
      Jimmy 2 Times

      There's 3? I was starting to think there was unlimited

  • justin perrin
    justin perrin

    You can hear Lavar like it’s Chino Hills😂

    • Cpt Kegron
      Cpt Kegron

      Playing defense like chino hills too

    • Kevin Bryant
      Kevin Bryant

      “ Yea Gelo “ lol

  • Tee Bo
    Tee Bo

    Love lavar lol . He’s the goat . Just like HS days you Can still hear him

    • Adam Sheriff
      Adam Sheriff

      “The loudest one is the weakest one in the room.” Lavar: 🤨TELL THAT TO MY SONS IN THE NBA!

  • J Smith
    J Smith

    Lavar yelling is hilarious. You really dont see/hear a coach yelling at the proAMS lol

    • CM

      @Brandon Mann Good coaching. They lost by damn near 30 and haven't won a game all summer.

    • Brandon Mann
      Brandon Mann

      It’s good coaching .. I know he wants him signed so bad

    • Dmo K
      Dmo K

      Shid you do at the Drew damn near every coach is like that lol

    • TJ Leaf
      TJ Leaf

      Tbf the stands are kinda dead so that’s why. Compare it to when Bron came thru lol

  • freshley faded
    freshley faded

    lava called Gelo name so many times in this clip alone😂😂😂

    • screamo14

      Gelo this, gelo that 😂

    • Ebonix33

      Cuz he be lazy on defense

  • Michael Delarosa
    Michael Delarosa

    Gelo can shoot, but needs to work on his defense and handle

    • Henry Ludvor
      Henry Ludvor

      @Nathan Osbourne Why are you comparing rotten apples to rotten oranges? You ain't proving nothing...

    • Enjoy Life
      Enjoy Life

      @NOT YOUR AVERAGE 10k showing player shooting procents is hating now??LMAO


      @Enjoy Life stop it buddy the hate on Gelo name now is played out now Just let it go

    • Enjoy Life
      Enjoy Life

      he really can shoot?his procent from three allways summer league,in g league,even in lavar's jba league he sucked from three


      @Nathan Osbourne this is insulting.

  • B is Different
    B is Different

    Imagine all the ball brothers on one team 😳💯

    • EXCELS for 1x
      EXCELS for 1x

      if fell ever goes to the nba and that happens i feel bad for the entire nba they gon be sick

    • Rob R
      Rob R

      One drew league team

    • FireSauce614

      Like an NBA team? They'd probably suck!

    • K

      @Bag Dad Zo still not 100% I think

    • Burks Regime
      Burks Regime

      It would boost his confidence

  • West Baltimore
    West Baltimore

    Damn, did Trae Young take all of the fans with him when he left? 🤣🤣🤣

    • MalRulesAll


  • Official Dello
    Official Dello

    we need all 3 brothers in a drew league game that would be litttt

  • Reynaldo Campos
    Reynaldo Campos

    Safe to say his chances of making the league are done dude moving in slow motion out there

  • Nephyr

    That boy built like a football player

    • Queen V
      Queen V

      He played football

  • The Dude
    The Dude


    • dexteze

      @Javier Zavala bro no u wouldn’t lmaooo where did u even play? Gelo is nowhere near melo or zo but he’s not ass..We gotta stop saying that just cause of the gap between him and his brothers..

    • Javier Zavala
      Javier Zavala

      @dexteze why do you think everyone was passing the ball all the Damm time I would score 60 plus points as well if I get the ball all the time POINTLESS ARGUMENT

    • dexteze

      @Javier Zavala no no no saying gelo sucks is not fair lol and he scored a lot in this game

    • Javier Zavala
      Javier Zavala

      Pass the ball to him for what ? He sucks

    • dexteze


  • MKxISubZeroIx

    My dawg Lavar going crazy on the sideline. I love it lmao.

  • KingOfAll

    0:55 so we just not gonna talk about this 😭

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      You can literally hear him slip on the close out not trying to Stan lmao

    • Mike J
      Mike J

      Str8 up..Number 4 goin home wit a nice pair of ankles to add to the collection. Gelo still balled out tho

  • Demetrius Odom
    Demetrius Odom

    Lavar is gonna be heard for his sons and I respect that

  • ThinkitsaGame-_-

    Pass the ball to gelo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥

  • Willie Bee man
    Willie Bee man

    Good to see him playing

  • mcandelario8

    Man was backing down a guard on the 3 pt line smh that possession says enough

    • The Kush Blowing Blower
      The Kush Blowing Blower

      He's been playing the same since high school 😂 that's Lavar fault

  • Joseph Gigliotti
    Joseph Gigliotti

    No one else saw him get crossed so hard😂😂

    • In Texas
      In Texas

      @Henry Ludvor they can. They’re called the lakers, pistons, okc and hornets.

    • Henry Ludvor
      Henry Ludvor

      Crossed by a Drew league level player. Put him in the NBA and this will become a daily occurrence. Why can't people realize he can't defend?

    • Jimmy 2 Times
      Jimmy 2 Times

      Literally half the people in the comments talking about it acting like no one's talking about it

    • 585

      Just because somebody slips doesn’t mean it’s a cross every time

  • SavoSantana

    So, we all just gon act like we ain’t see folks get broke off in the first minute 🤣😭😭

  • Frenchy Whoo The Podcast
    Frenchy Whoo The Podcast

    Gelo got a few things to work on but jit has some potential

    • Narcosecs

      @rah mclendon he a sg he don’t need to dribble

    • Nathan Osbourne
      Nathan Osbourne

      Who's a better ball player Gelo or Bronny? And why.

    • Jimmy 2 Times
      Jimmy 2 Times

      Florida man has entered the chat 🙌

    • SauceBoss33

      @rah mclendon *wrap*

    • rah mclendon
      rah mclendon

      Nah it’s a rap and he only getting older. He can’t even dribble at this age? Nah it’s rap

  • hendrix.

    From Bron to Gelo….damn that’s rough lmaooo

  • Ageeshan.k

    0:55 clean move 😮

    • TimDunkin

      @McMerry 😂sthu bruh

    • McMerry

      Dirty unmove

    • TimDunkin

      That was a simple rip through. Gelo just Over committed on the close out.

  • Quantae Teague
    Quantae Teague

    1:00 he made gelo "slide to left" 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️ good game for gelo doe

  • David Valles
    David Valles

    Lavar screaming at the top of his lungs “pass the ball to gelo” lmfao

  • Li quiD
    Li quiD

    Will he ever play in NBA?? seems like there's something missing about Gelo still. Maybe athleticism.

  • Chris Orozco
    Chris Orozco

    Love hearing lavar in the crowd since chino hill days amazing father

  • GZ_Hoops

    This is dope for Eli 100%, but if team BBB can't fill a roster each week with other pro-level guys, why aren't they reaching out to former JBA guys who are also actively playing ? Gelo out there with Zos manager and security guard, then HS kids lol

    • Narcosecs

      Crazy thing is when zo manager came on he made a bigger impact then the rest of the team. Shows u how bad Gelos roster is🤣

    • David Lee
      David Lee

      lol I don't think JBA guys would do it.... didn't lavar 86 the league halfway?

  • Minty

    As always, lavar is the loudest in the room😂

  • Body Fit
    Body Fit

    Trae young was also going crazy in drew league

  • Rai Files
    Rai Files

    Imagine the warriors picking him up lol

  • Antcanthoop

    Bru , lavar coaching in background got me dead asf . 😂

    • Capz

      ong yo lmaooo

  • AMJ J
    AMJ J

    Im pretty sure he scored 25 plus any free throws( he missed the 4 i saw so idk if he made any fts)

  • Keith

    #55 is pretty solid!

  • Rob's Relics
    Rob's Relics

    I still don't see him being good enough for the Big League! His Defense is suspect, he can't jump, and his field goal percentage is often low.

  • Kingdom & Dynasty ( Sabree Henry)
    Kingdom & Dynasty ( Sabree Henry)

    I can't watch this without dying! 🙃🙃🥴🥴😖 I thought I was the only one who could hear Lavar!,LMBO

  • lnh

    Ellis went off, off the bench

  • daija j
    daija j

    #10 with the travel of the century 💼

  • Mopsic Worldwide
    Mopsic Worldwide

    Yall gonna act like yall ain't see him hit the floor at a pro am game? 🚫

    • Christian Huertas
      Christian Huertas

      John collins got dunked in one of the super recent pro am games. You also seen trae young get stripped and swatted.

  • David Valles
    David Valles

    Lmao y’all glossed over the clip where that dude had gelo leanin

  • KyWithTheDrip

    Lavar the best supporter out there man, I hope see liangelo ball go to the nba man🙏🏾✊🏾💯🔥😎😁.

  • J SneakersTV
    J SneakersTV

    Gelo for Drew MVP lmao


    Gelo needs to work on that ball handling and footwork all he needs

  • J vlog
    J vlog

    Boy gelo team looks so sorry 😂

    • B1 Slee 2
      B1 Slee 2

      Good. lol makes him look better then

  • Larry Stovall
    Larry Stovall

    Bro they had Lonzo Boy/Agent DMO playing that’s funny dawg😂

    • Gtz Runnaz
      Gtz Runnaz

      DMO looking like a better prospect than Gelo. No Cap.

    • Brandon Yi
      Brandon Yi

      and his security🤣big chunky white dude

  • JumpMan 26
    JumpMan 26

    Honestly… Gelo still don’t look ready

  • TheEssence

    gelo jumper is so smooth

  • Rich 2x
    Rich 2x

    Yessir keep da grind

  • irepJamGoonz

    Gelo should model his game after Deron Williams and Baron Davis. He should move to point, focusing on being a floor general

    • amir p
      amir p

      @Jimmy 2 Times small foward

    • Jimmy 2 Times
      Jimmy 2 Times

      @Richard Stewart SMF?

    • Jimmy 2 Times
      Jimmy 2 Times

      Why when's hes clearly a forward

    • FireSauce614

      He could try, but those two dudes were actually ballers. Gelo is a wannabe

    • Richard Stewart
      Richard Stewart

      Terrible idea. Just because he had a good assists game in the Drew League doesn’t mean he’s a playmaker. He has no moves and isn’t that good of a playmaker. This game is an outlier. He’s a SMF/SG fasho

  • YoDaekz

    So a 15 year old playing thisss that’s crazy congrats to eli

  • Chazz Wolf
    Chazz Wolf

    Bro.. can someone PLEASE explain to me why gelo isn’t on a bench for ONE nba team? I agree he needs some work defensively But theres players in the nba that suck defensively or suck offensively in the nba as well.. and gelo is better than ALOT or SOME of players offensively.. especially shooting.. Just my take…

    • lefty

      @Kamaal Abstract and there are tons of bench players in the nba who are worse than gelo right or right

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      @lefty & there are tons of players way better than Gelo in the g league... what's your point?

    • FireSauce614

      @lefty okay, yeah.. maybe some bums that played in the 50s 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♂️

    • lefty

      @FireSauce614 he definitely is 😭

  • kelly hindle
    kelly hindle

    It’s crazy he ain’t been picked up but players like chet are going number 2 overall

    • FireSauce614

      Are you referencing his sick scoop and dunk at 1:10 ? Oh wait, he almost fell on his face 🤣


      Chet is a dawg and if u actually watched him u would know dat but i gotta agree wit u my boi Gelo should’ve already been in the league but that stuff in China is the reason why the nba not tellin him get in the nba

  • Daniel Powerlifts
    Daniel Powerlifts

    Is it going to be his defense that keeps him from the league?


      @Nathan Osbourne brother, liangelo is a legit g league player. are you suggesting that bronny is g league calibre righr now?

    • FloydWhoElseTV

      @Nathan Osbourne lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • kkdssodjwjdjd

      @Nathan Osbourne im saying i thibk gelo is better now but thats cause hes older. Bronny has a much higher ceiling tho.

    • Nathan Osbourne
      Nathan Osbourne

      @kkdssodjwjdjd If you're implying Gelo is I'm afraid that's just not the answer even at this current juncture.. The very comment I've left my question under aren't any of Bron jr's weaknesses. But more likely than not Gelo's supporters don't view Bronny favorable so this is an interesting mini case study I'm conducting.

  • The _Goat11
    The _Goat11

    My boy got a new hairstyle unlocked everyday

    • FireSauce614

      That's his path to the league

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones

    Lol bro don't look like he making NBA. He looked stiff and outta shape specially just coming off summer league. He can shoot but that's it. As a guard he doesn't dribble good or create space or blowing by anyone. His vision is decent he kicks ahead or will swing to the right play. And he's not athletic like 2 other brothers. Sorry I don't see it 😬🙁

    • Bobby Jones
      Bobby Jones

      @Jimmy 2 Times bro he's Grown. He's not growing anymore. So his best bet is to develop guard skills. Guys his size who play forward are like Pj Tucker but he has to do all the dirty things and guard at an very high level. I haven't really seen that from him 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Jimmy 2 Times
      Jimmy 2 Times

      @Bobby Jones that's my point... he's a natural forward and people are all saying he's 💩 because he doesn't Play like a guard like his brothers. I think he has potential at SF or even PF if he ends up growing a few inches. Develop him as a forward.

    • Bobby Jones
      Bobby Jones

      @Jimmy 2 Times bro he's 6'5 what are you talking about. He has forward skills instead of guard skills

    • Henry Ludvor
      Henry Ludvor

      He doesn't belong in the G League either when you realize how bad he is.

    • Jimmy 2 Times
      Jimmy 2 Times

      Cuz like everybody else you're trying to put him at guard when he has a forward build.

  • 3DPrintingPro

    Wait, Eli Ellis, a 9th grader, is on Gelo's team?!?!

  • Ronel Venus
    Ronel Venus

    Hello idol's.. im the one of ur fans here in philippines.. i pray that i got a basketball ball in my birthday this augost from you guy's🤗🤗🤗❤❤👍❤❤

  • Chantal Lester
    Chantal Lester

    He is a bit stiff and he looks bigger he also don't seem like he really wanted to play i think he's losing confidence in himself he didn't play horrible tho so thats good i just think that he needs to play defense more maybe if lavar isn't yelling at him the whole game it'll help him focus more and play better

    • Jimmy 2 Times
      Jimmy 2 Times

      You almost have to wonder if his heart is in it... when your whole family is NBA I'm sure there's some pressure

  • DCG Global
    DCG Global

    Gelo is a very good basketball player. But he just isn’t an NBA talent basketball player. He doesn’t move with the grace or finesse that NBA minds are looking for. That is why he should opt to make a career overseas, collect some decent checks and enjoy the game while he is still is entering his prime.

    • Henry Ludvor
      Henry Ludvor

      I doubt many leagues overseas want him either. His performance in Lithuania was forgettable - you see more people recollecting it than talking about it.

  • JIO

    My boi dmo out here hooping frl

  • Mona Hainz
    Mona Hainz

    All Ball Brothers plus Eli and Big O

  • Jordan

    Kyrie should be in the drew league


    Gelo ball handling tho

  • beyonder

    You can see Gelo's game lacks a little polish. Still think he deserves a bench spot on an NBA team. Three Ball Bros on a Drew League team one year would be Must See TV.

    • Henry Ludvor
      Henry Ludvor

      If you want to see all ball bros together go watch reruns of Ball in the Family. The rest of us want to focus on basketball here.

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      doesn't "deserve" shit

  • Tyrese Joseph
    Tyrese Joseph

    nah lavar on the sideline got me dead

  • Douglasthings

    East Coast Ballislife vs Drew League??? Can you make it happen BIL @.@

  • Rahsaan Shepherd
    Rahsaan Shepherd

    Mannnn who the hell is on Gelo’s team besides Dmo? 😂😂😂 he got a bunch of people from they Chino Hill’s neighborhood lmao

  • John Cabbot
    John Cabbot

    What are they doing to him? He looks so big and sluggish. On top of that his shot looks so flat. I think he changed his form. Get this man to do more cardio and lose some of that muscle.

    • GMFW

      He does look tired towards the end

  • Tay Official
    Tay Official

    Damn that one son never make it bruh smh how is he not in the league 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Henry Ludvor
      Henry Ludvor

      Because he's bad. It's really that simple.

  • Doodie The Young Mamba
    Doodie The Young Mamba

    All I hear is lavar in the background 🤣

  • Kyriah Mahammand
    Kyriah Mahammand

    I feel gelo don't run enough in his workout

  • Kevin Brezinski
    Kevin Brezinski

    Anddddd here come the "man he's good enough for the nba!!" takes 😂. This man wouldn't even be g league if Charlotte wasn't Tryna keep his star brother happy. He's a slow unathletic (by nba standards) guard/ undersized sf. With nothing that really stands out but his name

    • Son Afro
      Son Afro

      @Henry Ludvor L. How can everything I said be false, when his career stats at Chino Hills are online? How is what I said false when we can literally see in the video Gelo using his size to do more work in the paint? You act like this man got great minutes in the G League or Summer League. He didn't. And it's because of the new talent that just came to Charlotte not because of his skill set. Facts. Wtf are you talking about?

    • Henry Ludvor
      Henry Ludvor

      @Son Afro Have you watched a G League or Summer League game? Nothing of what you said is even remotely true. Quite the opposite in fact. Stop spreading misinformation.

    • Jimmy 2 Times
      Jimmy 2 Times

      @Son Afro I don't even like him at guard. Train him for the 3. Barkley was 6'5 but then again he was super human athletic. Although he could never really shoot

    • Kevin Brezinski
      Kevin Brezinski

      @Son Afro he's a slowwwwwwwww guard or a 6'5 small forward w little to no D, can't drive really and a streaky 3pt shooter. He's better than 99% of the population, but he's nowhere near nba level

    • Son Afro
      Son Afro

      L. This man got size. Can score anywhere on the court. Can shoot the Ball. Opens up opportunities for mismatch because of his size. Gelo 6' 5". If he gets faster, and hustles on defense, he would be a very great ball player. Look how he easily bullies almost everyone. Better ball handling, quicker feet, better defense, and he can start for damn near any NBA team at PG right now.

  • K- No
    K- No

    This is the weakest teams in Drew League ever

  • Tlaweng Mophosho
    Tlaweng Mophosho

    Shortage of point guards can help gelo.

  • aynjul

    there’s no way that’s eli ellis?

  • The _Goat11
    The _Goat11

    Is that Dmo?🤣🤣


    Even though he had 27 this game made him look like trash. Playing slow and lazy

    • Henry Ludvor
      Henry Ludvor

      I never understand why 27 points is such a headliner. There's practically no organized defense in this league and a good 60-70% of shots are made on the fast break.

  • Alt 🧢
    Alt 🧢

    wasn’t the dude in white #10 in high school I remember him playing against mikey

  • MrRamirez ToYou
    MrRamirez ToYou

    Lavar not doing the team any favors running that weak ass defense with that personnel.

  • Free oh oh
    Free oh oh

    Is it 8 rebounds or 5