Tottenham Hotspur
We've been saving this one for a while... 😅
It's footgolf time! Heung Min Son, Dele Alli, Hugo Lloris and Lucas Moura battle it out for the prestigious blue jacket at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.
Who will come out on top? 🏌️⚽
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  • aSadRazi

    Sonny is the type of friend we all want.

    • universe cosomo
      universe cosomo

      I do really think so

    • SAM  streams
      SAM streams


    • xD_raZer02

      Sonny is the type of guy who plays football

    • Mosala Matshediso(ĶÎŇĞ M)$
      Mosala Matshediso(ĶÎŇĞ M)$

      He like cheers everyone up

    • Angus Mcleod
      Angus Mcleod

      He’s a Fanny

  • Charlie da golfer
    Charlie da golfer

    How many times Son said ‘Unbelievable’ is unbelievable

    • Awesome_Tottenham


    • EXOBaekhyunisking

      It's a Korean thing lol When they come to the West the word they use is always unbelievable. EXO and Bts do the same lol

    • clinically retarded
      clinically retarded

      It's not like hes gonna say some shit like "ooh quite exquisite that is innit"

    • Zymz Pes77
      Zymz Pes77

      It's unbelievable believable

    • Element

      This is amazing!

  • Jenil Chauhan
    Jenil Chauhan

    "Nothing is Impossible" - Son Heung Min

    • Asma Helon
      Asma Helon

      Spurs winning a trophy is impossible

    • Noinstein

      Ballon d’Or

    • Wanker Shim
      Wanker Shim

      Nada es imposible weon, ni una wea

    • Budgie Universe
      Budgie Universe

      Winning a trophy and being hotspur Is impossible tho

    • suyong lee
      suyong lee

      @Viet Vu "JUST DO IT"

  • Ishaan Jain
    Ishaan Jain

    Now I understand why Gareth Bale wanted a return to tottenham hotspur.

    • Aarvplayz


    • Brad Attax
      Brad Attax

      Me Ton😂😂😂

    • Bernhard Sonn
      Bernhard Sonn


    • Yassin Ezzat
      Yassin Ezzat


    • A

      lol ahah

  • Say My name
    Say My name

    Lloris is like a father taking his kids to the park then decided to play with them



    • Deborah Agbo
      Deborah Agbo

      No wayyy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Meaner

    I'm an Arsenal fan but I have to admit, Tottenham's youtube game is really a notch higher than most other clubs out there. Having Sonny helps for sure...

    • Paul Walton
      Paul Walton

      If I had a pound for every time I read a comment starting with I'm an arsenal fan but I would have enough to buy arsenal football club and knock it down to build a car park which would be much more entertaining to watch.

    • MikJR1010

      Yeah even Tiktok were the most followd Prem Tiktok account

    • Isaac Ingle
      Isaac Ingle


    • Frosty

      @Fidget experience I agree

  • kimkimi

    I’m surprised that Sonny’s english has more French/German accent than south korean accent, then I remember he had played in Germany for some time, maybe that’s why

    • EXOBaekhyunisking

      @LotusSight It's MOSTLY Korean accent with German twist which is what I said BYE child

    • LotusSight

      @EXOBaekhyunisking He definitely has a German twang to it. I'm pretty sure most of his early English was German based (like German accented english) and that is why. He has a mix of Korean and German accent to English.

    • EXOBaekhyunisking

      No it is Korean. My Korean husband sounds the same speaking English and EXO when they come to the West or speak English on Vlives or Instagram Lives it's the same accent

    • EXOBaekhyunisking

      @light case No it is Korean. My Korean husband sounds the same speaking English and EXO when they come to the West or speak English on Vlives or Instagram Lives it's the same accent

    • EXOBaekhyunisking

      @Albright No Sonny is his nickname since his first name is Heung-Min and not many can pronounce Korean names correctly

  • Theo Mandre
    Theo Mandre

    Lloris: No! No! No! Dele: Sonny youre so lucky Son: OOOnBeLiEvEbLe!

    • Ryan Salcedas
      Ryan Salcedas

      Son is amazing

    • Ömer Can
      Ömer Can

      Hhhhhhh sooooo funy son

    • Kuba 1
      Kuba 1

      Lucas: *cheating*

  • Jonathan Herbert
    Jonathan Herbert

    Not gonna lie Son is proving to be an awesome guy, so chilled and friendly

    • Makkar

      And childish.

  • Living Stone
    Living Stone

    I'm not a Spurs fan but Son is a legend.

  • Babade Fasinro
    Babade Fasinro

    Son does something good Dele: ur so lucky Dele does something good Son: That was amazing

    • 427Pancakes

      12:10 when Son mocks him lol

    • my melody♡︎
      my melody♡︎

      @lololol are u even Korean 😂

    • EXOBaekhyunisking

      @lololol First Dele isn't in Tot anymore u obv don't know what ur talking about and second Koreans literally fly to the UK to see him period So stay quiet

    • lololol

      @EXOBaekhyunisking no wayyyy... no freakin way sonny is the most handsome guy in tottenham. If ure really a South Korean u know that its just not true. Dele is cute Gazzaniga was handsome Sonny would be 훈남. But def not 잘생김

    • FGT

      @Vaeder it might be cause u never been a nice friend ever

  • Abhirup Sarker
    Abhirup Sarker

    Lucas: ay ay ay ayiiiiii Lloris: Football is unfair Dele: You're so lucky Sonny: Unbelievable

    • calledtim



    How can someone not love son? He's such an amazing guy

    • Isaac Ingle
      Isaac Ingle

      ik right coys

    • 37_Sibashis Som_XI_SC3
      37_Sibashis Som_XI_SC3

      *Fathers who've gone to get milk have entered the chat*

  • StoneAgeStark

    Wasn't expecting to watch near 20 minutes of this but the production value and Sonny make it worth it

  • DbrowNick

    I'm a Liverpool fan but this was very entertaining to watch, and what an absolutely gorgeous stadium. Amazing piece of architecture and engineering there. Would love to watch a Liverpool vs Spurs match here.

    • Juan Kim - Mini Boss
      Juan Kim - Mini Boss

      and we did

  • Liz VonFliz
    Liz VonFliz

    Son: Dele this is amazing. Amazingly BADLY I love this guy

    • Naulisgood

      6:21 *Sonavigator is here*

    • Shean Nathanael
      Shean Nathanael


    • B F
      B F

      Lmfao 😂

    • Will Lillico
      Will Lillico

      Funny 😂

  • Ryan Hard
    Ryan Hard

    Son: Kicks a ball down an empty corridor Commentator: Well thats why he's a pro!

    • Mohamed Ayaan
      Mohamed Ayaan

      @Ömer Can AMA etching happened in Goal of the year Mo Salah: Curls the Ball vs Everton Ronaldo: Scores overhead vs Juventus *Mo Salah has won Goal of the Season*

    • Ömer Can
      Ömer Can

      Hhh cuz he bend it lmao a lil

    • Dan Edwards
      Dan Edwards


  • Beth Ellis
    Beth Ellis

    Sonny once again proving why he's the best! 🔥

  • Adam Lorentz
    Adam Lorentz

    As a Chelsea fan this video was amazing... my love for Son and Alli just went up a ton

    • Carefree


  • Anita

    I don't know how many times I have watched this bur is unbelievably funny hahah love Sonny's laugh ♥️

  • Mo Locko
    Mo Locko

    This video is really smart, it showcased the full interior of the stadium while keeping it fun and light hearted.

  • Mind. Art. Creativity.
    Mind. Art. Creativity.

    I didn‘t expect this to be so dramatic and entertaining😂 Well done!

  • aajb53

    As a united fan, can I say a massive respect for what tottenham are doing regarding thier media. Everything they post online and the behind the scenes doc is great. Every single teams will be doing it the start of next season. Fantastic to watch and really enjoyable

  • BigEARL

    This was such a smart way to showcase their personalities and the stadium

  • Ipek D
    Ipek D

    I love this team, not only are they good players, they're also pretty entertaining!

  • T I Z Z I E
    T I Z Z I E

    Son: kicks the ball Son again : UNBELIEVABLE


    I think TOT knows how to work with this media. Makes me to feel traveling with lovely players and also this is really fun. It's bloody enjoyable. :)

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf

    Well done Sonny! I was personally going for Hugo but....Great game nonthelesss

  • Yigit Cengil
    Yigit Cengil

    Son and Lucas: Nothing is impossible if you believe Dele: Nope.

    • 정애파

      Yigit Cengil it's me thank you

    • John Khai
      John Khai

      Yigit Cengil Son is the gost

    • Asdf .10
      Asdf .10

      sonny is like SIKE

  • John

    What a good concept for this video. I wish other clubs did this too. Would love to have seen Messi play this!

  • Helga Gomes
    Helga Gomes

    I live for Sonny's laugh 😭😭

  • Sun

    Right on Son Even now fun to watch Fun and Sweet


    One of the best players spurs have ever had. Great attitude Great finisher COYS

  • 꼬꼬곡

    Gareth Bale : You guys play golf? I'm going back to Tottenham.

    • 가위가위맨

      @KRISSZZZ Wild Rift ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ = 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • 달려라거북이

      와...1년전이라서 성지글인지 몰랐네 개쩐다... 늦었지만 취업하게해주십쇼...

    • Bernhard Sonn
      Bernhard Sonn


    • Fijindian Toothpick
      Fijindian Toothpick

      This aged well

    • Silvana Qellu
      Silvana Qellu


  • Dudu

    Son is so humorous 😂 I can’t stop watching it

  • El JJJ
    El JJJ

    Whenever I’ve needed a little boost to my day or a little pick me up I’ve watched this! Please do another, or something similar! 🔥❤️

  • Alfie Hall
    Alfie Hall

    2:11 “stop watching me I’m tryna cheat” I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Krina Bati
    Krina Bati

    "Dele this good one" "Thank you sonny" So fucking wholesome 😫❤

  • Ibrahim Abdullahi-Idiagbon
    Ibrahim Abdullahi-Idiagbon

    Son: exists Dele: you are so lucky

  • Pat Glennon
    Pat Glennon

    How did I miss this at the time? this is gold... pure gold!

  • soujun park
    soujun park

    We need a season 2 with pro-golfer Bale.

  • C Sung
    C Sung

    Every time you hear that nice light music, you know Sonny's being lucky again 12:39 Sonny going from "Hi" to "Nononononono"

  • CCI Exiled
    CCI Exiled

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Sonny: That’s Unbelievable! :o

    • EXOBaekhyunisking

      @Kyle Lee No Korean and a bit of German Every Korean including my husband and EXO and BTS members sound the same when they speak English don't even

    • EXOBaekhyunisking

      @Charles Fernandez It's Korean German accent

    • Kyle Lee
      Kyle Lee

      oliver wenzel the dude speaks German pre well so Idk

    • oliver wenzel
      oliver wenzel

      @Kyle Lee Sounds more like a korean accent to me. Tho he is very good with his L's

    • Leglerg

      *sonny : that’s unbolivobol

  • Iliana

    we need more stuff like this 😄 Sonny with his "unbelievable" hahah And Dele with Sonny are so funny In love with this team

  • scard

    13:25 how i didn’t notice when i first time watch this video 😂 “homestretch requires patience, precision and...” lucas power shot right away 😂

  • Sarim

    Lloris is like the father of them Son is like the skilful oldest brother Dele is the younger brother Lucas is the youngest and tries to cheat xD

  • Joander 95
    Joander 95

    Narrator: This requires patience, precision and... Moura: *OK, KICK AS HARD AS I CAN*

  • Caio Soares
    Caio Soares

    Parabéns Tottenham pela legenda em português. 👏👏

  • Marko San
    Marko San

    this is surprisingly fun to watch , a good way to show off your new stadium lol

  • #the_ Dream
    #the_ Dream

    They're making someone love being a Tottenham fan very much. Awesome stuff👍

  • WLWillyWill

    I always come back to this once in a while, such different personalities but still compatible.

  • Kappro

    Son is that friend who is great at everything he does Dele is that friend who is always trying to beat him Lucas is that friend who always fools around Hugo is that friend who is emotionless but super nice I love them

    • whiskypedia nyc
      whiskypedia nyc

      you mean Hugo is a friend that is FRENCH ;)

    • malaku pearson
      malaku pearson

      And i'm the friend who just bought your house.

    • eirini

      emotionless 😂

    • Erin

      Can't agree more! Lol

  • Katherine Havenhand
    Katherine Havenhand

    Son is the funniest person to be friends with ever 🤣😂

  • La Bestia Gaming
    La Bestia Gaming

    Everyone needs a friend like son

  • Aiden's IDK
    Aiden's IDK

    This is amazing. More please.

  • donno

    Hold on boys! One of the most promising golfers of recent times is on his way

  • Slavyan

    Sony: scores a perfect hatrick Dele : so so lucky

    • KFX

      @Raptorsified Uhm... Kind of..? Lol

    • M K
      M K

      @쟌쨘쨘 or Sunny.

    • Raptorsified

      @쟌쨘쨘 would it be ok if sony was a korean company?

    • 모코스

      @쟌쨘쨘 Wls

    • 검용사의

      So funny zzzzz but it is fact.

  • loey

    13:57 Sonny's German accent accidentally slipping out 😂

  • Riley’s Gameplay Channel
    Riley’s Gameplay Channel

    Son’s face in the thumbnail is immaculate

  • Purunhanul Sonamu
    Purunhanul Sonamu

    What a beautiful stadium. Much cleaner and nicer than most baseball stadiums in the States.

  • Lil Faz
    Lil Faz

    I like how son says every1s shot is amazing he’s so positive

  • Anne og Trym Hande Bringsli
    Anne og Trym Hande Bringsli

    Sonny has one of the best goals in tottenham history😍

    • Infinityplusone

      Then y u support kane

    • Pos 2gosis
      Pos 2gosis

      Anne og Trym Hande Bringsli Son ----> Next season ----> Atletico de madrid ✈️❤️

    • Southview Supermarket
      Southview Supermarket

      What history

    • 이동현

      전부 한국인이고 ㅠ

    • Senex 09
      Senex 09

      Don’t u mean in football history

  • George Baker
    George Baker

    The amount of Korean “Unbelievable”’s French “No”s and English “Lucky”s are Unbelievable

  • Yoshi

    16:43 THAT FACE 😂😂😂😂

  • Rational Spongebob
    Rational Spongebob

    From a LFC fan, this is quality content

  • Tomas Rodriguez
    Tomas Rodriguez

    That was pretty fun, props to spurs for entertaining a non fan this much

  • Kacey Fordjour
    Kacey Fordjour

    Absolutely no one: Son: Its UNBELIEVABLE

    • Lizzie

      your welcome for your 1000th like.

    • TD H
      TD H


  • Ahmed Khadar
    Ahmed Khadar

    Dele had a kick that took him past a whole stage, and he still had the balls to say Sonny was “Lucky”

  • jiminy cricket69
    jiminy cricket69

    im a united fan but its safe to say spurs are my second team. The players are just too likeable and the way the club works is sick because nobody else releases this content

  • Kaes

    Lucas was in another world during this game 😂😂

  • Shayan Y
    Shayan Y

    8:35 This still kills me🤣


    "Nothing is impossible" I learn life from Sonny

    • Manny Calavera
      Manny Calavera

      @Amstam1631 it was Lucas

    • Amstam1631

      EOJIN NOH Everything is possible if you believe - Lucas 2020. 16:51

  • Mike_meets_Johnny

    When Dele said "There's a big surprise around the corner". I was anxious. Turns out it was just an empty Spurs trophy shelf. Lol 😂

  • Aagaman Rai
    Aagaman Rai

    Huge love for Heung- min son !!!

  • 김민하

    와...근데 스타디움 보니까 가고 싶어진다..선수들 부럽다 저기 딱 한번만이라도 가봤으면...

  • M K
    M K

    Nobody: Son: Wow it’s unbelievable

  • raspberry

    Lol i love sonny sm, his vibe, attitude, everything. And his laugh lmfaooo

  • alexis musa
    alexis musa

    13:25 This requires patience....... Lucas kicks the ball right away

  • Nathaly Kim
    Nathaly Kim

    sonny is hilarious 😂

  • Alberto Fortunato
    Alberto Fortunato

    congratulations to son for making tottenham win his first trophy

  • Smarrt Dognut
    Smarrt Dognut

    this was so fun to watch my favourite players do something so fun

  • Amalia

    Son is just amazing.

  • Red Devil Pubg
    Red Devil Pubg

    A lesson Never doubt son’s finishing

  • FutureStyles

    This squad is winning things the bond is so strong

  • Meshwa Lyngdoh
    Meshwa Lyngdoh

    I'm not a spurs fan but I watch these videos just cause of Son. Dude just seems like so much fun to chill with

    • jahkinho

      @Seth chikomba 🙏🏾

    • Seth chikomba
      Seth chikomba

      @jahkinho this aged well

    • jahkinho

      @Unknown Master he wont he signed a new contract

  • GOTCHA34

    Son is so good at football and he’s a great guy

  • Choong KS
    Choong KS

    Should have this with golf commentating😂 it'll be epic!

  • psalms matthews
    psalms matthews

    Legend has it that son says 'Unbelievable' even in his sleep

  • ᴠᴀʟᴋʏʀɪᴇ

    Son takes shot: Dele: he’s so lucky Son: HOW AM I LUCKY 😂

  • Jigar Bhavsar
    Jigar Bhavsar

    Bale: Let daddy teach you all how to actually play this. Kidding, HE IS BACK HOMEEE

    • Gun BF
      Gun BF

      SON : A HA!


    Bale deve amar esse jogo! Pena que não tava aí... kkkkkk

  • papa dom
    papa dom

    That stadium....woooowww... 🔥

  • حسن علاء
    حسن علاء

    Sonny the best in the world 😍

  • _____

    I’m gonna miss Son. Not a Spurs fan, but have much respect for this man.

    • kaya talbert
      kaya talbert

      he represents korea so gooddd i love him

    • Chris Lopez
      Chris Lopez

      Sounds like it 🙄

    • Uniq Collexion
      Uniq Collexion

      So get lost if you r not a fan of spurs

    • 이규원

      @축구프사인찐따 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Harry Ladkin
    Harry Ladkin

    Son : kicks ball Dele : SO LUCKY OMG 🤣

  • Sergio Herrera
    Sergio Herrera

    how can you not love son after watching this ? 🤣

  • see way
    see way

    10:57 is my best spot 😂

  • 정지원

    12:50 Look what Sonny is doing LOL

  • Jesse Babatunde
    Jesse Babatunde

    Son: breathes Dele: your so lucky

    • Dwight ha
      Dwight ha

      하하ᅡᄒ하훈 흠 델리 논란으로 생각하고 그러신건 이해는 됩니다. 하지만 원댓글의 드립은 그런의도로 전혀 보이지 않구요. 저는 “지금 댓글 달고 있는 모든 사람이 그렇게 해석중이다” 라는 발언을 제가 지적한겁니다. ‘인종차별로 해석 하는 사람들’이 아니고 대댓 3번째랑 당신만 그렇게 해석하고 있어요. 과대해석이라 느껴집니다.

    • Dwight ha
      Dwight ha

      하하ᅡᄒ하훈 걍 분위기보고 아는 단어 ‘covid-19’ ‘china’ 나오니까 추리하신거 아니고요?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • Dwight ha
      Dwight ha

      하하ᅡᄒ하훈 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ? 누가요? 영어 댓글들 다 읽어보기는 하신건가요?

    • Dwight ha
      Dwight ha

      하하ᅡᄒ하훈 과대해석 하시네요

  • Nathanael Edric
    Nathanael Edric

    1:26 poor Dele it did not go as expected I hoped the cat is not hurt 😂😂😂