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  • Ervin Bautista
    Ervin Bautista

    Gelo deserves a spot on the roster especially after his efficiency with little minutes that he displayed. Used to think otherwise but he was the only one of the only ones on that roster doing his job well and being a team Player!

    • Hassan u.
      Hassan u.

      @BSE how many yutes in this summer league scored 72 points in high-school... he's a solid three and d player, given more opportunity he would've scored more. You must've watched his summer league games where no one was passing to him but he still shined

    • BSE

      @Hassan u. based on what? His last name?

    • Hassan u.
      Hassan u.

      He deserves to be full time 6th man no cap

    • Jeremy Ness
      Jeremy Ness

      Just out of curiosity if he is the only one of one of the only ones would that make him the 1 and only?

    • Lagos Fury
      Lagos Fury

      @Honest Man special ed was a dope rapper...look him up..thank you No im REALISTIC about shit..and i know my ball,,that bothers you sausage probably like 13 yrs old gone peasant,smh

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying

    He was low key hating. I can’t stand people like that. They knew was he was being fake that’s why they all ignored him.

    • Capp Da Topic
      Capp Da Topic


  • Sneakerfreaker88

    Dude I’m honestly happy for these brothers.. coming from a three brother family I know how it feels to want to take you brothers with or live out child hood dreams

  • Franz Valdez
    Franz Valdez

    Regardless if the Hornets don’t add Gelo to the roster, him showing out in the summer league and all the media, other NBA teams got to give this man a look cause every team needs a shooter like him PERIOD

    • Allan Cooper
      Allan Cooper

      @BSE And sure he’s making the right play almost every time he touches the ball , wether that be to catch and shoot , or passing it to the open man , Klay’s presence and defense makes it hard for teams to become productive, he can throw off other players game and get into their heads , he adds so much extra energy that people that play with him are always complemented and are stepping up with the chemistry that curry dray and klay command and now back with Andre , not with their words but their actions and clucth ability to turn it up and control the pace of the game in a lot of ways , it’s not just one dimensional, it’s counjouring all the spirt and focus to be better at basketball and winning damn near every game , and expect not to lose at all , it may be a bit maladaptive to expect to win every game , but what do you go out there to do “play for fun “..? ..🤷🏻‍♂️ nah it’s playing to win and giving it all you have , and then comes the fun , after producing wins and being productive on that court and in the arena !!!

    • BSE

      @LXIXcdxx Klay can get his own shot though. Klay can play defense. Klay doesn't need a ton of room to get his shot off.

    • Wyatt

      @LXIXcdxx to be fair, klay is also elite on the defensive end as well People gotta stop acting like klay is 1 dimensional

    • LXIXcdxx

      @Enjoy Life lmao did you just watch a video about gelo just to talk nonsense yeah gelo don't have the handles but does he need it his role will probably be a catch and shoot guy same role as klay stop hating dude the world got lots of haters we dont need more help reduce the numbers 😂😂😂

    • Enjoy Life
      Enjoy Life

      @ETHER yeah its me,singed 40+ million contract with you wobt talk about his stats?about rebounding,assists?his shooting procent??

  • easyced

    -“Do you think if me or you were Melo‘s best friend they’d let us come in the facility and scrimmage with the players?” - “Hell naa” 😂😂😂

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer

    You can definitely tell those players were low key throwing shade at Graham by not paying attention to him while he was shooting that video in the weight room.. They knew what he was trying to do and they wanted no part of it.

  • Abdulmajid Bashir
    Abdulmajid Bashir

    I can't lie that's the best fishing I've seen Dkm do he literally got top to bottom information none of us would've even guessed any of that

    • Chris Dixon
      Chris Dixon

      Yo fishing like shit lol

    • 1stNumberOne

      @Toe Knee ...sarcasm🤔🧐

    • Toe Knee
      Toe Knee

      What are you talking about? This video was complete click bait trash. He revealed absolutely nothing new and tried to make it seem like gelo was getting exposed for something. What did he get exposed for? Being on the hornets summer league? All this happened weeks ago.

    • Ricardo Imperial
      Ricardo Imperial


  • Ziosyn

    Always had a feeling this is how it played out. You can tell the envy was there from the get go lol

    • Wavvy Monster
      Wavvy Monster

      That’s not true dawg. Y’all reaching frfr

  • Eric Schaeffer
    Eric Schaeffer

    so uhhh we gonna sign gelo or not? I really hope we do..Is it true we still have 3 spots up for grabs? maybe they gonna sign him closer to the season starting for hype?

    • D Hankins
      D Hankins

      taytum put it best if giannis bros can get looks Gelo being way better then them deserves to be in the league

    • Dee Hines
      Dee Hines

      How y'all get 3 open spots? I thought it was just 1?

  • Filthy Shortgame
    Filthy Shortgame

    Excellent analysis. Def a much better job than that video where you talked about Gelos choice of hooping shoes.

    • TK TK
      TK TK


  • alohakay

    If I were to chose my favorite of the 3 Ball brothers it'd say Gelo. I know he's got a bad rap but he's probably the best out of all 3 of um at least one point in time he was. He deserves a contract.

  • Ben Saunders
    Ben Saunders

    I imagine Flight reacting to this “you ain’t D'Angelo Russell babyyyyyyyyyy” 🤣🤣

    • Chad Dotdot
      Chad Dotdot


    • Dewaun Mahone Jr.
      Dewaun Mahone Jr.


    • TheGrandmasterfro

      Don’t ever disrespect Chris Smoove like that

    • 286mic

      That's Chris Smoove

    • Antony Seaman
      Antony Seaman

      @tu tu na but Chris Smoove is the OG tho

  • Jumaane ROBINSON SR
    Jumaane ROBINSON SR

    Graham know Gelo taking his spot...Melo need a big SG in the back court

    • BSE

      A bunch of dumb Ball bootlickers don't follow the league and don't know Graham was traded to the Pels.

    • KingHerm1t

      @Jacob Leffler you don't know shit about basketball if you don't know graham was traded

    • Chris Auble
      Chris Auble

      @Cantriple Plays you're right, my bad jumaane ROBINSON SR. Terry Rozier just got an extension but he's only like 6'1, damn good player though. They drafted James bonknight, I think they're pretty much set in the back court

    • Cantriple Plays
      Cantriple Plays

      Ain’t scary terry playing that role

    • Cantriple Plays
      Cantriple Plays

      @Chris Auble he said lamelo needs a big shooting guard to play with him

  • D. Felix Photo
    D. Felix Photo

    I don't even think he was giving Melo praise. That was that lowkey hate type bs

  • Sam Saddler
    Sam Saddler

    I would understand if Devonte has some king of beef with melo and gelo (the video is u called for) but devonte has to understand that’s just basketball. If a team has an opportunity to replace you with a better player that’s what they will do. It’s either play above that new player or be traded/leave.

    • Shidoshi

      It’s more nuanced than that. From Graham’s perspective he’s on the verge of being replaced by the new franchise player’s BROTHER. Surely you can see how that would seem fishy. It remains to be seen if gelo will be better OBJECTIVELY speaking. I personally think gelo will be better but I can’t be bias.

    • JohnnyWe Good
      JohnnyWe Good

      Sam S, Totally Correct! It's not personal, it's just everyday BB business!

  • Nick James
    Nick James

    Not buying this was intentional OR that it could possibly damage anything for Gelo. REACH Why are you acting like Gelo is some super secret weapon? All players are allowed a workout partner, not breaking any rules...

    • unology1

      forreal. I want gelo on the squad but these dudes dedicating their channels to him is getting corny. Trying to create narratives and drama that dont exist.

    • Enjoy Life
      Enjoy Life

      they acting like Gelo some amazing superstar...Hornets trying to hide from anyone...Gelo fans lil slow as Gelio himself

    • Valentin


  • Derrick Murchison
    Derrick Murchison

    I'm rooting for him. I just think maybe he should start in the g league for a month. Then possibly get called up

  • ChinoSkateboardV

    DKM actually had a phone call with Gelo and Gelo told the whole tale LOL

  • JayVTheGreat

    That D Graham video was really him hating.. he knew he was getting traded then

    • Joz Hollins
      Joz Hollins


    • Illuminati G Beats
      Illuminati G Beats

      he knew he was bout to get paid tho. so it might not have been that vengeful. BUT it’s probably leaning toward the popular opinion. idk but if i know i’m about to be apart of a sign and trade that means he org did right by me by making a good business move for them and making sure i get paid.

    • Daisy1336 Johnson
      Daisy1336 Johnson

      He's been low key salty since Melo took over!

    • King Kalki
      King Kalki

      Facts wasn’t hard to see the slyness

  • RJ

    At the moment the video dropped, I knew Graham was a hater and trying to sabotage Gelo's chances of making the team. There was a solid chance the media would do Gelo and the Hornets like how they did the Jaguars/Nick Saban with Tebow. We need the leaked video of Gelo working Graham, get a hold of security staff for the training center lol

    • BSE

      Bro you can't get even get your analogies straight. What are you trying to say?

  • Cicero Hobbs
    Cicero Hobbs

    Let's be 100 a lot of people don't like The Ball Brothers because they thought they couldn't ball. Plus they thought they got too much exposure but these boys can actually give him a chance man the boy is the best shooter out of the brothers!

  • Adam Carpenter
    Adam Carpenter

    I love @6:56 when he almost says "staff" instead of "players." Was it someone on the staff or Melo that invited Gelo? Or is Melo basically staff now? 😂 Either way, it was the right call.

    • Adam Carpenter
      Adam Carpenter

      @Jay Inc I hope so bro

    • Jay Inc
      Jay Inc

      That means gelo is gonna make the team 🤣

    • JennHeartsYou92

      I thought he was going to say “stars”

  • H

    He wasn’t even in gym gear, he wasn’t even supposed to be in that room! He was bitter fr.

    • KCNicole

      @Jonathan Chen they cared you can tell, everybody was uncomfortable in the video except the guy throwing shots “this is my franchise player” “bring your kids to work day” 😐🙄. . If it was his last day that isn’t the way to go out….the league changes very fast and burning bridges because you wanna be petty is childish will get you replaced on any team.

    • Jonathan Chen
      Jonathan Chen

      That was probably his last day, on his way out, no one cared lol

    • KCNicole

      Right bozo why are you there and he looks to be the only one with a phone out while everyone else is putting in work 🤡 sh!t. Yeah he definitely knew his time was up

  • T Y R E S E
    T Y R E S E

    😂😂Dkm digging deep deep he should be a top investigator

  • Dontavis Dennis
    Dontavis Dennis

    Melo already knew!! That’s why he was doing the chicken neck 😂😂 lil bra slick 6:06

  • Dk y Rox
    Dk y Rox

    Thank you we being looking for any updates about gelo but there’s none at all. what’s going to happen with liangelo ball

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    DKM got one of the best legit sources haven't mislead his subscribers one bit.

    • Lagos Fury
      Lagos Fury

      This video was all about NOTHING..nothing,,these dudes are friends,,they bullshit with each other all the time..this dude just popping videos to get yall views and money..and you dummy asses cant see it,smh

  • Kourt Vision
    Kourt Vision

    Let’s gooo gelo we still believe 🌟

  • Juce Productions
    Juce Productions

    I'm proud to be the 1k like on this video , saw 999 and didn't hesitate . Keep up the great work DKM .

  • H T
    H T

    I hope Spurs make a move…. No lie if he gets picked up by the Spurs he be leading in threes for the team

  • Illegitimi non carborundum
    Illegitimi non carborundum

    damn you researched the $hit out of this! Well done!

  • Alan Muro
    Alan Muro

    Or it can just be a simple video in the weight room, you don’t gotta reach on everything. Maybe it was intentional or maybe it was just a regular video and melo and gelo were just focused on their training

  • Eric Young
    Eric Young

    Good vid brotha! Excited for this year with Graham & Monk gone! LaMelo has the reigns & hopefully #1

    • BSE

      Hes nowhere in their league as an athlete or shooter.

    • ubergama30

      @Juke Boy yo monk actually had great chemistry with melo if you watched the games (not a ball stopper like Tae) - as a laker and Melo fan im happy monk is having a career resurgence

    • Juke Boy
      Juke Boy

      Lmao "with graham & monk gone"

  • JD Carleon
    JD Carleon

    Well, if he had just played better the season before; they wouldn’t have been in the position to draft Melo 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • dezzo felton
      dezzo felton

      They didn’t draft him dummy

  • HMT-07

    Dkm moving like an FBI 😂 quality content as usual 💪🏾

  • owen suppes
    owen suppes

    I want that video. Gelo cooking Graham might be nice to watch for a minute.

  • k doubs
    k doubs

    When I saw Graham talking like that to everyone in the video ... 1st thing I thought was Wth Devonte think he is. Lol so I know Melo was 😡 the energy was way in that clip

  • mandybelle p
    mandybelle p

    Give Gelo a contract!!!

  • JJ Styll
    JJ Styll

    This guy just does it better 🔥🔥

  • Justin Harris
    Justin Harris

    bro you the goat with the shit great story 🔥🔥

  • iamking888

    If you watch the video , it seemed like @ Melo was joking about it seeing he was laughing and having his head tilt back ( pointing ) towards Gram twice

    • Geion

      Caught that too. On some of that talking without talking shit you have when you close to someone.

  • coolmikedogg

    So why is it taking so long for the Hornets to sign Gelo?

    • Anton Chigurh
      Anton Chigurh

      Ain't nobody wanna sign a thief.

  • CJ Gannon
    CJ Gannon

    This is pure speculation on a slow day, lol. There is never ANY sort of source for this "information". If some of these things were really happening, the Hornets would have signed Gelo before summer league even started. They certainly would have at least offered him an exhibit 10, but here we are, still "awaiting" the moment that Gelo gets signed, which if it hasn't already happened, it never will. He will sign a contract with the G. At this point he can't even be an affiliate player with Greensboro as he needs to be waived after signing an exhibit 10. He is literally still a regular old free agent right now, and NO team has offered him even an exhibit 10.

  • alohakay

    Gelo is actually pretty fucking good. High IQ of course like his 2 brothers. Probably the best all around player and a solid point forward in modern NBA. Hope Hornets makes a move on him before it's too late.

  • Shadow Viper Inc
    Shadow Viper Inc

    Ain't gonna lie. This was a good video. Good job!

  • Mason


  • Browncpnn

    PJ's face said it all! Graham, said I'm going to blow up the spot on my way out. SMH

  • Capp Da Topic
    Capp Da Topic

    Damn I Like The Devonte Kid.. But Devonte Graham Snitched.. 🤦🏽‍♂️ No Passes.. Classic D Russ Situation..

  • D. Young
    D. Young

    The Hornets did a lot of Tampering with this pickup.No Fines though 🤫

  • Tae Lew
    Tae Lew

    Sounds like ur spot on and that makes perfect sense! Now they need to stop making food wait and hurrup and sign Gelo!

  • Alfonza Harris
    Alfonza Harris

    The people have spoken, the rice is in the pudding, the people have chosen Gelo

  • joaquim Felix
    joaquim Felix

    DKM in the end you sayd " we dont plan on messing in training camp and when the season starts" So you low key are confirming Gelo has a spot in the roster! !!! !!: :D : D :D !! when are rosters normally announced ?

    • joaquim Felix
      joaquim Felix

      @Afro Kid nan dude he just said he has sources ...he already knows, he slipped.. nice for us! GELO IN THE ROSTER YEAHAH

    • Afro Kid
      Afro Kid

      He could just be talking about the g league season

  • Huncho

    DKM stay winning , EXCLUSIVE BABY

  • Just an average Human
    Just an average Human

    DG already knew Melo was gonna be second seat to Melo

  • Infinity Mixtapes
    Infinity Mixtapes

    Melo gave him that work in practice

  • Hector

    Crazy what jealousy does to someone

  • IceSyndicon

    Devonte def did that shitonpurpose lmao Kind of disgusting ngl, mad at melo so goes after his bro Gelo😤

    • Enjoy Life
      Enjoy Life

      @TwoThree Karma??dude singed 40+ million contract and got starting position on Pelicans....LOL

    • RamRover

      Gelo got the type of jump shot I want in 2k

    • its you
      its you

      made himself looking like a toxic lil bitch..(real men will get that out of this video)

    • TwoThree

      Karma is a bitch😭😭

  • ighsight

    No one "snitched" on LiAngelo Ball and you're reading way too much into the Graham video. LiAngelo Ball still has fans but the US basketball public is not holding its breath over which NBA team he's working out for the summer league with. Also calling LaMelo a "generational talent" is a big stretch. The guy who made this video is such a big fan of the Ball brothers that it's clouding his judgement.

  • Dayjon Huertas
    Dayjon Huertas

    This is so dam random but his jump shit kind of reminds me of ray allens, and that is not a bad thing

  • Dev John
    Dev John

    Issa ANOTHER LaVar Ball Appreciation Post 🧑🏽‍🦲

  • psn thtguyaustin
    psn thtguyaustin

    Front office really wanted to say we allow our stars to show up at odd hours and had to rephrase to not show favoritism

  • Cash

    When I first saw that video something seemed off, now I know he was throwing hella shade cause he knew he was outta there

  • Johnny Lawrence
    Johnny Lawrence

    Gelo said he played James Harden, and he was the most hardest to guard, cause of how crafty he is...

    • Johnny Lawrence
      Johnny Lawrence

      @Zoryal watch his interviews... he's been playing pickup with all kinds of NBA stars

    • ubergama30

      @Zoryal i dont remember but i saw it too it was Gelo in an interview

    • Vibes!

      Oh yea I forgot where I seen that but Gelo was playing pick up with real NBA players

    • Zoryal

      whats your source

  • Rudolph Romano
    Rudolph Romano

    Excellent detective 🕵️‍♂️ work. One of your best videos

  • Rashard Sleepy e305
    Rashard Sleepy e305

    love this vid especially the end tae bae got cooked lol 😂

  • k- Way
    k- Way

    I like hell over gram anyway gram played out of control a lot last season and froze Melo out to try and get his own personal numbers so glad he gone. Hornets sigh the sniper

  • Anson Martin
    Anson Martin

    This would explain why the Hornets Summer League Teammates WERE FREEZING 🌬️ GELO OUT, HE'D BE WIDE OPEN AND THEY'D LOOK AT HIM AND TAKE A BAD MIDRANGE JUMPER... 🤦🏿‍♂️😒

  • jlee222ballin

    I've never liked dvont graham. Something about him just makes me think of him as a snake and sneaky person overall. I also found it frustrating af when he would never pass the ball to melo. he's one jealous dude. so glad hes not on the team anymore. tbh the brickknight reminds me of him too

    • jlee222ballin

      @jmav622 yup

    • jmav622

      Bouknight is a rookie who hasn’t play a NBA game YET and you’re already hating? ?

    • Jonathan Fernandez
      Jonathan Fernandez

      Brickknight lol

    • Dee Wight
      Dee Wight

      Melo Should Freeze Out Bricknight for Doing Gelo Dirty in Summer League!

    • Trov ENT
      Trov ENT


  • Wallyy

    but his snitching legit had no effect to why liangelo isnt signed right now. so its what ever

  • duffer11

    Great journalism DKM! 👏

    • Glizzy

      Hell no not hating but bro has no hard proof just assumptions and everything he says is i was told and probably nothing for real

  • Mitchell Yonemura
    Mitchell Yonemura

    Dkm must’ve been a private investigator before this IRglo stuff

  • bigfaxnocap

    i cant remember how many time last season the hornet's coach subbed on graham for lamelo when lamelo was popping off. I was so frustrating to see. Imagine what lamelo's stat could have been if he played max minutes.

    • JohnnyWe Good
      JohnnyWe Good

      @AJ Mannn you crazy! ROTFL, I totally AGREE with you on the TRUMP thing! We are definitely on the same side on basketball and politics! Having fun watching the Ball boys develop into pro players and praying and working against the radical left trying to ruin this great country politically! I don't see how Congress sleeps at night. Non-fighting for this country Republicans too!

    • AJ

      @JohnnyWe Good it's all good. It's not hate and that's the point I'm trying to make. Only in this generation did real criticism become hate and it's weak. I don't have a problem with anyone rooting for anyone, makes no difference to me. But if anyone made it a political thing it was him and his father. Trump saved his ass and then they spit in his face. I'm not crazy about Trump as a person but that's a slap in the face and I'm sick of the actual hate from the left, just because. Anyway that's a different subject but my main man Starks was stocking grocery store shelves a year before he was in the NBA guarding Jordan and being a damn good player with more heart than I've ever seen. I'm not even going to mention this kids name in the same paragraph as Starks but I'm not rooting against him. Lamelo proved alot of people wrong, me among them, and I actually think it's pretty cool. He hit a growth spurt and he's for real. Watching him prior to that growth spurt he didn't seem like anything other than a deep 3 point shooter that was shooting from his waist. Now he's the ROFTY, and you can't not respect or admire that if you're a basketball fan. It's all good.

    • JohnnyWe Good
      JohnnyWe Good

      @AJ Cool, cool AJ. I'm just expressing my excitement over the possibility of new blood in the NBA. Gelo is nowhere near a superstar on NBA level, but was a HS super star and a I-Net star NOW. Can he become an NBA star? I hope so, even being undrafted. Was John Starks born a NBA star? Or did he develop into one? You do know Starks was undrafted too??? That's all I'm saying, and just having a little fun with it too. Ok, ok, you got me. I'm having a lot of fun with Gelo! Peace!

    • AJ

      @JohnnyWe Good if one of the ball brothers is your favorite basketball player, especially one who hasn't played in the NBA yet, well, you've already lost the argument. Lol. And I don't fawn over any basketball players but Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird and John Starks were my favorites. I've been watching since the late 70s early 80s.

    • JohnnyWe Good
      JohnnyWe Good

      @AJ AJ, who are your favorite NBA players? And don't pretend you ain't got a favorite! I bet you are just as pathetic over your favorite player? OR, you wouldn't be whining about the Balls popularity like you do. I like them because they are the underdogs and sports media gate keepers said they can't play in the NBA. It's looking a lot like they can! AND can't nobody create a hater but YOURSELF! If you come back, let it be with your favorite players! And Lighten-up! LOL Peace!

  • Edgar Valencia
    Edgar Valencia

    Yo bro you the man 💪🏼👌🏼

  • Anbu Ninja God
    Anbu Ninja God

    DKM an investigative reporter 🤔 yep that sounds about right 🤷‍♂️👍💯

  • Iam Adrian
    Iam Adrian

    Dkm grinding hard in these NBA street

  • mike whelan
    mike whelan

    good story. makes me want to watch hornets.

  • AMJ J
    AMJ J

    I was hoping he’d get on the roster but i gotta be real, he’s going to get so much more playing time in the g league..he still has a chance at some point

  • Jon Jon Doe bags
    Jon Jon Doe bags

    Graham thought he was gonna be the shooter till gelo showed up

    • BSE

      @Big General Lol Ball is not a good athlete at all. Y'all are on that skante. If he was an elite athlete he wouldn't look like he has two left feet when he tries to dribble or do anything other than throw up low percentage 3s.

    • AJ

      @The world shall know Pain good argument. 👍 lol

    • Big General
      Big General

      @AJ Why are you so emotional that he has hype? Gelo is definitely better than a lot of guys in the NBA a blind man can see that you sound like one of those people that said Carmelo was finished a few years back nobody thought Klay Thompson was shit either but guess what they were wrong Gelo is very similar except he is way more athletic Gelo has a high ceiling stop being salty he just proved he can be a team player and effective the game without scoring and he did all that with his own team being jealous of him

    • Shuja Abbas
      Shuja Abbas

      @GH Sense it’s about the skill gelo can clearly attribute a lot to the team more than graham. With your logic anyone with a better tittle is more skillful and talented than someone with a lower one

    • James Werts
      James Werts

      @Clint O'Donnell you need to go on these Podcast then shit is ridiculous. Lol

  • Crossfire 2k
    Crossfire 2k

    That's actually valid. Think this got a lot of truth to it. DKM you think Gelo making it?

  • Kritman Dhamoon
    Kritman Dhamoon

    Yo DKM when did the FBI hire you bruv haha! Love you work, best content hands down! Can't wait for more

  • argonaut

    They should sign him for his marketing value, The Balls are the BKB Kardashians, they sell tickets, Liangelo is by far the least talented of the brothers but he can shoot 3s and pass a bit, enough to warrant an space on the late bench.

  • Dylan

    been watching since 2017 love the vids

  • Epony

    The twitter source in the video is a fake source. The guy has no affiliation to any of the teams or news outlets in his bio. You got baited my friend

  • TheHeanBean

    this man has a carbon copy of a 2k story line


    Still crazy to think that the Martin twins made to the NBA they where superstars back at Davie where they grow up

  • LIL debbie
    LIL debbie

    They allow personal trainers in the gym I live down the street n see trainers n people who don’t work for the organization all the time

  • Nofoa Leota
    Nofoa Leota

    All 3 bros on one team will 🔥🔥🤙

  • Bleeding Carolina Blue
    Bleeding Carolina Blue

    Oh brother here we go 🤣🤣.... y'all do realize he has maybe a 0.1 % chance to make this roster...we are stacked at the 2/3 positions he doesn't play good enough defense to play small ball 4 and he has ZERO handles....he got an invite and was allowed in the facility because he is LaMelo balls brother that is all 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • flockaveli15

      @Anthony Antman Edwards is better than Lamelo exactly and he provided no evidence just said he knows a guy as if anyone can’t grab a camera and say they know an insider. All for a player that ain’t that good anyways

  • Jozias Jenkins
    Jozias Jenkins

    Wait so devonte graham snitched by recording a video was gelo not supposed to be there?

  • CoreyThemaan

    i dont think he getting signed trust me i check everyday

  • Jay King
    Jay King

    Ironically Graham is replacing Lonzo in New Orleans.

  • Cam Larocque
    Cam Larocque

    Trade Graham and Biz for a better center or forward

  • D Banks
    D Banks

    Gelo will need to a be on a separate team

  • Connor Saxton
    Connor Saxton

    What kinda source been telling you gelo was beating graham???🤣

  • Mike Fellner
    Mike Fellner

    The hornets used to allow famous Los to work out with pj hairston at the practice facility. And hairston was never close to being a franchise player. So NBA teams definitely allow that

    • flockaveli15

      Every single team lets guys bring in friends and family to workout it’s not new this guy is just dying to make a conspiracy theory out of nothing.

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson

    He already knew he was going to be on the outs. It really didn't matter.

  • ArJax

    but didnt we already know that Gelo was working out with them cuz Melo was allowed to bring him in? wat was really proved by this?

    • Gang Music
      Gang Music


  • smokeonsum

    Ayo bruh im subbed but this vid aint have to be 10 mins for all news we already know from following the channel

  • D C
    D C

    Lol teammate looks pissed when they sal melo Is the “star”

  • OldSoulNewLife

    He deserves to be on the team more then anyone on that summer league team. 3 and D guys are so much more valuable