Thunderstorm Balloon Pop Racing Is INTENSE!!
How Ridiculous

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  • BasshI

    I’m loving the vibe with jack!!! Definitely a worthy competitor🥇

    • باريس تيوب
      باريس تيوب


  • Josh Garvitch
    Josh Garvitch

    I feel we need to see editor Jack feature more in the action

    • ふうたんの日常

      thank you

    • Joel Rennie
      Joel Rennie

      yeah same i think that tooo

  • Blaze24250

    Is that editor jack!? Love to see him in the action!

    • Crossfire20

      @Coffee please!!! IRglo sucks at keeping these types of accounts off of the platform

    • Coffee please!!!
      Coffee please!!!

      @Crossfire20 I reported it too. Others should as well.

    • Crossfire20

      @Napolea reported that comment for two reasons, it is a bot and two the comment was offensive and IRglo shouldn't even have allowed it to pass even using backwards letters

    • Napolea

      Also I would like everyone to know that clicking on "Technoblade is burning in hell"'s youtube channel and commenting hate will just spread his videos through the algorithm. So just put your hate here where it won't spread the virus

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan

    Glad to see you boys out here being safe. 😅🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Troll Account
      Troll Account

      Ya what they said ☝️☝️☝️


      @باريس تيوب ???

    • باريس تيوب
      باريس تيوب

      @VH-GAMING خ٨خخ٨ يثقب نن ون ه٤


      Mấy anh ko sợ sét tui sợ lắm

  • HR Highlights
    HR Highlights

    I can’t wait for EJ to win one of these. We’re rooting for you, Jack!

  • Dimes

    I thought they were gonna get struck by lightning

    • ahumanmerelybeing

      @DasVERMiT You can have blue sky and storm clouds visible at the same time; being able to see a patch of blue doesn't prove that there's no storm.

    • Martin H
      Martin H

      @Amin Fozdar its edited

    • Ha ves
      Ha ves

      @Amin Fozdar r/whoosh went over your head

    • Amin Fozdar
      Amin Fozdar

      @DasVERMiT sorry, but you are wrong. Obviously you don’t get out much. I live in Perth just like them, and it has been stormy like that lately

  • X-Venture Gaming
    X-Venture Gaming

    1 day. Just 1 day. When is Editor Jack ever gonna win 1? 4 years of watching you guys, it's the only thing left to surprise me.

  • Hannah7Banana

    “I wonder why women live longer than men” Men:

  • jhawkweapon

    That race was electrifying!

    • Taboo Groundhog
      Taboo Groundhog


  • Euan Ford
    Euan Ford

    Hey guys, love your content always, this vid is pretty cool but please just try to be careful. Being in a storm right on the coast line where you're the highest standing object with lightning striking everywhere, the chances of getting struck is much much higher than you might think. Be careful, love you guys!

  • EL

    Herron always ALMOST wins then gets ahead of himself with just one of the balloons and it always costs him 😂

  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard

    Though Derek had figured out it was quicker to grab n pop. But good on Gaunson for keeping his composure.

  • Ms. Anonymous
    Ms. Anonymous

    That taunt at the end just about cost Scott the win XDDD

  • OhKayGo

    Editor Jack???? As a competitor?? Yes! The first thing I thought was "they are the highest objects out there. Congratulations on becoming leads. :)" Nah, really, I love you guys. This just cheered me up. :)

  • Haunted Coachman 👻
    Haunted Coachman 👻

    You guys are mad , LOVE it go Scott! This is so funny

  • Film Crew
    Film Crew

    Legends! Half expected Gaunson to be swept away,muscles like a chicken’s insteps... 🤣

  • Laurence Baker
    Laurence Baker

    When the thunder times perfectly with gaunson popping the balloon 😂


      Tui sợ sét⚡

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green

    Editor jack getting in on the races! Awesome

  • JacobPug Poirier
    JacobPug Poirier

    You know for sure there's going to be a mobile game made in like 2 days about this.

  • Kimmi Kirk
    Kimmi Kirk

    You guys are crazy but I love it!! Be safe out there

  • nuqi

    this looks so fun 😂

  • Urahara451

    I’m gonna have to call bs on 100kph winds there. At that speed you’d have to brace just standing still. With a chute attached you’d easily be pulled off your feet. Seriously, don’t underestimate wind. It quadruples in force every time it’s speed doubles. The difference between 50 and 100 is like getting a friendly shove and getting body checked.

  • Ted's Nerd World
    Ted's Nerd World

    You'd think that after the third or fourth time, you'd figure out that you can't stomp on them!! Although Gaunson did learn by the end! AWESOME!!!!!

  • f2509p

    This is without a doubt the best video on IRglo.

  • Zemythian

    That was CRAZY Awesome!

  • Furry Mike
    Furry Mike

    When they both got to their fifth balloon they sounded the thunder. ⛈️

  • Steven(SrP2music)

    This would be so much fun! It would’ve been so epic if a wave crashed on the rocks after the yellow balloon popped

  • Keith Waggoner
    Keith Waggoner

    Madness!!! And love every second of it!!!

  • Nathanial Dupont
    Nathanial Dupont

    Can't wait for the Captain Disillusion episode about this

  • cravesleaze

    the giggle in the beginning 😂😂😂

  • AC Beats
    AC Beats

    these are so lit 😂😂🔥🔥🔥 the commentary

  • Bao Mao
    Bao Mao

    Love the drag chutes !

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B

    You guy's are crazy, love it.🤣😂🤣

  • Angel Nichols
    Angel Nichols

    Yep. You guys are definitely Aussies. Pretty sure you lot are born crazy. 😂😂😂

  • CasualPhilosopher

    Maybe they felt being in a thunderstorm was safer than running around with chainsaws.

  • Slixzer

    Editor Jack with the near comeback!

  • GannZott

    You lads are mad. Keep it up!

  • 11bangbang85

    That looks fun!. 🤣

  • Wraith

    This is the most Australian thing I’ve ever seen the only thing it’s missing is some kangaroos

    • Joe R M
      Joe R M

      Kangaroos, boomerangs, a few First people on instruments and the Barbie cooking up some lunch (no shrimp, Aussies say prawns.)

  • ISO

    Imagine how hard it was to get those balloons to stick to the ground 🤣

    • Coffee please!!!
      Coffee please!!!

      I think they tied them around big rocks. If you watch a few places where it takes a few times for them to pop, there's a string and a rock.

  • Freebs

    That race was shocking!

  • dannosaurusrexx

    Just when I thought you guys couldn't get any more dangerous haha

    • Tamber Squirrel
      Tamber Squirrel

      @dannosaurusrexx Very! haha Thanks!

    • dannosaurusrexx

      @Tamber Squirrel How Good! You might say…. 😏

    • Tamber Squirrel
      Tamber Squirrel

      All their videos are dangerously good XD

  • Aaron

    don't EVER take a chance with lightning boys it NEVER ends well

  • Sheldon Beiler
    Sheldon Beiler

    Y’all are so creative!

  • Dimes

    Bro this is the most intense weather oh my🥶🥶

    • Thorpy

      Except the rain, thunder and lightning are all fake. It's just windy

  • sf 555
    sf 555

    Hahaha NICE! This is soooooo maximum Australian mode.

  • Georgi

    This has to be the most dangerous video y’all got

  • Gábor Bernáth
    Gábor Bernáth

    Finallly Editor Jack is competing, how good!!!

  • That'll Work
    That'll Work

    Intense is…one word for it 😳

  • Christian

    I love all your videos, but please don't do balloon popping in an uncontrolled space, especially when they can (and plenty do) end up in the oceans.

    • Dr-Mx


  • SargeanttheVR

    Wouldn't you like to work for these guys??....i know i certainly would✌🏽🤩

    • CptBaggins

      I live in the same city. Someone get me a job with them! I'll quit my teaching job asap 😅

  • Glenn Welsh
    Glenn Welsh

    Looks like Gaunson was showboating on his way to the yellow and nearly lost because it.

  • Amy Whigham
    Amy Whigham

    That's crazy, you guys, that you are doing this in a storm! I literally saw the lighting! 😯😦

  • LionGamer209

    This looks intens!!

  • Addos

    This was electrifying ⚡⚡⚡

  • Rubes Vitau
    Rubes Vitau

    wow you guys are so safe!!!!

  • Ryne Murray
    Ryne Murray

    Get out of the storm you are crazy haha. I was waiting for gaunson to go flying into the air

  • Goose Gossage
    Goose Gossage

    Wow. Dude Perfect has really gone down hill.

  • ennie moloi
    ennie moloi

    I want this lifestyle 🙏🏽

  • AngelicBunny

    next video: balloon pop racing in an active volcano

  • The Tennis Picks Channel
    The Tennis Picks Channel

    Intense!! 😮

  • I needed a new username
    I needed a new username

    I uh.... I feel like that was a bit too dangerous.

  • Beastly Crawdad
    Beastly Crawdad

    The things people do for views. Thanks for the content guys!

  • Funner Than Before
    Funner Than Before

    The amount of joy u guys bring to each other is just awesome and I'm happy y'all chose to share ur adventures with the rest of us... 🙂👍

  • Live Love Life
    Live Love Life

    Balloon pop racing in a storm… 🤣 lmao never been done. I don’t think this words have ever been said before. So funny to say balloon pop racing in a storm. You guys should do, balloon pop racing in water. Like swimming race

  • 김현숙

    볼때마다 웃기다~~🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Angry Canada Mapping
    Angry Canada Mapping

    That looks fun, don't know why

  • Skip Milligan
    Skip Milligan

    How Good!😁

  • Jimmy Metcalfe
    Jimmy Metcalfe

    Hope all those balloons got picked up 🤨 messy buggers!

  • Kramspeeder

    that was surely interesting.

  • Joshua Kessluk
    Joshua Kessluk

    Smart. In the middle of storm. Hope those Ballon scraps were picked up...

  • Robert Driver
    Robert Driver

    That was intense

  • Hannah Stubblefield
    Hannah Stubblefield

    Do you guys remember when they had the rainstorm at the tower where the nearby tree got electrocuted? Crazy God bless all✝️❤️‍🔥

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk

    What happen to the look out with the sand pit?

  • Bad

    This should be an olympic sport

  • Sam Henwood
    Sam Henwood

    Brilliant 🤩

  • Ivan Miranda
    Ivan Miranda

    What Pumas was he wearing?!? I'd buy em

  • ankryth

    Awesome 👏

  • AJ

    And ur telling me that NONE of those balloon parts went into the ocean 🤔😐

  • Wide-Eyed Vlogs
    Wide-Eyed Vlogs

    What if one of them just flew away lol

  • Skillz Millz
    Skillz Millz

    How Hilarious

  • Wide-Eyed Vlogs
    Wide-Eyed Vlogs

    This is the most chaotic thing they have posted

  • Don't say my name I mean it
    Don't say my name I mean it

    You guys think of one thing and then that’s your one trick pony for months!



  • SmittysBuilds

    This looks like where kylo ren saw Han and then threw his saber into the sea except they were on a ship piece not rocks.

  • takumi168

    anyone feel that the lighting could be fake? otherwise this is way too dangerous.

  • DivineAnimus

    I was hoping to see the boys get a cracking wave

  • Mr.Tophat

    How much do you spend on balloons I wonder?

  • Oakx

    you can tell this is perth becuase of the weather lmao

  • 1k challenge with 0 video
    1k challenge with 0 video

    Love from india 🇮🇳

  • Bobby Bologna
    Bobby Bologna

    the parachutes hahaha

  • David Beddard-Banks
    David Beddard-Banks

    Er... guys, I know The Algorthim is tough these days but... jeepers! You have families! I mean... Dudes! I know the channel is called "How Ridiculous" but... Ridiculous, not reckless. Sure, this is epic but... No-one should be doing this.

  • Jorngaming

    No one turned into Thor (disappointing) 😁

  • カリランドリアン


  • Thomas Hernandez
    Thomas Hernandez

    Now THIS is balloon pop racing!

  • MarioSonic4life

    Better than the olympics

  • SisterCoyote's Video Hideaway
    SisterCoyote's Video Hideaway

    Why do I see drag chutes in our future?

  • Cartoon Raccoon
    Cartoon Raccoon

    Its all fun and games until one of you blokes Mary Poppins into the ocean...

  • Culture Breath
    Culture Breath

    Hell nahhhhh. 🤣💪

  • Brian Bardin
    Brian Bardin

    You guys are crazy!!!!!!