Chino Hills CRAZY SHOW Continues! FULL Highlights! LaMelo Ball Halfcourt Shot! LiAngelo SCORES 65!
Chino Hills won their 47th straight game tonight against Foothill to kick off the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational! Onyeka Okongwu and Eli Scott set the tone for the game with some HUGE basketball plays especially on the defensive end, while LaMelo Ball and LiAngelo shouldered the scoring load once again. This Chino Hills team might not lose again for the remainder of the season which would make for one of the most impressive story lines in all of sports.
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  • Ballislife

    Chino Hills vs Oak Hill Academy EPIC GAME Full highlights:

    • Arnold Boundry
      Arnold Boundry

      No cap 🧢 man should play nfl

    • WeyChe

      Lazerbeam lazerbeam

    • Blessing Skull
      Blessing Skull

      Ballislife p

    • Leann Starks
      Leann Starks


    • Shyneek Swinton
      Shyneek Swinton

      Ballislife 😊

  • Trendy Tech
    Trendy Tech

    Chino hills literally plays the same way I do in 2k.

    • Austy Rocks
      Austy Rocks


    • Frostixity


    • Triple Double Zero Assists
      Triple Double Zero Assists

      That proves they are the goated high school team

    • ChrisGotTalent


    • Okc 35
      Okc 35

      3DJames same

  • king_gray _24
    king_gray _24

    Man gelo can be in the NFL the way he catching them passes 😂😂

    • Matthew

      And melo can be a mason with all the bricks he laying

    • Best friend
      Best friend

      This ant the nfl tho

    • NBA editz
      NBA editz

      @Bloom Blakie no it’s soccer

    • Trixss

      @Bloom Blakie r/woosh

    • muah

      he used to play football so

  • T Daneee
    T Daneee

    That play at 1:05 was clean af. If homeboy would’ve finished, it would’ve been one of the coldest plays of that year.

    • Jacobtytan

      Then the fail and the outside sage BUT THEY MISSED AGAIN

    • TG_ Keys
      TG_ Keys


  • Noah Raymond
    Noah Raymond

    Number 11 always hustling and doin the dirty work for Chino he needs way more credit

    • DeAaron Jordan
      DeAaron Jordan

      Being on chino hills is already enough credit

    • SpanischeSeiten _
      SpanischeSeiten _

      @ALL OUT LIFE Bro you have to watch german soccer or something like that.. America has no fan culture, an sport event is just a show for you, but in germany a soccer game means you have to support your club and maybe die for your club

    • casem

      Is that why more people watch futbol than basketball/ American football

    • casem

      Which is why futbol is the most watched sport in the world

    • Fresh1

      @MUFC no it won’t it’s to boring to watch on god it’s not happening lmao where you from a third world country?

  • Booxsted

    I like how the crowd didn’t even get hyped for the half court shot

    • zvra

      @Jordan Webster Nah, i think they were playing away and most fans didnt come

    • Jordan Webster
      Jordan Webster

      No one was paying attention

    • Mob Barley
      Mob Barley


  • Suez Kara
    Suez Kara

    Well , I am not a basketball fan , I do other sports. But these boys play so good and I can imagine all the training they have went through. Congratulations to both teams !!

  • A Boogie wit da Coochie
    A Boogie wit da Coochie

    Who's here 4 years later Lamelo is now on the Hornets

    • Frostixity

      im from the future and melo ball is an mvp

    • justin

      @scott allday im in the past unfotunately. melos 3 yrs old, cant wait to see him play!

    • scott allday
      scott allday

      Not me, this still the present for me

    • lilxghxsty


  • Frankie Latargia
    Frankie Latargia

    To be honest, these kids had a lot of potential and they still do. They should focus on defense too. You can literally see someone just stand there while the away team takes a layup. All this cherry picking isn't gonna work in college or the NBA. They need to learn how to adjust instead of having the other people adjust around them.

    • BLaZee

      Well well well , its been 5 years now look who they've become

    • Nehfari Meh Farina
      Nehfari Meh Farina

      I came back looking for this comment, I remember you hating way back when. Now speak

    • iceproductions

      @Gabe. MaQ he good now

    • Justin

      @Gabe. MaQ spoke too soon

  • Stephen Sunday
    Stephen Sunday

    LaMelo Ball with the ball = crafty Without the ball = a walking chia pet

    • JuJu3x

      @Kellen Miller i mean it kinda did cuz he is crafty

    • Kellen Miller
      Kellen Miller

      this didn’t age well

    • Ahmet Goekoglu
      Ahmet Goekoglu

      Stephen Sunday xD!

    • Raymond Williams
      Raymond Williams


  • Jonathan Zambrano
    Jonathan Zambrano

    14:05 shot from half court 🏀🏀👌

    • Leo The foot
      Leo The foot


    • Rose


    • Super Force789
      Super Force789


    • Rapstar News
      Rapstar News


  • matthewjamal

    Everyone's a basketball genius it seems. The Ball brothers are amazing ball players. Period. The potential is immense.

  • ThanameDb

    5 years later this is still one of the craziest in game moments ever

  • Marven Michel
    Marven Michel

    For those who came for the half court shot, its @ 14:04

    • HAZZA Lynn
      HAZZA Lynn


    • Eziekel Deeznuts
      Eziekel Deeznuts


    • Robbin Jefferson
      Robbin Jefferson

      Thank you

    • p


    • IdoKor

      god bless u bro

  • Илья Леванов
    Илья Леванов

    #3 is on fire. No hustle, only pure basketball. Respect!

  • Estarling Sabino
    Estarling Sabino

    Who would’ve thought 4 years later Melo would be rookie of the year 🏆

  • The Hunter
    The Hunter

    #11 hustles so much. Poor boy don't get enough credit

    • KLANGS

      I think

    • KLANGS

      @Esmail that’s his brother

    • Esmail

      @Bryan DC the DON is that kid

    • Bryan

      @Esmail ?

    • Esmail

      @Zach Rogers he is actually a rapper knw lol 😂

  • Jizavien Briggs
    Jizavien Briggs

    4 years later he’s in the NBA, I remember these times like they were yesterday

  • Shareef Taylor
    Shareef Taylor

    Chino Hills are a ton of fun, but they don't really hustle, take a ton of swipes at the ball and turn the ball over like crazy. I wonder how they would do against an east coast team that could play a ton of defense like St Anthony Jersey City.

  • RiZe Sways
    RiZe Sways

    Chino Hills whole offense is a fast break

  • Steeljojo

    #11 on Chino Hills shows heart and HUSTLES hard every play. Won't be surprised if he plays college and then transitions to NBA, although that is a long ways away. Looks like a complete PG.

  • Looney 6ohh
    Looney 6ohh

    number 0 and 21 need more recognition they are extremely good. They get key rebounds and are deadly down low.

  • Tommy Ochoa
    Tommy Ochoa

    Great camera work , I like its unbiased to see the full game 👌

  • Blazy_Dawg

    Melo’s range is literally infinite, he shoots wherever he wants to whenever he wants to 😂

  • Seth Haverlock
    Seth Haverlock

    Amazing dunk at 6:18

  • Randy Cooper
    Randy Cooper

    can someone tell me why Chino Hills had to forfeit losses during the 14-15 season?I know it had to do with an ineligible player playing but I don't know the specifics?

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez

    I love watching #11's game develop. It's crazy. He's literally getting better and getting more comfortable game by game

  • callahan

    0:10 only time i see lamelo on the bench

    • just a white guy with a rocket launcher
      just a white guy with a rocket launcher

      @Dynasty rather have others play than risk injury

    • Dynasty


    • morgan mirabella
      morgan mirabella


  • SED

    He need to do this at least one time in the league😭😭

  • Drake Moore
    Drake Moore

    to see how much lamelo has changed is amazing

  • Dk Juan
    Dk Juan

    Still blows my mind Melo called his shoot n made it mans a gods wish him the best in his nba career hall of famer 🙏🙏

  • Zeustra

    Crazy hustle by #11 as always, don't think we've forgotten you. Just look at 1:12 for god sake

    • Alvin Sim
      Alvin Sim

      true but at least he made up for it with the half court later on give and take I guess

    • KLANGS

      @damn that’s his brother

    • damn

      Zeustra That’s my boy DC The Don

    • EDITZ Sage
      EDITZ Sage

      Pause it at 9:05

  • Kayden Moore
    Kayden Moore

    He grew up so fast 🥲

  • Kanye West
    Kanye West

    This team foothill kicked our ass by 50 I can imagine if we play chino hills

  • GreatKhann

    14:05 half court shot

    • Cereal-Crumbs Elias
      Cereal-Crumbs Elias

      Thx dude stay humbled

    • rjjskatee

      @Kush Gordhan Bro wtf?

    • Pannawish Le
      Pannawish Le

      “That boy gon miss that” -Some woman

    • Sully

      @EDITZ Sage broooooo

    • SoochieLOL

      Even after 4 years you are helping people

  • codycopeland33

    When your able to scores 65 without having a left hand you know your getting open shots

  • D Piña
    D Piña

    i like the way how yall guys can pass so good on both side

  • Burrell1

    #3 is the most consistent player out of both teams. Defensively both teams need a lot of work. How many points did #3 score?

    • I Am Groot
      I Am Groot

      @Cardodger games Yeah, he’s always been the most consistent. Never scored less than 20 a game, good shot selection, good passer, could be a better defender tho.

    • ONION

      U mean LiAngelo??

    • Cardodger games
      Cardodger games

      Did you just say LiAngelo was the most consistent player?

    • Monyrie



    15:54 The Refs. Missed That Call. That Was Goal Tending. The Ball Hit The Backboard 1st, Then He Pinned It!

  • hesolitty._

    This team is a team we won’t see for a long time

  • Rice Gainz
    Rice Gainz

    Lonzo was such a big factor. You can really see the difference without him :(

  • Mike

    This is the fastest paced game I've ever seen

  • Heather Harlow
    Heather Harlow

    Begins @ 10:40

  • NotYourAveragePog

    Damn, Melos an amazing passer and shooter but has the defense and decision making of a McChicken

  • Zain Mahmood
    Zain Mahmood

    Chino hills wasn't trying at all! it's amazing how good they are


    Now that he's in the nba it would be crazy of he did this

  • michael David
    michael David

    14:05 You Been Watching For!!! (Half Court Shot)

  • HDG

    1:15 This man is about to fall on his ass keeping that ball in and you just gonna miss a layup? C'mon.

  • Matt Hanrahan
    Matt Hanrahan

    Their offensive skill is undeniable, but they'll get a wake up call when they face serious competition. Their half court D is questionable, and the amount of turnovers is out of control.

  • Itz_TyGuy

    #3 I thought was pretty good he made a lot of baskets and can shoot outside and post up inside

  • aj garcia
    aj garcia

    For those u came for the halfcourt shot it is. 14:04

  • eT Jdubs
    eT Jdubs

    6:20 is dirty af

    • Burco Presents
      Burco Presents

      Dang that’s incredibly hard to do wth

  • Big Head
    Big Head

    this dude LaMelo be throwing the ball like it's a football 😂

    • Mickgod

      he still be doing it in the nba

  • KillChase

    LaMelo doesn't stop shooting and also they don't even try on defense even though I love the Ball brothers Chino Hills coach needs to step up

    • ck tha jitt
      ck tha jitt

      Nathan Big Shlong John right

    • EDITZ Sage
      EDITZ Sage

      At 9:05 look at number 32

    • Tommy Tran
      Tommy Tran

      Its because they trade buckets they give them free bucket chuck the ball and make them sprint and wear them out

    • Marc LOLZ 2
      Marc LOLZ 2

      What YA mean boi See How many steals they have and blocks and u sayin they dont try on defense what ya mean boi

  • Lee Balderas
    Lee Balderas

    #11 should be noticed more... he hustling ,great player !

  • Ye Boy
    Ye Boy

    so your telling me he can make a half court shot first try but misses a wide open layup 🤔

  • Philly Fan
    Philly Fan

    0:42. I don’t care what anyone says. That is the most impressive highlight I’ve ever seen

    • Savanna M
      Savanna M


  • Shon Reese
    Shon Reese

    I think number 11 has wayyyy more skill than melo and honestly I think he has potential

  • Kylin Gaiter
    Kylin Gaiter

    ever think li Angelo gets back so fast because in their zone defense he is positioned at the half court line or near the maybe that's why he's the first one back

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost


  • I Broke My Rubber Band
    I Broke My Rubber Band

    Chino hills timeout be like Coach: anybody got a plan Lamelo: I'll just chuck it up to liangelo, then he will moss everyone, and make an easy bucket Coach: great plan!

    • Niño's Official Page
      Niño's Official Page


  • Ezell Williams
    Ezell Williams

    14:04 if you want to see the half court shot

  • Daniel Tamang
    Daniel Tamang

    That jersey no.3 got a damn good post move and a key player 👊👌 #pointguard

    • Bryce Capalot
      Bryce Capalot

      that’s gelo he’s considered the worst ball brother

  • johnnyboy4444

    Great defense. And number 3's mullet is awesome.

  • √Lux ©
    √Lux ©

    so no one gonna talk about those missed layups

  • VintageSteam

    Crazy this was only two years ago.. and Melo has grown so much since then

    • Mia Gabriel
      Mia Gabriel

      I think it was actually 3 yrs

  • Super Cooper Productions
    Super Cooper Productions

    I like how the opponent tries to pass like Lemelo

  • Jay Millz
    Jay Millz

    all I wanna know is the shooting percentages this game 😭

  • Jake Messer
    Jake Messer

    Imagine what Chino Hills could do if they played defense...


    This was a great football game

    • exploitz

      @Jalen Fultz oh thanks for letting me know! I wouldn’t have been able to tell. No shit it’s basketball. It’s called a joke.

    • Isaiah

      Markus 😂😂😂

    • Vizual Warrior
      Vizual Warrior

      Danielle Warren not a basketball game lol

    • Jalen Fultz
      Jalen Fultz

      Markus It was not a football game

    • Danielle W.
      Danielle W.

      KingMark this was a great basketball game😊

  • Gage Jernigan
    Gage Jernigan

    This feels like an all star game in a bad way

  • spoder4k

    LiAngelo is basically a lardass that can shoot and has decent post moves

    • juvaiinee

      Zach Rogers wdf

    • Zach Rogers
      Zach Rogers

      @George Donlan you guys are funny

    • George Donlan
      George Donlan


    • papalv


  • Anthom Aha
    Anthom Aha

    Lamelos shot making decision is questionable but hopefully he can work on taking higher percentage shots

  • Dave Francis Casinillo
    Dave Francis Casinillo

    The display of the running score would enhance videos like this.

  • Nick Lavender
    Nick Lavender

    y'all all sleep on #11 , he's gonna do big things in future. my favorite player in my opinion.

    • Frederick The Great
      Frederick The Great

      He stands out the most overall for sure plus he hustles

  • Game Zone
    Game Zone

    3 years later, 1# pick!!!

  • Boopy

    LaMelo was a straight SAVAGE

  • WydBebop ?
    WydBebop ?

    Lamelo and Eli were a dynamic duo

  • beyerch

    Does #3 ever get back on D or does he always just camp out on the offensive end? The kid can shoot pretty well, but they made it pretty easy on him judging by how many times he got wide open looks.

  • Cody Dobbs
    Cody Dobbs

    in every game they have won do they get to uncontrollably foul or just this game?