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  • NightWolf20

    Again this could be what Jordan was talking about when he mentioned you wanted to bring in a second ball brother I hope things go well for LiAngelo....this could also be Mitch Kupchak doing...

    • You’re*

      Gelo and Melo is the perfect pair. They know each other’s game. They’d be lethal together. Put him at SG as a spot up shooter and Melo will always find him.

    • Marc Desir
      Marc Desir

      Could be a good demanding move since miles probably played his last game

    • Glxtchxn

      @Mike Hall u and me both👌🤝🏽

    • Mike Hall
      Mike Hall

      I hope so

    • Glxtchxn

      @Patrick Nesci much respect due👍🏼I don’t get too emotional about this stuff, at the end of the day, it’s just entertainment and a fun past time.

  • A. Soraparu
    A. Soraparu

    Ball out Gelo!! Show the world one mistake doesn't have to ruin your goals. With all the work he's put in, he will be in the best shape out of most in Summer League. I'm hoping he gets a real shot in the NBA. BBB baby!! lets get it bro.

    • Your Lord
      Your Lord

      Official Charlotte will be tanking next session

  • mandybelle p
    mandybelle p

    They have strung him along long enough. Hopefully he'll get noticed by a team that's interested

    • SC

      He’s been around for 6 years, has the Ball last name, what’s not to notice but game film cause he’s never in the games, hahaha

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      Strung him along... Lol y'all are too much 🤣

    • Sheldon M
      Sheldon M


  • Elijah Shaw
    Elijah Shaw

    Great content as usual, you never disappoint DKM

  • robert redmon
    robert redmon

    I hope he gets major minutes this year in the SL. Let's see what he can really do with extended time on the floor not just scattered mins here and there

  • Dylan Meo
    Dylan Meo

    hope all goes well and he gets decent minutes

    • Patrick Nesci
      Patrick Nesci


    • Yandri Pons
      Yandri Pons

      I think he should now that's hes been with the org for a whiel

  • DJ WavyD
    DJ WavyD

    Love to hear it. My boy DK always got the news fast

  • Smokez

    I really hope Lamelo plays with his brother man, show Charlotte what it can be

  • GZ_Hoops

    Man we need Gelo to get legitimate minutes to show these dudes what he can truly do ! Enough of the couple minutes here n there...let him rock !

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @kpjmolly Gelo ain't NBA level

    • SC

      @kpjmolly ….so what!

    • kpjmolly

      @I am Groot! so what r u trying to say

    • kpjmolly

      @SC in the NBA summer league dude only played 16 minutes. He scored 16 points…

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @kpjmolly Can avg what? Bro he played a season in the G we all saw what he can and can't do. Smh

  • Torrin Santana
    Torrin Santana

    hope we just see a good gelo cause u know how he is. when it's his first time with it he on point weather it's his first shot his first summer league game his first g league game his first Lithuania game or his first jba game he be on fire so we shall see

  • ZBirDEveryday

    Really pulling for this guy !

  • Daniel Verhaagen
    Daniel Verhaagen

    welcome back Jello i can see him in the NBA 💪🏾

  • William Wilcox
    William Wilcox

    I’ll take gelo at my spurs. We may aswell give him the chance and pick him up

  • Rich

    They will use him for media purposes and then only play him 10-15 minutes.

  • Antonio 2020 Melendez
    Antonio 2020 Melendez

    After the bridges thing they need a draw and gelo could be that little bit of light

  • Corey Nelson
    Corey Nelson

    Hell yeah let's go bring back Mr Clifford we will see this time around 🙏🙏

  • george lugenalt
    george lugenalt

    Go Gelo. I don't know what the Hornets are doing with all their mistakes, but this is a bolt of good news.

  • smokeonsum

    hope he gets to play

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N

    Good vid discussion will be Gelo's path to a roster spot could look like this summer

  • Jay DS
    Jay DS

    The minor click bait title almost got me I knew it was gonna say summer league at the end

  • Low caphodler
    Low caphodler

    I honestly don’t think he’s good enough to play in the nba

    • SC

      @Angel Jaramillo …I don’t think he should be there either, but that’s there choice. MJ has chosen not to let Angelo be a token gift to the Ball family….so far.

    • Angel Jaramillo
      Angel Jaramillo

      How did thanasis antetukumpo play in the league? He’s straight garbage, if Giannis can bring his brother in, lamelo and lonzo could too. LiAngelo is arguably better than Thanasis

    • SC

      Finally, another sensible take…

  • Another Elvis
    Another Elvis

    Counterpoint: LiAngelo isn't good, but the Hornets should sign him for the G-league to make LaMelo happy.

    • Rotweiler Scholar
      Rotweiler Scholar

      He's not athletic enough to be a guard and he's too small to be a Forward unless he becomes a physical hard nosed defender like Draymond Green or PJ Tucker. The problem is offense is his strong point not defense.


    It's Liangelo's Time. He is great!

  • Brother Tough Love
    Brother Tough Love

    They need a new coach

  • Darth Väder
    Darth Väder

    Yeah!!!!! LETS GO GELLO!!!!!!

  • patrick roland
    patrick roland

    You are killing it with quality content

  • Blackpanther 212
    Blackpanther 212

    he should already be in the nba with lamelo and lonzo

  • glory

    just hope they actually give him minutes

  • RaGe Frezzy
    RaGe Frezzy

    Will he be in nba 2k next year ?

  • G Notion
    G Notion

    They could’ve signed my man to a 2-way..smh

  • barnesk80

    Hopefully they play him this time smh

  • Akael Salmon
    Akael Salmon

    honestly, I'm not gonna get excited until I see performance

  • Jacs

    Lj Figueroa is going to be a problem, best two way player on that summer league team

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  • eL Digge
    eL Digge

    Ill be at the games hope gelo gets to play vs. LA n shaqeer

  • Chantal Lester
    Chantal Lester

    I just found out that the coach for Greensboro is going to coach the Hornets summer league...

  • Tony Curtin
    Tony Curtin

    Why would the coach hiring be disappointing? Cliff took the hornets to the playoffs before with a far worse roster and took a team like Orlando to the playoffs 2 years in a row

  • Uncle Jay
    Uncle Jay

    *Happy 4 Gelo* #Don'tStop

  • BBallDiscussions

    So Julian Newman will be playing in The Basketball Tournament. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    • BBallDiscussions

      @Jan C he is one of their 12 players listed on the roster along with Archie Goodwin (former NBAer).

    • Jan C
      Jan C

      @BBallDiscussions I heard that was all rumor.

    • Hooderaw

      those dudes are former college players and overseas pros. Don't expect much from Julian.

    • BBallDiscussions

      @DKM TBT

    • DKM

      Summer league ?

  • SC

    You can’t tell he makes up the news he wants ya’ll to hear?? Jellos, jello, soft and non athletic. He’ll be at best a long time G leaguer, scraping together 10 to 12 min a game….

  • Aww Skit!
    Aww Skit!

    He can have Bridges spot

  • romeo montague
    romeo montague

    Let's go gelo

  • Leroy Sanders
    Leroy Sanders

    Mannnnn, y'all worried about the Summer League... We're talking about a MJ owned team🤣🤣🤣

  • Friction

    Hope they give him chances in the first tema

    • Guido Pared
      Guido Pared

      @Yandri Pons 🤔 are you nuts? What was his shooting percentage again?

    • Yandri Pons
      Yandri Pons

      They will. Who in that team shoots better than him?

  • Hood Rixh
    Hood Rixh

    WHAT IF…. he went to the lakers🥲

  • Alden Weaver
    Alden Weaver

    Bro and he’s not even the main player I’m excited to watch on this hornets team

  • Goat


  • patrick roland
    patrick roland

    Isn’t Vernon Carey on the Washington Wizards?

    • Anthony Walthour
      Anthony Walthour


  • 50 shades of crypto
    50 shades of crypto

    Vernon Carey was traded to the wizards my guy

    • 50 shades of crypto
      50 shades of crypto

      @DKM it's ok, I only noticed because I thought he was the steal of the draft at the time because he was the no1 ranked guy out of HS. Still haven't called it on him maybe the wizards will play him, but considering I thought the was at least going to be a fringe all star at this point that looks doubtful at best.

    • DKM

      I forgot 😂

  • Sheldon M
    Sheldon M

    There's a lot of guys that aren't in the league who are capable of playing in it. Appearance plays a role. Cut the hair Gelo to look more athletic

  • Dre Delux
    Dre Delux

    Gelo Vegas Baby‼️ Let’s Get It‼️

  • Joe Crandle
    Joe Crandle

    Wouldn't be a story if his last name wasn't Ball

  • Borninspain Van
    Borninspain Van

    Pistons need this guy

  • Apain Thesavage
    Apain Thesavage

    Vern Carey was traded to dc last year

    • Jan Liu
      Jan Liu

      To the wizards

  • Xavier Ares
    Xavier Ares

    Breaking news lamelo ball traded to Brooklyn for durant

  • Abragini84

    Man I can't even say I am happy about this, after how they treated him last season.. Hopefuly at least they will let the man play this season so he can finally prove himself...

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      How who treated Gelo? I swear y'all Ball Fam fans are about the most ungrateful bunch

    • Abragini84

      @Jan C I hope you are right... Cause last season they did him dirty...

    • Jan C
      Jan C

      I think they might let him play more, so he can get moved up like Thor and Bouknight did. I also think they know if they don't start giving Melo what he wants, he is gone when the season is over this year. Lot of teams out there will let his brother sit their bench like Addonis. Imagine what happens if Gelo gets more time and proves he belongs in NBA.

    • Josias Hernandez
      Josias Hernandez

      Hey different Head Coach bro… im a bit optimistic you never know

    • louville314


  • Patrick Nesci
    Patrick Nesci

    This has to be the funniest channel on all of IRglo.

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    💰 Make $750 Per Day

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  • Brooklyn BALLER
    Brooklyn BALLER

    Let gelo play with lamelo !!! Give him his opportunity


    *I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us* 💝😗😆🥳💝🤩

  • Walter Small
    Walter Small

    Wasn’t he on they summer league team before?

  • Jamir G
    Jamir G


  • Paul Huang
    Paul Huang

    They just using him for ticket sales they’re gonna blackball him again

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo

    I’ll be content when I see my man getting more than 2 minutes a game

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @#TheeiLove Yet somehow he can't produce in the G league... It's sick a mystery :::eye roll:::

    • Guido Pared
      Guido Pared

      @#TheeiLove so you think a dude hat was 14th or worse in almost every statistical category in the G LEAGUE could have helped the Lakers? Okay…. I’m just letting you know; Jock sniffers make TERRIBLE GMs.

    • Guido Pared
      Guido Pared

      @MSE you obviously didn’t watch him last year. He was flat out terrible. No excuses can cover his play. He was awful.

    • MSE

      @Guido Pared he's more athletic and less one dimensional than duncan robinson and duncan is getting paid like 25 mil a year.

    • Jan C
      Jan C

      @#TheeiLove Guido always coming out with, I was at every Swarm home game". Dude is lying. I was at more than half of Swarms games and if you were there, you heard everyone talking about what a shame it was that they were black balling him. When he got in he did what he could with 7 or 8 mins he got. So, Guido has no ideas if Gelo is better than average or not. Honestly, none of us do. I'm with you brother and hope he gets the mins, so he can get a better evaluation, than "he sucks". Maybe Guido will really attend some games and see how the coaches control the flow of the Swarm, not Gelo.

  • Xiaolong Lee
    Xiaolong Lee

    G3 should just play his ass off!! step by step process. there's a lot of dudes who plays a lot of GL and International Basketball before they became NBA player

  • BrutalAsBucs

    Lamelo should play to show the chemistry at work

    • Bulldogging with Quinn
      Bulldogging with Quinn

      Why would he risk himself a injury in summer league his brother should step up on his own

  • mario figueroa
    mario figueroa

    I would've been more exited if I see him with another team!! I dont want to see him been used by the hornets for ticket selling and then seeing him seating at the bench

  • ChillingTim185


  • Kang Loii
    Kang Loii

    Need 50 points from him

  • Blake

    Didn't he do this last year only to go to the g league

  • Malaki727

    He wont make the league

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M

    Justin Minaya is a hooper wanna see what he can do at this level

  • Pat Ebbesen
    Pat Ebbesen

    $100 says they signed melo to bring hype to the summer league and it turns into nothing

    • Guido Pared
      Guido Pared

      Melo isn’t playing in the SL.

  • Mike Hall
    Mike Hall

    Idk y you thi k we had a bad draft of you want gelo to be on thr main roster ...he gone need a spot how of they keep bringing in players?


    Don't forget that Harrell got arrested too, on drug charges🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jay Stewart
    Jay Stewart

    Bro, DKM, if you come out to Vegas you can totally crash at our crib😎 GeloVegasBaby🔥

  • LiL DRiP
    LiL DRiP

    They only doing this cause lamelo

  • EronOTN

    ***k that, he need to be on the team during the regular season

  • Rob Gover
    Rob Gover

    Just here to see you goobers lust after a guy that has ZERO chance of being a Hornet 😂.

  • Heinz Constantino
    Heinz Constantino

    Then go get lonzo. The hornets will be the no. 1 Franchise. FACTS!!..

  • Intrust Games
    Intrust Games

    Same shit different year they are going to ice him out like last year

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G

    This guy ain’t ready :/

  • William Fowler
    William Fowler

    Gelo Vegas Baby!!!!

  • Profess JB
    Profess JB

    Hope it’s not just for fan fair


    Gelovegasbaby 🙏🙏🙏🤞

  • reignmans

    hope they'll hide anything valuable.

  • Yankee Suave
    Yankee Suave

    I don’t care bout summer league!!! Sign this dude now

  • T

    If he sings the marketing would be crazy

  • Bobby Nelson
    Bobby Nelson

    About time shit! now its time to ball out

  • James Thornton
    James Thornton

    Gelo biggest baby...peace out brother.cant wait..😝😝😝😝👍👍

  • imahustla50

    DkM you have to pull up to Vegas this summer my boy and cover the hornets and Gelo

    • SC

      Cover what, his a _ _ on the bench for another season??

  • frankieorange81

    He can be a klay Thompson frfr

  • Joey Riollano
    Joey Riollano

    Gelo Vegas baby!

  • Darth Väder
    Darth Väder

    Who think Lonzo will ask for a trade if Gello sign with Hornets?

    • Macody Hicks
      Macody Hicks

      @J L exactly

    • J L
      J L

      Not even he has a chance at winning the championship with the Bulls

    • Macody Hicks
      Macody Hicks

      Tbh he kinda got sum special wit us but knowing zo he might wait till his contract expire(if the team stays good)

  • Ernesto Fraijo
    Ernesto Fraijo

    Hope MJ n crew r planning to get all 3 ball bros, won't only sell tickets but they b all new showtime 4 league....

    • Guido Pared
      Guido Pared

      They would be the worst team in the league.

  • john seventeen
    john seventeen

    Why no bouk

  • Jeff Howard
    Jeff Howard

    Is the coach diff?

  • Doowopfrm064

    With Miles being in the situation he’s in someone’s gonna have to fill that roll hope Gelo do good and make the Swarm team on a 2 way

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      Gelo now can play the 4 on an NBA yet he can't hold a starting spot in the G?

  • RacksUP Runway
    RacksUP Runway

    That’s what God is for

  • Mike Hall
    Mike Hall

    They need to be signed to thr regular season wtf now