Tottenham Hotspur
After scoring his 50th and 51st Premier League goals against Aston Villa go back and watch every single Sonny Strike in the English top flight.

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  • CharlesWhy

    I love how his goals aren't "set in a signature spot". He uses both his feet to score from anywhere... Truly remarkable.

    • jocille pregil
      jocille pregil

      @Crazy Steelheader yeah right when son was in Hamburg klopp want him in brussia Dortmund but he decline he go leverkusen then klopp try again when he was in leverkusen Tottenham got him

    • jocille pregil
      jocille pregil

      @hiker Frantz yeah right like son gonna go to Liverpool bcz of klopp if he really want klopp to coach him he already did longtime ago when he was in hamburg when klopp want to sign him in brussia Dortmund but he did not 🤷‍♀️

    • Young Young
      Young Young

      @hiker Frantz I said the same thing for two years.

    • Young Young
      Young Young

      @Defensive Adriano Too many flukes to be flukes. Give the man his dues; the guy has unbelievable spurt of speed, calm and accurate finishes off both sides. That's why he scores so many late game winners.

    • Ian Happyspaceman_
      Ian Happyspaceman_

      @GEOUS_7 GOR I'm on your side. lol

  • Skyito

    he is damn way underrated. some people will be always arrogant and never admit he is one of the world class. All his goals are all pure classic

  • Terry Chhangte
    Terry Chhangte

    Im a Liverpool fan but i gotta say this; when you score 50+ goals without a single pen, You are a class apart, Son.

  • Esther Song
    Esther Song

    Son is AMAZING. His goals are artistic and fearless. Legendary!!!!

    • Young Young
      Young Young

      Messi said he likes to watch Son play because Son plays fearless. Messi picked Son in his top 25 scorers.

  • s man
    s man

    Son is an absolute legend. World class in the true sense of the phrase.

  • J그루

    Header 3 + Left foot 19 + Right foot 29 = 51 In the box 43 + Out of the box 8 = 51 One Touch Shot 19 + Two-Touch Shot 8 + Third Touch 9 + Four Touch 6 + Over five touches 9 = 51 (9th Touch Chelsea Chelsea Goal, 12th Touch Burnley Goals) Field Goals 51 + PK Goal 0 = 51 Volley Shots 3, Rebound Goals 2, Goalkeeper Breaks Shots 5 3Goals in 30m dribble, 2goal 50m dribble, 1Goal in 70m dribble 1

    • 드로리안

      야 임뫄ㅋㅋ 한국에는 이런말이 있지 공부를 그렇게했으면 서울대갔다ㅋㅋ

    • Jw


    • mensrea

      This is as legendary as Son. Holy fuck well done. 👍

    • adikpro 93
      adikpro 93


  • Stuart Hammond
    Stuart Hammond

    Growing up, Gascoigne was my hero. I actually think I love Sonny even more. What a player.

  • Gravity

    He is absolutely legend in world soccer

  • lofi guy
    lofi guy

    He's my favorite player and what a strong beast! Wow, left or right he's an everlasting legend in both Continent and the world. I'm a big fan because of him. Humble, talented, high IQ, and hard working breaking all odds. That's my Sonny! Let's go EPL Championship Tittle

  • hyunsook J
    hyunsook J

    Son ist wirklich eine Weltklasse, ein Legende von Spurs!

  • Riccardo Missaglia
    Riccardo Missaglia

    50 "sonsational" goals . Pure worldclass.

    • 하겸

      @감성음식 before he got injury, he has more attack point than Mane

    • 아예음오아예

      @Terry H 울것다

    • 월드클래스_손흥민

      @안녕 Are you Korean?

    • priyo siswoyo
      priyo siswoyo


    • in seoul
      in seoul

      @감성음식 thank you...?

  • AlwaysRetr0

    So underrated. Easily one of the PL's most prized possessions. And that's coming from a Chelsea fan.

    • 서인태

      @이동우 8

    • Hayden Smith
      Hayden Smith


    • C D
      C D


  • Oliver Dixon
    Oliver Dixon

    SON is an absolute legend what a player

  • deux Kim
    deux Kim

    손흥민 모든골이 예술이다.감탄을 자아낸다.

  • Lang Kanai
    Lang Kanai

    This man is always in control! Very, very underrated player!

    • Young Young
      Young Young

      He's underpaid, no longer underrated. But his potential is higher if Spurs had better midfielders. The problem is Spurs midfielders can't move the ball crisply. You can't win big trophies with the defense and midfielders they have. De Bruyn of Mancity is just a class apart. If Son was in Sterling's place, he would be scoring every game.

    • Bagirock Carlguksoo
      Bagirock Carlguksoo

      @Lang Kanai oh i see !!

    • Lang Kanai
      Lang Kanai

      @Bagirock Carlguksoo I think you misunderstand me. I think he's even better than even fans say he is.

    • Bagirock Carlguksoo
      Bagirock Carlguksoo

      what do you mean by underrated..?? he is already world class you just need to admit it which everyone already had admitted long ago....

  • IG Moon
    IG Moon

    No doubt, Sonny is legend of Spurs

    • Taiaborlang Tham
      Taiaborlang Tham

      @siukhamno kata m hothoah hothaw hok nga ka kton phi khapai phi sanga

    • siu

      결국은 레전드 맞죠

    • Taiaborlang Tham
      Taiaborlang Tham

      @siu not Chinese he is indian

    • Ssssssss

      @Defensive Adriano legend of Premier League !!!

  • FrankKk Bard0n
    FrankKk Bard0n

    this guy needs a title so bad. An amazing player, he´s probably underrated for being korean, i dont know how he isnt being targeted by Real, bayern, barca. he´s on a team that never wins anything and that´s a little sad. lucklily this will be the year

  • Been there done that _GTFTS
    Been there done that _GTFTS

    Sonny’s goals never get old & he is a true legend of spurs itself already.

  • Cyber Monk
    Cyber Monk

    Son is the wonder player for every coach: he brings to the team the speed and depth in counter strike and keeps pressing the difence line, and oh damn that shooting precision both footed!

  • OmenBlox

    He is a phenomenal player and definitely a great addition to tottenham, also I just noticed when he celebrates it looks like he is running away from his teammates and dodging them

  • Sicario Frank
    Sicario Frank

    Son, the Revolutionary of Spurs. Also the Hero we need now more than ever.

    • IU

      @proto Mourinho already said that Parrot is not good enough to play top flight football at this moment. Parrot needs more training.

    • proto

      @IU we have Troy Parrot.. a young Irish striker. He has potential, but he's very young and lacks experience. He is our only hope up front right now.

    • James Iyer
      James Iyer

      @IU Moura isn't good enough up front unfortunately.

    • IU

      @Philip Chadwick Who does the Spurs have now? Moura? Dele? Who else?

    • IU

      @Sicario Frank Let's not forget Moura and his 3 goals against Ajax. I think he deserves as much credit as Son. It was a shame that Pochetino chose Kane to start in the final match. That was just wrong.

  • Sane Man
    Sane Man

    His chemistry with Kane is hitting new levels this season

    • 한국다람쥐

      Absolute Duo

    • Sane Man
      Sane Man

      @nprussell - Llamaverse Artist if it clicks it could be devastating

    • nprussell - Llamaverse Artist
      nprussell - Llamaverse Artist

      Son, Kane & Bale. As a Sheffield United fan, this terrifies me

    • Nortey Peter okwei
      Nortey Peter okwei


    • no further west
      no further west

      Yes. If they can both stay healthy this could be a great season. Kane's vision and creativity in passing is off the charts

  • 밝은빛

    부디 부상없이 건강한 모습으로 많은 골을 넣기를 기원합니다.

  • Yohan Moon
    Yohan Moon

    Heung min Son!! What a great perfomence!

  • Anonymous Comment
    Anonymous Comment

    3:31 look at Son on the left. He’s fking fast

    • JK Lee
      JK Lee

      And amazing pass from kane

    • 김부각

      @소녀와사겼꾼 마 돈나 빠람빠

    • 소녀와사겼꾼

      와 돈나 빠르다

    • Jaxtyn Demy
      Jaxtyn Demy

      No way Sonny's speed..

  • SB Lee
    SB Lee

    His goals are so fancy, dynamic. Absolutely Superstar

    • amirhan abatamurmahkto
      amirhan abatamurmahkto

      Most his goals are fantastic,, Especially when he was in Hamburg

  • Sopiro

    Hes scoring machine!! He make a goal in any situation!!

  • Lumius ToCyan
    Lumius ToCyan

    One of the best choice of Spurs in history : taking Son to team

  • Ian S
    Ian S

    Every goal he's scored brings joy and tears at the same time love SON 😊😭❤

  • J

    If football did not work out for him, track and field would be amazing. His speed is unbelievable and his goals are just world class.

  • Kamiel Moodley
    Kamiel Moodley

    Honestly he has scored some of the best goals i've ever seen, technical, brave, calm and clinical.


    아시아선수 한명의 골을 이렇게 길게볼수있는 시대에 살고있음에 감사하다.

    • ska A
      ska A

      @랜덤올 중국은 싫지만 손은 한국의 자랑이다

    • Sony Ber
      Sony Ber

      I completely agree

    • 일론 마스크
      일론 마스크

      @WasabiPeas 승민이가 누구야?ㅋㅋ

    • try i
      try i

      @WasabiPeas 승민이는 누구?

    • 랜덤올

      한국은 싫지만 손은 아시아의 자랑이다

  • Hyanghee Lee
    Hyanghee Lee

    Sonny is great. However, all these wonder goals won't be possible without his team. Especially Kane's assists are fantastic.

  • Tommy Zane
    Tommy Zane

    PSG has Neymar✌ Barcelona has Messi🙈 Juventus has Ronaldo😎 Spurs has Son🔥👊

  • Agent Penguin
    Agent Penguin

    Son is unbelievable!!! ❤👏👏👏👏

  • David Green
    David Green

    I've just finished watching a video about all of Gareth Bale's goals ( so far ) , and now THIS !! . Looking forward to seeing the two legends play together

  • 오동호

    전세계 축구 팬들이 가장 많이 열광하는 영국 프리미어리그 그곳에는 대한민국의 축구선수 손흥민 있어 나는한국인으로서 자부심을 느낀다 멋진 애국자민간외교관 골을넣을때마다 현지중계 아나운서의외침 사우스코리아 흥민 손 ♡ 흥민손 ♡ 세계 5대양6대주에 중계되는 프리미어리그 다 나는 예전에 런던 에서 맨유팀경기를보았다 박지성 ♡ 그추억을 소중히간직하고있다ㅡ 세계인이 인정하는 월드클레스 손흥민 더욱 분발해서 세계축구사에남는 기록세우기를 바라고 항상건강히 한국인으로서 긍지실력 세계축구 팬들에게 보여주길바란다ㅡ 화ㅡ이팅 손흥민 사랑한다 대한의 아들☆

    • MovementFAV

      민족주의 사상 쪽팔린다 구태

  • 최창환

    골 결정력 진짜좋다ㄷㄷ..

  • Kenny Ra
    Kenny Ra

    To be able to play like that and score those goals at Tottenham makes him special. Imagine if he was at Man City or Liverpool…. He would have unreal stats

  • Ali Arshad
    Ali Arshad

    One of the most underrated players in the prem. Can score, assist, works hard for the team and plays with a smile on his face. Top player. Manchester United fan.

    • amirhan abatamurmahkto
      amirhan abatamurmahkto

      He knows also when to pass , And mostly least selfish striker In tottenham

  • 뽀루뚜아

    He is already world class player.

    • Danny Kim
      Danny Kim

      A world class player

    • 아무튼


  • hello

    How easily make the goals... beautiful scenes.... at least .. He seems deserve to be legend of the spurs

  • 꽃내뇸뇸

    다 멋진데 3:31초 케인 공잡았을때 흥민 뛰는거 캬 너무 멋있다 진짜!

  • let Vio
    let Vio

    He is undeniable..spurs legend

  • Mahima Chhangte
    Mahima Chhangte

    I am Spurs from when Son was coming into the his movement and speed is always a spectacle in my eyes

  • Julian Caesar
    Julian Caesar

    That Burnley goal 😍 then afterwards he’s just staring into the crowd like ‘ yeah, you like that one’. LOVE IT!

    • Stephen Obuseh
      Stephen Obuseh

      Wait for the one against arsenal deadly 😬

  • dari dulu
    dari dulu

    all of his goals are just class🔥🔥

  • Quorkytoed

    Son is like in one of my top 5 greatest players ever

  • yb jeong
    yb jeong

    3:31 Son's speed is unbelievable!

    • MovementFAV

      Starts from 5 steps behind milner, and finishes in 5 steps ahead with composer….Sonny, you are….

    • MIKE TOH
      MIKE TOH

      Amazing speed he showed when he ran and scored the second goal against Huddersfield

    • Johnny Johnny
      Johnny Johnny


    • 문진영

      @FanofManCity 저소닉은 캐릭터 말하는거 맞음 스퍼스 인스타에도 번리전 골 소닉처럼 동전먹는거로 합성해서 올리기도했는데

  • mensrea

    1:14 oh man, wasn’t expecting that. No settling of the ball or anything. Never gave defense or GK a chance. That’s a goal scorer’s goal right there. Pure magic.

  • E limmm
    E limmm

    easily in the top 3 of the best players who has ever played for spurs. love this guy to bits!!

  • MyVlog

    방금까지 카가와 신지, 오카자키, 혼다등 일본선수들 그리고 박지성 등 스페셜영상 보다가 딱 와서 보니... 진짜 손흥민은 소름끼치는 장면과 골을 많이 만들었다. 손흥민은 격이 다르다. 아무리 해도 못넘는 그 아시아 특유의 한계점이 있는데, 그걸 넘어 섰음. 축구 오래본 사람으로 딱 손흥민 볼때 내스스로 체감하는게 다름.. 소름끼치는 정도가 다름

    • 람파이

      눈물이 난다 대다나다 홍민만세만세만만세

    • 람파이

      @김시훈 머지

    • 부릉부릉

      @김시훈 피지컬엔 스피드도 포함아니냐. 월클맞지~ 속도봐라 애들 못따라오는 골장면 개많다 ㅋㅋㅋ

    • 최배달

      @김시훈 수많은 유망주와 스타들이 epl와서 epl의 압박축구와 피지컬싸움에 적응하지못해 얼마나 많이 나가떨어졌는데;; 피지컬이 단순히 키, 몸무게로 아는건 아니겠지?

    • 하겸

      @김시훈 피지컬 존나 좋은데 뭔 개같은소리냐 동포지션에 비하면 월클이지 스털링 네말 래시포드만 봐도 답나옴

  • Ranya Choo
    Ranya Choo

    3:31 his unbelievable pace

  • Anton s
    Anton s

    8:33 the best goal ever on EPL

    • Giau Huynh J
      Giau Huynh J

      When you play FIFA in easy mode!

    • 딩구Ding-Gu

      @김장르 ㅋㅋ 아 존나 웃기네 ㅋㅋ

    • .

      Not only the EPL but also the most famous scene in the world.

    • JH P
      JH P

      Yup in the history

    • Mr. Ho
      Mr. Ho

      Whole solo goal!


    A sheer joy to watch. Sonny and Harry are in the top 5 in the World right now.

  • 정해성

    지렸다리. 레알 슛 컨트롤 능력이 최상급 같은데 양발 모두 월드 클래스

  • se se
    se se

    He is a key player for Tottenham. If he moves to Real Madrid, Tottenham's future will surely be grim. The combination of both Kane and Son is important.

  • Lily Bingham
    Lily Bingham

    To think that early 2021 he bagged 100goals for spurs in all comp. Completely amazing stellar player one of the best in the world!

  • amirhan abatamurmahkto
    amirhan abatamurmahkto

    Most his goals are beautiful, Fantastic goals

  • Dapur AngToni
    Dapur AngToni

    So talented..... really like this guy😍

  • MovementFAV

    One of the finest player both in and out of the pitch!

  • Puppy cat
    Puppy cat

    Thnks to the video editors for uploading this,you truly are the unsung heroes for working tirelessly and editing out such good videos. Sending you unlimited hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • VAR 판독기
    VAR 판독기

    0:00 15/16 6R (vs Crystal Palace) 0:10 15/16 19R (vs Watford) 0:25 15/16 36R (vs Chelsea) 0:37 15/16 37R (vs Southampton) 0:58 16/17 4R (vs Stoke City) 1:11 16/17 4R (vs Stoke City) 1:26 16/17 6R (vs Middlesbrough) 1:31 16/17 6R (vs Middlesbrough) 1:49 16/17 14R (vs Swansea City) 1:58 16/17 18R (vs Southampton) 2:07 16/17 22R (vs Manchester City) 2:17 16/17 30R (vs Burnley) 2:26 16/17 31R (vs Swansea City) 2:40 16/17 32R (vs Watford) 2:49 16/17 32R (vs Watford) 2:55 16/17 33R (vs AFC Bournemouth) 3:05 16/17 37R (vs Leicester City) 3:17 16/17 37R (vs Leicester City) 3:28 17/18 9R (vs Liverpool) 3:42 17/18 11R (vs Crystal Palace) 3:53 17/18 15R (vs Watford) 4:00 17/18 16R (vs Stoke City) 4:13 17/18 17R (vs Brighton and Hove Albion) 4:21 17/18 20R (vs Southampton) 4:38 17/18 21R (vs West Ham United) 4:47 17/18 22R (vs Everton) 4:55 17/18 29R (vs Huddersfield Town) 5:06 17/18 29R (vs Huddersfield Town) 5:13 17/18 30R (vs AFC Bournemouth) 5:21 17/18 30R (vs AFC Bournemouth) 5:37 18/19 13R (vs Chelsea) 5:58 18/19 15R (vs Southampton) 6:06 18/19 16R (vs Leicester City) 6:15 18/19 18R (vs Everton) 6:26 18/19 18R (vs Everton) 6:37 18/19 19R (vs AFC Bournemouth) 6:43 18/19 19R (vs AFC Bournemouth) 6:52 18/19 21R (vs Cardiff City) 7:02 18/19 24R (vs Watford) 7:11 18/19 25R (vs Newcastle United) 7:23 18/19 26R (vs Leicester City) 7:36 18/19 31R (vs Crystal Palace) 7:53 19/20 5R (vs Crystal Palace) 8:02 19/20 5R (vs Crystal Palace) 8:10 19/20 12R (vs Sheffield United) 8:18 19/20 13R (vs West Ham United) 8:33 19/20 16R (vs Burnley) 8:56 19/20 24R (vs Norwich City) 9:09 19/20 25R (vs Manchester City) 9:36 19/20 26R (vs Aston Villa) 9:46 19/20 26R (vs Aston Villa) vs AFC Bournemouth ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ vs Crystal Palace ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ vs Watford ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ vs Leicester City ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ vs Southampton ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ vs Everton ⚽️⚽️⚽️ vs Stoke City ⚽️⚽️⚽️ vs Aston Villa ⚽️⚽️ vs Burnley ⚽️⚽️ vs Chelsea ⚽️⚽️ vs Huddersfield Town ⚽️⚽️ vs Manchester City ⚽️⚽️ vs Middlesbrough ⚽️⚽️ vs Swansea City ⚽️⚽️ vs West Ham United ⚽️⚽️ vs Brighton and Hove Albion ⚽️ vs Cardiff City ⚽️ vs Liverpool ⚽️ vs Newcastle United ⚽️ vs Norwich City ⚽️ vs Sheffield United ⚽️

    • ETZRDR

      이형 월클이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • 고영준

      와 지렸다 ㄷㄷ

    • 앙무무띠

      어떻게 맨유상대로 넣은골이 1도없냐

    • 노스트레스

      수고하셨습니다 흥민이가 약간 양학러네요 ㅎㅋ 구라예용~

  • Ella Costache
    Ella Costache

    This happens when you do it with passion♥️

  • David J
    David J

    He is one of the best player in PL.

  • young do kim
    young do kim

    goals of pure class.... he should go to big club.

  • 시민세종

    양발잡이 ... 정말로 그는 완벽하게 만들어진 스트라이커.

  • Manoo_ Solotraveler
    Manoo_ Solotraveler

    My goodness...he is purely sensational. Why people aren't talking about his goals... I saw some "SONsational goals“. This guy is soooo underated. ❤️❤️👌👍💪💪

    • ivorysteele

      What the hell did I just watch. My man is one of the best strikers I have ever seen

    • Young Young
      Young Young

      @Frankie Sum Are you kidding me? He's probably one of the most famous soccer players in the world now.

    • Young Young
      Young Young

      Only to those who don't know him well. Coaches at top clubs are drooling over him. He's also pretty good passer.

    • kim benk
      kim benk

      He models for Volvo now and many in S. K.

    • 새것이자마지막인오늘

      I think that survey is true but old.

  • mario escobar
    mario escobar

    Honestly ive been watching messi all my life and hes up there on par with ronaldo and messi, mark my words, in a few years hes going to be the best,

    • Young Young
      Young Young

      Messi dribbles much better but I believe Son is faster in terms of speed, although Messi is very quick. Both are very accurate when finishing. Son is more like Ronaldo than Messi. Son himself said during a Korean interview that no player can be compared to Messi because he's incomparable, but he tried to model his game after Ronaldo's game. Son said you can't model your game after Messi's game because that's impossible.

    • Monke Taking You To Paradise
      Monke Taking You To Paradise

      Delusion of the highest order.

    • bruce Hur
      bruce Hur

      SON IS NEW KING OF ENGLAND!! 1st goal right foot 2nd goal left foot 3rd goal right foot 4th goal left foot This isn't even his final form. Wait till he becomes Heung Max Son!

  • proférant

    What a wonderful player he is.

  • Chris Y. Kim
    Chris Y. Kim

    Don't forget his teammates... Some simply marvelous assists by the Spurs 👏👏👏

  • Liam_JW

    His running speed on some of his runs are insane yet he has 88 pace on fifa

  • Krypton

    Wtf literally all of his goals are sensational

    • ledwiss shclulz standberg
      ledwiss shclulz standberg

      I think so

    • Kooma

      You mean SONsational? 🤣🤣

    • Олег Ренненкампф
      Олег Ренненкампф


    • Saint Force 滅共
      Saint Force 滅共


  • EnzooX 69
    EnzooX 69

    Son finishing is next level

  • benjamin gam
    benjamin gam

    Two footed. Fast. Direct. I wish he's at Manchester United. At least he's at my favorite neutral team.

  • Filthii Pirates
    Filthii Pirates

    Strange that his Left & Right foot are equally powerful.🔥 & What i like about SON is his speed & gesture

  • Groot 200
    Groot 200

    His short steps are amazing. he is such a grreat player in world most competitive football league!!!

  • 키산

    03:31 SON World class speed ... wow

    • Pete Lee
      Pete Lee

      Look at his speed..ㄷㄷ 개 빠름.

    • Heral

      @Aegis U mean 8:35

    • The patrus nostor
      The patrus nostor

      @cola dod is japanese player

    • Jae Shim
      Jae Shim

      @cola dod S. Korean

  • 김따뜻

    Hey guys! Im thrilled by ssony’s off the ball and speed.

  • Red Johnson
    Red Johnson

    he is damn way underrated. some people will be always arrogant and never admit he is one of the world class. All his goals are all pure classic

  • J Cif
    J Cif

    Love that he points to the people who made the assists!!!! Great teammate and future captain?

  • 황토마당에서놀자

    손흥민 골 넣는 장면마다 예술이네요. 감탄사만 나옵니다!!!

  • SL Clo
    SL Clo

    Son's speed is always as UFO

  • clasicoVI

    SON made 12 league goals more since this vid for 20 matches. AMAZING!!! 😂💣💥🔥💨💙🙌

  • 모던

    The process, the determination, everything is perfect.

  • Eugene Chung
    Eugene Chung

    Now, total 71 goals as Tottenham with the brilliant goal against MU on the 21/22 season opener. Amazing!

  • Noleman990

    The Son, the Son and the Holy Son.

    • kyongha kang
      kyongha kang

      Too much!

  • Insang Yoon
    Insang Yoon

    His finishing is top class

  • sultan mohamud
    sultan mohamud

    So underrated player fantastic baller From lfc fan ♥️ Respect Tottenham 🏆

  • Albert Cano
    Albert Cano

    Heung Min Son is a Crack to World ⚽🇰🇷

  • Chris Y. Kim
    Chris Y. Kim

    Steph Curry of soccer: He's always at the right place at the right time Finesse and Fierce Fluid and Silky Smooth A very un-cocky confidence So accurate Can finish in an array of ways, so versatile Mastered both Right and Left limbs Son just needs some 🏆🏆🏆 Will he ever with the Spurs?

  • Ken Kim
    Ken Kim

    Legend of Spurs history

    • Nandakumar Nair
      Nandakumar Nair

      @Danny Kim yeah

    • Nandakumar Nair
      Nandakumar Nair

      @Defensive Adriano who tell. I think you are barca fan. Barce lose to bayern 2-8. 😂😂😂

    • 아쿠아

      평소에 열등감을 느끼니까 뭐라도 자랑하고 싶어지는거겠지ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하여간 국뽕은 사회암

    • 아아아아아아ᅡᄋ

      @Q Bio2020 베일조차도 손흥민스탯보다 아래아니냐? 임팩트는 더 강했어도

  • Padeen Heslop
    Padeen Heslop

    Son heungmin is my hero and one of the best player in football 🏆

  • 짱몸매

    non penalty kicker, non freekicker, Even a kicker at cornerkick . Most of goal are field goals

    • Belugamew




    • 박양하


  • Al Farisi
    Al Farisi

    When you Don't know what to do..just give son the ball and he will score

  • broxxad

    Fun fact: 1.Van Nistelrooy scored wonder run goal against Fulham at age 27. 2. Van Nistelrooy mentors Son at Hamburg 3. Son scored wonder run goal against Burnley at age 27.

    • Human's desire
      Human's desire

      Not fun at all bro

    • bokkil um
      bokkil um

      @sh Y don"t u know really dutch pay?.the other side of england, side by belgium, and near of deutchland. land of tulip, windmill.

    • bokkil um
      bokkil um

      u r correct.

    • 반데사르


    • Young Young
      Young Young

      Van Nistelrooy also said that he said Son reminds him of himself when he was young and predicted that Son would be a great player.


    8:33 Best goal of his career

    • 하겸

      Best goal of the century

    • 메타몽냠냠

      2020 Puskas

    • [무기성애자] 새채널로와주세여 8ㅅ8
      [무기성애자] 새채널로와주세여 8ㅅ8

      @Haitam C well taekwondo kick is much better i think, cause he is a korean

    • Mighty Oh
      Mighty Oh

      @도시개미 we call it equalizer.

    • Sandalista Garis Lucu
      Sandalista Garis Lucu

      Solo run 🐆

  • dhap j
    dhap j

    이렇게 모아보니 결정력이 진짜 월드클래스 맞네. 어려운 골이 많았네

  • bunkerboy 2020
    bunkerboy 2020

    He has learnt to score like a forward. I feel he will be another bale.

  • bruce Hur
    bruce Hur

    SON IS NEW KING OF ENGLAND!! 1st goal right foot 2nd goal left foot 3rd goal right foot 4th goal left foot This isn't even his final form. Wait till he becomes Heung Max Son!