if you ever see a bent fork in your door, leave your house and RUN away fast!! (it's a trap)
if you ever see a bent fork in your door, leave your house and RUN away fast!! (it's a trap)
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  • Stromedy

    If you ever see a FORK in your door you need to RUN!!

    • Taylor Oller
      Taylor Oller

      Wow I love that guy came as soon as you where about to inside so real

    • Cecily Prestridge
      Cecily Prestridge


    • 余波

      @LieYen Goh ok

    • MR.   S.W.A.T
      MR. S.W.A.T

      I wonder who put the fork stromedy

    • Lorraine Hennessy
      Lorraine Hennessy


  • YourAncestor

    This is a good video. Even tho i believe that could of been a fake scenario. I'm not douting but this is a good way to help someone get ready for these scenarios.

  • QueenT Bridger
    QueenT Bridger

    If someone was waiting for me to go sleep they would never get in 🤣

    • Gaming with Jasmeh
      Gaming with Jasmeh


  • Katrinaa Vloggs🥰💕
    Katrinaa Vloggs🥰💕

    The fact that when he tried to open the door from the inside he had his foot on the door

  • Naomi Evans
    Naomi Evans

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate stromady for taking the time to do this for us

    • foxlady

      @Art Cat I'm so sorry ring person

    • foxlady

      @Art Cat so what it's good

    • Ariana Grande Edits
      Ariana Grande Edits

      @Smiths omg it’s rude lol

    • Smiths omg
      Smiths omg

      Art cat don’t be rood he reads this

    • D_brozych


  • A&N   productions land
    A&N productions land

    thanks for the tip stromedy i will for sure get help if i ever see a fork in my door great job on this video thanks for sharing it

  • jakki

    “Leave your house FAST and RUN away FAST!!” *Also them: GET HIM GET HIM DONT LET HIM LEAVE DONT LET HIM LEAVE*

  • Jodi Schiller
    Jodi Schiller

    What would've been smart was them standing at the stairs for the basement trapping him in their basement and then call the police and keep him in there until the police could deal with him.

    • Oliver Tindall
      Oliver Tindall

      Its fake they're not gonna call the cops

    • Summer-louise Springall
      Summer-louise Springall

      I have the adult room

    • Summer-louise Springall
      Summer-louise Springall


    • Summer-louise Springall
      Summer-louise Springall

      The person who is in the house would come in MY ROOM

    • Summer-louise Springall
      Summer-louise Springall


  • Natalie Straub
    Natalie Straub

    Dude I love your videos they’re the best and I can’t wait to see this video and what are those things you’ve been up there

    • Natalie Straub
      Natalie Straub

      Yo that was so scary he almost took your plaque that’s bad because I can’t believe you got to go to mine I mean wrote wrote never mind but dude I’m glad he didn’t do that he almost took it off if you don’t mind I will call the police and chase him down until I taught them even know if I’m out of breath

    • Natalie Straub
      Natalie Straub

      Well I can’t wait to see your video because I got to see what why do you run when you when there’s a fork in your door

  • Shelley G
    Shelley G

    I had one in my door a couple months ago and then a few days later I saw someone in my garden whilst I was on my own and it was 8pm and winter so it was dark!


    Thanks for telling me cause I found a fork in my door and since I watched this video I knew what to do thank you so so so so so very much Kyle

  • Julia Flatt
    Julia Flatt

    I love watching your videos stromedy before I started watching this video of yours I was mad because my grandfather ruined one of my jumps for my horse then I watched this video and I am not mad

  • leafy...gxcha.

    I love your videos so so much! Keep doing what you do!!

  • Hannah Fryer
    Hannah Fryer

    Thank you this person got very close to breaking in to my house but because of this video we new what to do

  • ITACHI Otsutsuki
    ITACHI Otsutsuki

    I love how they just watched somebody rob their house

  • Katie Murray
    Katie Murray

    Glad that never happens to me because that is really scary but I would enjoy running around the house

  • Heinds 🇺🇦
    Heinds 🇺🇦

    My house has security bars so even if you unlock the door you still can’t enter.

  • Galaxy Kitten
    Galaxy Kitten

    There is probably a thief watching this video and thinking “Oh, what great idea. Now I can get into houses easier.”

    • Conrad Gagnon
      Conrad Gagnon

      @Sarai Tellez how do you ride the members

    • Uzzi playz
      Uzzi playz


    • Treesare Madeofwood
      Treesare Madeofwood

      Fake af and there are way easier methods to get past a dead bolt and quicker to.

    • LiLi HUANG
      LiLi HUANG

      U know if a thief looked at ur comment it would help a thief

    • Nicky Swan
      Nicky Swan


  • A Hang
    A Hang

    The good thing is that he wasnt wearing gloves so he left finger prints on the play button that the cops can scan and figure out there identity

    • Gaming with Jasmeh
      Gaming with Jasmeh

      You could became a detective

  • That one😐
    That one😐

    ✨Bruh, Robbers or, Theeves are probably watching this video, And Thinking, "YES! Now, I can rob and not even get Cought! (, Maybe.....)✨

  • Jane Silky Boo
    Jane Silky Boo

    That was so scary!! lol

  • Sarah

    He’s telling his friends to shush when he’s sooooo loud like I would just hear him straight away if I was that alien guy

    • ?møøñ_å_f[tøñ


  • FluffyPuppy✨💗

    I like videos like this it's so cool to find out new things!

    • Mama Hausen
      Mama Hausen

      Guys sorry but there’s a bed and forth in my door OMG what do I do someone tell me AHhHhgui

    • NoobKing

      @Brynn Umbel you can just edit your comment-_-

    • Montyplays

      It’s not fake

  • loveu Adhikari
    loveu Adhikari

    Once I saw your videos and now I am obsessed I watch your videos. even when doing my home work something's .I still watch it when I don't know what to watch and I watch your videos when chilling

  • Elena Jechiu
    Elena Jechiu

    I love❤️ your video's and I love how you put the camera's around to see👀

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Ava ♡
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Ava ♡

    stromedy " stay safe guys and now im gonna show you how to break into peoples house :)" me" bruh-"

  • Abigail

    I think that dude was just distracting you so the actual person that's trying to break in could actually steal something

  • Elaine Phillips
    Elaine Phillips

    Just put a trap including a gun but in your hands you know where this is going

  • lear wbc
    lear wbc

    i thought Canada was so awesome and crime free that no one locks their door.

  • Master man gilt
    Master man gilt

    I've got a question, do these things actually happen to stromedy or does he make it look like it happend because a lot of the things in these videos I've never seen?

  • Alicia Robertson
    Alicia Robertson

    This video came up in my feed and curiosity got the better of me. This looks staged to this great grandmother but interesting to see the fork trick. My thought was that all the electronics in the world can’t compare with a well trained guard dog! I had a couple of them when I had children in the house. Even a little yappy dog will warn off an intending intruder. NB. I didn’t like the use of Jesus’ name during your sketch.


    This is an awesome video! Keep up the good work! 🤗

  • Will Stevenson
    Will Stevenson

    Oh my gosh thank you my house has a bent fork thank you so much for saving my life stromedy I came home that one night and there was a fork thank you so much 🙏🥲😭 *happy tears*

  • Fuvu Poto
    Fuvu Poto

    imagine finding a thief in your mf house and let him escape when he is in front of you, twice. wtf man that shit false af.

    • Fuvu Poto
      Fuvu Poto

      @Rebecca Jebb my apologies my dear colleague

    • Rebecca Jebb
      Rebecca Jebb

      Don't sweAR I'm 8

  • Angel Russon
    Angel Russon

    Thief looking through kyles stuff Kyle*thats ok* Thief taking his plack *IM COMING

  • SprainedDisc211

    When he put the fork in you should of yelled "GET THE HELL OF OUR PROPERTY" and run down and tackle him

    • poppy

      Yeah right

    • Elsa U
      Elsa U

      Ha get the hell of our property

    • Cara Parent
      Cara Parent


    • VivianXD

      help i thought i was lagging when i saw ur profile picture ;-;

  • Gaming Lucifer
    Gaming Lucifer

    Stromedy: 8:30 I don’t care if he is in my room Stalker: I’m gonna rob this golden play button Stromedy: alright now it’s pay back time

  • G Knox
    G Knox


  • Xify

    I found one in my front door he actually got in my house at night and took my gaming monitor

  • Dexmurval

    I’ve seen a fork on my door but it wasn’t bent LOL

  • fidgets hehehe
    fidgets hehehe

    The fact if this is real he just tought a bad person how to do that

  • Shaun Kingdom
    Shaun Kingdom

    But if I do I’m staying army door for the rest of the night lol

  • Anna Gjorstrup
    Anna Gjorstrup

    That’s the most odd prank I have seen anyone do stromedy

  • Caitlyn Barr Mcguigan
    Caitlyn Barr Mcguigan

    I like the way he says 'stromedy squad what the heels going on guys'


    Kyle is ok i am gonna move into a new house thats my moms my mom works alot so we can move into a new house and also stay safe god bless you

  • ThatGirlThatsPretty


  • Jasmine Banks
    Jasmine Banks

    They wouldn't even need to use one on my house

  • Jeancarlo Garcia
    Jeancarlo Garcia

    When the guy gets trapped in the basement he sounds like a Tyrone

  • Tanqr_fan_dinofan channel
    Tanqr_fan_dinofan channel

    Stromedy pls keep uploading this I want u to be a person that not let stalkers invade your house

  • Maddi o’reilly
    Maddi o’reilly

    So once this happened to my neighbor but he noticed us so he played it off as of he lived there. 😬

  • Mama Hausen
    Mama Hausen

    OMG there’s a banded fork in my door I have to run before anybody gets me

  • Yair Ayala
    Yair Ayala

    When stromedy and that guy went into the room one of them should have close the door and locked it so he wouldn't escape

    • Radiya Akther
      Radiya Akther

      Its fake

    • Radiya Akther
      Radiya Akther


    • Ski Mas1
      Ski Mas1


    • Mr.Swiss

      Its fake anyways

    • R1lEy T1nKeR
      R1lEy T1nKeR

      I would of been one of those horror movies where they close the door and all you hear is screaming behind the door

  • Zara Leah
    Zara Leah

    At night I get freaked out once I watch your videos!!!but there epic!!!


    Stromedy:If you see a fork with the middle things bent in ur door call 911. My mind:Bruh my door has a normal locker and the main locker that has 5 of the things to be locked

  • Jaci Vaccarella
    Jaci Vaccarella

    If you see an FORK in your door he can open the door with the FORK

  • Angela's Gaming
    Angela's Gaming

    Like Stomedy said: I hope you guys are all having a fantastic day!=D Me: I'm having a FANTASTIC, AMAZING, AND AWESOME DAY!

  • Braxton Kemp
    Braxton Kemp

    You saved my life because I almost died ch when ever I came back home

  • Sasa.joshua Tiatia
    Sasa.joshua Tiatia

    Stromedy : What the hell is going on Me : I DONT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. SHOULD I SAY THIS TO YOU OR HELP YOU

  • Saiful Bahri Japri
    Saiful Bahri Japri


  • Hany El-Azab
    Hany El-Azab

    Kyle behind you I saw one of those creatures when you were going at the back I think it’s not in from the back door and now he’s gonna say the opposite now

  • Omar Benomran
    Omar Benomran


  • James Gilmour
    James Gilmour

    *theif looks through stromedy stuff* Stromedy:that’s ok *thief tries to steal his golden IRglo button Stromedy:IM COMING!

  • Angie Tang
    Angie Tang

    I literally don’t sleep in till a.m and I saw one of those dropped on the floor of the mat outside my door in the morning for me going to my school :

  • Poonks Team Awesome
    Poonks Team Awesome

    @Stromedy I was in Toronto, Canada and this actually happened I called 911 and when they got here, the criminal was in my basement then, hw ran to the attic and shut the door closed locked, also the cops called FireTruck and they broke the door and I had to call a tool store, wood store, henge store & a dopr knob store so yeah

  • Robin Horne
    Robin Horne

    That is such a cool trick I didn’t know that woah

  • hninpan nyunt
    hninpan nyunt

    Stromedy:*shows how to do it* The criminals:mmmmm interesting

    • josh bro
      josh bro

      Yo don't you think that is a good idea for if you're locked in the house oh shoot please agree with me somebody

    • Shining Star 🌟
      Shining Star 🌟


    • maddies gaming channle
      maddies gaming channle


    • AlwaysAFK


  • Darnell Samuels
    Darnell Samuels

    I would be like why is there a fork here and now that I’m seeing this now I would know why

  • Archer’s BB Guns
    Archer’s BB Guns

    Stromedy, I checked my house, and I saw a fork in it!

  • Mushroom_Transitions

    This happened to my friend after i watched this i told them about it and yeah

  • Linda Carr
    Linda Carr

    Last night I saw that fork in my door 😣 and it’s still there

  • Idiot

    You videos help me soooooooo much!!!! It’s the best tips that will help you!

  • Doctor who’s
    Doctor who’s

    Him: telling us how they get in Also him : telling us how to break into people’s house

    • Marlana Thornton
      Marlana Thornton

      It creeped me out when I found out I could

    • Marlana Thornton
      Marlana Thornton

      I can pick lock ppl car

  • ★ᕼIᘜᕼ ᖴOᖇᘜ★
    ★ᕼIᘜᕼ ᖴOᖇᘜ★

    Imagine getting a heart from kyle abd he replies and says "Hi!"

  • Annette Fahy
    Annette Fahy

    He’s looking for more forks

  • Savannah DiIorio
    Savannah DiIorio


  • hammad hassan
    hammad hassan

    My friend at school told me that this happend to him his dad called the cops and his dad had a bodybuilder friend living with him so they were lucky and I was latterly so creeper out

  • Jose Fernando Chiock
    Jose Fernando Chiock

    If you see a bent fork in your door, forget about it,( IT’S JUST FOR FUN).

  • Kayden Jurgena
    Kayden Jurgena

    I Wonder who's the guy in that hacker mask is. He must be a hater or a stalker.I love stormedy s videos.there awesome

  • smeena hmar
    smeena hmar

    One time I had that in my house but I went to sleep and when I woke up I saw people in my house with guns I called police but they didn’t answer so I told them they could take my house I was so pissed but also hey would you want to die

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def

    Have u ever thought about getting a gate around ur house