Hezi God legend continues to grow as he dropped 53 Points!
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نظر: 177
  • Josh Turner
    Josh Turner

    I’m going to say this once and if anyone has already said this well I’m saying it again. 2K needs to add the Drew League into the video game during the off season so your myplayer has the chance to be apart of that league. You see NBA players in the free league hooping an I think that would be a cool addition to the game an 2K would be even better. The off season would be more worth it especially if your myplayer keeps dropping 40 points a game

    • Cheezzy—x

      They have rec and pro am

    • Joseph S
      Joseph S

      that would be valid as fuck too bad 2k doesnt care about actually making good games all they care about is bleeding wallets with myteam packs

    • DoubleJ 07
      DoubleJ 07

      Nba Live already has that in it which is dope af.. 2k dont listen to us maybe we need some of EA devs join 2k Devs ijs


      @theHoopingGamer nba live 18&19 did that

  • King Kobra
    King Kobra

    Whoever is reading this…You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life🔥. It's okay to not be okay as long as you are not giving up!❣️

    • Jaciari Edwards
      Jaciari Edwards


    • EpicBladeTime

      I feel you

    • Weber Bk
      Weber Bk


    • Brian Harless
      Brian Harless


  • Q Green
    Q Green

    Hezi highlights made it to the NBA Channel salute 🔥🔥

  • BagCorp

    He was trying to get that contract. Good shit 🔥

    • Slicc

      He’s not gonna get it

  • Infotainment

    5 good layups one good 3. Everything else was generally open from screens or downhill plays where he was unguarded. Not a good show of the talents. Past that I saw him missing contested shots, getting denied in the paint numerous times (probably from the lack of passing out) and when he didn’t touch the ball much,or missed on a layup, his teammates had a high percentage of scoring the ball. Contract is looking a bit far off for him on a serious consideration…but who knows

  • Deathslaya456

    Hezi wanted that dunk at the end I stg he almost had it too

  • Steph Piley
    Steph Piley

    Hezi got the best celebrations lol

    • Chris Murray
      Chris Murray

      He got so much practice dude literally celebrated every bucket he made lol

  • Br Vooly
    Br Vooly

    Hezi a bucket but he so cringey sometimes 🤣

  • EL Real American Hero
    EL Real American Hero

    “Drops 53, Gives up 75.” - Greg

    • McMerry

      Literally everyone in the drew league

    • Mr Trillest
      Mr Trillest

      wait they lost the game?

  • Villausity

    I’ve been waiting for this 🫣 #GOAT

  • TheRealJoyRdJu313

    Man Hesi God is legit bucket 💯🔥🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Phillip Conner
    Phillip Conner

    Why was #2 guarding Hezi that's pure torture

  • Ernest A
    Ernest A

    Hesi ain't no true point guard but he a bucket-getter 4sho! Definitely a crowd pleaser lol

  • The Ace
    The Ace

    Westbrook went off for 53 that crazy 🤪 😜 🤪 😜 🤪

  • Aske Baby
    Aske Baby

    Man, I fw Hezi 😂😂

  • Jonny Reeder
    Jonny Reeder

    He got more than lebron did in his game

  • Leonardo Pinheiro
    Leonardo Pinheiro

    Someone know which kicks hezi is using? It look like adidas but I recognize the model....

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown

    Bro tryna get signed😂🔥

  • Miguel Mendes
    Miguel Mendes

    If Hezi could pass the ball, He could become a huge player

    • zbynx

      This comment is so.

  • Honest Fan
    Honest Fan

    Hate this guy but gotta give credit when it is due, nice performance

  • Alex

    Once his shoulders are squared, the 3 is a gimme.

  • stp

    4:14 whatever foul she said i commited i did

  • Timah215

    I hope everybody have great day

  • Aison Bustamante
    Aison Bustamante

    Hezi shoot like harden

  • ShotByKool TV
    ShotByKool TV

    Hezi made XRM look average even he’s really good

    • Anthony Jones
      Anthony Jones

      @Aharwan Yasharahla 🤔🤔🤔

    • Aharwan Yasharahla
      Aharwan Yasharahla

      He didn’t make XRM looking anything. They had little effect on each other’s game.

    • K1ngTrxshPvP

      Xrm would smoke hezi in 1v1 tho


      true that bro

  • Ivan Hernandez
    Ivan Hernandez

    Needs to be more humble but to each his own 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Jean Pierre
    Jean Pierre

    It's hard to root for somebody that clearly is so arrogant and the polar opposite of humble. Skill is nothing without a good, positive attitude...

    • John Nguyen
      John Nguyen

      @josiahbrady he really did that, dude is a menace. Don’t know how people can stand him

    • Josiah Brady
      Josiah Brady

      @John Nguyen no wayyyyyy omfg no way he did that?! wow dawg

    • Honest Fan
      Honest Fan

      I hate him, but doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge this is a great game by him on a big stage

    • Goku son
      Goku son

      It’s his street baller gimmick

  • Arthur Cheater
    Arthur Cheater

    Hezi lookin heavy

    • Conscious&Crazy

      So you saying he should change his name to Heavy God 😂

  • Swavier

    Crowd dead asf 😂 dont blame em

  • RealRecognizeReal

    HEZI GOD can take Russell Westbrook spot right now and make the playoffs 💪.... Come to think of it he can take Lebron spot and make the playoffs lol 👀😂😂😂😂 Am I 50% right, 100% Right Or just Trippin.🤷‍♂ 😎

  • Equaze

    The haters ain’t gone like this one.

  • Gregory Harlston
    Gregory Harlston

    X bit on that last hesi!

  • Basic Handle
    Basic Handle

    He missed every guarded 3 😂

    • PoolOutDaBoot

      @Basic Handle nah he missed 2 contested. The others were open which is even worse than missing with a defender within reach

    • Basic Handle
      Basic Handle

      @PoolOutDaBoot Every part he would cross someone then blow the clip 😂

    • PoolOutDaBoot

      Did you even watch the video ?😂

    • M74th75thO


  • Gabriel

    Ain’t that Nathaniel B?

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright

    Why they making XRM look like he not really like that 🤦🏾‍♂️ But showing all hezi made shots. I know hezi didn’t shoot a good percentage

    • Horn E Bull
      Horn E Bull

      I was looking for this comment lol I’m like man that’s gotta be x !

    • The Goon
      The Goon

      wide open 3's and layups, for sure he did have a good percentage

  • Sean O
    Sean O

    ight 53 @drew league is tuff

  • Moustapha Moussa Bouh
    Moustapha Moussa Bouh

    And then he couldn't beat Greg Helt

    • The Goon
      The Goon

      hezi aint a great 1v1 player hes a beast in transition tho, greg aint scoring 50 in drew league on momma

    • juicee

      greg is tuff

    • L0rD Sh4rKs11
      L0rD Sh4rKs11

      Mr. 45 as improved a lot in the last year and if he loses some weight he could play at the drew league and drop some buckets easily

  • Dame J
    Dame J

    At no way he doing this in Miami Pro League 😒

  • Just Here
    Just Here

    Talk all you want but this man gets his

    • Just Here
      Just Here

      @AyyeMoeDC lol

    • AyyeMoeDC

      @Just Here but let me know when I say something that isn’t true

    • Just Here
      Just Here

      @AyyeMoeDC smh can’t stand haters

    • AyyeMoeDC

      That would be great if basketball was an individual sport. Lol. It’s more to the game than getting yours

  • austin

    bro is a bucket but too cocky, ion like it tbh. He needs to be humbled

  • K Swish
    K Swish

    He need to act like he been here before.. he started looking goofy with the over celebrating 🤣 being too childish rubs GMs for overseas the wrong way.

  • wiley shipman
    wiley shipman

    Is that Daniel Gafford? #15

  • Coop s
    Coop s

    The camera man is putting in work for sure but not everything has to be a tight shot. Zoom out

  • DB E.S.O
    DB E.S.O


  • Lamanorrio Williams
    Lamanorrio Williams

    He should drop that much in a game cause he's a ball hog

    • The Goon
      The Goon

      you could hog the ball you'd still score 0

  • Mohandas G
    Mohandas G

    He really like that

  • Micai Lilliston
    Micai Lilliston


  • Malcolm Holley
    Malcolm Holley

    Ok I had to stop watching lmao at 6:30 , Like my got damn my Boii missed mad shots . I understand showing the flaws but damn lmao ofc he had 53 , He prob shot the ball 53 times 😂

    • The Goon
      The Goon

      he hit hella layups his % was good

    • Malcolm Holley
      Malcolm Holley

      And then hip thrust after 3s 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • H24Hoops

    Halfway no defense, so many wide open shots lol.

  • Million Dollar Hands
    Million Dollar Hands

    i wanna see him do that against nba defense boy was ballin tho

    • Slicc

      @Reckon it with Ralph they would still find ways to shut heZi down in the playoffs

    • Reckon it with Ralph
      Reckon it with Ralph

      They really don’t play defense in the nba no more

  • Anthony Torres
    Anthony Torres

    Gotta wait 5 mins just to see a hezi highlight wtf sorry video

  • Jesus Christ is Lord of All
    Jesus Christ is Lord of All

    Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him. John 3:36 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans‬ ‭6‬:‭23 Jesus Christ is the only way, seek Him while He may be found, before it’s too late, tomorrow is never promised.

  • LakerBoy24

    Is that daniel gafford on the other team

  • Luckye Twentynine
    Luckye Twentynine

    Did they win?

  • Cesar Santino
    Cesar Santino

    He looks a little like OprahSide 💀

  • jaylen carter
    jaylen carter

    He did this shit against xrm

  • zbynx

    He's better than Messi. He should be playing for Barcelona or Manchester United.

  • Cosmin_ TdR
    Cosmin_ TdR


  • BasedLordMarcus

    #15 on black team look like Daniel Gafford lmao

    • BasedLordMarcus

      It is him smh 😂

  • Tajl3r

    12of50 some shit like that

  • Vincent DeanJr
    Vincent DeanJr

    Hopefully he can make it to the league

    • Honest Fan
      Honest Fan


    • Papifwea

      He’s a entertainer baller, overseas would be a good choice

    • HornKneeKneeGrow

      He's not league material. Definitely somewhere over seas but NBA ready? Not at all...no hate but he's not even better than the rookies in the league.

    • The Goon
      The Goon


  • Jayrese21


  • Solomon



    Yawn ... Wake me up when he in the league

    • Ayyj_24

      You’ll be asleep forever

  • 11 GodIsGreatAndgoodAmen
    11 GodIsGreatAndgoodAmen

    Spread The gospel god is coming soon

    • Hans, Brother in Christ
      Hans, Brother in Christ

      What’s the gospel?

  • Gregory Harlston
    Gregory Harlston

    This is probably the worst game I’ve ever seen XRM play! And he looks overweight…

  • Oluwatoba Faleye
    Oluwatoba Faleye

    Hezi> Bron😂😂

    • Atmdrip

      He did drop mo 👀😂

  • Goated McYT
    Goated McYT

    For God so love the world he gave his only begotten son name Jesus that who so ever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life God bless you all your choice accepting Jesus as your lord and savior will increase you as a person Commit to Christ and have a relationship with him before it to late ur choice tho no pressure

  • AgentHellion😎

    Carrygod been doing work 💯

    • Rock Alan
      Rock Alan

      Lol he definitely be carrying

  • rdog811


  • Emuzzu

    league ready fs

    • Josiah Brady
      Josiah Brady

      @Jay they really be saying anything lmfao

    • Emuzzu

      @Jay fym he made it to the nba channel nd dropped more than some nba players did in the other drew league videos

    • Jay

      Nigga what😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fernando Vargas
    Fernando Vargas


    • SmittyDub

      That’s you showing it

  • cow

    Bro boring

    • Just Here
      Just Here

      @Ernest A yo fr 53 in any grown man league is impressive period

    • Glehran

      He can't even dribble and he scored 53 pts. This is matador Hoops at its finest.😀😄😊😢😎😌


      Im guessing he made you touch earth ?


      @Ernest A Relax lol

  • DripTeam Entertainment
    DripTeam Entertainment

    Why is this guy not in the NBA

    • Josiah Brady
      Josiah Brady

      are you serious? lol

    • wiley shipman
      wiley shipman

      Needs to get in better shape

    • wiley shipman
      wiley shipman

      Definitely has nba talent

    • Cesar

      @Jelani House lol that's such a good argument bro, get out here with the nonsense kid

    • Jelani House
      Jelani House

      @Cesar LTG = Learn the Game