when you see this at the top of Clown Peak.. don't approach him! Get off the mountain and RUN Fast!!
when you see this at the top of Clown Peak.. don't approach him! Get off the mountain and RUN Fast!!
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  • Stromedy

    Never climb CLOWN PEAK!

    • XxEmxx

      Stomedy so funny on that hat part😂😂

    • Dimas Saputra
      Dimas Saputra

      I love you stromedy

    • Marlena Jude
      Marlena Jude

      @aiden roose tylyn

    • Marlena Jude
      Marlena Jude

      @family carter tylyM

    • Sunnyxmisty fan
      Sunnyxmisty fan


  • Savage_574

    You can already tell this was planned lmao

    • XxEmxx

      So staged but so good and funny 😂 lmao😂

    • XxEmxx

      So staged but so good and funny 😂 lmao😂

    • Jeanie


    • No

      Yep everyone knows but it’s fun to watch

    • PhotoSport Grafx
      PhotoSport Grafx


  • Kirstin Gibson
    Kirstin Gibson

    The moment when you see the clown was sitting next to blood☠

  • bot yut
    bot yut

    It's so much fun. You're awesome.

    • Josh Josh
      Josh Josh

      Hi mirabel

    • Major gaming
      Major gaming

      How dare you insult my cousins

  • Sophieisblue

    At 3:20 when you were reading the sign and you pointed the camera at the path I saw a person but it was close but it was completely black At7:55 when you heard the horn thing when you pointed the camera to the rocks I saw some think red on the top and yellow and blue clothes

  • Spxrit BrIdge
    Spxrit BrIdge

    me remembering doing a 8 hour hike ... "meh what you did is not that impressive"

    • Kirstin Gibson
      Kirstin Gibson

      I did a 10 hour hike with no sleep,so I agree with you

  • GC Quack
    GC Quack

    At 3:24 there’s someone behind you and when you turn around there gone

  • Elaine Kwan
    Elaine Kwan

    When the clown was on the edge of the peak the drone could’ve pushed him off the cliff

  • Aleaha Williams
    Aleaha Williams

    I love how when Kyle gives her the hat she's like "aw thank you, thanks" and then throws the hat🤣🤣🤣

  • Maria Alejandra
    Maria Alejandra

    3:67 Did anyone see the clown in the trees

  • Georgia-gacha_lucas

    Is it only me who gets annoyed by you tubers swinging their arms around so much🤣

  • Tracey McDonald
    Tracey McDonald

    I walked a 4 hour walk but it was very tiring

  • Danielle Carver
    Danielle Carver

    OMG I can’t believe that you found a CLOWN 🤡

  • Justin seagull
    Justin seagull

    0:38 OMG there was a clown

  • Keaton Hermus
    Keaton Hermus

    7:51/2 that’s the time mark there was a clown right behind u

    • Wilma Danlag
      Wilma Danlag


  • Jessica Rauch
    Jessica Rauch

    I know if I jumped off that thing literally my whole body probably just get injected into a whole chili when I fell down

  • àgc 23 za best
    àgc 23 za best

    7:51 yo do u hear that and he looks back and the clown is actually just behind and doesn't even notice

  • SarahLou_20

    Kyle:Oh well lucky we don’t have the drone 2 hours later: Also Kyle:Okay let’s get the drone out of the drone bag

  • Sharlotte Depont
    Sharlotte Depont

    751 when you turned around there was a clown when you started hearing the clown in the distance

  • josephine abela
    josephine abela

    The moment the clown saw them he must have said "prey spotted"

    • Ender the wolf
      Ender the wolf

      How about "A oPpOnEnt HaS aPpRoAcHeD"

    • Angry Pomeranian and izuku’s child
      Angry Pomeranian and izuku’s child

      Yes hunnyyyyyy

    • Guille soto
      Guille soto


  • Jalen The Country Girl
    Jalen The Country Girl

    1:18 my fav youtuber I'm 14 now and still watching your vids (even tho some are fake not the clown ones tho

  • Bub Plays
    Bub Plays


  • Marcus The Emperer
    Marcus The Emperer

    7:45 killer clown behind you very faint but still visible

  • JettandDiane Million
    JettandDiane Million

    Stromedy I love your channel, and I love the drone videos your practically a hero for warning us about these clowns a round of applause for prime capital

    • Mary Guerrero
      Mary Guerrero

      Yup thanks for warning us from clowns thank you

  • Ashley Tosta
    Ashley Tosta

    Y’all are dope funny😂😂😂😂

  • Elitz Jay
    Elitz Jay

    There is something or someone behind them in 9:52

  • Candace Jacob Roper
    Candace Jacob Roper

    Literally I know I’m watching this very late but I saw something red behind you guys right now when you guys are like hearing a clown in the distance


    16:02 a clown wearing sneakers lol

  • Amanda Christie
    Amanda Christie

    Make sure the clown does not look of the side of the cliff and see you and come down and well yeah btw if the clowns stay up at night time be careful of where you put a tent if you go camping

  • Alv1n 🅥
    Alv1n 🅥

    This is how many times he said “insane” | \/ Edit : omg 😱 I have not gotten Soo many likes bro. 94 likes 👍🏻

    • Ceri Black
      Ceri Black

      Stromedy: why’s there’s so many trees? Me: well, duh it’s a forest🤣

    • Bibzo。

      69 times

  • Leonardo Matajcek
    Leonardo Matajcek

    18:00 stromedy:SSSSSSHHHHHHH Also stromedy: (screams) HES COMING DOWN RIGHT NOW “

  • Stacy Swafford
    Stacy Swafford

    when they're hiding in the trees the clown looks at them like two times but dose not see them

  • Raptor Gaming
    Raptor Gaming

    When your friend said it’s a very steep bit up here and your gf wanted a piggy I saw I clown run behind ya in the distance

    • Andrew Moss
      Andrew Moss


    • Ronald Smith
      Ronald Smith


  • Namie Gramaje
    Namie Gramaje

    I just saw a CLoWN AT your back when you heard the eco thing😱😱😱😱

  • Andrea Chaj
    Andrea Chaj

    Am I the only one who gets annoyed when he says shhh but the after he just starts screaming 🤨

    • Angry Pomeranian and izuku’s child
      Angry Pomeranian and izuku’s child


    • erika calderon
      erika calderon

      Five Nights at Freddy's

  • emery johnson
    emery johnson

    7:49-7:50 id you pause at the right time there is a clown

  • Quinn Fam
    Quinn Fam

    8.21 minutes in. There is a creepy person behind you.

  • Sunnyxmisty fan
    Sunnyxmisty fan

    Me: RUN You: hide behind the tree

  • rema joseph
    rema joseph

    Spoiler Nikki cuz you literally spoiled what was going to happen at the end and I just started watching him today

  • Wisdom Wolf
    Wisdom Wolf

    Sign: No Drones At the top of the mountain launches the drone Police watching this video: Arrest this man!!!

    • NotZZplays_Roblox

      Yeah do it do it

  • Cat_isboss gaming
    Cat_isboss gaming

    8:00 Minutes in I saw a clown

  • 9 million!
    9 million!

    Dude! The part when the clown chases you, andré and Yand TOTALLY freaks my out

  • Weston hello Jerome
    Weston hello Jerome

    Saul a clown when you guys didn’t see it

  • sunshine waters
    sunshine waters


  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi

    I just walked past a haunted house by my house and that girl had a scare on her eye to her lips O_O

    • CK does dumb stuff
      CK does dumb stuff


  • Elysia Brandt
    Elysia Brandt

    This is the best show of my life you're the best IRglor what cookie world see


    12:57 it may have been hikers...

  • Alejandro Salazar
    Alejandro Salazar

    Clown peak looks really fun Even for flying a Drone to see the Mountains And The Clouds 😎👍✌😁

    • Mr mango
      Mr mango

      True true not jk true

    • Streamlabs

      @Janet Payne true

    • Streamlabs

      Well it’s not fun dude

    • Sadie Balding
      Sadie Balding

      It says no drones

    • Janet Payne
      Janet Payne

      bru your serious on clown peak we littery saw pennywise a killer clown

  • Snowiie

    :/ He names was clowpa! Not "Clown Peak"

  • slopoc13

    he says he didn't bring the drown 8 monster later lets fly the drone

    • E. G.
      E. G.


    • Deku


    • Laurel Charlton
      Laurel Charlton

      As you fighting the clown

    • Laurel Charlton
      Laurel Charlton

      Ya if that was you

  • Breanne Luskin
    Breanne Luskin

    I love how she says are we there yet are we there yet?

    • Felicity Lewis
      Felicity Lewis

      Me too

    • Gamerz playz this
      Gamerz playz this

      He's a boy lol

    • •Ellyplayzz•

      Yuh same

  • Zacsus

    We all know it is fake but it’s still entertaining😂😂

  • swishie

    I SAW THE CLOWN AT 7: 50

  • Naz Husni
    Naz Husni

    You guys missed some thing in the tree time stand 9:07

  • Noah Preston
    Noah Preston

    7:45 there is something red on the tree when you turned the camera

    • • L I T •
      • L I T •


  • Holly Williams
    Holly Williams

    I saw I saw I saw a clown on top of that clip I swear with my own eyes

  • Courtney Freer
    Courtney Freer

    9:15 theirs something red on the tree

  • Samantha Olver
    Samantha Olver

    Me: how would you get down Stromedy:man we can gust take a helicopter Me:there is no helicopter man Stromedy:oh yeah Me:oh wait you could gust go down the way you came Stromedy:oh yeah

    • Samantha Olver
      Samantha Olver


  • Jeanie

    I love your vid‘s but everyone knows that those aren’t real clowns

  • jin dnaer
    jin dnaer

    At this point clowns vids are a normal Tuesday.

    • • E S
      • E S

      Yeah True - *Not* :>>>>

    • John Chirichello
      John Chirichello

      yeah true

    • M0nst3r A_ddlct
      M0nst3r A_ddlct


  • Michael Comiskey
    Michael Comiskey

    Climbing a mountain; Panik i make it to the top; kalm there is clowns up there; MAJOR PANIK

  • Maria Alejandra
    Maria Alejandra

    Kyle: Get behind the tree He won't see us Viewers:Bruh

  • Marissa Angelo 💜
    Marissa Angelo 💜

    #Stromedy oh my gosh i would run away from clown i swear we never had clown ever in Pittsburgh i cant not lie

  • the guy under you're bed
    the guy under you're bed

    Who else saw the clown in 7:56

  • ★panda★

    The clowns are getting smarter Everytime

    • Al Iman Channel children
      Al Iman Channel children

      Yes sirrrr

  • Luis

    2:16 I thought Jana was your girlfriend ig I was wrong. The reason I thought that is because at one of the video series where you and your friends were breaking in the clown headquarters to save Jana, You said something like he got my girlfriend...............I forgot the exact words but that's what you said. And it was another video that turned out to be a prank on you when you was spying on Jana and she knew it and that video you put on the title spying on my hot girlfriend with my drone. The point is that's why I thought she was your girlfriend.

  • Daisy Duck
    Daisy Duck

    I don’t get how people can do a thumbs down on this

  • Jim Arnott
    Jim Arnott

    I saw the clown when your further up he was walked and just stared

  • Gabriela Michna
    Gabriela Michna

    The stromedy squad is so so so funny

  • ronnel medrano
    ronnel medrano

    me: when I always see clowns at a mountain really close to the edge I really really really want to push them really really really bad and I'm sorry if I was too late

  • Kylie Brittain
    Kylie Brittain

    When you guys herd the clown nose sqeaky noise the clown was in front of you

  • Sussy Sly Dog
    Sussy Sly Dog

    Hey stromedy I saw something in the back at 3:23

  • Stephanie Claire Aban
    Stephanie Claire Aban

    Wait how do you save Yana on the Scarecrow on The haunted Cornfeald thats weird🤔



  • mario ontiveros
    mario ontiveros

    Stomady :is this what Mount Everest. Camera man no

  • RikuSushi

    Stromedy: Getting chased Also stromedy: yelling at the camera

    • Alan Jalowiecki
      Alan Jalowiecki


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      Justine Lamont


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      Ceri Black


  • Enos's Toy Review
    Enos's Toy Review

    The clown in the thumbnail looks like pennywise

  • Jessica Rauch
    Jessica Rauch

    This imagine seeing pennywise getting dragged off that mountain by a bale

  • Ricky Perez
    Ricky Perez

    Best channel ever thank you

  • Gotcha logic😌
    Gotcha logic😌

    You guys probably didn’t see it but in the distance I could see something

  • Kylie Davis
    Kylie Davis

    I hope you guys always be alright you guys have been through a lot of sounds like I watch the videos cuz I was 4 years old I think I don't even know how long it is Video Star I love you video Shawnee