Cristian Romero back in training | Spurs prepare for Fulham
Tottenham Hotspur
Check out what happened at Hotspur Way as Tottenham Hotspur prepare for the Premier League clash with Fulham.
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  • Richard Hand
    Richard Hand

    Can’t wait to see Skippy and Romero back on that pitch

    • Tom

      @Kieron Spiteri wolves cost us from the lead United took pogba down in one of the most stupid tackles you would see struggles to block most crosses and his slight rise last year doesn’t repay the last 2 he cost us

    • Kieron Spiteri
      Kieron Spiteri

      @Tom no he didn't you clearly don't watch football at all dier is the reason we went top 4

    • Tom

      @Kieron Spiteri he cost us two top fours in a rowwww owwwwowwww eric dier he cost us top 4

    • BoogerKING

      @GuessWho👀 I think Davies passing is good tbh, he passes forwards a lot but his defence is abit worrying imo

  • Charles Martell
    Charles Martell

    I wanna see total control and dominations over Fulham, no excuses. We've been lucky getting win n draws with those performances.

    • Kin Lyfeld
      Kin Lyfeld

      @⛩GodLike🎋 I wouldn't go so far as to call it lucky, we posted some quality xg despite sitting back and soaking up pressure or not being able to play out from the back. At the back end of last season, we bypassed any high press with ease, turning def into attack quickly, hasn't really been the case recently. Kane's hold up play a bit suspect, Son's bad touches, overall indecisiveness imo

    • ⛩GodLike🎋

      How performances are actually just luck and we need to step up ( except for the first two games)

    • Kin Lyfeld
      Kin Lyfeld

      @ANDRS Spence? Probably. Would explain the reason why his highlights were cut short of end products but there's a reason he was on team of the season...we could use some of that ball carrying ability, since surprisingly we struggle to transition from defence to attack lately

    • Luke Bullen
      Luke Bullen

      A big ask to keep Mitrovic quiet

    • Federico Abatti
      Federico Abatti

      Solid defense, lethal counter attack, able to exploit the wings with pace and tempo. Never been a possession based side under Conte. But people look far and wide for reasons to be disappointed, so my reply ultimately has no point.

  • M3lagis

    Have huge hopes on Spence and Sarr, want to see young ones coming through big time.

  • EALninetynine gaming
    EALninetynine gaming

    COYS, I know Son will find his form, I belive in him

  • loved012one

    Doherty, Skippy, Cuti, great to see all of them! I hope Harvey White gets some game time.

    • David Negus
      David Negus

      @Baboebig Doherty had brilliant form last season from Ferbuary to April until he got 2 footed by matty cash

    • David Negus
      David Negus

      @Baboebig he is He can go forward He can pass He can cross He can shoot And He can defend aswell Emerson can only defend and he cannot even make 3m passes

    • Baboebig

      @sajidul haque No hes Not

    • George C
      George C

      @TTC You leave Eric Dier alone, you

    • Derrick Gitonga
      Derrick Gitonga

      In 8 hours of football we have conceded 1 goal with Dier Sanchez and Davies on the pitch. What you moaning about?

  • Casper Cole
    Casper Cole

    Great to see him back unbelievable player

  • Ma9

    People blame on son But have anyone ever realized that this is how son has always played? Spurs always score on counterattack It’s just becos the back always hold the ball until the counterpart reforms recently N spurs loss the chance so

    • cj young
      cj young

      i hope he puts in a transfer soon and let them play with their spences and sarrs for their future..

  • SKIM

    really need to see lenglet and romero play together. we need to be able to play out from the back.

    • fermin Henry
      fermin Henry

      Romero and Lenglet need to play most of our games this season as they are the only centre backs we have who can execute Conte's plan of play progressive passes from the back. Davies has gotten his chance. Lenglet needs a run of games now to try work his way into form

    • Jack Chamberlain
      Jack Chamberlain

      Agreed lenglet on the ball is unreal compared to our other cbs it'll make playing out the back easy

  • 김도윤

    I want Doherty and Skipp back on the field as well....

  • Luke Bullen
    Luke Bullen

    Hope to see Sarr and Spence given more opportunities. Both been very patient and not making a fuss. Deserve to be rewarded for their efforts in training.

  • montana0307

    Spence is lightning ⚡️ camera couldn’t keep up!!! Needs to play soon 😜


    We miss him. Cuti Romero🥺 We want to see improved performance tomorrow😩😫

  • 최정희

    선수들의 좋은 체력도 중요하지만 선수들끼리 서로 돕고 선수와 전술이 맞는 경기를 해서 우승에 더 가까워지기를 바랍니다 👊🙏

    • eunhye

      기대하지 마시길. 동료들은 전부 정치적인 행보로 소니를 배제하며 따돌림 시키는 이 시국에…교활한 콘테 전술의 공은 소니에게 패스가 안가니 뭘 어떻게 돕냐고요.

  • Joseph Lyons
    Joseph Lyons

    Thank god, a defender who can tackle and doesn't back off all the time. Romero we have missed you big time!!!!!

  • TaethatboyaRebel

    the way we've been playing Fulham will touch us

  • mikalaiho

    Post transfer window, the entire squad is quality, now we need consistency.🎉COYS

    • Luke Bullen
      Luke Bullen

      In our forward position yes but our back line was our weakest and still hasn't been improved

    • Ameer

      Quality?? Where??

  • Ryan_Editz

    Our squad looks very strong 💪🏻

  • paran haneul
    paran haneul

    Wow what a squad. We really narrow the gap between the palyers on the ground and bench. Im looking forward to seeing next game. And last game I saw many problems in our team. But I think that conte try to bring about innovations in our tactics. Firat of all, hojbjerg move to the wing back positions in build up situation. It means that the wing backs replaced by hojbjerg, they can move forward and engage in giving a numerical advantage in the middle or the side. This is a quite interesting. And looks like we mixed up 3 backs and 4 backs formation in defense line to build up. Ben stayed wide like left wing backs and perisic go foward and wide. It makes sonny be located in the center. And kane got a free between the lines. Same with Klusevski. I think that this really positive aspect. Fluidness in formation and switching positions in the game is absoultely crucial and we can see it in the last game. But there is some desierd things to be improved. We need to bring the lines up more in possesion and manage the press well in build up. Mancity use 2-3 formation in build up and we were similar with it in last game. The Mancity players in the position 3, they move behind the opposite attacking line and the players in 2 they are always over the half line. 3 located in space where they can get a pass and 2 pass to them. We should be far more brave and aggressive. We have to believe ourselves. And we have to use a switcing play more actively. Liverpool make swithing play in oreder to move forward. When henderson moves to leftwinger position, Luis Diaz get a space from the central midfield area and henderson goes up and Robertson fulfill the space whrere henderson was in. And diaz can come back to side when robert son goes forward and then henderson goes to central where diaz was. We have to use this kind of playing in posseion. Lastly, we need to use half space. In last game, in minute 62, Ben davies ran into the half space and made a cut back. This is so impressive. Why we don't use this space. Mancity and chelaea always run into this area and make a chance. We can improve all of aspects. We can do it and I can see cleverness and endeavor from the Conte. But we should demand more from us. Cuz we can do far more better. Come on you sprus!

  • Goodness

    Really wish we could score more goals..... the way we're playing now... we really need more emphasis on attack

  • Deepak N
    Deepak N

    Romero back gonna be huge!

  • eg

    스킵 도허티 오래만이네 반갑다~~~ 로메로 복귀도 너무 반갑고~ 성장하고 힘내서 쏘니랑 좋은 경기 보여줘


    *58:38* *I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!* 🙃

  • Phang Tristan
    Phang Tristan

    Let's Go Spurs 🥰

  • Gabriel Low
    Gabriel Low

    We need to see more domination in the game, dictating the flow and tempo. Results have been kind to us so far but we can go one step further. COYS!

  • Richie Richie
    Richie Richie

    nice to see the romero back. hope we get a win against fulham. but levy going stale in the final parts of the window is unacceptable when we’ve got holes in the squad

    • Richie Richie
      Richie Richie

      @Michael rwb, cam, and cb

    • Michael

      What holes?

  • Sanjay Sengupta
    Sanjay Sengupta

    Spurs team should surely need to improve on pass accuracy and ball control during the game to have better control over the entire 90 mins.

  • Box Munkey
    Box Munkey

    Djed is rapid!!! Can't wait to see more of him

  • Friedrich

    Lenglet actually training hard.

    • PK Editz
      PK Editz

      I know we need to play our signings now!

  • B P
    B P

    We need to put in a performance against Fulham. Nothing but a 3-0 win

  • 남독고

    토트넘은 패스 연습은 안하는건지.. 2부리그 팀들보다 빌드업 때 패스가 안되던데.. 지금의 토트넘 경기력을 보면 대한민국 국가대표 경기를 보는것처럼 답답하네요..

  • 이 웅
    이 웅

    이번 경기에선 새로운 선수들 많이 보고싶다

  • A. Samatar
    A. Samatar

    Pretty sure this will be another tight game.

  • Martin Putt
    Martin Putt

    We need to play better against Fulham than the West Ham game. We were lucky in that game, very lucky.

  • Shay

    Will Romero start against Fulham ?

  • jooyean114

    손흥민선수 언제나 응원합니다~ 힘을 내요 쏘니~❤

  • Zone Time
    Zone Time

    Excellent news. I love how romero doesn't let anybody bully him or the team. At 24 he has potential to be best centre-back of all time in my opinion

    • I Hate Arsenal
      I Hate Arsenal

      All time!? Lol Romero's been a beast since he joined, but ALL TIME? C'mon man...

    • Spursgurk90 Jones
      Spursgurk90 Jones


  • Andy Kyriakides
    Andy Kyriakides

    If we persist with the deep defending , breakaway tactics , even with a much stronger squad , we won't achieve anything more than last season , but when we show a little more adventure , and dominate games like our main rivals do , the sky would be the limit .

  • Mohamad Adi Youssef Adam
    Mohamad Adi Youssef Adam

    Well Done!!!

  • Mr Freeze
    Mr Freeze

    Got an awful feeling Romero will never get in any reliable groove, it's always gonna be something just around the corner COYS

  • Bob P
    Bob P

    We need to address the mistakes, that's what let us down the last few games. Giving away cheap possesion is a killer for any team. I'm no coach but I swear you see players switch off when they think there is an easy pass, or they try the hollywood pass when a better smpler one was available. WE play some good stuff sometimes though and I'll always keep the faith

  • Stellars Jay
    Stellars Jay

    An interesting reminder of just who is in the squad: Lenglet training hard, Skippy desperate to get back, Tanganga the forgotten man, Doherty keen to regain fitness, and of course Romero. Who is the blond young guy? Have we ever seen him play?

    • Penguin Lord Sauron
      Penguin Lord Sauron

      Timestamp of who you're referring to?

  • Geo World
    Geo World

    Skipp in just 10 minutes can play the ball forward, than hojbjerg&bissouma&bentancur combined in all season

  • 토낑

    hoping to see doherty starts tomorrow i had enough of royal


    We need more creative to break the defence of opponents to score more goals

  • James&Alyssa

    Plz come back Doherty 😭

  • Soumyabrata Das
    Soumyabrata Das

    We need Skipp in the squad with Hojbjerg because both of them are ball winning def- midfielder

  • Park Sa Rang
    Park Sa Rang

    로메로~우리 쏘니가 경기장안에서 외롭지않게 도와줘요~🙏

  • Nick Hobbs
    Nick Hobbs

    Looking good boys. COYS!

  • İlyas Tuğra Odabaşı
    İlyas Tuğra Odabaşı


  • Movie&Game

    class is forever sonny

  • Isaac Chenkual
    Isaac Chenkual

    Can't wait to get Doherty his form back. Don't wanna be rude but Emerson is not good enough with his cross ball

    • Isaac Chenkual
      Isaac Chenkual

      @G B who hates on Emerson? Isnt he not good enough with his cross? Doherty cross ball has been good enough since his first game.

    • G B
      G B

      And Doherty is great. Your deluded. Doherty has been here two years and played 5 good games in that time. Emerson is new to the country and league. Stop hating on him

  • 너와나의연결고리

    Spence looks good. I wish he was in the game

  • Tayab Iqbal
    Tayab Iqbal

    I was angry with our performance against West ham I want son to play good but I also think if he starts we will not perform

  • Ammar Amsyar
    Ammar Amsyar

    I hope Alfie Devine and Harvey White get some game time.

  • Rustem Zholdybalin
    Rustem Zholdybalin

    Romero vs Mitrovic, what a battle of both power and sh*thousery that will be!

    • fermin Henry
      fermin Henry

      Mitrovic won't want any of Romero's smoke. l expect he is going to target Dier or Lenglet/Davies.

    • The Realist
      The Realist

      Hope Romero doesn't get red carded.

  • purple rain
    purple rain

    Son 1:14 Appears 👊👊👊



  • single L
    single L

    go spurs

  • Jim Richards
    Jim Richards

    i hope spence plays soon we really need a right wing back who can actually cross

    • Jim Richards
      Jim Richards

      @The Realist he’s an actual wing back

    • The Realist
      The Realist

      And who says Spence can cross? 4 assist's in 42 games doesn't bode well.

  • Boom Channel
    Boom Channel

    Thank you so much❤

  • Princess Horng
    Princess Horng

    Romero hope bentancur is recover soon

  • خالد طول
    خالد طول

    نعم انتم الأفضل في نظري... ومن سار على القصد بأهتمام وصل الى المقصود ولا يلام...

  • bobby stuart
    bobby stuart

    Well from this we know Spence is absolutely rapid in short bursts and sarr likes odd boots 😂😂😂😂

  • መረጃ በኢትዮጵያ•TM
    መረጃ በኢትዮጵያ•TM

    lets gooo spurs😈💪💪

    • መረጃ በኢትዮጵያ•TM
      መረጃ በኢትዮጵያ•TM


    • Ethio spurs
      Ethio spurs


  • Chidera Azaraih
    Chidera Azaraih

    In as i love this training please guys let it reflect in GAMES. We Fans are suffering watching games these days.

  • Larissa Stuart
    Larissa Stuart


  • win_nasdaq

    Waiting for pape sarr debut for Spurs 💙

  • S. M.
    S. M.

    No. 1 issue we cannot resolve is NO PASSING TRANSITION from backs to midfield to forwards. I am tired of saying the reason Plaguing is for 3 years…. And shall continue

  • G B
    G B

    Emerson needs to leave as he has become the scapegoat. The guy has played well since the back end of last season and all he gets is criticism from our fans .

  • 이 웅
    이 웅

    welcome back romero

  • Kompoism

    Nice to see Skippy and Japhet back and fit

  • ilham mauludin
    ilham mauludin

    Spurs musim ini pasti masuk 3 besar,untuk juara rasanya sulit,mungkin juara 2 boleh lah, untuk piala FA dan liga ada peluang juara. untuk liga champions saya prediksi spurs paling maksimal sampai 8 besar. Thanks 😁😁😁

  • abdelaziz salmi
    abdelaziz salmi

    Good training

  • Idiris Maalim
    Idiris Maalim

    We want to see matt Doherty playing

  • 날개🇰🇷

    Offence is the best defense

    • 선쯔란


  • Matthew_911

    Spurs 👍👍

  • Rahmawati Indah Cahyani
    Rahmawati Indah Cahyani

    Go cuti go!!!!!

  • Brian Rusberg
    Brian Rusberg

    I hope Oliver skipp gets some game time on Saturday


    We need to work having possession in every game we play because we can't ne defending and praying for counter attacks against big clubs

  • Turtle Predicting World Cup Qatar 2022
    Turtle Predicting World Cup Qatar 2022

    Awesome, Would you like to see some predictions for the 2022 World Cup and English Premier League at your IRglo channel,Foretold by the Turtle.🐢🐢🐢

    • Adenaan Esterhuizen
      Adenaan Esterhuizen

      Turtle...? Probably SLOW in his predictions🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon

    Good training.. get stronger grip.. on opponents hair..

  • JY Y
    JY Y

    Doherty 🔥🔥

  • Mike

    Release the kraken 🤣🤣⚽I love this fucking geezer♥️

  • Dave Hamilton
    Dave Hamilton

    where are all the world class signings the fans were promised? Romero better be back soon, we need him!

    • Rob OI
      Rob OI

      Spurs qualified for the champions league yet bought players who have never played at that level except Perisic who was on a free, while Arsenal who bottled top four last season bought players with top champions league pedigree. Not saying the new Spurs players aren't above average but even Europa League would have been a new experience for them.

    • The Realist
      The Realist

      Did you not see Romero training? He could have played the last game but Conte wasn't taking the risk.

    • A. Samatar
      A. Samatar

      Blame the complacent Spurs fan who believe whatever Levy and Enic tell them.

  • Big Daddy Kave
    Big Daddy Kave

    Spence, Skipp, Sarr & Gil Future bright

  • Siphosakhe Mdunge
    Siphosakhe Mdunge

    Fulham don't miss if spurs continue to play the way they have been playing if sorry for them

  • Mc Coz
    Mc Coz

    제드 스펜스 너무 기대되는데 확실히 콘테는 경험을 중시 하는듯 ...

    • eunhye

      하는 꼬락서니가 꼭 그런것도 아님.

  • The Realist
    The Realist

    Lenglet needs to start on that left hand side with Perisic, Richarlison needs to start over Son, our new signings need game time now to freshen things up.

  • lee coolmax
    lee coolmax

    Richarlson i want to see he plays long

  • sweet

    쏘니와케인은 어디있는거죠? 잠깐 보이다 사라졋네ㅠ풀럼전엔 쉬는건가? 다음 경기는 꼭 승리하길 토트넘 화이팅!!!🔥🔥⚽️⚽️

    • たまや 鈴木
      たまや 鈴木

      아마 화면에 나온 선수들이 대부분 기회를 잡을 것같고 케인은 안뺄듯합니다 손 클루셉 페리시치 에메르송 호이비에르 벤데이비스 산체스 가 쉴것같구요 다이어 요리스 케인 비수마 는 그대로 나올것같습니다

    • 하호

      손흥민은 아마 벤치스타트일거 같은데 케인은 절대 못뺄걸

    • 밤바람



      경기가 2틀 간격이다보니 아마 휴식일겁니다.

  • Jide Koleosho
    Jide Koleosho

    Can conte for God sake pls 🙏 put spence or doherty instead of Emerson 🥴 so our attack can uniform

  • Abdou Diba
    Abdou Diba

    Give a chance to Pape

  • elesfuerzonosenegocia

    진짜 웨햄전에 로메로만 잇엇으면 이겻음

  • A

    Let's do something called a buildup next game

  • Chung GukBob
    Chung GukBob

    이번경리 후반 75분 투입되는 선수가 챔스 주전이라고 보면 되겠네

  • 신알파

    로메로야 부상당하지마!! 산체스 보다가 암걸려 뒤지는줄 알았다 ㅋㅋ

  • Nwankwo Chibunna
    Nwankwo Chibunna

    Seems Hojberg is injured

  • Diketso Molefe
    Diketso Molefe

    Mr Rolls-Royce 💪🔥

  • Jacob Giaimo
    Jacob Giaimo

    Djed is so fast!!

  • Ricardo Hall
    Ricardo Hall

    Jason Denayer is on a free. Why not snap him up to play with romero and Lenglet?