CLAMP GOD & HEZI GOD FACE OFF!! | "King Of The Court"

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  • Ballislife

    WHO'S WINNING ON WEDNESDAY!? Hezi? Clamp? Greg? Tune in at 6 PM PST at

    • Jeremiah Graham
      Jeremiah Graham

      At the end of the day….

    • Wes

      do we have to sign up or anything?

  • Daniel Powerlifts
    Daniel Powerlifts

    Never seen Hezi in this setting. Dude seems chill and humble.

    • L A M A R
      L A M A R

      Look who he playing

    • August Avon
      August Avon

      @Josh Cunningham god at his craft not a literal god bro you taking it to literally man just got confidence

    • JayGotSoles 4Sale
      JayGotSoles 4Sale

      Don’t let it fool you gang

    • kylawearsjeans


  • Jace Anderson
    Jace Anderson

    Predication: Hezi will win but have a harder time getting shots off and will have to make tuff shots. Greg gone surprise them and make a lot of shots. Clamp will make a few shots on Greg and probably win one game but I don’t think he’ll clamp and end up fouling

  • VitoGaming01

    Regardless who wins, this finna be amazing to watch. Definitely honored to have a chance to see

  • The Apex
    The Apex

    Hezi is right, bro got the athleticism to be a great offensive player, but clamp god just don’t got it like that

  • ChaseFishes

    One of the 2 best players in street basketball go at it, that’s crazy

  • Dan Raymond
    Dan Raymond

    Achilles was a demi-god


    I would love to see bone collector in this, he's out of his prime but still

  • Jenny Abreuvargas
    Jenny Abreuvargas

    I would like to be in those games and do my best to bring out the best ballislife with these types of videos

  • Dominic A.
    Dominic A.

    I haven't watched yet but from the hype at the beginning of this video it's just like a battle of the God's - Guko Vz Vegeta! 💯🙆🏾‍♂️🤓✌🏾🏀

  • Correll Akins
    Correll Akins

    I wonder what Tim has to say about Baldhead Meechie calling himself the "ClampGod" 👀

    • Im_Cursed_Huh

      @UglyTae stop it bro

    • UglyTae

      Meechie been a clampgod😂 when LaMelo was at spire they played n he locked em up, I still think Tim is better but meechie has had the name longer

    • Always Pure 😇
      Always Pure 😇

      There not the same Tim is more athletic!

    • Elex

      Same guy who lost to Kenny Chao? 😂😂

  • It’s Just Dorian
    It’s Just Dorian

    Nice can’t wait … these two are some Hooper Hoopers

  • Darth Power
    Darth Power

    This is bout to be wild nutty 🔥

  • Bme Films
    Bme Films

    HEZI mouf looks like he was drinking grape kool-aid while smoking a carton of Newports!

  • Harry 1000 Watts
    Harry 1000 Watts

    Ohhhhhh which cousin go win that bragging rights at the fam reunion 😂this go be epic matchup for real 💪🔥

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera

    Tim stating Greg wasnt gone win no games:😁 Tim after losing both games and Greg taking First Round: 😐

  • Jimmy 2 Times
    Jimmy 2 Times

    2 proven monsters in the game I can't wait


    We love to see it !❤️

  • ALMIGHTY SaintLaRonn
    ALMIGHTY SaintLaRonn

    One has no offense one has no defense interesting Hezi in one😂😂

  • turkwaunn

    as a Carter myself i’m excited for this matchup!

  • That6thGen_2SS

    Love Hesi, great entertainer and hooper but I just don't get how he feels he is a legend when he hasn't earned that title yet imo. It used to be you had to dominate on the highest level of the streetball or pro-am circuit for years before you could even be considered a legend. Now all it takes is a little clout over the internet.

  • Shiloh Johnson
    Shiloh Johnson

    Two of the best gods clashing let's go

  • ThreeThirtyNine

    Hezi just did the worst promotion ever. He doesn’t care who wins. There’s no passion and intensity. This is gonna be players acting too cool for school

    • 2ezgamers_

      Naw they finna go at it . They don’t wanna look bad if they lose talking shit tho lol

  • lilbenz

    “Clamp god” doesn’t play De , he fouls way to much !!

  • Soley. Ghost
    Soley. Ghost

    HeziGod and ClampGod cousins? Yk what I see it

  • Caleb Money hollis
    Caleb Money hollis

    Clamp god gonna be call for fouls when he uses his arms to hold?

  • JustH00ps

    thought this was the actual 1v1💔

  • Stefan Jones
    Stefan Jones

    It’s all love now but I wanna see dat SMOKE come game time!

  • Larry Kingston
    Larry Kingston

    I call hezi winning but it’s gonna be stupid competitive and it might be a game winner to win we’ll see but I got hezi winning fo sho

  • Greg”Mr 45”Helt
    Greg”Mr 45”Helt

    I love how I made the video!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

    • Nick Fosley
      Nick Fosley

      Ay, you let your game do the talking, plus you probably don't want them monetizing off your identity anyway. Grats on the W on the first week.

    • Wade Adamson
      Wade Adamson

      Love the videos bra

  • Chris

    This is like the face up before the rap battle

  • Blunt Life of J&Jay
    Blunt Life of J&Jay

    Ayyyee let's go clamp god.. #eastcoast

  • Corey Gibbs
    Corey Gibbs

    This was the most cringy promo ever lol. Looking forward to the game though

  • Angel Rosas
    Angel Rosas

    Clamp god because he an underdog lowkey

  • Caradhriastox

    did hezi mention he and clamp are cousins?

  • ARQ

    Nuff talk let's get it on and poppin...WAR

  • T Battousai
    T Battousai

    where is the greg promo I'm kind of confused?? I know he is less known, but isn't he playing?

  • jd4prezii

    didnt even know they cousins lol

  • Tk2Real

    Hezi is tuff bro is rare breed

  • visions (@visions718)
    visions (@visions718)

    its so close but im goin wit clamp

  • Hasaad Newsome
    Hasaad Newsome

    Dudes face at 1:37 says it all, cot day-yum!

  • W

    Carry god vs Foul god can't wait

  • Aharwan Yasharahla
    Aharwan Yasharahla

    Nitty the best on D though. Clamp God is a hack but he can play good D

  • Lionell Nieves
    Lionell Nieves

    Damn 😂😂😂

  • wizardmari

    yesssir clamp can't clamp hezi

  • inteNsifyCharts

    I think I have bet on hezi god

  • FruityOp-Losing my mind
    FruityOp-Losing my mind

    A god huh I also believe I'm a god we all are but I just let people know.

  • Tory Hazard
    Tory Hazard

    Ain't non of y'all gods that's more so Kobe an Michael.

  • Frank Daniels
    Frank Daniels


  • SM Tui
    SM Tui

    Y’all ain’t gods or legends of basketball. Simple. Humble yourselves and stop practicing blasphemy!

  • goodluck gameface
    goodluck gameface

    Goodluckgameface 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 is tuned up

  • Kevin Brezinski
    Kevin Brezinski

    Lol hezi has the ego of 10 men

    • Tory Hazard
      Tory Hazard

      Thank u he is no neither is clamp

  • Zelle Notifications
    Zelle Notifications

    First ballislife hit me wit that pinned 😂💪🏿

  • AcesKing704

    #704 TAKEOVER 🏁

  • Liqqo TooGreat
    Liqqo TooGreat

    I got clamp winning

  • Trollolol1996

    hezigod vs touchgod

  • AT

    Foul god

  • Ssjvillain

    When is this gonna actually drop?

    • Jarod Taylor
      Jarod Taylor

      @Ssjvillain on the 13th at 6pm PACIFIC time. PACIFIC! The 13th of July

    • Ssjvillain

      @Greg Kareem they usually upload the videos anyways, I mean there’s no reason why not to

    • Greg Kareem
      Greg Kareem

      Someone record dis shi pls

    • Ssjvillain

      @Ballislife I said when

    • Ballislife

      It’s only gonna be on caffeine

  • brehitsjaaayson

    they cousins??

  • BLM

    Raymond Felton vs Walmart Ja Morant

  • Eugene Goagoseb
    Eugene Goagoseb

    Hezi Gon win obviously

    • Nick Fosley
      Nick Fosley

      this comment didn't age well

  • RoadmasterLimited

    Just finding out yall brothers.

  • S i. Campos
    S i. Campos

    Neither of then is a god forsure . That's blasphemy. There's only one true God and that is the Lion of Judah best known as Jesus Christ the king of all kings.

  • CJ GoogleMail
    CJ GoogleMail

    What is this? Battle rap? Lol

  • Jazz

    You guys are good but please stop relating yourself to gods.

    • Jazz

      @Jacob Crocker i know what they mean. They arent even that either. Nba players are at that level. If anything they can be the little boy off the 6th sense movie. But they aint no gods on no super her caliber

    • Greg Kareem
      Greg Kareem

      Cry more

    • Jacob Crocker
      Jacob Crocker

      They don't even mean it like that they mean basketball god like the king of basketball not actually god

  • Threezy's World
    Threezy's World

    The Travel God versus The Hack God. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering who will break the most rules.


    F-Network TV! Ya'll da ISH!!!! BIL!!!!

  • david andrews
    david andrews

    Tuff vid

  • Bolts Duce
    Bolts Duce

    hey repent here repent what this means is give your life to Jesus and turn away from your sins and you will be saved and the blood of Jesus will get you to heaven

  • Cozy

    Early Majerle

  • Sunday Venom
    Sunday Venom

    2 humans

  • AgentHellion😎

    Clamp gonna beat carrygod

  • Gavin Gilmore
    Gavin Gilmore

    So no face off? All interview, BIGG CAPP shoulda been called, bullshidd sealing facd off

  • Parallel Ronye YouTube🎓
    Parallel Ronye YouTube🎓


  • Bob Boe
    Bob Boe


  • Marvins SlimVids
    Marvins SlimVids