shopping for self care + hygiene essentials
Mai Pham
hello today were going to target to shop for some products to do a selfceare day :) current sub count: 2.43❤️🧙🏻‍♂️
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⇢ Q: how old are you? 19
⇢ Q: where do you live? NYC (originally from Canada)
⇢ Q: how do you edit your videos? editing by: @libbydirks | graphics/transitions by: @kayliswrld
⇢ Q: what is your ethnicity? A: Vietnamese
⇢ Q: what's your intro/outro song? A: Hex - 80purppp / Liquorice - 80purppp
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  • Mai Pham
    Mai Pham

    hi hi reading all your comments right now 🎀💞

    • Mia_Lifestyle🪷


    • DuckDuckGo.989

      Love you so much💕

    • 💛Jazmin💙

      @Victor Lui elo

    • Victor Lui
      Victor Lui

      I am sexy and kinda cute Mai Mai 🍻🍺

  • An Jacq
    An Jacq

    Mai is literally the most relatable IRglor. She doesn’t try to be perfect in front the camera. Mai, if u see this, I luv u!!!!!!

    • kmjorg12


    • Quackity The Asker
      Quackity The Asker

      @Nick getting offended by grammar is an anarchist grammar Nazi's behavior and character trait. Have your seat on it, sir.

    • Quackity The Asker
      Quackity The Asker

      @Namjoon‘s Unshaken Hand you're just fine bro, it's not your fault if people read into your words for more than what you said. It's their responsibility, they THOUGHT that's what you said. Not what you actually did say.

    • Quackity The Asker
      Quackity The Asker

      @Hayleigh Williamson and her job includes having a good luck too, not everyone working "hard" on yt gets their recognition though. So your point is quite irrelevant, she's doing great and I'm happy for her but you're not completely right here .

    • ꧁PandaLover꧂

      @~Jayda Zenne

  • ~Kinley~

    There is no way to describe how happy you make me! I’ve been having a very hard time. My mom is about to go into surgery and watching you makes me happier. TYSM

  • Wereallgot

    I don’t know if she’s seeing this or not, I just wanna thank you for motivates me with you incredible videos and just thank again:)🤍

  • Jossilyn.5

    Mai literally is so sweet she talks to us like we are real life people that are with her😊💗

  • Deborah Adebiyi
    Deborah Adebiyi

    I love Mai, she is literally the best role model ever. she is like the best big sister. she motivates me to do more in life and try new things. Thanks Mai for everything. ilysm ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Fionnuala Fitz
    Fionnuala Fitz

    Who else thinks Mai is like a second mom?

    • Gabriela Navarrete
      Gabriela Navarrete

      Or a big sister!!!

    • Leighten's vibes
      Leighten's vibes


    • Oana Costache
      Oana Costache


    • taco bell
      taco bell

      @Khalilah D. omg what khalilah you’re here

    • Emily

      She is not the second mom she is the first mom ❤

  • Vangelma Carrier
    Vangelma Carrier

    I’m here for the motivation! Thank you, Mai.

  • Lucie Locket
    Lucie Locket

    I have been going through a bad 6 month depression do to a bad relationship. I'm now single and seeing your videos give me life. They make me feel not alone on my journey to getting back to self care. Thank you for being you. 🥰🥰🥰

  • Bea

    You really are my comfort youtuber, love your transparency and honesty with us 💗

  • Tussanee

    OMGG i love Mai, she’s so funny and i rlly like how real she is!

  • ItsMateo

    Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

    • Lola R
      Lola R

      Thx my grandpa just died last week

    • Uvonni Rios
      Uvonni Rios

      i needed this today🥺

    • Grace Doherty
      Grace Doherty

      Amen 🙏✨

    • Khanyi

      omg i didnt think i needed this until i saw it so thank you

    • ST4RC0URT

      Not a bot, a c & p comment

  • ButterflyKissesBeauty

    queeeeeeen, loved this video so much. I'm from the u.k so I don't have a target near me but you have definitely inspired me to get my ish together. p.s, loved the Hannah Montana referance at the beginning

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    i love how Mai is so honest and she embarrasses her self in front of people just to give us good content .

  • Zoey Ficken
    Zoey Ficken

    Mai is one of the best IRglors out there because she is super relatable and isn’t fake!!!☺️

  • El R
    El R

    I love how she is so straight up with us

  • Tillie U
    Tillie U

    I love the way that she makes everything super aesthetic but also realistic. Like nobody on IRglo does that nowadays

    • Karen S.
      Karen S.

      Oh I know Tillie. Mai is about as real as she gets ❤️

    • Steve & Wendy Griffey
      Steve & Wendy Griffey


    • Mimi Kutu
      Mimi Kutu

      I do

  • Callyn Washer
    Callyn Washer

    This was actually so fun, like we was there with you. Love you Mai, praying for you🙏💗

  • Aline

    You make me feel so normal and you make me feel so much less guilty when I’m having, “those” days. I love you so much, and thank you for being so real in front of the camera! 🤍🤍

  • Panda DaZ3Girl
    Panda DaZ3Girl

    I went with my friend to target we got a lot of skin stuff and one of those things was the watermelon scrub with the seeds, it’s so good!

  • Rlene Hernandez
    Rlene Hernandez

    Her smiling the whole time explaining how much she loves us ❤️

  • vxid

    mai is literally my comfort IRglor, she doesn’t care how people see her which helps people which are self conscious about theirselves we love you mai

    • vxid

      @Vivian lynn literallyyyy

    • Vivian lynn
      Vivian lynn

      same i dont get it but when i watch her videos it just hits diffrent

    • ᴄᴏᴄᴏᴀᴄᴀᴛ.ᴘɴɢ

      omg same here

  • Rachel Knoll
    Rachel Knoll

    Mai, I love watching your videos. They make me want to turn my life around and like clean more. So thank you for being you!!

  • isabelle_ ._MGK
    isabelle_ ._MGK

    Love how mai is so relatable hahaha she is so funny and gives rlly good advice lmao love from the uk 🤍🌸

  • Sophia Wood
    Sophia Wood

    i love that she doesnt care if an old man is staring at her in the tampon isle, you're litterally like my favorite youtuber

  • Romelia PC
    Romelia PC

    This was such a nice one, it feels like when you're visit a friend and catching up on life.❤😊 Sterling really be giving Hollywood a run for their money.😌🤩

  • Jianni's Journey
    Jianni's Journey

    Speaking of running into subscribers in LA, I legit was your server yesterday night lolol and I didn't wanna bother you & introduce myself because you were enjoying dinner with Dani. Sorry that the truffle fries came out late! Hahaha I feel like I was lowkey awkward & I accidentally forgot to tell Dani happy birthday and felt bad afterwards. Hope you guys had a good time!

    • tyrkey

    • Mai Pham
      Mai Pham

      OMG- I love you thank you so much

    • SwaggyEm

      Lol luckyyyy

    • h7

      this is so wholesome

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    mai is literally my comfort IRglor, she doesn’t care how people see her which helps people which are self conscious about theirselves we love you mai

  • Charlotte Byrne-Lowes
    Charlotte Byrne-Lowes

    Starface pore strips are the BESTT I’ve ever used!! Their pimple patches are also the bomb 👌🏼

  • Iva Mihajlovic Iva
    Iva Mihajlovic Iva

    I literally loveeeee her videos so much,she deserves much bigger platform

  • Hadley Hill
    Hadley Hill

    I love watching your videos you’re such an inspiration I literally love watching videos like the part of my day but that I actually enjoy your life is literally my dream I subscribed💜💜

  • Chazzie Macon
    Chazzie Macon

    “It’s a safe space here” tells over 2 million people. All jokes aside I love you Mai. You’re freaking hilarious and never fail to make me laugh, you’re inspiring and relatable. Anyway byeeee✌🏾

  • Tere

    I love watching Mai’s videos- I relate so much and she inspires and motivates me to keep up my hygiene routine, so thankful💕

  • Quinn_143

    Omg I love watching self care videos and this was just the thing to give me motivation. Also applause to you for taking care of yourself because you deserve it💜💜 Where are your glasses from?

  • Amber de Pinchart
    Amber de Pinchart

    She literally is so relatable and acts like your best friends love her sm!

  • Aurora Lemke
    Aurora Lemke

    i love how your so confident to go into a store and be yourself in target could never be me!!

  • Gabby Cannella
    Gabby Cannella

    Ever since she’s moved she just seems so much happier. Honestly she’s motivated me to do more things for myself mentally and physically ❤️❤️

    • Cinnamonroll

      I agree with u she is so damn motivated that makes me more motivated

    • Izzyball

      I agree

    • • senpai •
      • senpai •

      You r beautiful

  • Makayla Ramirez
    Makayla Ramirez

    I love how she isn’t afraid to speak about coochies on front of men. She is so relatable. I love her so much. My fav utuber

  • Yasmine Elbadawi
    Yasmine Elbadawi

    I freaking love Mia 💕. Like when I'm mentally not okay and watch her vid, she always makes me feel better. She's also like the most relatable IRglor I've ever met and doesn't try to be so perfect while filming, unlike other IRglors. Love ya Mia!

  • ellayspam

    slayyyy, you are my honestly most favourite IRglor everrr!!! You make me laugh even when I’m sad and u are so relatable!!!

  • Asna Rehman
    Asna Rehman

    Whenever I watch Mai’s vids i feel like she’s my big sister idk why♥️

  • Meganmind

    Dude I love Mai's confidence I can't even talk in front of my class for a presentation and here she is walking around Target talking to us like it's no big deal😩 Also I'm subscribed! If you see this Mai, keep making vids!

    • Si Su
      Si Su

      I feel you, I couldn't talk in front of my class for sooo long.... I eventually realized, that confidence is key and literally faked confidence 😂 I sometimes didn't know shit about the topic I was presenting, but it still turned out at least ok cause I did it with confidence 😅 now (in my job) I don't have a problem presenting stuff, if I make a mistake I'm like "oh thank you, my sources/my interpretation must be incorrect then, I will check on that" and it's all fine.

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella

    Mai, I literally love you. You're like goals for when I live on my own and your videos feel like we're on ft. Absolutely obsessed.

  • Sophia El alami
    Sophia El alami

    shes such a vibe , istg the motivation i get by watching these videos girl i love you HAHAH

  • Brooke Carey
    Brooke Carey

    Literally me. You’re videos always pull me out of my depression episode and make me motivated 💛

  • Sarah Mcauley
    Sarah Mcauley

    Lobed this video! I feel so safe here when she posts these videos. Life’s hard and I know I can escape to her videos

  • M. M
    M. M

    Honestly Mai is like the older sister that I've wished for all of my childhood 🙂❤️

  • Jazlin Polanco
    Jazlin Polanco

    Her vids always make me feel better! love u so much Mai Ty for posting these vids! Keep it up❤️

  • Emma

    I was watching this and i literally felt like i was genuinely shopping with mai 😘💕

  • Jazzy.

    Mai your honestly my fave IRglor you make my day I’m so glad you take your time to make videos make us laugh and be relatable. Also I subscribed 🤭

  • S Poluektov
    S Poluektov

    Your such a genuine, honest and relatable IRglor and I enjoy watching you soo muchhh. Your dog is so cuteee

  • Ori Alfassi
    Ori Alfassi

    Can we all agree Mais videos make our days 10X Better!! 😍🤗😍

    • Brynn Bos
      Brynn Bos


    • Stressed_Emo_Boy

      For Real

    • Julia Borowska
      Julia Borowska


  • lilaq.

    Mai and Sharon are the big sisters of IRglo ❤️

  • KaTea

    Bestie, this channel is literal my comfort channel now, I found you yesterday and now I can’t stop watching you ❤😊

  • lune

    love your videos mai

  • 1234

    I always love your content, Shopping is one of my favorite “hobbies” 😁

  • Savannag Peterson
    Savannag Peterson

    She helps so much mentally and phyiscally. Mai is so relatable and makes things aesthetic but realistic too. Mai, if you see this, u are the best!

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Every time I have a bad day I just watch Mai and she always makes me laugh and not be sad

  • Jewell Lackerdas
    Jewell Lackerdas

    I love how you just don't care how many people stair at you when you vlog and just make amazing content

  • The Despairsies
    The Despairsies

    i love how she never shuts up that literally why i watch her

  • Mias world
    Mias world

    I literally love mai so much she’s so relatable x

  • Danielle Potts
    Danielle Potts

    Your such a inspiring person like I wanna actually get into a good routine but i don’t know how to start but you inspire me to do that like ilysm thank you💕

  • Linda Thao
    Linda Thao

    Shopping with Mai seems like it would be so much fun! 💖🥰

    • Khalilah D.
      Khalilah D.

      She’s the best 💛

  • Jocelyn Williams
    Jocelyn Williams

    😂 It's her energy for me, I love it!

  • Phoebe Combis
    Phoebe Combis

    “Idk why but I really like the packaging so we’re ganna go with this one” sameee siss same

  • Cherish Ryan
    Cherish Ryan

    I struggle with finding good self care products so I’m definitely gonna be buying some of these things and trying them out

  • Tattoo cerebralpalsy guy
    Tattoo cerebralpalsy guy

    The puppy is so adorable 🥰 and you’re funny 😆 and down to earth ❤️

  • Jade Nguyen
    Jade Nguyen

    Mai makes me feel want to do more in my life, surely that’s not just me right?

    • jungkook.97

      You are not alone, she just wants to make you get your life together

  • 💛Jazmin💙

    Mai is like the cool open older cousin I never had. 🥰

  • Olivia

    This vlog was top tier Mai, no joke one of your best vlogs ever

  • vanillaandlime

    hey girl, you're the best.. thanks for 13 funny minutes of entertainment. lots of love from germany :)

  • Lena Oser
    Lena Oser

    you deserve everything mai!:)

  • Sara Kathryn
    Sara Kathryn

    i’ve honestly made mai part of my daily routine, anyone else? her videos are just so real and entertaining.

    • idkwhattoputhere


  • Sejal Verma
    Sejal Verma

    I literally LOVE watching you it feels like I'm with you 😭

  • Lizette Esquivel
    Lizette Esquivel

    Your videos are everything! every time I watch one of your videos confirms how much we are alike🤣 lol love your videos Mai!

  • Bryleigh Johnson Herem
    Bryleigh Johnson Herem

    I love how open you are and how long you can talk about the smallest things I love it😭🫶🏻 I’m subscribe btw

  • Alexi Gleeson
    Alexi Gleeson

    Your videos always make my day. Swear to god your such a queen!!

  • volonte !!
    volonte !!

    mai you’re literally like the older sister i’ve always needed. im going through a break up rn and watching your videos is really helping! you always make me laugh and you help me get my life together as well. i’m grateful for your channel, mai, and im grateful for you. your videos have helped me through a lot and i hope they do the same to tons of other people.

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      The fact that Mai takes the time to read 2k + comment every single time she posts a video is so crazy, she is a legend and a queen!!!

  • chel

    i love your videos sm, they literally make me feel so much better

  • Emilyleonaa

    Girl you have been my favourite comfy youtuber for so long! You are such a big influence in everything i do now! Thank you for being super real with us

  • mariyah Perez
    mariyah Perez

    Mai is literally me in target looking at everything