Pyramid in a cage puzzle
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Pyramid in a Cage puzzle -
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  • Puzzle guy
    Puzzle guy

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    • somerandomdudeontheinternet

      aCkThUaLy ThAtS a TeTrAhEdRoN

    • Pedro Santos
      Pedro Santos

      The pyramid's contour is not a square, it is a non-planar 4-side polygon. To be more precise, the pyramid seems to be a regular tetrahedron.

    • Dilek Gedik
      Dilek Gedik


    • Bagas Imanuel
      Bagas Imanuel


    • Tahir Rüzgar Gök
      Tahir Rüzgar Gök


  • J J
    J J

    Him:“Doesn’t matter how you rotate the triangle it still won’t fit” Him 5 seconds later: “ *but if you rotate it like this* “

    • Sophia Steele
      Sophia Steele


    • Romelyn Buro
      Romelyn Buro

      Soo e.z

    • drag

      He actually tried to mean the rotations in distinctive terms... The one you see first is called one-axis rotation... And the second is called perspective rotation. Learned from Blender :D

    • Dave Fred
      Dave Fred

      @Tyler Durden Well those people are fucking annoying

    • joseph lawson
      joseph lawson

      @JJ that’s what I was saying

  • JustAProgrammer

    "where does the pyramid go? That's right, into the square hole!"

    • JustAProgrammer

      @👑🎗Fandom Gacha :3 you will never escape the square hole

    • 👑🎗Fandom Gacha :3
      👑🎗Fandom Gacha :3

      NOO 😭😭

    • JustAProgrammer

      After 3 months this comment is getting relevant again

    • I only post once a year ._.
      I only post once a year ._.


    • Tibe That Guy
      Tibe That Guy

      PLS NO 😭😭😭

  • CSPD

    Next video: “ how difficult is it to get the pyramid out of the cage.”

    • Leonaяdo DiCapяio
      Leonaяdo DiCapяio

      @Jynxags, the bottom of your sanity

    • Jynxags

      I think the bottom comes off

  • Rubix and Games
    Rubix and Games

    “Thats right. It goes into the square hole”

    • Canadaball Playz
      Canadaball Playz

      Minecraft characters be like: :skull:

    • •77I•


    • Yeowl

      I know that vid lol

    • illuminati


    • B R U H
      B R U H


  • FUN

    These shorts are very entertaining, they never fail to disapoint me❤️

  • Redivios

    This guy: “Doesn’t matter how you rotate the pyramid it won’t fit.” Also this guy: *rotates the pyramid so it fits*

    • Danish mallan
      Danish mallan

    • Matthew K
      Matthew K

      Exactly what I was going to say

    • Jun Maris
      Jun Maris

      English isn’t his first language so probably it has to do with that

    • Ramon Hamm
      Ramon Hamm

      Rotate the cage instead.... for no reason.

    • DÆV3

      relatable and lucky likes nice 15k

  • Dominik Zivanovic
    Dominik Zivanovic

    You can also use logic: The longest part of the pyramid is its side, its edge. The longest part of the square is the diagonal. If the pyramid's edge fits into the diagonal, it is possible. If it does not, it's impossible

  • JoshuaDZ

    "Where does the triangle go?" "That's right, it goes in the square hole."


    This guy gives many ideas to us ❤️

  • V4MPY G1RL 💋
    V4MPY G1RL 💋

    "And that my friends is how to get it stuck in the cage"

  • Emu SaurusWrex
    Emu SaurusWrex

    “It doesn’t matter how you rotate it” “If you turn it like this though”

    • Craig Menear
      Craig Menear

      Hey he is russian or something he doesnt have proper grammar

    • Aviana

      Rotate and angle are different things 🤔

    • The Wise Rooster
      The Wise Rooster

      Legit what I was gonna say

    • Shalom Beatz
      Shalom Beatz


    • Robbin


  • Arnos Gamer
    Arnos Gamer

    This was the first puzzle of his channel that I have solved within milli seconds

  • Bill Streifer
    Bill Streifer

    So clever. I wish they sold GIANT versions.

  • Kirby Kool-aid
    Kirby Kool-aid

    I knew how to do this because I once spent 5 minutes trying to get my pyraminx back into the box just like this.

  • Oily cheese
    Oily cheese

    him: "like this, it is a triangle... like this, it is a triangle" also him: "but like this it becomes a square" me: no it is still a tria- him: "now it fits perfectly in the box..."

  • Monsieur Jellie
    Monsieur Jellie

    “No matter how you rotate the triangle it won’t fit” *Commences to rotate it to make it fit*

    • a Player
      a Player

      Damn, what a society where we live in. Where people ARGUE ABOUT USING WORDS. Seriously, it's stupid to argue about simple words. Even I'm using words!

    • hot chick v1nce
      hot chick v1nce

      @Don. that emoji makes literally no sense, further suggesting that you really are a child

    • hot chick v1nce
      hot chick v1nce

      @Don. grow up.

    • Don.

      @mxdelynn People have nothing better to argue in this world, so their inner reee is showing. Pretty pathetic to see them choosing to die on such a non-important hill. lmao!

    • PancakesAreBetterThanWaffles

      @Coccaa They didn't misuse the word at all. Commence means to begin or start. 'Commences' is just another way of saying 'begins' or 'starts'. So clearly, you're the one that's wrong here.

  • ItsCheesy

    Sometimes we always wonder how he takes out the part from some of his puzzles...

  • DaniTheBossGAMING

    Now the question is “How to move the triangle out of the box?”

  • sen

    plan B on completing the puzzle: Cut a corner from the triangle with a chainsaw

  • Khaliq Butt
    Khaliq Butt

    Him:It fits perfectly Also him: tries to push it further in

  • Tuh Mater
    Tuh Mater

    “No matter how you turn it, it won’t fit” **turns it, it fits** 😱

    • Lee McKenna
      Lee McKenna

      I left my comment before i saw yours. I said abouts the same general thing. (so instead of "its doesnt matter how you rotate the triangle" like you said, its instead all about SPECIFICALLY HOW YOU ROTATE THE TRIANGLE.) smfh lmfao

    • flint valentine
      flint valentine

      You broke the simulation 😬

    • 𝔱𝔰𝔲𝔫𝔞𝔡𝔢

      Lmao me too

    • Mynorw2

      Like bot

    • C.F.

      Woooooow *sarcasm*9

  • MonkeEnjoyer

    I also did smt similar, spent 3 minutes figuring out how to put my pyramix rubik cube back into the square box

  • _-tsuki-_

    “Now, time to take it out!” -*guy who tried to cheat*

  • philwell76

    I couldn’t stop admiring your real Lee press on nails!

  • Nikita Bhatnagar
    Nikita Bhatnagar

    Same like this we need to see our problem with different angles they will definitely solve very easily 🙏 Its totally depends on how we see our problem 🤍

  • Pixelcraftian

    Now how do you get it _out?_

    • angE. P- Ł
      angE. P- Ł

      @arnob chowdhury perfect answer....🤣🤣👍

    • زين العابدين المعموري
      زين العابدين المعموري


    • Dom Bierman
      Dom Bierman

      How are you everywhere

    • reza_artz

      All you need is a hammer or an axe

    • FUR

      You make russian roulette with the cage but the revolver is full

  • Edit It
    Edit It

    I solved it just by one glance it was the easiest of all the puzzles I have seen yet

  • Max Gyorffy
    Max Gyorffy

    Puzzle guy: no rotations work Also puzzle guy: rotates it and makes it work

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    “It doesn’t matter how you rotate it it won’t work” Proceeds to turn the pyramid to an angle to solve the puzzle

  • Eshed ben avraham
    Eshed ben avraham

    Him: *gets it in the cage* me: "ok now get it out"

  • Class tilton
    Class tilton

    Teacher - "Thats space is for squares, not for triangles jimmy" Jimmy - "hold my crayons"

    • astro girl
      astro girl

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    • lemon_boi

      @G0DLY_CR3AT0R 🤮

    • Madara Uchicha
      Madara Uchicha

      @G0DLY_CR3AT0R 😑😑😑

    • Hunter Bissonette
      Hunter Bissonette


    • o


  • Steve

    Wonder what enticed him to become so obsessed with breaking in and out of things.

  • Omicron

    *_Finally A Puzzle That I Knew The Answer To._*

  • Rainy 雨天不出門
    Rainy 雨天不出門

    Literally me when I want to put back the pyramid rubik's cube back to the box for the first time

  • Blam’s Plushies, Drawings, and Animations
    Blam’s Plushies, Drawings, and Animations

    I’m getting “it goes in the square whole” vibes-

  • Jacob Walton
    Jacob Walton

    Does nobody realize that the pyramid doesn’t actually have a square bottom and the angle he was holding it at created an optical illusion? This puzzle would actually be harder than you think.

    • aditya

      200 iq

    • RimWulf

      I figured it out before he started it and if I can't figure that out then other people are dumb because I'm dumb.

    • Manas Grover
      Manas Grover

      @Puzzle guy oof sound man!!!

    • William of Texas
      William of Texas

      @Blackbird Wrong. The hypotenuse is the LONGEST side of a right triangle.

    • William of Texas
      William of Texas

      @John Carlo Ganata So was grammar. *taught

  • Bandit Artist
    Bandit Artist

    For once a puzzle I figured on my own on this channel yay

  • FreezePlayz

    "it depends on the perspective it will fit" Me: Look at it on top then make the triangle tip facing the corner of the square.

  • Cheeseburger Monkey
    Cheeseburger Monkey

    "No matter how you rotate it, it won't fit." also this guy: rotates it into a fitting position

  • Janus Westraat
    Janus Westraat

    That shape is called a tetrahedron, awesome channel.

  • Dom AZ
    Dom AZ

    Always a sneaky trick. Simple but really cool puzzle.

    • Hapainess


    • Arne Vajsing
      Arne Vajsing

      Really cool puzzle. It brings a wished for perspective on life.

    • That Guy With a mustache
      That Guy With a mustache

      @Puzzle guy I'm 20 years old. That hurts me.

    • Ashish Saikia
      Ashish Saikia

      @Puzzle guy 😡

    • Norman

      @Puzzle guy I'm a kid jk

  • FarZan and Anee vlog
    FarZan and Anee vlog

    But it is more difficult to take out that triangle pyramid out the square box .

  • JUNG

    I feel like a lot of these puzzles are a rock tumbler and a weekend away from being solved automatically lol


    The real question is how does he get it out like that 😂

  • ~•Nocturnal witch•~
    ~•Nocturnal witch•~


  • mayank _hey
    mayank _hey

    Me plugging in my USB cable: “Doesn’t matter how you rotate it doesn’t fit. But if you rotate it like this..”

    • Jenny Yi
      Jenny Yi


    • Sanjay Bhosale
      Sanjay Bhosale



      It won’t fit until you physically look at it

    • Yo soy Anurag
      Yo soy Anurag

      @ReallyThough? 😂 trolling

    • The Art of KAS
      The Art of KAS


  • Lillie Adams
    Lillie Adams

    Or cut the triangle into a cube they’re problem solved even though you forget it sometimes work smart not hard

  • B

    this was like the only one i managed to solve here

  • Rylbecy

    Him: a TRIANGULAR pyramid Also him: it becomes a square

  • Marla Medina
    Marla Medina

    Me:I didn’t know how Me also:how is he gonna get it out 😂

  • Karma Jester
    Karma Jester

    “But you rotate it like this is becomes-“ PYRAMID HEAD- “A square.” Oh yeah a square-

    • Karma Jester
      Karma Jester

      @Felicity yes he is

    • MorteWulfe

      Perfect man, just perfect 😁

    • Felicity

      Pyramid head is daddy

    • Lord Kroak
      Lord Kroak

      Gave you 1k like

    • Serena browne
      Serena browne

      It becomes a mutant of Pyramid Head and Bill Cipher

  • Darren Johnson
    Darren Johnson

    "You may think this is easy, but the truth is it doesn't matter at all how you rotate the Pyramid, it still will never fit." *15 seconds later* "However, if you rotate the Pyramid like this, it now fits perfectly inside the cage." 😆 🤣 😆 🤣

  • MistkoXberry

    Solution: a square is actually made out of 2 triangles

  • Droah

    "Its actually very eazy" "First you need a saw"

    • NamsaRay Original
      NamsaRay Original

      No no, it's actually more easy, First you need smaller pyramid.

  • Carrie Shoulders
    Carrie Shoulders

    Hahaha it blows my mind at how we overlook the simple things in life!


    Him: "It doesn't matter how you rotate it" Also him: _rotates the pyramid for it to fit through hole_

    • JordanPlayz158

      @patu8010 true



    • Varalaxmi Srigadha
      Varalaxmi Srigadha

      How will come back to you

    • Witcher Gaming
      Witcher Gaming


    • What Lies Beneath Urban Explorer
      What Lies Beneath Urban Explorer

      My solution get a hammer and bang it in 🤣. Just joking

  • 𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕖𝕝 🇬🇧
    𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕖𝕝 🇬🇧

    “How to think outside the box, or should I say inside the box”

  • tutel

    Hardest part: take the wooden pyramid out to the cage I'm Not good at english

  • uck You
    uck You

    "The triangle goes into the... Square hole" Anyone else remember that video? XD

  • Amber_ Joins_The_Game
    Amber_ Joins_The_Game

    I remember beating this puzzle with brute force

  • Katie The Weirdo
    Katie The Weirdo

    Him: "It doesn't matter how you rotate it" Also him: *rotates to fit in cage* Me: 👁 👄 👁

    • Vincent Mendoza
      Vincent Mendoza

      @Aura yup!

    • Seriously Random
      Seriously Random

      @Aura u slow

    • M

      @Aura he commented 1h before the top comment

    • Kal’s Forge
      Kal’s Forge

      Exactly what i was thinking

    • ㅤ

      That's what I say welcome to the internet

  • OrdonityX

    "No matter how you rotate it" *solves it by rotating it*

  • Bubble’s Fanbase
    Bubble’s Fanbase

    That was obvious I think everyone can agree on that

  • Darius Gabriel
    Darius Gabriel

    When you have a pyramix: this is so ez

  • xFqnn

    Can you guess where the triangle goes… That’s right! It goes in the square hole.

  • Bailey Sweeney
    Bailey Sweeney

    “Doesn’t matter what way you rotate it” Except when you rotate it a certain way than it fits

    • Serious Business
      Serious Business


    • Pragnya Vempati
      Pragnya Vempati


    • Sharpneato762

      I This shit pisses me off

    • taylor johnson
      taylor johnson

      I was just about to comment the same thing until I saw yours lol

    • Cody Pieper
      Cody Pieper

      Fancy lining the longest part of the shape up with the longest part of the opening...

  • Yosarion

    "Now what hole does the pyramid piece go through? Thats right, the square hole." *weaps in anguish*

  • Sasukey Uchiwa
    Sasukey Uchiwa

    Try fitting pyramid in the cage . Rotates it - it becomes square . Rotates more - oo it's illuminati Literally the questions u study in lecture vs questions in exam.

  • TheXenonJoker

    The video should be how difficult is to remove that triangle in that box…

  • Babita Katuwal
    Babita Katuwal

    I wonder how he is gonna let the shape out of the cage back

  • Doomakarn

    "Doesn't matter how you rotate the pyramid." >Rotates the pyramid. >It fits. 😐

    • xUnicornfluffypandax

      Your roblox man default face just 😩😩😩beautiful

    • John Paul Buce
      John Paul Buce

      @Mr. Breast mr. what?

    • Sincere Grant
      Sincere Grant


    • aaradhya vlogs
      aaradhya vlogs


    • Denz Cromacky
      Denz Cromacky


  • Kobe Koh
    Kobe Koh

    "thats right, it goes in the square hole!" *sobbing intesifies*

  • Júnior $antos (VArieties) 🎮
    Júnior $antos (VArieties) 🎮

    Essa foi fácil 🤭

  • Hecker #2
    Hecker #2

    I watched this about 4 times and still can't figure out how he did it.

  • Angga Saputra
    Angga Saputra

    This video got that "the square hole" kind of vibe

  • haska_123 Eren
    haska_123 Eren

    If they call EVEN this a puzzle, we might need to come up with a new word for actual puzzles.

  • Jelly Videos
    Jelly Videos

    Correct! The triangle goes in the square hole

  • Werticue

    Legends say that the piramyd never got out of the cage

  • 𝙸𝚟𝚢 #RoadTo100
    𝙸𝚟𝚢 #RoadTo100

    “Now the only problem is getting it out”

  • General How To
    General How To

    Him: It doesn't fit no matter how you rotate it. Also Him: *fucking rotates it*

    • アノニマス

      @mizunoShush pleb you'll be quiet, reply to me if you're gay and irrelevant

    • muiz akup
      muiz akup

      @mizuno bro just leave him it's not worth it

    • muiz akup
      muiz akup

      @Don’t read my profile picture You starting to act like a kid imma just head out and leave you kiddo

    • mizuno

      @アノニマス who’s supposed to make me? You?

    • アノニマス

      @mizuno it won't, cause you are gonna be quiet

  • julie osinski
    julie osinski

    Put the triangle on a flat side and put in the corner of the square

  • Teacher Rengie
    Teacher Rengie

    Hi bro where can I buy all the things you use in your puzzle videos

  • mankart80

    Or just make a bigger hole on it pit the pyramid in and glue the prison cube back together

  • nub guy Alt
    nub guy Alt

    putting the triangle at a right angle will make it look like a square

  • wooflauv BS
    wooflauv BS

    he’s joking guys, the real puzzle is to get the pyramid out

    • phin


    • Ellehcir Eam
      Ellehcir Eam

      😂😂😂 same thought

    • O.K K
      O.K K

      Oh ok cause putting it in is easy

    • Hello I'm unknown
      Hello I'm unknown


    • Felsihia ;-;
      Felsihia ;-;


  • Marin

    "No matter how much you rotate it, you wont be able to fit it through". *rotates it and fits it through

  • Jake Turner
    Jake Turner

    “Doesn’t matter how you rotate it” except it completely does matter how you rotate it

  • Lyla O’Grady
    Lyla O’Grady

    I love how he tries to cover up the bad words

  • Kelven Freitas
    Kelven Freitas

    "And where we should put the pyramid? That's right, into the square hole."

  • Japan Ball
    Japan Ball

    But how do you get the triangle out?

  • Anos Voldigoad
    Anos Voldigoad

    POV: How to get it out without taking 509 years

  • Noobling gaming
    Noobling gaming

    Now tell me how you'll get it out then I'll be impressed 🙂

  • Isabel Villasana
    Isabel Villasana

    Him: ez *10 secs later* Him: *trying to get the triangle out*

  • Aiden Zorn
    Aiden Zorn

    The real question is how difficult is it to get it back out again

    • Cute Kirby
      Cute Kirby


    • Julia Chavez
      Julia Chavez


    • _EverythingIDK_

      It slides

    • Faitheist

      @Na Yaa well duh but you don't have good control of it once it's in the box.

    • Benjamin Lewis
      Benjamin Lewis

      A big dog

  • Linus Tougard
    Linus Tougard

    I said it’s easy since I have a Rubik’s cube pyramid (pyraminx) and it came in a box so I know how to do

  • Etai Ziv
    Etai Ziv

    Him: and that’s how you fit it in the cube Me: and how do we get it out

  • HardBlock ML
    HardBlock ML

    Ive seen the solution when I instantly saw puzzle without you telling me how

  • Dgood08

    i like how i knee the solution instantly

  • DEOGi

    “Doesn’t matter how u rotate the pyramid” * rotates pyramid and goes in

    • Nima Master
      Nima Master

      Exactly what i thought of. If no rotation goes in then it must be impossible

    • Abby Sam
      Abby Sam

      Check again

    • WolfyRed

      909 likes nice

    • Noodles

      Can’t like, too perfect of a number