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  • R17

    This man played a full match with broken arm and scored two goals.Leggendd🔥🔥

    • Khanh Le Vlogs.
      Khanh Le Vlogs.


    • 최병우

    • Isidro Aguilar
      Isidro Aguilar

      @DFK don't. CNN

    • Isidro Aguilar
      Isidro Aguilar

      @DFK don't.

    • iphone13

      레전드 맞네요

  • Geng Kapak
    Geng Kapak

    right foot left foot, head, speed, pace, skills, he's got everything. if only he is European the media will be exploded

    • Jinri

      Lumayan terkenal dia mah disana tapi Eropa masih lebih tau Park Jisung krn dia yg mendunia lebih dulu, ada lagi yg main di klub Jerman namanya Park Jaecheol

    • Juan Kim - Mini Boss
      Juan Kim - Mini Boss

      Tbh he dosent need to be European for the media to explode he is a sensation in korea u know

    • Nathan Gold
      Nathan Gold

      U like Son a lot huh lol ?

    • Troutman Roger
      Troutman Roger

      @Nathan Gold yep I know it was in 2019, i think he destroy many european player, but inside the EU league it's the jungle, too many footballers are so insane. Even him, i guess he probably don't even care about media, he is doing too much bigger stuff for his country and even Asia.

  • Iron man
    Iron man

    He is Worldclass. Perfect sentence.

  • O Zedr3
    O Zedr3

    Pure Goals Pure CLASS 🐐

  • alexandergoldman

    I'm a casual football fan, but to my eyes, 10:43 is one of the greatest goals I have EVER seen..that was insane. what a talent

  • Aegis

    8:08 Holy crap, that speed is insane.

    • Jospin Meshe
      Jospin Meshe

      @yonGGeun 드래근신 they are professional

    • yonGGeun 드래근신
      yonGGeun 드래근신

      2:10 are the blue defenders professional or amateurs? why are defenders so much up forward?

    • 메타몽냠냠


    • Okey

      Who knows why he doesn’t have a 90+ pace on fifa. He isn’t only quick, he knows how use his speed so well.

    • Tim Bergling
      Tim Bergling

      @정보가 돈이다 나라망신 시키지마라 🖕🖕🖕

  • Alejo Pelaez
    Alejo Pelaez

    This man is so underrated. He is just so fun to watch

  • Adeola Adeogun
    Adeola Adeogun

    Chelsea fan but I absolutely love Son. He's deadly

  • Irvan

    Son is one of the best forward in the world right now.

  • lofi guy
    lofi guy

    I like him more than any other player in this world. I've been collecting Son's memorabilia for the longest and one day I will travel to see him play anx get his autograph. He's fantastic and he will be one of the greatest EPL footballer. SONsational! SON of Asia and the Spurs for the future and beyond! You think he's going use his right foot, but guess again he'll utilize the left foot and score! Hard worker humble, high IQ, strong, fast, versatile and won the Asian Championship Cup!

  • 아이클루티비

    I always feel massive amounts of energy from Son’s goal moments. Thank you for revitalising my mood.

  • Zion Par l'amour
    Zion Par l'amour

    Adoro su estilo de juego. Son es mi jugador favorito. Son es el mejor ❤

  • Vengers A
    Vengers A

    진짜 마지막 골은 몇번을 봐도 감동이네 자랑스럽다 진심 ㅋㅋ

    • 대한

      @노란새하나 헉 저돕니다 기분 안좋을때 손흥민 축구 보며 스트레스 풉니다

    • 코너Mcgregor

      메시도 못함 ㅇㅈ

    • 김준희

      우리나라가 너무 좋아지네요

    • 노란새하나

      우울하거나 일이 잘 안풀리면 이영상을 몇번을 돌려봅니다.ㅎㅎ 그러면 행복가득 잠이 잘 오네요.^^

  • Abhishek Mukherjee
    Abhishek Mukherjee

    This man is the most underrated player, i mean he's phenomenal 🔥🔥


    The season is a prime time for SONNY at every aspect, about skill & good looking like a shining star. .

    • Aisyah Nasution
      Aisyah Nasution

      Salamsonyaitubetul tapisenenronj duluseringaisyahtontontahun 98ditibi

  • Joe Fred
    Joe Fred

    Son got the complete package as a forward. He's really underrated by the mainstream media. If he was not an Asian footballer, he would have a lot more endorsements.

    • S Lu
      S Lu

      He got lots of endorsements in asia

    • Phil Lawrence
      Phil Lawrence

      Whatever, lol

  • 파크M

    골모음 몰아서 보니 미쳣네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 없는 각도에서도 만들어 넣고 진짜 월드클래스다

    • Bg K
      Bg K

      @이재준 나 대깨문인데 손뽕인데

    • Bg K
      Bg K

      @hyun jo 지성이형은 벤치성 개고기성 시즌최다골5골이잖아 ㅋ 그때당시 최강팀의 윙어가 수비적으로 뛰었다해도 이건 아니지 ㅋㅋㅋ 솔까 모우라보다 못하는형임 ㅋㅋ

    • hyun jo
      hyun jo

      ​@이재준손흥민 까는 색희들은 일베,디씨, 엠팍 밖에 못봤는데 ㅋㅋㅋ 그리고 해충갤들...손흥민 조금만 못해도 졸라 비아냥 되고. 박지성은 왜케 인신모독하면서 까고 있는거야ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Toby Cocko
    Toby Cocko

    Son you’re a geeza. You’ve brought such spirit and beauty to Korean football. You’re our hero here mate. You have north London, Hertfordshire and half of Essex backing you. Hold your head high. We love you and never forget that!

    • IbyypsychoOoOoOo

      @carbon748 bro he played for korean national team. You blind or what

    • 백승준

      @574sv Because you are like that, you have no future, no dreams, no hope, no mother.

    • 백승준

      @Defensive Adriano Are you crazy? If Son is garbage, you are food waste.

    • 백승준

      @574sv Who taught history that way. You have to go back to elementary school.

    • DongGyeom Kim
      DongGyeom Kim

      Son is better than Kane

  • 스마일smile

    His goal always makes me happy and congratulations on your 100th goal ❤

  • GX

    Fantastic player !!One of the best players in Premier League.

  • زمان صالح عبد الهادي الكناني
    زمان صالح عبد الهادي الكناني

    SON is very wonderful and One of the finest players.

  • O Zedr3
    O Zedr3

    brilliant goals what a player WORLD CLASS♥

  • 포로

    Son.... he is World Class. He is history maker.

    • 공격금지

      @諸葛孔明 wHRQKFL

    • 김선영

      @bestreason9 츠9ㅈㅈ

    • 국조

      @諸葛孔明 한국사람이 쓴거면 어때?? 문제라도?

  • Tyrone

    Chelsea fan and Son is making me cry here Wow! Talents is talents no matter how rival we are

  • thundertiger 9000
    thundertiger 9000

    I'm not a spurs fan, I just like son

    • Aisyah Nasution
      Aisyah Nasution

      Salamsonkamusiapa sebenarj.kenapa ada tahun20019apasonadaygmengingankan aisyahditahunituapakamu yaduluorangjyaseringketemu disanayaaalllaaahberikan bentujumuyaalllaah

    • Latifa Abdollah
      Latifa Abdollah

      Me the

    • Dulmumin Dulmumin
      Dulmumin Dulmumin

      Me too

    • Than Htike
      Than Htike

      Son loungball kick GOOD

    • Gnav Adnama
      Gnav Adnama


  • Young C
    Young C

    The best finisher! Amazed by his speed and clinical touches. Proud of his historical 100 goals for Spurs. Sure SON writing more history with Kane in this season.

  • Lã Trinh
    Lã Trinh

    I almost cried after watching this vid. This man has talents. Love you Son

  • Joe K
    Joe K

    My favourite celebration was after the Burnley goal. When he's nodding at the supporters like... You like that.. huh huh.. Love this guy!!!

    • Verdy Sutanto
      Verdy Sutanto

      @맨날졸려 haduh. wkwkwk

    • Aegis

      I think he was nodding at the guy with the South Korea flag

  • Zonirc

    That last goal was amazing!

    • 서니

      나도 그렇게 생각해요!!!

  • Jigna Rajpuria
    Jigna Rajpuria

    Son is just....absolutely mind blowing

  • Joon Beh
    Joon Beh

    Son is always the first one. First goal of Jose Murinho's team. First goal of the new stadium. First goal of our one true son.

  • 한나

    just noticed myself smiling throughout this whole video,,,, to say that i love this man so much would be an understatement at this point :’)

  • Robert

    Heung-Min Son, no less than what he deserves!

  • Ngan Aloha
    Ngan Aloha

    One of the best players in the world. no doubt

  • NSoccer

    Heung Min Dad and Heung Min Mum must be extremely proud of Heung Min Son

    • Ozee Sound
      Ozee Sound


    • Fraxiz


    • Farhan Aditya
      Farhan Aditya

      This joke is so bad

    • EhIdk


  • 박인규

    Heung-Min Son, who is the best South Korean soccer player!! We all love him

    • Farhan

      Park ji sung or son?

  • Ian Cheng
    Ian Cheng

    I’m a die hard gunner but Spurs have a very special player in their arsenal, I love watching Son play (not against us though)🔴⚪️

  • Joon Beh
    Joon Beh

    Wow... our son is incredibly talented.

  • No.1춘천제일백수

    Beautiful SON’s beautiful goals!

  • 최유안

    Is anyone watching this when Son got his 100th goal for Spurs? He is an Absolute G.O.A.T. He is just AMAZING. Keep it up, Son! #COYS

  • uBenji1234

    I absolutely love how Sonny plays football. Hopefully, Bale has something left in the tank at the very elite level and if so as the team improves wouldn't the team be even better (more efficient) if he starts passing the ball a little more? Let the ball do the majority of the job instead of running with it in every attack - hence exhausting himself a little unnecessarily?

  • yb ch
    yb ch

    If he retires without moving to another team, in the future, a statue of Heung Min-son will be erected in front of Tottenham Hotspur stadium. There's no doubt about it.

  • Treeckosenzia

    heung-min-son's goal against bayern was my favorite not just because it's a great finish but also because he celebrated well without knowing whats coming up next...

  • Jessica Berams
    Jessica Berams

    Tremendous goals, excellent player Son Heung Min. 👍👏👏👏

  • miles

    just reminded how many points he has earned for this team. get well soon sonny

  • Athay Phom
    Athay Phom

    So many goals without penalties or free kicks. He'd be scoring 20+ goals easily if he was the set piece taker.

  • Dejovi official
    Dejovi official

    son is an absolute amazing extraordinary player..

  • wohoo_gi

    He really is lifting the spurs,the club I always underrated

  • mary alfred
    mary alfred

    The best player who made me to fall in love with football 😍😍. Pray for you always, just keep doing what you do the best cause you are really good at it 💪💪💞💞

  • Sisy 99
    Sisy 99

    Son and Dele have one of the best friendship and team work ever

    • Mr. Professor
      Mr. Professor

      Harry Kane

  • Spoonsy 07
    Spoonsy 07

    Loads of great goals 🔥👍🏻

  • 황윤준

    손흥민선수님 큰부상없이 오래 현역 선수생활하시길 ...

  • SangYoung Park
    SangYoung Park

    10:07 the defender probably underestimated Son’s left foot. Brilliant both-footed player!

  • Carlos Costa
    Carlos Costa

    O melhor Heung Min Son 🇰🇷🐯 tigre da Ásia.

  • Reet Pateet
    Reet Pateet

    I’m a Villa fan and I love this guy! What a player he is and personally I think he is your best! When Kane was injured I thought they played some fantastic football and didn’t really miss him. Son was just superb - great guy! 👍

  • Direct Distance
    Direct Distance

    He is one of the best. His lower shot always get the goals

  • O Zedr3
    O Zedr3

    Ladies and gentlemen this is Son Heung Min 👑

  • Jongyp Kim
    Jongyp Kim

    Absolutely unbelievable !!! That is all Son is proud Korean player

  • Ernest Kwok
    Ernest Kwok

    I think he's the best buy ever at any club level worldwide!

  • kevindevao joo888
    kevindevao joo888

    Sonny is the Most under-rated player in EPL

  • rajanabilzaman

    10:43 best goal of his career . I would say one of the best goals ever ..


    What A Goal !!! WOW

  • Food Shack
    Food Shack

    Wish all is nicely over and see all these guys to play again!!! COYS!!!

  • Erica

    손흥민 골장면은 언제나 사이다네

  • Dyah T E
    Dyah T E

    He'll become spurs' legend, the smiling south korea

    • forearthbelow

      Some might say he is already one. When he joined my brother asked me what I thought: I had seen we had been after him for some time so I did the obligatory IRglo check - my reply was 'If he settles in England he will be a star...' I guess he HAS settled 😀😀😀😀😁😁😂 He has been my favourite player pretty much from the start, my fave goal was the 2nd goal vs Crystal Palace, the left foot volley, SUPERB skill.

  • Jada Parks/Villanueva
    Jada Parks/Villanueva

    HEUNG-MIN SON.....GREAT!!!!⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • egnima

    10:43 best goal in 2019 premier League , son was one of the best player in premier League

  • 행운

    울나라에서 다시 나올수없는 축구선수일거같다 대단하다는말밖에 다른종목이지만 수영박태환 피겨 김연아 다시나올수없는 선수들

    • 냄구

      그래도 손흥민>김연아지 축구시장이랑 피겨시장이랑 같나 ㅋㅋㅋ 그것도 피겨는 동계한정인데 심지어 박태환도 하계한정임 ㅋㅋㅋ 급이다르다고봄 손흥민 압살임

    • 앨리스

      @봄이 뭐임 ?????

    • 원딜장인

      어휴 방구석 백수들은 어캐든 편갈라서 분탕질할려고하네 손흥민 박태환 김연아 박지성 박세리 모두 다 존경할만한 넘사벽 스포츠스타들인데...진짜 역겹다 ㄷㅅ들

    • joungju cho
      joungju cho

      @Dyil 다들 훌륭한데 왜 비교해서 깍아내림?

  • 메론아트

    졸라 멋지다. . . 아 소니야 멋지다 진짜ㅜㅜ

  • Wulandari

    10:43 How could he did that !!!! Superb!!!

  • Nick Graham
    Nick Graham

    even after he is retired....he will be remembered by the Spurs fans for....a long long long time.

  • David Arnold
    David Arnold

    This guy is awesome looks like he scuffs every shot. Never looks to see where the goal is because the greatest strikers instinctively know. Watching him is akin to my young years at Spurs seeing Jimmy Greaves. We are so lucky to have Son.

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      I agree, no striker ever should.

    • kevindevao joo888
      kevindevao joo888

      He will move to Real Madrid soon

  • 진영

    와 아트 사커~~~ 손흥민 아버지 감사합니다 늘 연구하니 저런각도의 골이나오지 다시는 볼수없는 축구천재 노력 또한 어마무시합니다

  • Felix Appiah
    Felix Appiah

    He's simply exceptional

  • 조말론

    완벽한 찬스에서 여유와 침착함.. 캬~~ 챔스 맨시티전에서 연속 두골. 그때의 소름이 잊혀지지않네 ㅋ


    10:43 best action from the Assian's star 👏


    O cara joga demais

  • 희신윤

    우와~~골 시원하게 들어가네!! 개 멋있네~~

  • Great Yi Soon-sin
    Great Yi Soon-sin

    Son Heung-Min !!!! World Class

  • Ashikabo Aghai
    Ashikabo Aghai

    Very talented young men.. ❤️

  • Angella Park
    Angella Park

    Legend indeed!!!

  • S.H Christiano
    S.H Christiano

    World Class Player~!!👈👈❣🇬🇧❣🇩🇪❣🇰🇷 He will be a legend player in the feature~

  • Sunny Jeong
    Sunny Jeong

    his goals are masterpieces one by one.

  • Olive Oyl
    Olive Oyl

    I sometimes wonder if I’m watching football or a graceful ballet. But then again, with Son it’s like doing both at the same time

  • david kee
    david kee

    Wow, Wow, what a player...! World Class..!

  • Hmoob Qab Teb
    Hmoob Qab Teb

    This never gets old! Always gr8 to watch son.

  • Esther Song
    Esther Song

    This deserves HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of views!!

  • 삐삥삠

    손 선수 2019 골 모음 하이라이트 수 많은 관중 팬분들 함성까지 더하니 골 하나하나 전율이 나네요 너무 멋있어요 😄 멋진 손 선수 영상 만들어 주셔서 고맙습니다 ❤ Nice one sonny 💞 spurs

  • 므므까_tv

    언제 봐도 손 골 장면은 넘 좋아~~~♡♡♡

  • Funny clips
    Funny clips

    SON!! Appearances :203 Goals: 73 Assists: 40

  • So Hyun Ahn
    So Hyun Ahn

    That last goal though ... just WOW

  • jay b
    jay b

    amazing goals !!

  • Kelly _
    Kelly _

    i know nothing about soccer nor do i know anything about the other players apart from son, but all i can say is the support and love from the other members of his team is adorable and heart warming. the fact that they rush in to hug him is just so 🥺🥺

  • 빨대

    Son is not world class. He's the top of world class!

  • A.M. Armstrong
    A.M. Armstrong

    They're all great goals,no flukes except Sheffield Utd.Many requiring exquisite technique. World class for at least 2yrs!

  • uBenji1234

    Like that first goal. I like how Kane just 1-touches it. Fast, safe, efficient.

  • 가든

    Absolutely incredible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    손흥민의 골은 언제나 통쾌해~

  • H M
    H M

    Son is the only player I'm scared of when it comes to North London derby!

  • Vita Elmy
    Vita Elmy

    The last goal in this video is insane, 대 박 손 오빠 ❤