Making an Ant Think It's Dead
I put a pheromone on an ant that makes it think it's dead

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  • Jodi Lopez
    Jodi Lopez

    Ant: Where is the dead body!?!?

  • Alexander Kane
    Alexander Kane

    Lol that ant cleans like me after waking up with someone who I don't even know

  • Avinav Sarkar
    Avinav Sarkar

    Imagine god is like I will do harmless expiremant on this human and spray him with depression pheromone and he will think he is dead

  • Avinav Sarkar
    Avinav Sarkar

    God has been doing this expiremant with me for many years

  • Dominik Melaj
    Dominik Melaj

    Him : he wants to be in the graveyard Me : emo ant

  • Messianic Jew Jitsu
    Messianic Jew Jitsu

    Now that I am thinking about all the folks who worked at the cemetery with me and the turnover rate for employment

  • Logan Hurlbert
    Logan Hurlbert

    When i saw the straw i thought he was gonna suck the ant up for some reason

  • Ivan Karamazov
    Ivan Karamazov

    *nervously fixes hair*

  • leonel martinez
    leonel martinez

    This guy: completely harmless ants: **dead panicking noised**

  • Rickypol 007
    Rickypol 007

    Now the ant is the graveyard kepper

  • Katelynn Celkis
    Katelynn Celkis

    Ant: I'm dead, I'm alive, but I'm dead..

  • Procoly

    Humans have a specific place near their church called a graveyard

  • Carson Brooks
    Carson Brooks

    bro what if you just suck that ant up with the straw

  • Decimator 517
    Decimator 517

    Weirdly cute

  • Isheanopa Marembo
    Isheanopa Marembo

    Yo is this even ethical 😱you made my dude suicidal. you gave him an existential crisis Edit: oh she's clean and back in society? Ok. Carry on.

  • Austin Wortham
    Austin Wortham

    Watching the ant clean itself was actually cute as hell.

  • Cassie Perkins
    Cassie Perkins

    The harmless pheromone made it become transgender halfway through the video. He voluntarily takes himself to the graveyard, then she cleans herself off and returns to normal society…..

  • 3arth God Ultra
    3arth God Ultra

    Thats pretty messed up

  • Luke Zifilippo
    Luke Zifilippo

    Irony is, we had them. But we couldn’t use them. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Deliberate Video
    Deliberate Video

    The imperious curse

  • Think for yourself.
    Think for yourself.

    Just like the fake news telling us we are doomed without the vaccine.

  • Aigamy

    Nah that ant is just blogging like that Jake Paul Video 😳

  • Lad

    Absolute lad just skipped work by calling in dead to work.

  • Tommer

    How to make emo ant

  • Automatiic

    I don’t know about you guys but the first time I had an ant farm they did really good until a fungus grew out of the graveyard and killed EVERYTHING last of us style

  • PAIN

    He volunteering to go the grave yard She now cleaning herself off Me : Bruh

  • Crandall's Everything Channel
    Crandall's Everything Channel

    Gell farms kill ants

  • Keva

    That ant is gonna need a therapist

  • Wesh128

    Is that blue sky meth ?

  • Elan P
    Elan P

    This is like rubbing raw onions on a sleeping roommate after he’s taken a shower and telling him he reeks like shit

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B

    It’s a her

  • Melki Hassa
    Melki Hassa

    Poor Ant

  • Superspeeder009


  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry


  • Charlotte Brackenbury
    Charlotte Brackenbury

    Cruelty to animals how would you like that

  • stitchmix

    You're a little late to this antscanada done this quite a bit of time ago actually if you don't know who antscanada is I highly recommend checking out his channel if you love a lot about ants

  • Brian Hope
    Brian Hope

    Person: Sprays "Ant Corpse" perfume on an ant. The Ant: "...Guess I'll die. 🤷‍♂️" 😂😂😂

  • Vai Burrell
    Vai Burrell

    Name it lazarus

  • Travis Toole
    Travis Toole

    How to get Humans into 🐜🐜🐜 101

  • Vianka

    Tou cant find a better way to house them? That looks dirty.

  • Jay

    Called a grave yard ah yes a grave yard is grave yard

  • Gautham V
    Gautham V

    Imagine some guy sprays a cologne on you and you start digging your grave

  • McDonalds Manager
    McDonalds Manager

    Just gave that ant suicidal thoughts

  • Samantha Berry
    Samantha Berry

    Poor ant put it's self into a grave not to hassle his buddies. 🥺🥺🥺

  • Shawn Lauenstein
    Shawn Lauenstein

    Can you please figure out how to do this to humans? 😂

  • Mary's Women Ministries Of Light
    Mary's Women Ministries Of Light

    Y can't u just mind Yr business instead of confusing the ant

    • Rose Chang
      Rose Chang


    • Rose Chang
      Rose Chang

      This was an experiment that didn’t harm the ant in any way. Also you have aMaZiNg grammer

  • •Nala_Chan•

    I hate being in tight and small places AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Ross Belflower
    Ross Belflower

    Gaslighting one random ant.

  • Parker Church
    Parker Church

    Dude this channel is the most interesting thing I’ve seen on IRglo in a while 😲

  • HoneyBadger Videos
    HoneyBadger Videos

    In other words, ants or just biological machines with very simple feedback loops.

  • Jon Cst
    Jon Cst

    Bro I'm dead bro, I have bury myself.

  • NazleMaj

    Everybody: Drama about the harmless pheromone Me: so is the ant a she or a he

  • ScarletsMacBook

    all worker are female

  • Dead Lock
    Dead Lock

    Hmmmm... I can feel that "dead" feromon on me.... Maybe I am dead? Ok, I'll bring my self to the graveyard

  • Paige Asmr
    Paige Asmr

    So mean 🥺

  • DrCoolyy

    Why did I think he was gonna suck the ants out with the straw 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • lordbeavis69

    And the ant voted Democrat…

  • Shiloh B
    Shiloh B

    I learned recently that ants are self-aware

  • Anthony Rope
    Anthony Rope

    Stupid human.. Making me take a shower and shit .

  • 5674 82
    5674 82

    “Her”. It’s female science dude

  • Unit_Joe

    This is a form of torture

  • CubbyClaw

    "ants have a place called a graveyard* Yeah...humans do to

  • ixtasis

    Poor guy

  • Space duck of dreams
    Space duck of dreams

    You can’t just steal peoples content with no credit given

  • gamerwop

    Every ant worker is female

  • Omega Lardax
    Omega Lardax

    I like everyone flipping out about an Ant... A single ant... Just think that there are probably 3 times the amount of ants in your house just lurking in the walls... And you mainly kill ants when they are in your house, at least I think thats what most people do?

  • Buzzcutbob

    Hey if I smelled like a corpse for 3 days I'd take myself over to the cemetery too

  • Cheezburgercatzfl

    When I saw the straw I thought you were just gonna suck it out lol

  • Sage

    Seriously dude? That’s just cruel

  • Quinn Rockatansky
    Quinn Rockatansky

    This is like when you can't find your glasses and it turns out you were already wearing them.

  • Cleander

    And thats how i created ant jesus Update: they have a religion now

  • JustPickAlready

    Haha insects are idiots

  • Monalisa Arya
    Monalisa Arya

    We'll never really know if it's actually alive btw

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    Plot twist: ant had a mental breakdown after this An took a medical leave an is receiving counseling/treatment to try to get over its PTSD

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    If ants can shake it off and get back into societee I don't see why humans can't tbh

    • Mo Kassabian Svendsen
      Mo Kassabian Svendsen

      Just takes a lot more steps. Like a redicouse amount more.

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    If ants can come back from death We need to find some way to replicate this formula for humans

  • Tyler Duong
    Tyler Duong

    “dude u smell like a dead body”

  • roberta watson
    roberta watson

    Learned something

  • jerome jerome
    jerome jerome

    does all ant colonies have a grave yard?

  • Spencer Fernando Lebotse
    Spencer Fernando Lebotse

    The thought it had a near death experience

  • EastKoma

    ant have quarintine area too so what we seee might be that this and thinks is sick and went to onpy place where it would be safe to not harm others

  • WackedOutCookie

    Preceded to refer to the ant as "him" the whole video until the end where he says.."she cleaned herself off

  • WackedOutCookie

    Emo ant

  • Maria Carolina
    Maria Carolina

    Omg wtf this is sad poor ant 🥺

    • Milan Nguyen
      Milan Nguyen

      It’s an ant. You probably step on several a day.

  • TNAralwaysfun

    I want to know what the blue stuff is??

  • MilkShakeMilkCrate

    What’s that material making up the hive

  • Hudson Hooker
    Hudson Hooker

    That’s just mean

  • C C
    C C

    Goth ant

  • Frank Meoño
    Frank Meoño

    The substrate is baja blast and gellatin

  • Dogpotato tv
    Dogpotato tv

    Is it in pain please tell me

  • salt tectonics
    salt tectonics

    Good job, you gave the ant mental illness

  • Alpha47

    Glad she touched grass by the end of this

  • RobinMcBeth

    And that's how religions start.

  • Will F
    Will F

    why wud u do this


    He turn into she “poor ant”

  • Jean Jones
    Jean Jones

    This is mean

  • Vishnu

    Action lab after applying the pheromone - Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds

  • rodri98

    This is why i hate humans, let's put some harmless pheromone on the ant....but why??? What's the whole point of it. That's cruel and inhumane i hate this kind of "Science"

  • Jessica Sommer
    Jessica Sommer

    Hmmmm. I was just talking about "bright people who are curious and who learn new things". This is great research. People have "settled" or been bought. This is refreshing. Keep up the good work. I appreciate you.

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore

    Do you want ants to hate us? Because this is how you make ants hate us.