when you see Clowns VS Zombies don't approach them! Run AWAY Fast! (Battle of the Armies)
when you see Clowns VS Zombies don't approach them! Run AWAY Fast! (Battle of the Armies)
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  • Stromedy

    Who's side are you on!?! The Zombies or the Clowns!?

    • Karter Mohn
      Karter Mohn

      I want McDonald’s it’s alive good luck sing a song

    • Smoothie girl
      Smoothie girl


    • Ireland Coe
      Ireland Coe

      I am on the clown side 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Spencer Doak
      Spencer Doak

      @ilovegalaxies hi

    • zoe jones
      zoe jones


  • lorenzo diaz
    lorenzo diaz

    Andreas: dude zombie's are stupid ... I laugh so hard when he said that

  • Лудия Таксиджия
    Лудия Таксиджия

    What Fear of clowns is like: What clowns are really like:

  • Dakshesh Srivastava
    Dakshesh Srivastava

    Oh my god omg 😂 scariest monsters of all time

    • Robert Domingo
      Robert Domingo


    • Dakshesh Srivastava
      Dakshesh Srivastava

      @Landon I know bro it is fake but you must think that he makes videos to make us happy 😊 😀😃😃 😘 you know In my every bad situation god and Kyle only make me happy 😃😃😘❤️💐💐 love you Kyle love you bro 💐💐🙏

    • Landon

      Fake it’s fake but it doesn’t matter

  • Anvols

    Kyle: zombies are attracted to noise everyone: proceeds to make sound

  • Just XSツ
    Just XSツ


    • Quang Tran
      Quang Tran


    • Godzilla

      Yes finally THE DRONEE

  • Huang Michael
    Huang Michael

    You sound like my cousin Alex. He always sounds sooooo serious.

  • 🍄Irelyn🍄

    Stromedy: " zombies are attracted to noise" Also him:AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • _-AestheticCupcake-_


  • aliyaxx_gaming123

    Me being scared watching this

  • chad fann
    chad fann

    Did anyone get bit? Something I’ve noticed in these videos is every time the clowns notice the prime capitol they start chasing them lol

  • Twig Pog
    Twig Pog

    Somebody :don’t make too much noise The drone: screams

    • Dalal Alshmary
      Dalal Alshmary


  • NinjaZ NinjaZz
    NinjaZ NinjaZz

    If there’s one or some Zombies, there are always way more...

    • Javion Wilson
      Javion Wilson

      Do not go to the zombies

    • Deenee D
      Deenee D

      @Landon no there not some people believe in zombies

    • hafizh akhtar dhiafarhan
      hafizh akhtar dhiafarhan

      zombie just from movie’s ok just like train to busan and all of us are dead that all of them just zombie movie

  • 𝐿𝑢𝑣𝑠𝑢𝑛𝑞𝑠𝑟♡︎

    “To get the footage” 🤣

    • 𝐿𝑢𝑣𝑠𝑢𝑛𝑞𝑠𝑟♡︎

      @Miranda Ennis what-

    • Miranda Ennis
      Miranda Ennis


  • Garrett Duitman
    Garrett Duitman

    Stromedy: don't make a sound 2 seconds later: Yelling his head off

    • Sudesh Kumar
      Sudesh Kumar

      Me too 2 minutes later AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Izkua Bakugou
      Izkua Bakugou


    • Jessica Hill
      Jessica Hill


    • Abigail Lanzer
      Abigail Lanzer

      hahahaha yeah!

    • 3hello-my-name-is-money3


  • Flemo Flamezzz
    Flemo Flamezzz

    it was funny how stromedy was saying "zombies are attracted to noise" and then all him and his friends were screaming lol

    • SuperBeansMama

      Haha ya 😂🤣

  • Muichiro Tokito
    Muichiro Tokito

    Them: Zombies are attracted by noise be quiet. Also them: OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD AHHH *screaming before they attract zombies*

  • Jessica Coady
    Jessica Coady

    What am I supposed to tell kids now when they talk about zombies 🤣

    • Jessica Coady
      Jessica Coady

      @Anarchist Official nooo to what 🤭

    • Anarchist Official
      Anarchist Official


    • Random stuff
      Random stuff

      Nothing its fake

  • Imposter from among us
    Imposter from among us

    This video was also a long time ago which means I never seen this video before so I’m new from this video cool video this is insane and. Interesting and I really love you stromedy I love your videos

    • Imposter from among us
      Imposter from among us

      And guys thank you for 6 subscribers I really appreciate it :)

  • Just XSツ
    Just XSツ

    8:57 yeah andre is right enough talkin more moving and paying attention AND THEY DONT MAKE U INTO ZOMBIES TOO

    • Jason Chaudoin
      Jason Chaudoin


  • {B3rry_Gqmes}

    Why is run away always in the title when he just runs closer 😂

  • Lilycorn

    I'm watching this in the morning and it is nice and dark in my room but the sun have to be so bright though

  • Harryheyesplays

    My brother: yoo a zombie? The vid just started! Me: Run them over!

  • Shadow☾Phoenix

    when he said we can’t miss this epic battle Me: bro do you want to die watch it thru the drone not in person

  • Olivia Loughland
    Olivia Loughland

    Stromedy: everyone be quiet cause zombies are attracted to sound *starts screaming at the camera*

    • Torres Riza
      Torres Riza

      if he was in the walking dead he is the first to die in the group because he scream a lot

    • Leo B
      Leo B

      Yeah hahahaha 😂😂😑

    • May Srour
      May Srour


  • Samara Moodan
    Samara Moodan

    Me watching this in the car and laughing

  • Shadow☾Phoenix

    Y’all should get the drone out and go to the car just saying And their not even killing them the I are just gently putting their swords over them

  • mama yoda
    mama yoda

    Love how they just head towards the zombies XD : this vid every horror movie

  • Florence Vern
    Florence Vern

    I love how they click bate us but they're trying to not be click bate but they're sooo obvious.

  • Akriti Singh
    Akriti Singh

    "they're attracted to noise so dont say anything" "HOLY CRAP GUYS! LOOKS GUYS THEY'RE ZOMBIESSSSSSSSS" hehhehehhe stromedy is awesome

    • Satgun Singh
      Satgun Singh

      @Kimberly Hendryx P

    • Sky_rose Wyley
      Sky_rose Wyley

      Yeeeeeeeeeeeet and yes

    • Sky_rose Wyley
      Sky_rose Wyley

      Yeeeeeeeeeeeeet and yes

    • Secret


  • _Mikaela_Not_Found_

    Stromedy: LeT tHe DrOnE dO tHe DiRtY wOrK Him in this video: *GOING IN ON FREAKING FOOT*

  • Charley Dryburgh
    Charley Dryburgh

    I'm so happy that they survived

  • The grinch 01
    The grinch 01

    Why is this so funny 😂

  • Kim ~ Chan
    Kim ~ Chan

    How did u guys even found them ?!?! like how do u know they will come over there only and those swords look so fake idk i am a fan but am just confused and furious at the same time but its a very nice content and an entertaning one as very less people make vid about these types good efforts keep having videos like these which will grow more attraction of people ^-^

  • Lil nova 757
    Lil nova 757

    The moments when you need a 556 or 20 gauge

    • Kristy Clark
      Kristy Clark

      4 y 🇹🇼

  • Caiden Fraser
    Caiden Fraser

    The zombies are still smarter than you you could have driven away

  • lorenzo diaz
    lorenzo diaz

    Stromedy: zombie's are weak but they're stupid ... I laugh to death when he said that

    • Monira Khautn
      Monira Khautn


    • Monira Khautn
      Monira Khautn


  • IamElishatot 🧸✨
    IamElishatot 🧸✨

    I love this last time there's zombie in our house like 1 zombies this is insane

  • Coco Kiwi
    Coco Kiwi

    I love watching these people :)

    • Hanna González
      Hanna González

      Cómo se dice Tito que haya zombis quita super

    • kannan sinnappan
      kannan sinnappan

      Me to

    • Jenni Boldyova
      Jenni Boldyova

      Me too🖤😅:)

  • Sophia Jade
    Sophia Jade

    It's definitely really cool that you got so close to them when they were fighting

  • Nicholas Kievit
    Nicholas Kievit

    Person: this is so fake Me: no it's true I actually saw this clown chasing a guy

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez

    You can tell the zombies are wearing a mask

  • Hala Ebrahim
    Hala Ebrahim

    It’s definitely your other friends because you can just run them over and then you’re safe are you trying to make us forget about this it won’t work for me lol

  • Puppet Short Films
    Puppet Short Films

    Actually this is so cool to watch holy Molly this stromedy making bangers over here.

    • Landon


  • iryshakov

    Has anyone notice that when someone gets captures the next video they appear

  • The axolotl playz
    The axolotl playz

    That’s so cool that the “zombies” look so real and ugly

  • Shishilan pasalan
    Shishilan pasalan

    The clowns just had to slightly touch the neck and then finish him flawless defeat

  • nanahloc60

    Your videos are so funny I wash them every day they’re so cool the only videos I like is the one with the Clouse

  • Shirley H
    Shirley H

    Yo I live in Toronto and I've never heard of a "zombie outbreak" and why do those "zombies" look like they have masks on🤣

    • Jag Punn
      Jag Punn

      i live in bc so we both in canada

    • Deseree Leslie
      Deseree Leslie


    • Tamil Islamic Academy
      Tamil Islamic Academy

      I live Toronto but I have went to clown Island many times but you think that when Kyle went to clown Island the clowns tried to attack kyle right but the real clowns tried to attack me in clown Island so he was not faking the clowns

    • hinata kageama
      hinata kageama

      Yeah i agree

  • Joshua Crabajales
    Joshua Crabajales

    The way they hit using swords it's just like an baby using to hit it

  • Rebecca Broadbent
    Rebecca Broadbent

    We cant let them see us '"says the one in a bright green jumper

  • Grace Dunne
    Grace Dunne

    I don’t know what team I am on. Your vids are the best they make my day keep up the good work

  • Mini tom Holland  spider man
    Mini tom Holland spider man

    When you guys were running from the clowns I noticed zombies were also chasing you guys


      Good eyes

  • Maddsie

    He said "there so many fricking clowns" when they were zombies, probably used to saying clowns XD

  • Onelia moreno
    Onelia moreno

    Yeah once one of the clowns who ate a Domi with their classic Shields and swords

    • Lakeisha Smith
      Lakeisha Smith


  • Icy Pixle
    Icy Pixle

    How much did you pay them for their reaction stromedy

  • BellaTheBestAutisticGirl

    I love zombies more than clowns 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Harper
    Adam Harper

    The clouwns and I’d check every were hahaha

  • Goodness Lubisi
    Goodness Lubisi

    Well I expected maybe a 1 hour war or a 6 hour war but i liked how the clowns attacked 👍

    • Dalal Alshmary
      Dalal Alshmary

      هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه لا 🇷🇪 من اول بس مو من النوع مرحبا 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 هههخ

    • Dalal Alshmary
      Dalal Alshmary


  • shawn h
    shawn h

    Stromedy: be quiet: him talking loud

  • The ascetic girl☺️☺️
    The ascetic girl☺️☺️

    I am so impressed that you did that I’d never👏🏻👏🏻👀

  • Miguelina Hernández
    Miguelina Hernández

    When I was watching this I was like watch out form the clowns

  • Cuc Phan
    Cuc Phan

    Bruh this is gonna be for Veterans Day zombies vs clowns

  • Khy Manser
    Khy Manser

    I'm on stromedy side cause he's my biggest fan and my best friend

  • Jenni Penfold
    Jenni Penfold

    This is insane bro clowns 🤡 NO JOKE never underestimate them they aren’t as dumb as they sound!!!

  • Mathew Mcleya
    Mathew Mcleya

    Imagine if it was a zombie clown


    Imagine they were real

  • Carlene Blanc
    Carlene Blanc

    Your videos are amazing I love them so much that I can’t even say this in this comment

  • Kristy Boltwood
    Kristy Boltwood

    I just started it and I’m already scared 😱 and I’m on clowns 🤡 side

  • 𝙰𝚔𝚒𝚛𝚊 𝙶𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐
    𝙰𝚔𝚒𝚛𝚊 𝙶𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐

    When you guys Get in the car the IT Sound was there now its Clown Apocalypse

  • mikaela heap
    mikaela heap

    Stay safe out there 🤗

  • bruh girl life
    bruh girl life

    Anyone realize that one of the clowns almost look like laughing jack from the creepy pastA?

    • Angelina Mcdonald
      Angelina Mcdonald


  • Cotten Mousey
    Cotten Mousey

    Stromedy: there a lot of zombies and clowns here so it’s dangerous Also stromedy:let’s go there

  • corey james
    corey james

    Imagine if they all did a loud fart

  • fortnie is goated
    fortnie is goated

    Me:Is scared at 5:24-5:36

  • Poppie Antrobus
    Poppie Antrobus

    These people are real people that actually live on earth is it gonna be like Jason wondering around with a mask on


    Finally Kyle is back with an insane banger. I was literally waiting for this. And it was so so good vid and it was terrifying too. Good job stromedy squad. 👍 As always love u guys Iam your boy vishnu from India 😎😎🤘🌟.


      Hey I'm from England!!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Roy Tapao
    Roy Tapao

    if they have a drone they should just stay in the car

  • Mathew Mcleya
    Mathew Mcleya

    Imagine if there was a clown zombie

  • Jasmine Hearne
    Jasmine Hearne

    did no one else hear the beep or noise at the intro