if you ever see these people with a stack of Money, run & call the Police instantly! (Dark Society)
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  • Scott Sattler
    Scott Sattler

    I was in there very happy that you picked the right side🎉 few

  • Demon

    But the Dark Society has been spying on houses and they kept going to your house.-_-

  • Amelia Haithwaite
    Amelia Haithwaite

    U guys are always doing bangers 🤣🔥🔥

  • GeometricGamer7

    Imagine if you went undercover as dark society

  • DariYon Reese
    DariYon Reese

    The light Society forever and ever and ever

    • Josefa Gomez
      Josefa Gomez

      The light society

    • Zeraora Playz
      Zeraora Playz


    • Hayden Rice
      Hayden Rice

      # light socisty

    • Lemonzzz

      Yep light society

    • Jake Timmons
      Jake Timmons


  • Anna Zondlo
    Anna Zondlo

    I'm going Dark decidedly because the Cause I decided these tricking you Into thinking that you would join them but they're actually very bad

  • Abdiel Velez
    Abdiel Velez

    Bro dark u always good catching clowns and exposing haunted houses be evil and if you don’t like it leave and if they don’t let you then you fight ok love you keep up the good work or be good and say you evil and backstab the dark society expose them

    • Peter Miller Koncz
      Peter Miller Koncz


  • Eryn Anderson
    Eryn Anderson

    Why not take some of the money and get everyone in this video acting lessons?

  • Vikki Martin
    Vikki Martin

    Join the Dark Society

  • Masked Man
    Masked Man

    Even tho it's fake or I'm old I'd still watch it to remind how this is actually something

    • Blandin Pofadder
      Blandin Pofadder

      The Light Society Ignatius

  • Vikki Martin
    Vikki Martin

    Join the Dark Society

  • Angry Bird
    Angry Bird

    The dark will fall and the light will arise!

  • Marley Mckeon
    Marley Mckeon

    My heart sized went the dark society came like OMG

  • Claire Mulryan
    Claire Mulryan

    That was sick I loved it

  • Qasim Ahmed Khan
    Qasim Ahmed Khan

    Awsome another banger,waiting for the next video

  • Jevaun Williams
    Jevaun Williams

    Choose the light society! Please 🙏🙏🙏🥺

  • christina swales
    christina swales

    I just started watching and I already like it

  • Bunnybabygirl

    Been fan for years I would've joined the light society too!!!

  • Mary Wesling
    Mary Wesling

    Stay in between because we all live in light and dark everyday

  • Michelle Jones
    Michelle Jones

    I was in the live and just like always he always has a twist and so "dark"

    • Ceri Edwards
      Ceri Edwards


    • kylie Padilla
      kylie Padilla

      Ixiej diajd

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    I haven't watched your videos for ages I think the last time I watched one was the one with the clown driving the tractor in 2021

  • #Emoney0007

    I love your videos so much thank you so much for making videos I love your videos and I love you making videos you’re so good at it

  • Dale Gane
    Dale Gane

    Go for light they were being nice

  • Wilbur Rothermel
    Wilbur Rothermel

    light helped get the house back and darkness took the house stromedy you made the right choice man.

  • Lynne Bergen
    Lynne Bergen

    The light society is so proud of you guys.

  • Aflplays

    I new he would join the light society

  • Geraldine Perez
    Geraldine Perez

    Come on tell them that reveals your face and then you could go with. Them

  • Vikki Martin
    Vikki Martin

    Give us the money stromedy

  • HamyBlx Gaming
    HamyBlx Gaming


  • Katie Ball
    Katie Ball

    I love you guys so much you guys are amazing I love all of your videos keep up the good work guys

  • Allison Matsuo
    Allison Matsuo

    Join The Light Society Stromedy

  • king of banana
    king of banana

    Hey stromedy i am your lost fan i stopped wachting your vids until now i am gonna wacht al the bangers i mist keep up yoe wil also hit 4 mil

  • Carol Ybarra
    Carol Ybarra

    I personally think that you should pick the light

  • I'M HADI
    I'M HADI

    Join the Dark society

  • stromedykyle_fp

    That was really insane

  • Ryan Lentz
    Ryan Lentz

    Join the light society Kyle

  • Glitter & Glitz By Audri
    Glitter & Glitz By Audri

    Help me there is a clown outside my house

  • Aria Chobot
    Aria Chobot

    11:16 that is Kyle's truck

  • LilaBishop213

    the dark society watching the into: 👁👄👁

    • LilaBishop213


  • Life with Janae
    Life with Janae

    Moreeee I loved this video I wanna know what happens next

  • Sonic

    im watching this after the live


    How do they trust you with money like last time you stole it



  • maurice spinks
    maurice spinks

    just pick the light already

  • Wiltshire Wiltshire
    Wiltshire Wiltshire

    Hey stromady I'm really impressed on the videos you make.

    • Alexis Alvarado
      Alexis Alvarado


    • DaBigChungus42

      love your videos

    • Wiltshire Wiltshire
      Wiltshire Wiltshire

      @David Garey Hallo

    • David Garey
      David Garey


  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    I’m your biggest fan and I think you should go with light Society

  • Karson Kersh
    Karson Kersh

    Light Society is the answer because the other People should get the same amount of money if you make money don’t choose the dark society

  • Liam Simpson
    Liam Simpson

    light society for ever

  • August the flower
    August the flower

    oh i'm blinded by the LIGHT🎶🎵

  • The nine tailed fox🦊
    The nine tailed fox🦊

    Hi stromedy I love the vids so much and I just started watching u today

  • NeoNinja92

    I have joined light society too from England I have a mask and the clothes


    guys the way the light society wave saying good luck was super creepy, or as calixo says it. SUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • AndyPlayz

    the light society 4ever

  • Jason Wrigth
    Jason Wrigth

    Choose the light side do it there the good side!

  • Keisy Star
    Keisy Star

    It’s been so long since in don’t watch your scary, light society, dark society, clown videos !

    • Aidendumbsham

      And Exploring

  • GAMER__ BG
    GAMER__ BG

    That was fun thank stromody

  • Ramona Moore
    Ramona Moore

    Yes keep the good work guys xoxoxo

  • sian ong
    sian ong

    Light society because in the dark they say if your always going to work hard. but light society is better because it gives everyone a chances.

  • Kathryn Pogson
    Kathryn Pogson

    Because the light has a deeper voice

  • Maleek the champ
    Maleek the champ

    This video was a banger 😎😂👊

    • Glitter & Glitz By Audri
      Glitter & Glitz By Audri

      It was a banger lol

  • Faye Browne
    Faye Browne

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  • Jennifer Kelly
    Jennifer Kelly

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  • Kathryn Pogson
    Kathryn Pogson

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  • Jack Currington
    Jack Currington

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  • hilaria second
    hilaria second

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  • geoffrey hailing
    geoffrey hailing

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  • Jamie Johnston
    Jamie Johnston

    You should have said to grab the guns

  • Abdiel Velez
    Abdiel Velez

    At least ypu have years of training of stealth with clowns oh and Michael myers

  • Maria sabbagh
    Maria sabbagh

    3:57 lexitherapp said: I think your cute stromedy

  • Avyush Ghoorahoo
    Avyush Ghoorahoo

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  • Maxine McClelland
    Maxine McClelland

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  • geoffrey hailing
    geoffrey hailing

    kyle one of oy ushould go with the light society and another one with dark society

  • Mary Anne pia
    Mary Anne pia

    I'm gonna go with light

  • lena mearse
    lena mearse

    you should pick light society


    Storm do you watch out okay yeah everything is sketchy the same looking too good either I mean the light society theater the light the light it's already very sketchy like Tiana said so to stay safe everything is very messed up and and sketchy it's sketchy as hell 42 so yeah I'm allowed to say those words and you are the best IRglors I've ever came to trust stay safe and your best IRglor

  • Natasha Riehl
    Natasha Riehl

    How is the day going to get out in a minute so we can have fun with Thanks so happy for you coming up today and your

  • Kingamerdude

    They take y'all good place 😉

  • Jorge Vinalay
    Jorge Vinalay

    I didn’t know what to go on but pick the light

  • Mark Goers
    Mark Goers

    Strawberry that’s a black mask again if you see them as one more in my Kenmore times one just run run run run run OK good get out of there so they cannot steal anything but just take your golden play button with you in every played by the new house and then just move out move to a different house OK

  • Trisha Nickol
    Trisha Nickol

    Whoever reviews the face you go to their side