MY LAST DAYS AS A SOPHOMORE | finals, friends, & more!
Nicole Laeno
THIS IS THE LAST VLOG OF MY SOPHOMORE YEAR!!! omg we made it… 10th grade = complete 😎 thank you guys for your constant support, it means the world :)
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stay positive!
xoxo, nicole

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  • Bella

    I Really don’t think Nicole knows how much she makes my day when she posts a new video!🤍🤍

    • Macey_fx


    • mbasa dinz ⚡️
      mbasa dinz ⚡️


    • harveen

      omg right! oh also i made my own channel recently and i’d really appreciate if you could check it out, thanks !!

    • harveen

      omg right! oh also i made my own channel recently and i’d really appreciate if you could check it out, thanks !!

  • Addison Claire
    Addison Claire

    i love how she’s legit crying and at her breaking point but SHES LAUGHING AND STILL WO BUBBLY LIKE HOWWW

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      The way everyone just dug into that bag of candy and Nicole's look..was just everything..

  • Dylan

    congrats colie for having completed her sophomore year successfullu, enjoy your holidays

  • Gamer gamer
    Gamer gamer


  • Ella Alexander
    Ella Alexander

    N: Nice I: Influencer C: Caring O: Overall Bestie Material L: Loving E: Excellent Love you Colie! Have fun on ur trip!

    • Señorita de incógnito 💘
      Señorita de incógnito 💘

      On I you should put intelligent!!

  • Angelina Tohme
    Angelina Tohme

    Nicole you literally make highschool look so fun.

    • Sam_Marques

      @KJ Jesus Christ! No, that should stay only 4 her, when she starts dating and having an active sex life, would be asking too much 4 her to say those things on internet eh

    • KJ

      If Kaydon was that bad and if her new preference for white ducks are better

    • xquisite_audios


  • Bridgette Barker
    Bridgette Barker

    YOU GO GIRL!! WHAT a year, so proud of you!

    • niddg viiut
      niddg viiut

      I can’t lie, this made me so emotional for some reason? Like I’m genuinely crying. I just graduated high school on Monday, and seeing you finish your sophomore year was s

  • me

    OMG Madison is SOOO cool they both balance/complement each other so well!

  • Eva Mariia Kryvenko
    Eva Mariia Kryvenko

    Congratulations on finishing sophomore year! I hope you’ll have the best summer possible

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    Congrats Collie for making it trough the year! I knew you could do it

    • ur mom
      ur mom


  • yorleny

    congrats to colie for making it through the year😭 we all had our moments through the year and i’m proud of everyone else who has as well😊 i wish nothing but success to everyone and a good next year for everyone🤗

    • Abby_frompintrest

      Thank you so much. We have all overcome hardships.

    • Toca army Dania
      Toca army Dania

      Thanks for saying that I am in the sophomore Year 🥹

  • tan

    omg you can just feel her excitement from the outro!! congrats on finishing off your sophomore year strongly and i hope you have an amazing summer!! can't wait to see all your summer vlogs 😊

  • Aahana Singh
    Aahana Singh

    she’s literally so sweet and motivating, i love her♥️

  • Alyssa Ragsdale
    Alyssa Ragsdale

    the night before my last day of school was also my “breaking point” so this was oddly comforting to know i wasn’t the only one.

    • Offischl

      the same happened to me a few weeks ago when my school ended

    • 𝙺𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚊𝚑 𝚌
      𝙺𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚊𝚑 𝚌

      It was my “breaking point” too. You’re not alone 😊

  • Barbara Cifuentes
    Barbara Cifuentes

    I’m really happy that you posted the last days of your sophomore year and then hope that you have a great first day of your junior year and it looks like you had really a lot of fun 😋

  • Mariam yousif sr 1c
    Mariam yousif sr 1c


    • xquisite_audios


  • Angela Yu
    Angela Yu

    It feels so good to see Nicole go through a whole school year and spreading positivity around all the people around her. Feels like we've been there with her all the time 🥺


    I love your relationship with your parents Nicole. That is what I'll strive my family to be like.

  • hearts

    I'm so excited for you summer content! It's so cool seeing you go though all of sophomore year! have a fun summer!

  • cupidette


  • Angela Lee
    Angela Lee

    I love how she’s so confident and I’d always positive which makes people around her happy 👏🏼💕

    • ღ Merche ღ
      ღ Merche ღ

      @Kay Done They don't even know you at home

    • pami

      @Kay Done chill chill lmao

    • lemon

      @Kay Done ☠️☠️

    • Chloe V
      Chloe V

      @Kay Done What do you mean?

  • YouAreStellar

    dang the amount of AP classes your taking is PHENOMENAL!!!! I’m only taking like two next year and I already feel stressed 😂

  • nicole

    Nicole makes my day everyday, she makes everyone laugh which makes me smile lysm!

  • Reet Virk
    Reet Virk

    CONGRATSSSSS COLIEEEEEE :D u made it through the hardest times of the year and turned them into the best moments

  • zmasoomaa

    Aarushi just has such a happy mood everytime we see her on camera and that's what I love about her

  • bird tutorial
    bird tutorial

    I can’t lie, this made me so emotional for some reason? Like I’m genuinely crying. I just graduated high school on Monday, and seeing you finish your sophomore year was so cool!! You just remind me so much of the good parts of high school. Academics will be challenging next year for you but I know you’ll get through it!! Your health (both mental and physical) are more important than grades, so be sure to take care of yourself!! I wish you luck in your junior year next year :•)

  • amber louise
    amber louise

    so proud of you colie!! you've done so well this year through the ups and downs,, good luck on your finals and sending u positive energy lovely


    I love how Nicole always says where all her clothes are from when she does her ootd it helps out a lot when you need fashion ideas.

  • Breanna Martin
    Breanna Martin

    congrats on making it through the year!!! i hope this summer is super fun and relaxing for you -- you seriously deserve it

  • Andja Hatika
    Andja Hatika

    Colie makes my day when she posts a new video. Thank you girl for cheering me up if I am sad or making me even happier when I'm happy with your new video. You shine,girl!✨🤍

  • Tala Basrawi
    Tala Basrawi

    I love how positive she is. Good luck on finals colie (and everyone who has finals)💕💕

    • GirlyTipsHope

      @Sampriti Joy lol.

    • SHANG

      @Sampriti Joy lol

    • Sampriti Joy
      Sampriti Joy

      Thank you so much

  • 🦋Southerngalaxygirl🦋

    wow i’m so proud of you collie… i miss my school year it was so fun and i cried so hard bc i won’t see my friends😭💖 but i’m glad you made it through the year with struggles and happiness:)

  • Barbara Halm
    Barbara Halm

    Have a safe journey and a nice summer vacation ☺️

  • Fiadh Reddin
    Fiadh Reddin

    HI NICOLE!! Ur a junior ahhhh that’s so crazy and you’ve come so far! I love how generous and kind u are that you’re giving candy to ur friends like that just makes people’s day. ILYSM AND I LOVE UR VIDS!! And you’re so lucky ur in summer now I still have a week and a half left. Sending love from Ireland🇮🇪

  • Belle

    Congrats on surviving sophomore, Nicole!! It's kinda weird for me that summer jus ended for me but it is jus goin to start for Nicole...I have summer earlier

  • 𝙖𝙞𝙡𝙚𝙚+

    I'm gonna start my SOPHOMORE year this august and hoping for a postive vibe through out this journey. Of course I got so much motivation from you Colie. iloveyou

    • Black Kitty
      Black Kitty

      I'm also going to 10th😬😬 enjoy yours tho❤❤

    • Tyrese Thompson
      Tyrese Thompson


    • Stack Quire
      Stack Quire

      @Spiteful Banks depends on your classes you pick but my freshman year was hardest year for me so far

    • Theyluv_ashley

      @Jenny Mae me too

    • idk

      same here we got this 💪

  • Cammy Rose
    Cammy Rose

    It makes me feel so reassured that I am not the only one who deals with stress. I get distracted easily, so when I see that you usually do all your work in one sitting, I get so motivated!!

  • najad mohamed
    najad mohamed

    I love how she is always smiling and always confident which is one of the reasons she is one of my favorite youtubers

  • Shreyanshi Singh
    Shreyanshi Singh

    congratulations nicole for completing your sophomore year of highschool. I know its been a hard year for you as I have also completed my sophomore year of highschool this year but at the same time you must have made alot of good memories with your friends and schoolmates. Good luck for your junior year of highschool and ofcourse HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! you deserved this vacation. lots love from India,💖💖💗💗

  • rose 🥀
    rose 🥀

    I’m going into my sophomore year and these videos make me so motivated and I always feel the need to be super productive when I watch your videos. Ily Nicole

    • Lifewithzoah


  • ☆Sharanyaa☆

    The way everyone just dug into that bag of candy and Nicole's look..was just everything..🤣

  • Kate McDonald
    Kate McDonald

    when colie posts i literally find myself smiling i love her content so much and i always can’t wait for tuesdays and fridays. love you nicole

  • Prarthana Dutta
    Prarthana Dutta

    It’s crazy how fast time flies Nicole I started watching your videos during summer before your freshman year and now you will be a junior similarly I will be going to 11 th grade

  • Emilybell178

    I have been watching you for around like 5-4 years! I’m so happy that I am able to watch you through your journey

  • Georgia Rink
    Georgia Rink

    i love your outfits and your vids and u inspire me so much, I hope u have a good summer

  • Kristi-Ann Dorante
    Kristi-Ann Dorante

    I hope you had an epic sophomore year! And I'm sorry that it'll be an end for you.. But hey, new year= new beginnings! Have a fun-filled summer, relax 24/7, and don't stop your positivity reign. Advice for junior year: Have a stable hw plan, no procrastination, and good vibes only! One more thing: Boyfriend's are not necessary cuz they'll make you lose focus!

    • kendall_

      yea tbh.. i totally agree especially with the boyfriend part. thats seriously my mindset 💀💀

    • Kristi-Ann Dorante
      Kristi-Ann Dorante

      @adri parson true

    • adri parson
      adri parson

      well the boyfriend part not for everyone sumtimes it’s nice having someone who has the same goals as u yk?

    • Kristi-Ann Dorante
      Kristi-Ann Dorante

      Colie don't stress yourself too much!🥺 You're gonna have your face break out 🥺. Keep that in mind for 11th grade. ❤ you!

  • love4tyler

    i’m so proud of you nicole like i rlly am. this year has been a mess and you just pushed right on through to make us happy. i feel like you can over work yourself just to please us and i want to thank you for making so many people’s day better. for me you have inspired me to work harder and set positive goals in my life. you are an influencer and you deserve every blessing you receive. i hope this summer brings great joy to you and your family and you have a wonderful time. love you! p.s you really do deserve a break for yourself. because you matter too! we will always understand if you are ever going through something and u just need a break. we love you so much and will always!


    Congrats colie!, u had so many memories as a sophomore and I’m so glad for u 😁. I’ve been watching ur videos since u where in 5th or 6th ur so nice to everyone u deserve all of this I hope u grow up to be a supermodel to everyone ur gorgeous, unique, and caring congrats 🎉🎈💖

  • Yo Gabba Gabba
    Yo Gabba Gabba

    Colin you’ve literally become part of my self care routine

  • Reshma Sekar
    Reshma Sekar

    Omg!!! You are growing super fast and also I love watching every vid of yours Nicole. Stay safe, stay happy

  • nawaal yusuf
    nawaal yusuf

    omg towards the ending you were saying something abt you not doing to good as you have to study + edit videos and i can not stress how much im so proud of you (proud is an understatement) because not many people can balance out that life like you do and im glad your holiday has started by now and you can rest & have fun etc . can’t wait for your summmer vlogs (aha im starting yr 11 this year (sophomore). side note: you’re so beautiful and SMILY omg it’s contagious aha

    • windyy

      frrrr she's so beautiful and cute and smiley. i love her personality :)

    • Kiki M.
      Kiki M.

      @nawaal yusuf ohk I thought by yr you meant like grade

    • nawaal yusuf
      nawaal yusuf

      @Kiki M. year 11 and grade 11 is different, yr11 = sophomore, grade 11 = yr 12 (junior)

    • Kiki M.
      Kiki M.

      Yr 11 is junior dude sophomore is yr10


    I can’t wait for the summer vlogs. And I probably might be watching it when I go to University Studios

  • qis

    been watching your vlogs since you were in 7th grade, so proud of how far you've come !! ur a huge inspiration to me, love u colie

  • sephy

    Nicole's vids are basically part of my daily routine, her vids just gives me positivity throughout the day. I love you so much Nicole!!❤️

  • Mariah Jones
    Mariah Jones

    congrats on making it through the year!!! i hope this summer is super fun and relaxing for you -- you seriously deserve it

  • Aleah Ray
    Aleah Ray

    I love this video and so happy to see what’s in store for the summer!!!

  • torizlam

    I just love Nicole’s smile!!! 💗

  • Anna Stone
    Anna Stone

    congratulations colie. thanks for always making us in a positive mood for because of the reflection of your mood! 💗

  • Laurie Chow
    Laurie Chow

    aw congrats on graduating sophomore year colie!! have a great summer and can't wait to see the upcoming vids

  • Ivya Tandon
    Ivya Tandon

    Nicole's vibe is the best.... She makes me get out of bed and be productive.... It actually made my health better.... Love u Colie 💜💜💜

    • Lorena Mejia
      Lorena Mejia


    • Nkosisithandile Mthethwa
      Nkosisithandile Mthethwa

      Me too I always like when Nicole posts, I somehow become inspired And she's the only vlogger I watch

  • 🌻Zaiba Mohammed🌻
    🌻Zaiba Mohammed🌻

    You're literally my inspiration I'm so excited for everything you with complete in life we will be right here I'm so happy for you colie!♥️

  • grace

    ahhhh there aren’t enough words to describe how much I love Nicole and all her videos!! happy summer to the Americans bahah xx

  • aves

    congrats love !! i finished junior year back in May, and junior year was my best year yet :) it was a tad stressful, but way way more fun!

  • Quirky Gurlz
    Quirky Gurlz

    i love how nicole is so positive and uplifting, and even with tough time she makes the most of every moment. shes so inspiring and really motivates me. love you nicole!!!

  • layy

    aaa her videos are literally a therapy like i could watch it everyday i love how she show us the positive energy through her vlogs anw good luck on finals bb ilusm

  • Amaiyah

    Nicole, you’ve grown so much! I’m so proud of u ily!! ilysm

  • Ellie

    I cant believe its already the end ive been watching her since her first day of 7th grade and watching her come to the end of her sophomore year is just amazing! love you nicole ❤️❤️

  • Fransvier Nantiza
    Fransvier Nantiza


  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod

    YOU GO GIRL!! WHAT a year, so proud of you!

  • Siri 🌸✨
    Siri 🌸✨

    “Nicolesita” lol it’s so cute! BTW, we need to know where you’re going for your trip miss gorl! I love how you make your own decisions and have an amazing relationship with your family. Your so pretty!! 🫢🫡❤️

    • Ajlaaaa

      Spain she is in spain

  • Inge Schnetler
    Inge Schnetler

    I absolutely love the longer videos! Thanks Colie 💖

  • hxzel

    watching this because it's also my last day being a sophomore what a great year!! can't believe we're gonna be a senior

  • vibe.with.jasminee

    i LOVE how maddy comes over early in the morning idk why the vibes are AMAZINGG

  • Rayray Lander
    Rayray Lander

    It makes me so happy to see Colie growing up so beautifully

  • Tina Bertz
    Tina Bertz

    It’s crazy too see that your amount of subscribers are just increasing like crazy everyday!😍

  • Jay C.
    Jay C.

    Congrats colie!!! We're both going to be juniors next year :(

  • Mandy O
    Mandy O

    i love Nicoles video so so much! cant wait for more, I have literally watched every single video of yours! you did a great job this year as a sophomore, and even sharing! We appericiate the time you put for us. Thank you so so much!

  • Gaby

    It's crazy to see you ending ur sophomore year, I've been watching since ur 8th grade vlogs. As well as the start of a new era will come, Nicole ur the same age as me, but where I live i'm already done with half of my senior year, so please enjoy ur time with ur friends, you deserve it, keep it up!

  • Hamdia Takakloe
    Hamdia Takakloe

    Why is my first thought as she walks down the stairs, "hasn't she fallen down those stairs before?" 😂😂 Amazing job collie I hope your sophomore year was incredible and I'm going to be a freshman this year 😁

  • hoorain

    I'm graduating my freshmen year this Monday and I'm so relieved but kind of sad because of the memories I made but we always have to look into the future!!! sophomore year is next ahh!