Found a fake Apple battery 🤦🏻‍♂️
I come across situations like this more often than I'd like to, it's a shame..
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  • Andrei Opris
    Andrei Opris

    where can i find a battery that's good so i can go and get my iphone in service

  • _Tigerkill9 _
    _Tigerkill9 _

    Bruh what’s her snap👀

  • EnjoyMyApple


  • PRINCE Official
    PRINCE Official

    Same problem with my iPhone 8

  • Shuhaib Aqthar
    Shuhaib Aqthar

    My old xperia zr shows something like 400% when I charge it overnight 😂😂..and the battery won't last more than 2 hours 😂

  • Chris Mora
    Chris Mora

    What's that spinny boi?

  • Amethyst Arden Maneja
    Amethyst Arden Maneja

    Can you help when I go to a app it show something and when I go out of the app the corner is blurry

  • Yuki.

    This type of tiktok is entertaining not bugsportwear russia :v

  • shut up malfoy
    shut up malfoy

    Jesus Christ died for our sins h

  • MALIK'S PAKISTAN (Travel, Hunting, Food & Fishing)
    MALIK'S PAKISTAN (Travel, Hunting, Food & Fishing)

    It was also my problem I go to the apple store and said this battery 🔋 sucks 🙄 the they open my iphone XR and Said Batter was replaced Idk But Why My Battery Again Sucks 🙄

  • Dalton Sundara
    Dalton Sundara

    Ayo she cute tho

  • Amr Hammoud
    Amr Hammoud

    You make it look so simple lol !!!

  • Kalash 74
    Kalash 74

    or, dont get an iphone that needs its battery replaced every 5 minutes because their batteries are the worst

  • Jose Fritz
    Jose Fritz

    Técnicos en Latinoamérica: uy no, se le malogró la placa, hay que cambiarla 😂

  • Majorwinner360

    that squeak made my back tickle 😩

  • Typical 90s Gamer
    Typical 90s Gamer

    Seeing as how the iPhone shuts off when it thinks there is 0% left, I’m calling bs on this one

  • iSamYT Backup
    iSamYT Backup

    don't forget to gwt that crunch

  • Mathew Skelding
    Mathew Skelding

    Imagine having a picture of yourself as your background

    • Fr0zzen

      This is the first time I've seen this

  • Fethum

    Ayo why she fine tho 👅

  • Aadhyan Gupta
    Aadhyan Gupta


  • Aadhyan Gupta
    Aadhyan Gupta


  • Jovani Romero
    Jovani Romero

    Bro she looks mighty cute

  • Harrison Levithan
    Harrison Levithan

    You sound like the doo

  • Nam Kwong Bus Group
    Nam Kwong Bus Group

    What the fucc, did u messed up the battery? “*no*”

  • Nashelle Suarez
    Nashelle Suarez

    Wooooow that's crazy

  • Lukas Kr
    Lukas Kr

    This squeak hit differently.

  • Jůşťïň

    Hey where can you get me an iPhone X battery?

  • Nany Who
    Nany Who


  • ปฏิพล ภูโต
    ปฏิพล ภูโต


  • cube

    reminds me of the time i had this real old phone and it stayed at 0% without a charger for quite literallg 45 minutes then never turmed on after that 🚶 I WANTED TO SEE HOW LONG IT WOULD LAST,,

  • m e o w da coww
    m e o w da coww

    I would keep that battery lol

  • Malikai Grey
    Malikai Grey

    How much does it cost to get you’re phone fixed anyways?

  • Uh_Sasha1

    We just gonna ignore the fact that she's pretty?

  • Cocogoat

    Ppl actually think this is real and not scripted???

  • sir nose
    sir nose

    The squeak made me cringe

  • Jr Ismaelツ
    Jr Ismaelツ

    Shes staring into our soul

  • Archer X
    Archer X

    The battery that he replaced it with is aftermarket too, you can see by the pink plastic over the tape, apple batteries come with black placement bars 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Archer X
    Archer X

    The apple logo will whipe off the same way with alcohol on an OG oem battery

  • Android Dude Thingy
    Android Dude Thingy

    Why do you have to squeek?!!!

  • Szyszqu

    At least it's Iphone

  • yurr

    Jesus loves you repent before its too late

  • AJ Animations
    AJ Animations

    That squeak was so satisfying for no reason 😩

  • Coming Master
    Coming Master

    0:23 на ориге тоже самое будет

  • Pokege123omg

    You don't need a real apple battery just get a good after Market one the issue with the one you pulled is that it was really shit not that it was fake

  • الاسلام دين حق
    الاسلام دين حق

    Hide the zip code please


    yo she fine tho 😳🥵

    • Will


  • Jayden Arenas
    Jayden Arenas

    Don't say bad words in your video

  • Jr P D
    Jr P D

    Neat. Dude puts his sister as his wallpaper.

  • Usual

    Society moment

  • Brian Guerrero
    Brian Guerrero

    Do u fix Xbox

  • FUN  & MUSIC

    That explain why my phone is acting weird

  • QTG128

    I've had similar issue like this last year where my phone is charging and it shows -2% so i have to manually open up the phone and unplug the little lego connector on the battery and plug it back...

  • Tha Nge
    Tha Nge

    That exactly what just happened today at batteryjoe

  • joshoben 8
    joshoben 8

    A bad battery is called a baddery (dad joke)

  • VeX mC LLC
    VeX mC LLC

    Apple: alright wTf broke this??? Him: idk Me: ooh she's 🥳🔥💌

  • norwegian7

    No wonder iphone barely have battery if it is shaped like that

  • Zara Louise Peyton
    Zara Louise Peyton

    Why do people do this to other people’s phone? No matter what brand the phone is, no one should do this to anyone’s phone. It’s a pretty lame thing to do to someone’s phone. How would they like it if someone did it to their phone? It’s a asshole thing to do to someone.

  • Landon Deveny
    Landon Deveny

    The seal on my phone looks like melted rubber lol

  • meneya

    shes so pretty lol

  • The Zbucket
    The Zbucket

    Bro i would be pissed

  • Jonatán Zérczi
    Jonatán Zérczi

    You can melt the  logo from every battery with isopropyl so....

  • KEP x1
    KEP x1

    The battery is from china

  • Payton Remington
    Payton Remington

    yo does victoria have a snap or…

  • Psyche


  • Daniel Arita
    Daniel Arita

    Normally I’ve seen is a problem with an IC responsible for handling the voltage inside the motherboard, I’ve seen it happen with the iPhone 7 and 8 more often than not.

  • The world
    The world


  • Tanner Brown
    Tanner Brown

    Its cringe that anyone would send their phone in to a vendor eithout first doing at least a factory reset.

  • Mr. Toasty
    Mr. Toasty

    Woah dude, wiping off that fake apple logo is too much for apple to handle, that'd be $2500 just by itself, let alone replacing the battery *without* it being worse than before??? There's no way that's any less than $10k

  • Pupterupt 23
    Pupterupt 23

    No crunch🥺😭😭😭

  • Reezico

    lmaooo her dumbahh got finessed by them hooligans 🤣😭

  • Eduardo Fraga
    Eduardo Fraga

    Never found a genuine Apple battery to sell…

  • hitler Panda
    hitler Panda

    She cute

  • seppuku

    that better not be her as her lock screen LMAO

  • Пеньо Стойнев
    Пеньо Стойнев

    The girl...

  • #D1ttY Tw1ns
    #D1ttY Tw1ns

    Im sorry but who has wallpaper or lock screen of themselves 😭😭

  • Lord Ligma
    Lord Ligma

    “We live in a society”

  • Weeber Senpai
    Weeber Senpai

    Omg I wanna fix phones and stuff for a living 😎✨

  • Omar Zaza
    Omar Zaza

    Victoria lookin hella fine🥴

  • kira akazawa
    kira akazawa

    Wow such honesty


    NO CRUNCH😭😭😭

  • Dyllie


  • AlexIsAHuman

    Is Victoria’s Lock Screen herself?

  • DogeSoup

    Isn’t it doxing to reveal all this info

  • Malfurio

    My man doxing victoria's zip code !

  • Hugo

    The internet has rewired my brain to expect no follow up whenever someone says "we live in a society".

  • Brovid-19

    Well, at least it was easier to follow than a rossmann board repair

  • Omar Irsyad
    Omar Irsyad

    thats why i just prefer to repair at apple centre only to avoid like this problem

  • Creator

    That can actually happen its just so hard To trigger

  • brittney jones
    brittney jones

    That squeak was disrespectful, my entire body felt that bs

  • Eduards Sviķis
    Eduards Sviķis

    "Let's get that squeek" "Owwa owwa owwa"

  • Arailt

    Her full name and face. Nice way to not dox your customer.

  • brody thornton
    brody thornton

    Jesus loves you!

  • Tony Guido
    Tony Guido

    Tell that girl slide inn my DM thoo

  • MelloWay

    My phone is at 0 percent and not charging i got a old samsung from like 2015 still works tho

  • fairy scout
    fairy scout


  • Clipping Drift
    Clipping Drift

    I want send my samsung galaxy j7 core Battery is suck,always lag,maybe got some virus but my place in java indonesia

  • NaughtyBoy

    Victoria is cute tbh

  • Jordan Yallop
    Jordan Yallop

    Hey so I have a phone but it can charge itself if it's under high heat is that normal