LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman!!! The Most HYPED Game Of The Year!! SH*T GOT WILD!!
LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman was the most hyped game since Zion vs LaMelo game 2 years ago!! Julian gave it his best effort but LaMelo and Spire were just too good of a team.
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  • Waynimations

    Melo is just laughing the whole game

    • david leon
      david leon

      @T SMITH fr

    • Chef Vercase
      Chef Vercase

      @Phillip Castro melo trash but he was an all star this year😂, just say you’re a hater

    • CoryXbasketball

      @xav will didn’t end well

    • Juggs

      look at him now he’s an allstar in the NBA and julian in the same spot LMAO

  • solb tv
    solb tv

    Newman's team mate #3 has a future, he is very relaxed and has skills to compete

    • Alijah Newman
      Alijah Newman

      @Main last name?

    • Toto Mama
      Toto Mama

      @Optic Fuel he can’t get better than he is already he is 2ft tall he is easier to guard

    • Jewbe Go
      Jewbe Go


    • Main

      He signed with Overtime Elite now. Emmanuel. Real baller bro, he goin to the top

    • Mr. OG Publisher
      Mr. OG Publisher

      @Christine Macadangdang he actually plays like a pg julian doesn't that's why he will not ever be in the NBA eyes all that dribbling he's becoming a bench warmer as a pg u set ur team up to score in nun of this man games u don't see him do nun in leading plays or nun setting his team up nun 😴

  • Kyle Biggs
    Kyle Biggs

    4:13 They really passed it back and forth over Newman’s head 😂 the disrespect

    • Psychomcbeefy

      He kinda deserves it though

    • YoungboyXaj

      At that point you just have to feel bad😭

    • Nomuko

      Tuff tuff

    • scy's ananab
      scy's ananab


    • C J
      C J

      @Fitness Finessed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • water bender
    water bender

    julian newman: when I grew up I'm gonna be an NBA player spoiler alert: he never grew

    • JAYinHD

      @background character .no.007 are y’all slow… the first grew is supposed to be grow…. “When I grow up” who the hell says “when I grew up I’m gonna be an NBA player”

    • JAYinHD

      @Thinking man names thinking man but didn’t think before tagging someone… when I “grow” up…. It’s not no damn “when I grew up” the second grow is right the first grow is wrong!!!! You had 11 months to come back and fix it and you didn’t. Lol you actually thought you were right… “When I ‘grow’ up, I’m going to be an NBA” is the correct way to write it.

    • trutALLENt Galaxy
      trutALLENt Galaxy

      @NICE ASF nah it is his size as well. Short NBA players may have been short but had long wingspans, big hands and crazy athleticism for a shorter player. He has none of those.

    • background character .no.007
      background character .no.007

      @Zendaya grammar issues

    • expressclear

      @NICE ASF it’s definitely the height lls

  • IAM-Highlights

    lamelo is ballin for an nba team now and julian is... still high school? 😂

    • bluo

      @Llib DlaW melo skipped a grade

    • 7778 S
      7778 S

      @Brandon Burgess he is not good

    • SrkclapzYT

      Julian is in the nbl playing in Australia just like melo did before he went to the nba

    • Ian Munajat
      Ian Munajat

      RIP julian

    • Raven Mane
      Raven Mane

      @Michael LDN well hes 5'8 now so idk what ur on

  • HKT 12
    HKT 12

    Julian looks like he’s trying way too hard while melo is smiling and having fun 😂😂

    • Tobi Amusan
      Tobi Amusan

      Mac Dizzle no the hype got him his own show

    • Lance Cassidy
      Lance Cassidy

      @Mac Dizzle Hes trash lol He doesnt have his own show, they record it themselves and upload it to IRglo. anyone can do that if they really wanted too.

    • lil needy
      lil needy

      Mac Dizzle anybody can get a reality tv show look at the kardashians what talent do they have?

    • ei mittää raijjoo
      ei mittää raijjoo

      @Jordan Cromwell facts

    • Jordan Cromwell
      Jordan Cromwell

      @Young Christian Stop making excuses. Hes short so what? Muggsy and Isaiah succeed in high school and college. Julian is trash

  • DnD

    Melo is such a positive guy, he laughs during games and brings his team up and he performs and passes first. He balled out in Australia and I can’t wait fir him to enter the NBA

    • Dylan Sharpe
      Dylan Sharpe

      @Cinder Block “alter”

    • Cinder Block
      Cinder Block

      @Deekay Nsx You switched the name around for jokes, right?

    • Deekay Nsx
      Deekay Nsx

      Spoiler alter: he still in high school While Julian is in the nba and have a puma shoe deal’

    • KreeD X
      KreeD X

      Spoiler alert he did😏

  • Snazzy Snek Gaming
    Snazzy Snek Gaming

    8:43 I’d be pissed if I made that pass and my teammate missed the damn dunk

    • Sublime Wins
      Sublime Wins

      Don’t know why manny didn’t abandon that team

  • FoeAndy

    7:17 😂😂”PASS THE BALL” 💀💀 9:43 what Julian should do

    • God’s Solider
      God’s Solider


    • J.R Junior
      J.R Junior

      PSS the ball. 🤣🤣🤣 Than get's blocked 🤣🤣🤣 The disrespect lmfaoo 😂

  • ImaWeeb

    Bruh I like how LaMelo is just smiling and his entire team.

  • Jesus luvs u
    Jesus luvs u

    We not goin talk about how melo was laughing while playing with a broken finger😂

    • Lxck _DF
      Lxck _DF

      @Siah 100k Amens's Lords's.

    • Lxck _DF
      Lxck _DF

      @Siah 100k Amens's Lords's.

    • Lxck _DF
      Lxck _DF

      @Siah 100k Amens's Lords's.

  • Bobby

    I came for Julian Newman and stayed for #3! He can ball. I hope he gets the offers he deserves.

  • boy from planet mars
    boy from planet mars

    4:07 this must be the best buzzer beater i've seen in my life

  • Mark Dixon
    Mark Dixon

    #3 was the real star of that team. Smooth jump shot, great court vision, and plays team ball. Now he is coachable. Players like Julian Newman I bench at basketball camp lmao

  • Alex De Guzman
    Alex De Guzman

    For “The Most Hyped Game”, this is a quiet ass gym lol

    • No Shot NoVa
      No Shot NoVa

      This is what the younger generation has turned us into. Team USA will be hot ass garbage in a decade

    • 9ball

      It was loud in person but doesn’t sound like it in the video lol

    • koda hale
      koda hale

      Fr like they lied to us

  • Joe Exotic
    Joe Exotic

    #3 on julians team was actually popping off. He looks like he has actual skill unlike Julian

    • z

      @Xenries yeah it was at a school gym in springfield Massachusetts

    • Xenries

      @z that's sad then

    • Xenries

      @z you fr?

    • z

      Idk if it makes a difference but he 1v1’d julian last month so julian isnt in his prime

    • z

      @Tj da demon fun fact: my cousin 1v1’d julian and won

  • Will Long
    Will Long

    watching this back is so funny because spire is legit toying with them. and then julians dad in the locker room is saying how they played well and hung with them 🤣 like they could’ve won by 60 if they wanted 😂

  • Isaiah Pulido
    Isaiah Pulido

    I love how quiet the crowd is when julian scores

  • ToxicWCKD

    Spire was playing around with them 😂😂😂😂😂

  • B B
    B B

    Wow #3 has a good basketball IQ. Just look at what he does starting at 8:40

    • MillieFN

      Raza 9428 watch film and study what people do and why and when youre on the court you need to look for good plays to make for tou and your teammmate

    • yeah

      @Raza 9428 with experience and good decision making

    • Raza 9428
      Raza 9428

      So I’m thinking about joining a basketball team and I’ve never played before. What does it take to have good basketball Iq? Or does it come with experience?

  • Not Adam
    Not Adam

    U notice how julians team actually had a chance when he didn't get the ball?

    • Andrew Evans
      Andrew Evans

      It was like that in game 6 Hawks vs bucks (in game 5 without Trae Young the Hawks beat giannis n the bucks) then in game 6 (with Trae young and bucks without giannis) the bucks won! So vice versa either way same feeling

    • Quinstoni

      He a 5’7 slasher minus the slasher

    • AssHandler69

      They had 0 chance lmao

    • Antonio Cecere
      Antonio Cecere


    • Unseen Asian
      Unseen Asian

      Julian thinks his ai. But no he's just not.

  • Ritual 12th Exit
    Ritual 12th Exit

    Number 3 was their best player (I believe his name was Maldonado). He shoulda been pg and Newman the 2.

  • MasterManguku

    Damn, Melo really showing his full dominance at 7:10. Dude just drives through their entire team for the easy bucket

    • MasterManguku

      @Taylor Covington oh bruh u right

    • Taylor Covington
      Taylor Covington

      Bro that’s not a mouth piece it’s like something for your finger

  • flash _crazy
    flash _crazy

    Spire legit made this look like a scrimmage than an actual game 😂

  • Him 10
    Him 10

    Melo and them was laughing whole time while Julians team is sweating😭


    Julian is hurting his own team cuz he doesn't know what teamwork is

    • Tonya Martin
      Tonya Martin

      he is like mj and kobe give him the ball and get out of the way

    • _ Santos23
      _ Santos23

      Bruh I am taller then Julian And I Am 14 😂😂

    • zepsett

      C'mon. 30 foot jumpers are often the high percentage play. What game are you watching?

  • moonie

    Bro whenever Julian has the ball and he goes fastbreaking, all his teammates are all in the other side cuz they know it's about to be a clusterfuck :')

  • Valentino

    Julian was hogging the ball the entire time, how you expect to do good in an NBA Team carrying yourself like that?

    • Tonya Martin
      Tonya Martin

      he is better then westbrook

  • TrentDogg7

    6:28 wtf was that. He needa pass the ball🤦‍♀️😂

    • brenmar guanzon
      brenmar guanzon

      Trash in the court. 🤷

    • KyleTube 90
      KyleTube 90

      Give the kid a chance

  • Michael Coates
    Michael Coates

    7:18 you hear people yell “pass the ball” when Julian has it

    • J.R Junior
      J.R Junior

      Than gets blocked 🤣

  • Talented Talon
    Talented Talon

    Most hyped game of the season and they make Julian's team look like a bunch of middle schoolers. 😂

    • Anthony Gordon
      Anthony Gordon

      @carlos Ridd I noticed that too. He tried to do fast breaks a lot and get shots off just for them to be blocked. His lay ups should always be trick lay ups but he tries to may predictable layups which get blocked too. He needs to watch more Nate Robertson Clips. He needs to work on his vertical too. He has no Vertical. Nate Robertson Advantage was his Vertical. And yes 5'7 guys can dunk. And I know plenty including myself whom could at least touch the Rim. He tries to play too much mubsy and I think Nate Robertson type of game play for short guys should probably be the direction.

    • E1ljay

      Though number 3 was doing all the work ,I want him to succeed

    • Yaomites

      Wait what??? Julian’s team ISNT a middle school team??

    • Johnathan

      Well he is the height of a middle schooler.

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson

    2:57 got me weak 😭😭😭

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    #3 really needs the be the focal point of that team. He can pass, shoot, create his own shot and has a handle. That boy is nice.

  • Buff Larry the Great
    Buff Larry the Great

    You know it's over when you got so many lowlights in just 1 game.

  • helsinki

    Two years later and Lamelo had played a season in Australia, be the 3rd pick in the draft and gets NBA ROTY. And Jaden is still planning to play overseas.

  • Duval Plug
    Duval Plug

    Melo blocking Julian just sums up the game

    • Tonya Martin
      Tonya Martin

      I agree its cool for julian to take it easy on melo

    • Justice Higgins
      Justice Higgins

      @cmoneyno5 cause lamelo and Julian are friends

    • cmoneyno5

      I wonder why they didn't try to fight Spire

    • Keizi Cinema
      Keizi Cinema

      When did that happen?

  • Mr. Fool
    Mr. Fool

    You kinda see how Newman started passing to number 3 approaching the end of the game. Number 3 kinda carried their team.

  • Mu Hu
    Mu Hu

    While LaMelo Ball can now dribble ball between Hayward and Malik Monk on NBA court, Jilian Newman is still dribbling ball between his balls at a YMCA court. Same age.

    • vince


  • Zion S
    Zion S

    9:31 why don't i see any comments about this one. This sht's clean af

    • Driftyyy

      No. 3 was doing really good

    • m¡lf

      @히히 No i think he passed the ball under that guys leg then took it back

    • EAT

      @Chris Jon good for him if Newman was passing they would actually look nice you could tell they were tired of him and stopped playing d entirely

    • MollyAtTheGrave

      @Yezzer Skii nah

    • Chris Jon
      Chris Jon

      @Daniel Dickson he got coverage for being newman's teammate and he got d1 offers because of it. Way better than joining sierra canyon and being the 12th man on the team.

  • SaintKrowz

    Everytime someone from Julian's team had the ball and scored "YAAAAAAY!" when julian scored *1 to 3 claps* lmfao

  • Tanner Bond
    Tanner Bond

    I think this game just proves that Julian can’t play with the big boys

    • Lance Cassidy
      Lance Cassidy

      @raykook101 Newman's Dad is that you ? hahahah

    • Tim Ferenc
      Tim Ferenc

      This game also PROVES that Julian can't olay aginst the TOP COMPETITION!

    • No

      Tanner Bond that man 5’5 at like 16 years of age man short for nba standards

    • willyourway

      @raykook101 garbage time points dont mean anything if you played basketball you would know.

  • Victor Diaz
    Victor Diaz

    As soon as I see Julian going for layup Ik for a fact my guy gonna miss 😂😂😂😂

  • Misspretty

    anyone else hella laugh whenever julian fails miserably 😂

  • Subscribe To CloudyyTV.reacts
    Subscribe To CloudyyTV.reacts

    Lamelo was laughing the whole game I swear 😭😭

  • Teejay

    2years have passed and I still haven't seen a single comment about how the Sprire's Alley Oops are MAD clean bruh

  • April Champaigne
    April Champaigne

    Julian Newman is not even in the same atmosphere as LaMelo Ball! LaMelo is a true player and student of the game. He’s a prodigy!

    • Tonya Martin
      Tonya Martin

      no prodigy is julians school

  • datboicashh

    Bro they telling Newman to pass the ball😂😂


    Spire was just toying with them and laughing the whole game, especially at Newman’s trash ass 😅🔥

  • Leon Iranosian
    Leon Iranosian

    LaMelo was straight up laughing at them

  • Fuehdnsjwisj

    This felt more like #3 vs Lamelo Ball.

    • Crept1c

      ye manny is actually underated

    • Sourin Banik
      Sourin Banik

      I was thinking the same

    • That one guy
      That one guy

      Julian Newman is a side character in this one.

    • Ellie'shome

      @Banimeclips I think his name is Emmanuel Monolado or sum like that

    • Damonnnnnn1k

      Ian gon lie he is overrated but he has more money than everybody callin him overrated so u really think he care?😂

  • Tb Ne
    Tb Ne

    0:55 the smoothest dunk ive ever seen

    • Hot Mariman
      Hot Mariman

      Fr 🤣

  • SonSauvage

    Newman's teams always do okay when he actually facilitates.

  • Taine Steele
    Taine Steele

    7:19 someone shouting pass the ball a then Julian Newman gets bloked 🤣🤣

  • Ghostboy_0taku

    Melo’s team has good chemistry together you can see the way they pass and dunk

  • Travis Dickey
    Travis Dickey

    Melo outplayed Julian by like a lot, Julian only scored 15 and shot terrible from the field, he looked like a child playing the high school team. Melo had a triple double without caring at all, like he literally acted like he just woke up and played, Julian hyped this game up, there were tons of videos about his workouts for this game and his preparation and I bet you melo preparation was eating Cheetos and playing video games until 3 am, Julian is wack bro😂😂

    • hoop

      @Melly hahah remember when you commented this

    • dylan b
      dylan b

      @Melly roty, still overrated?😂😂

  • GuyThatCommentsVids

    Imagine letting a child win so many times he actually thinks he NBA material as he grows up.

  • Reed Andrus
    Reed Andrus

    When that kid said “pass the ball” when Julian had it🤣

  • Exavier Bell
    Exavier Bell

    I watched this game again Julian had 15 outta 87 points 😭😭

  • ThatWawaGuy

    #3 was killing it so underrated

    • Marcel King
      Marcel King

      He's Emanuel Maldonado. Central Pointe Christian(I think)

    • Mason Jones
      Mason Jones

      Whats his name and where's he playing now?

  • Erickson Edpao
    Erickson Edpao

    A game of dunks, lobs, and Julian Newman getting blocked.

  • Mmocha

    Julians mom really got hype for everyone else on the team and not her son 😂😂😂

  • Chris Maldonado
    Chris Maldonado

    Man... Julian's dad is more focused on the prodigy brand than his kids bball career

  • Psyducky

    #3 is the best one on “Julian’s” team

  • Soothing Lurfeee
    Soothing Lurfeee

    A frequent phrase melo gets told is “damn ur tall” And julians is “your like a little brother to me”

  • 10,000 Subscriber's with no Video's :P
    10,000 Subscriber's with no Video's :P

    Melo barely tried and he completely disrespected Julians team

    • Aron Vergara
      Aron Vergara

      @j Smith bro you be gawking on Julian stop with all this cap my G😂 Julian hasn't had any offers this year and Melo is going to the NBA ready dafuq is you even talking about?? Your trolling 🤣

    • Jordan Cromwell
      Jordan Cromwell

      @j Smith Julian isn't making the NBA buddy

    • tickle shyts
      tickle shyts

      Melo is a scrub

    • Roro rere
      Roro rere

      @j Smith i can see why your name j smith theres too much resemblance of jr smith and you

    • Alexander Choudhury
      Alexander Choudhury

      Melo was going at about 65% dicking around the entire game and still shit on Julian with ease lol

  • JustKingJ

    Number 3 was on point... Lamelo just taking it in his stride... enjoying the game. 🙌🏾

  • Zayyyyyy

    When he blocked it mid air had me like 🥶

  • 11 7
    11 7

    I feel bad for Julian’s team mates. They could have a chance to compete with Lamelo’s team if they had a qualified point guard.

  • Bosz Drew
    Bosz Drew

    Lamelo is so smooth and his vision is amazing..

  • Clay Thompson
    Clay Thompson

    Melo’s team is obviously playing at a way higher level than Julian Newman’s team. They were having a highlight show on them

  • Snazzy Snek Gaming
    Snazzy Snek Gaming

    When Julian dribbles it goes all the way up to his shoulder 😭😭

  • Miguel Gaviria
    Miguel Gaviria

    Even tho this was one year ago I think spire just had such a gap against downy they started letting their center shoot 3s

  • m¡lf

    4:23 every game i watch he’s always swiping the ball😭

  • Chi Vas
    Chi Vas

    I like how he bop his head like a chicken before cross over

  • Charles Futch
    Charles Futch

    Melo was playing around and disrespected them lol

    • Matheus Souza
      Matheus Souza

      He must have gotten 20 assists on this game

    • Ty M
      Ty M

      nah fr

    • Cyn Perez
      Cyn Perez

      Dowwgla Burger I saw that too. major difference between Julian and Melo.

    • Douglas Burgess
      Douglas Burgess

      Herman Heris yea he never does he always just gives it to his teammates

    • wavvydash

      TRUE af 😂

  • Bando’s Wrld
    Bando’s Wrld

    Lamely and the spires Laughed EVERY PLAY 😂

  • AT0MIC

    Are we not gonna talk about 2:07, Julian trying to guard rocket watts😂

  • Danny Sandoval
    Danny Sandoval

    Remember when Newman said he can't guard me 😂

  • Richard Murphy
    Richard Murphy

    I'd b mad as hell if i was on his team even tho they dont look like theyre doing much either 😂😂 4:06 😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭

  • SP Luis
    SP Luis

    Julian: Our biggest game yet Melo: this is barley a scrimmage