Heung-Min Son's TOP FIVE Premier League goals ever!
Tottenham Hotspur
To celebrate his 200th Premier League appearance for Spurs, we chose Heung-Min Son's five best goals in the competition. Which is your favourite?
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  • Memes For Superheroes
    Memes For Superheroes

    He can score with his left foot He can score with his right foot He can dribble He has speed He can assist He can be funny He is humble *HE IS OUR HEUNG-MIN SON*

    • Grant Reynolds
      Grant Reynolds

      Biggest cheat in the EPL

    • Kiri

      I've never seen him score a header goal tho like fr

    • Ezzat Casim
      Ezzat Casim

      @안감독 Lol.. he should leave totenham if he wants to win a trophy

    • Milo (N1ka)
      Milo (N1ka)




  • Stephen P Maduveko
    Stephen P Maduveko

    Top goal scorer in the 2021-22 season. All goals in open play. No penalty. Respect

    • Lily Rose
      Lily Rose

      + no penalty, corner kick taker, never be given freekicks hahaha

    • Mak1

      He's definitely one of the best in the premier league. Although people need to stop downplaying penalties like they're a bad thing or "easy". 😬A goal's a goal.

    • 성이름

      I can't belive that

    • Jorge Perez
      Jorge Perez

      @ASWIN CP yes it is

  • Judey Poodey
    Judey Poodey

    I was at the spurs game when Son scored the last goal, absolutely magical

    • Badal G
      Badal G

      Wow..lucky you

    • Sangyong Park
      Sangyong Park

      I envy you.

    • Ray REUS
      Ray REUS

      @WesTern lol. I flipped my phone again. But why do i have two eyes?

    • WesTern

      @Ray REUS because you’re blind

    • Ray REUS
      Ray REUS

      @WesTern tf your dp made me check my front camera.

  • Gerald Yako
    Gerald Yako

    As a Liverpool fan I submit to you beyond reasonable doubt that Son is a piece of art that is priceless,his dedication to his art is pure masterclass,a genius to his techniques,you can even feel it while he plays,he's just sublime,blends well with his teammates,no weakfoot, whenever he has the ball just know some magic bout to happen,I adore Him 🔥🔥🤟💯❤️

    • Simon Bg
      Simon Bg

      @Forward To The Past why not

    • Forward To The Past
      Forward To The Past

      why do you need to say as a Liverpool fan?...

  • kevin barry
    kevin barry

    The man is so underrated and he's world class

    • kevin barry
      kevin barry

      He's still underrated didn't even get nominated for the PFA Player of the year award! Plus didn't even make the team of the year so in my eyes he's underrated still which is a joke and I'm an Arsenal fan

    • duke fleed
      duke fleed

      @YK9002 The Premier League top scorer was not included in this year's Premier League squad This is underestimated

    • YK9002

      I don’t think he is underrated. I think he is the best left winger in the world now. I’m a Liverpool fan by the way.

  • RUSH3L

    Not a Spur fan or a Korean, but nobody cant hate this man, he is such a nice human on and off the pitch. That last goal is also one of my all-time fav..

    • Ruel Andrade
      Ruel Andrade

      The best asian footballer of all time this give hope to footballer who coming from nothing to achieve there goals

    • Kaiju

      @박프로tv your welcome

    • 박프로tv


    • Fridolin Junior Nguegang Tsang
      Fridolin Junior Nguegang Tsang

      It is fun but it shows that hé is not yet one of the greatest attackers you must have haters for that

  • S N
    S N

    Will just say he's criminally underrated 😔 Bigger clubs should also look after this player, unselfish, awesome work rate

  • Prithu Biswas live in Green
    Prithu Biswas live in Green

    His skills and dribbling speed is exceptional ,one of the best in modern football.

  • Rajiv Sinha
    Rajiv Sinha

    When i see this guy.. my eyes never get away from him.. crazy fan of Son.... yeahhhh🤟🤟

  • Htet Wai Yan
    Htet Wai Yan

    The last goal is one of the best goals I've ever seen.

  • tubethis777

    The last goal is one of the best goals in history

    • Michael Kim
      Michael Kim

      I absolutely agree!

    • Michael Kim
      Michael Kim

      Absolutely on of the best in the history of soccer!

    • LUx

      Contra que equipo jugo en el ultimo gol?

    • CherokeeStarboard

      Unreal with my eyes. Absolutely agree 👍

  • Amrit Chohan
    Amrit Chohan

    Sons last Goal. Was Phenomenal. Son will go down as a Spurs Legend.

  • L A
    L A

    Heung Min Son makes all the other pro players look like they're just amateurs!!!! He flies like superman, even on the grass.

  • 궁디를차삘라

    이건 볼때마다 소름돋는 골 모음이다. 수십번 봤는데도 볼 때마다 나도 모르게 감탄하고 있다.

  • Brandon Lopez
    Brandon Lopez

    Honestly, one of the best players of this time and we don't recognize it because he's with Spurs. I really hope he wins something in the very near future.

  • Rio

    This man deserves lots of trophies. Really hoping he wins a major trophy someday

    • gamers55

      @Rio well yh they need him he is much younger than salah

    • 성이름

      yeah I think so, to

    • kidfunkntkz

      He should join bayern

    • Ink Gun
      Ink Gun

      They guy is too much of a goodie two shoes. He somehow feels a lot of loyalty to Spurs because they saw his potential early.

    • Suk Gurung
      Suk Gurung

      @Stephen Chan He won a golden boot

  • alex

    will never get over that last goal. he ran 115 yards and dribbled past 8 defenders. i think it’s my favourite goal of all time.

  • Kiswor Rai
    Kiswor Rai

    No one can't hate this man, deserves trophy 👐

  • Boston Brum
    Boston Brum

    Not a Spurs fan, but any team would love to have him!

  • KM Reji
    KM Reji

    First and last goals are terrific.. No doubt he is amazing.. !!

  • Neril Catte
    Neril Catte

    Really unbelievable. He’s just on a different level

  • Henry Solomon
    Henry Solomon

    Heung Min Son is a classic player... hats off.. from a Chelsea fan📌

  • Olivia CHOI
    Olivia CHOI

    Spurs is so blessed to have him

  • 김한샘

    Incredible, memorable! It took your breath away! He shows his quality! I can't believe it!

  • Hamxa Nawaz
    Hamxa Nawaz

    What a player. He's so underrated. He is without a doubt one of the best player in the world.

    • ishowspeedaf

      trophy doesn't matter we know he is 🐐

    • Vansangluaia Vanchhawng
      Vansangluaia Vanchhawng

      @Jerry the world knows. What is it and what isn't. Thank you hahaha

    • Qwerty 1234
      Qwerty 1234

      He is not underrated anymore

    • UltrAslanMC

      @Kevin Thuku who gives a shit about Fifa😂

  • Luis Espinoza
    Luis Espinoza

    Este hombre es quien realmente debió ganar el balón de oro

  • Victor Campos
    Victor Campos

    Estou realmente admirado com esse cara , ele me lembra demais o CR7 , sinceramente acho que ele é jogador pra time maior , poderia estar fácil jogando no real Madrid ou no Liverpool.

  • Aussie man in HK
    Aussie man in HK

    He's just like prime Robert Pires with much much much much more pace. What a legend. One of the best player in the world right now. Working ethics wise prob within top 3 in the world.

  • Elenilson Santos
    Elenilson Santos

    3 gol foi foda😍❤️🇧🇷

  • IntroSpecktive

    Always blown away at the amount of pace he has and then being able to transition it into a calm and calculated strike. Just a great player and class act as well

    • 사랑해

      @독도 This is japanese, lived in korea

    • Flinn Skye
      Flinn Skye

      Introspective Comment

    • b1

      Yo intro!!!

    • Tomo Lollen
      Tomo Lollen

      yes something that warner,mbape and many others lack

  • Chuck Anderson
    Chuck Anderson

    Amazing...Unbelievable...insane skills. One of the best you can find. Heung-Min Son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Alton-Phillips
    Robert Alton-Phillips

    Sonny, genius, master, my Tottenham hero.

  • VSS 11
    VSS 11

    He is undoubtedly the best winger in the world and the most underrated player aswell Respect - Son Heung Min

  • brian cox
    brian cox

    This guy is getting better & better with each game. Sonny has a good footballing brain and exceptional speed, perfect player. I can't wait for the new season to begin....

  • Mashel Campbell
    Mashel Campbell

    I am a Manchester United fan but Son is incredible

  • Akash Chaurasia
    Akash Chaurasia

    The combo of Kane-Son is simply mindblowing ❤️🔥 . They are Awesome 👍👍❤️🔥

  • Mia Kim
    Mia Kim

    Genius, talented, aggressive, accurate, consistant. Great player Son !!

  • Krzysztof Burża
    Krzysztof Burża

    One of the best strikers in the world. If he had played for a better club, he would have been even better.

  • aSky

    Honestly, If he was Brazilian or English, he would go for 100 million+

    • m._.m

      @My Name isn't that every player?

    • m._.m

      @My Name "no reason" ? Have you even watched the video?


      bem q poderia ser brasileiro o cara é bom e humilde

    • Ink Gun
      Ink Gun

      he can still go for that, but he is loyal to Spuds


    He is a legend.

  • SLAM

    in the last goal he is being chased by 7 player what a Goal and i think son should be higher rated in fifa at least 90 and he derserved a Team of the year.

  • Bangkok69

    "There's general terror in the Burnley back line when Son breaks forward." 😂 Amazing. Never gets old.

  • Appiah Emmanuel
    Appiah Emmanuel

    Because he's not from the English soil they underrate him... but he's the best in the premiership, he's sooo amazing and talented

  • Hyunjin Hong
    Hyunjin Hong

    Wow! He is natural, fast and legend!!!

  • Budget Cleaning Services
    Budget Cleaning Services

    Simply one of the greatest players of all time and in the top 10 greatest Prem players ever

  • Said Ali Ansari
    Said Ali Ansari

    Heung Min Son - The king of solo goals 🔥🔥🔥

  • Young Young
    Young Young

    Even though Kane has scored more goals for Spurs, the most memorable ones were scored by Sonny. I wanted to see Bruyner and Sonny play together on a team, but I guess that won't happen.

  • Gamer Star
    Gamer Star

    ✨"it's not a mistake" "it's a masterpiece ✨

  • Airbean614

    Got goosebumps!! Love Son!! Love Tottenham

  • Laelichagg

    Son-Heung-Min is so amazing !

  • J M
    J M

    It is amazing how fast Son is with the ball that acceleration was like 0-100.

  • Eaqle

    Tottenham's Living Legend

    • Apollo

      @Kyojuro Rengoku Kane is overrated.

    • Kyojuro Rengoku
      Kyojuro Rengoku

      Nah it ain’t son right now the legend is Harry Kane

    • 이진수


    • Kevin

      Crazy his love and respect for the club. True legend!

  • Kauan silva
    Kauan silva

    Joga muita bola, Merecia um Time melhor

  • Tom Zafiropoulos
    Tom Zafiropoulos

    Top player,exciting to watch,very entertaining, his goals are action packed ,he is a great fit in the premier league

  • Aaron Potts
    Aaron Potts

    He is just to underrated he makes things look effortless

  • Come On Ye Spurs TV
    Come On Ye Spurs TV

    Was there when he scored that goal against Burnley!! Amazing!!

  • Seoul Walker
    Seoul Walker

    SON is a living legend in SK 🇰🇷 and Spurs!

    • Welcome to Jojos' World
      Welcome to Jojos' World

      @pied piper Heung Min Son is South Korean

    • Simon Long
      Simon Long


    • Joe


    • ARRI

      으아니... 서울워커님이 왜 여기서 나오세요?ㅋ

    • Donkey 9
      Donkey 9

      He's a Legend in the whole football world

  • cim888

    Fun fact - during every single one of those goals he was neither the first or second highest paid on the spurs team, nor does he takes the penalty kicks (just imagine if he did how many golden boots he would have) This is the first year that he's second after Kane. He's positive, happy, scores and he loves his club. Just goes to show that while the whole world revels in Sonny's performances he's grossy underappreciated by the spurs faithful.

  • Rohit Chetry
    Rohit Chetry

    He's one of the goat player... The speed and fitness of this player is top notched.😯🔥🔥🔥🔥 The last goal was so eye pleasing

  • Joselito

    Such an underrated player, he deserves more!

  • Marcus Wright
    Marcus Wright

    I'm an Arsenal fan but it is hard not to be a Son fan too. He enjoys the game so much, and is so good at it.

    • Come On Ye Spurs TV
      Come On Ye Spurs TV

      Respect ✊

  • Nick Murray Willis
    Nick Murray Willis

    We're lucky to have him 💙🇰🇷💙

    • Fusion Super
      Fusion Super

      In my eyes. He is one of the greatest South Korean players ever in not just Premier League football, but world football as well. That goal against Burnley had shades of 1999 and 2001 written all over it, in fact that goal beats Giggs and Owen's FA Cup ones completely for me.

    • Mama Tua
      Mama Tua

      you ever threw candy and eggs at him when he failed in the world cup


      please sell him to winning club

    • Mazibuko Wakhile
      Mazibuko Wakhile

      My idol

    • Longthon Hasler
      Longthon Hasler

      The GOAT Of Asian Football Player

  • 마산동쌍칼

    His story is history

  • chiksa

    Last goal was amazing. I thought only messi could do this thing.

  • Fusion Super
    Fusion Super

    As a Chelsea fan saying this and I absolutely mean it. Heung Min Son is one of the greatest ever players in the Premier League and that goal he scored against us was special. The defending was awful, but aside from that, the goal was of pure absolute quality. However though the final goal is the real crystal gem that encapsulates how special he is. The speed, the acceleration, power, energy and placement of the goal against Burnley is incredible. This man is loved by all fans regardless.

    • blight1314

      One of the greatest 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Basu Raul
    Basu Raul

    If this guy can turn from behind he could have been top 20 best player in world. He is still one amongst best shooter in world 🔥

  • mister sir
    mister sir

    This guy is unbelievable. It's time he gets the recognition he deserves. He is wayyyy underrated!

    • Barek Obaba
      Barek Obaba

      he's worth 80 million what are you talking about

    • tubethis777

      I think he's well recognized already

    • Dinozai_gaming

      @Ronish Shrestha wait you comparing him to two of his seniors on football. Lol honestly compare him with many other forward(other than the prominent few)He is definitely a whole different level

    • 무관도사

      @The Last Legbender There is no chance of giving him more head ball because he is a corner kicker and therefore he is not involved in the set piece

    • 무관도사

      He's not underrated. He was PL 21 best XI

  • Greg Mooney
    Greg Mooney

    Genius. Now Golden Boot 21/22 Season and legend. Go on my Son!

  • Ludovico torregiani
    Ludovico torregiani

    So underrated he is phenomenal

  • African Hut
    African Hut

    I always wonder why more teams are not trying to pry him away from Tottenham Hotspur, he is a magnificent player that can significantly boost the attack of any team. Neymar this, Suarez that......what abt Song!!!

  • Noimi Pajing
    Noimi Pajing

    Most underrated players in premier league Hope he get everything he deserves

  • Bikram Grg
    Bikram Grg

    This goal should be written in the history book, the best goal in the world so far.

  • Mia Kim
    Mia Kim

    Amazing goals Heung Min Son!!

  • Wook Chung
    Wook Chung

    Goosebumps every time!

  • everyday channel
    everyday channel

    Most underrated player. He's really good


    oooh my god! can’t believe it. such a quality player.

  • pine grove
    pine grove

    Son has so many great goals. It's too tough to pick just five.

    • xastric

      @bruce Hur lets just say they complement each other well

    • George

      @bruce Hur Kane is a striker son ain’t better than him in his position

    • H Man
      H Man

      @bruce Hur ehhh

    • aufe

      @bruce Hur you're going too far

    • Kabir Saini
      Kabir Saini

      @bruce Hur no Kane is pure gold

  • Jessica Berams
    Jessica Berams

    Heung Min Son is amazing 👏👏👏👏

  • Kirtesh

    From 5th to 1st His goals got better n better.. what a player. My first time watching his goals.

  • veowsaku

    He is definitely top 5 in the world in 2020 and 2021

  • Faruk BD
    Faruk BD

    Last one is one of the greatest goal in Premier League history.

  • Lord Filth
    Lord Filth

    This is who you build a team around. No ego, just pure selfless talent.

    • KP

      actually the team was built around kane and son complemented kane perfectly. Kane has great vision and Son has great finishing with pace. Now if only Spurs had a great right winger and their attack would probably be very close to liverpool top 3. The only problem with spurs is the defense is terrible ever since Vertonghen and Alderweireld left.

    • Cain Roberts
      Cain Roberts


    • Emanuel Louise-----👇💋꧂
      Emanuel Louise-----👇💋꧂

      AISURU.TOKYO/machiko 💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over IRglo: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" IRglo: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

  • Mother Earth@19
    Mother Earth@19

    Son is the best player actually for EPL cause he don’t have penalty for his golden boot sharing with Salah. Respect and salute Son. 👏👍👍👍👍👍

  • Butters

    Son is the best korean player I've ever watched... Park is good, but Son is on another level

  • Lil V Tv
    Lil V Tv

    I found my new favourite…I am a football player and I’m so amazed with his speed and all👏👏👏

  • cotillion

    I think we need to acknowledge Jan's amazing assist on that last goal :D

  • A big fan Of you
    A big fan Of you

    One of the best goals not only in his career but also in Premier League history, especially the last one, what an incredible run that was. You guys are so lucky to have this player.

  • 박동민

    I'm lucky to have seen all those goals live. Personally, I also like the goal scored against Swansea City.


    my god. What a legend player

  • Eddie Kang
    Eddie Kang

    I am so grateful that I live in the same era as him.

  • The Swamyji
    The Swamyji

    And he does all of this with his eyes closed🙌 Next level!!

  • Bob Singh
    Bob Singh

    Brilliant! I clapped hard for the last one. What a turn of speed he has. Glad he gets to play in the world Cup. Seems very joyful too.

  • Alfred

    Son Special - he is a clubs dream player and he's at Spurs ❤️

  • Siddharth Kochhar
    Siddharth Kochhar

    Son is like Modric we can only adore them both Legends Of Football!

  • Juanjo Guirao
    Juanjo Guirao

    I just love the man, not just the player!

  • SamBeck music
    SamBeck music

    The last goal was 🔥🔥🔥

  • jiyoung kim
    jiyoung kim

    It's great to be a korean whenever Son makes his play. Small country with a legend like this is priceless.

  • Kevin Pillay
    Kevin Pillay

    Wonderful player. Pity won't get a trophy for his efforts.

  • Mr K
    Mr K

    The goal against Arsenal. Even Jose Mourinho was on top the mountain with that celebration.🙉🙉🙉 I bet He's the one who scored that goal in his heart🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Slamdog500

    Hello, german here who watched Son in his Bundesliga days in Hamburg and Leverkusen. The Bundesliga had some excellent Exports from KDB to Kai Haverts but snatching Son was the best deal anyone has ever made... Probably in my Top 5 Players I have seen in the Bundesliga the last 20 years.

    • mensrea

      Well said.

    • Jum Hed
      Jum Hed


    • Joon Lee
      Joon Lee

      KDB was the best deal, Son was the second best.

    • Sonal Kambang
      Sonal Kambang

      Well said