24k Gold YouTube Toothbrush!
Dental Digest
I turned my Gold Play Button into a toothbrush! How well will it clean my stained teeth?
Full Video Out Now!!! irglo.info/from/eKukfnSMgtmvaWg/fy-lm-h-y.html
Smile on :)

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  • Dental Digest
    Dental Digest

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    • Santosh Rani
      Santosh Rani


    • taxirmi

      I will follow yo

    • Afroj Shaikh
      Afroj Shaikh

      Beginning you have a clean

    • Stephanie Leslie
      Stephanie Leslie

      I am big fan

    • Liam Connelly
      Liam Connelly


  • ghostlillah

    Not me thinking he was going to brush his teeth with the actual play button-

    • All in one
      All in one


    • Teacher parya
      Teacher parya

      Yeah totally I never thought that he would rub it against his teeth 😅

    • Lashawntooswift


    • Mathan Rajaratnam
      Mathan Rajaratnam


    • 💞𝙹𝚟𝚜𝚝_𝚅𝚒𝙭𝚕𝚎𝚝💞


  • Eaubyle

    He’s so much more chill in this video than in others. I already miss the intensity.

  • Haya Zaid
    Haya Zaid

    I literally thought he was gonna brush his teeth with the IRglo plaque 😳 but anyways congratsss 🥳🎊

    • 🌸ZXRA🌸


  • Dante Pineda
    Dante Pineda

    Thought he was gonna use the gold play button to put and clean his mouth lololol the whole gold button 😂😂😂 and your welcome for the subs!

    • Aileen Hilutin
      Aileen Hilutin

      What about selling your toothbrushs

  • Fun with LPA
    Fun with LPA

    I love that chewing sound of that disclosing tablet!

  • TimeBucks

    I was thinking he was gonna use the play button

    • Ali    (PianoAli273)
      Ali (PianoAli273)


    • Zairelys Ortiz
      Zairelys Ortiz




    • Thit Poe
      Thit Poe


    • Monica C
      Monica C


  • PhantomDX 1
    PhantomDX 1

    This guy has brushed so many times more than I did in my life.

    • Chahat Annya
      Chahat Annya


  • Dre Hill
    Dre Hill

    Jesus: what do you do for a living? Dental digest: I mess up my teeth just to clean them

  • feddy

    “Let’s see if this play button will clean my stained teeth!” *Proceeds to rub the play button against his teeth* IS WHAT I THOUGHT WOULD HAPPEN

  • Kurt

    You know that the toothpaste is expensive when he didn't squeeze it so hard lmaooo😂

  • Stfu ❤️
    Stfu ❤️

    This man should hold the world record for the most toothbrushes owned

    • Larry High
      Larry High

      @Worzone sNiper ggh vhrhdhhdhr

    • IshAaN pLAyS
      IshAaN pLAyS


    • har week ka mvp 🙂
      har week ka mvp 🙂

      True 😂

    • Nasir lynch #saveukraine
      Nasir lynch #saveukraine

      @Ba Doai this is not arbic it's English 🙄

    • محمد التميمي
      محمد التميمي


  • Poonam K
    Poonam K

    The fact that I have never bothered about the toothbrush design and the paste looked like cosmetics to me.

  • Kirby da savage • 1 million years ago
    Kirby da savage • 1 million years ago

    I was thinking he was going to use the edges of the play button to clean it🤣

  • R.S...😈

    You deserve it better bro..❤️

  • RoyalGalaxyGacha

    Me thinking that’s going to hurt buddy Him: brings out tooth brush made of it Me: oh

  • Doctor Tristan Peh
    Doctor Tristan Peh

    This is one AwEsOmE GoLd IRglo Toothbrush! WOW 🤩🤩🤩 Happy Birthday Dental Digest! Huge congrats on 4M Subscribers too! Next Stop Diamond IRglo Award with 10M Subscribers! Nothing is stopping the Dental Digest Army! 🤩👍

    • ¤Irt1za¤

      Hi doc iam a huge fan

    • Pratap Samanta
      Pratap Samanta


    • Fateh Singh
      Fateh Singh

      Doctor I didn't knew you simped for dental digest. (It's a joke my child)

    • Kiralord8th42


    • caca caca
      caca caca

      @ThatGamingMoth oh my god not the “I don’t shut up” line. Also you said it wrong 😭😭😭

  • Deadpool Playz
    Deadpool Playz

    This man almost got 10 MILLION subscribers from eating and brushing his teeth 🦷

  • Immy

    Also does anyone else just watch these vids for when he pulls the metal rods apart and it makes a rlly satisfying sound?

  • ꧁𝒯𝓊𝓁𝒾𝓅꧂

    Other youtubers: this playbutton wouldn't be possible without you guys!! The one and only Anthony:this *TOOTHBRUSH* wouldn't be possible without you guys!

  • D

    The one of man in the whole world who can earn money by brush his tooth AMAZING

  • Scenic Fights
    Scenic Fights

    We really thought he was going to use his gold play button to brush his teeth lol.

    • Ali    (PianoAli273)
      Ali (PianoAli273)

      LOL SAME

    • CAC-12 YT
      CAC-12 YT

      @Super Golden Cousins 77

    • Unobtainable King
      Unobtainable King

      @‎‎‎Bot #5525 everyone copies though, videos u watch get copied, clothes get copied, books and everything get copied. Copying is much of a bad thing.

    • ‎‎‎Bot #5525
      ‎‎‎Bot #5525

      @Unobtainable King copying is copying and copying is bad

    • Unobtainable King
      Unobtainable King

      @‎‎‎Bot #5525 yeah it’s copying but what’s wrong with copying?

  • No Signal Beast-offical
    No Signal Beast-offical

    Love that he does not give fake compliment on his "own made brush"

  • veerabhadra Chari
    veerabhadra Chari

    I believe you're gonna do a diamond play button one soon! 😂

  • Ereca Hazel
    Ereca Hazel

    Congratulations dental digest ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jagdamba Prasad
    Jagdamba Prasad

    I think the gold toothpaste is actually expensive because unlike other videos he dropped the toothpaste wisely otherwise he just overfills or pours out the tube at once

  • Single mom Steve the hair Harrington
    Single mom Steve the hair Harrington

    “This toothbrush wouldn’t be possible without you guys” Wow I feel so honored

    • Mot Doai
      Mot Doai


    • Hailey Go
      Hailey Go

      @Single mom Steve the hair Harrington damn and now your famous

    • Hailey Go
      Hailey Go

      @Single mom Steve the hair Harrington yuh np

    • Single mom Steve the hair Harrington
      Single mom Steve the hair Harrington

      @Hailey Go thx bruh

    • Werewolf Alysa
      Werewolf Alysa

      I love you IRglo channels

  • MonkkeVR

    Your about to get your 10 mil!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  • Howling Wolf
    Howling Wolf

    Just imagine how much that cost LOL

  • shamps

    at first i was genuinely concerned he was just going to rub ‘gold’ against his teeth

  • Kimberly Santiago
    Kimberly Santiago

    How expensive do you want your toothpaste Him: yes

  • Rubi

    This tooth brush wouldn’t be possible without you guys Wow…that means so much lol

    • Rubi

      @Pratyush Dhawan ty

    • Pratyush Dhawan
      Pratyush Dhawan

      I liked your comment now u have 69 likes

    • Popewitta Scope
      Popewitta Scope


    • Don Ross
      Don Ross


  • Aditi Kunhare
    Aditi Kunhare

    Everyone: what you do for living ? He :- I brush my teeth atleast thousands time in a day 😂😂😂😂

  • Kago

    I like it when he smiles and Nidal has been with dental digest

  • Funny speed Clips
    Funny speed Clips

    Me: steals tooth brush Also me: bye I’m going home Him: THATS MY TOOTHBRUSH! for a joke


    I thought he was gonna shove the whole golden IRglo play button picture on his face 🤠

  • Emaan Iftikhar
    Emaan Iftikhar

    The fact that this guy has 4M subs just by brushing his teeth- Jesus christ I have mad respect for you

    • کامل حسین صلاح
      کامل حسین صلاح

      Eid❤ Happy❤ to you ⚘ every year 🤲 and you 👨 👩 👦 👦 are good 💯

    • Popewitta Scope
      Popewitta Scope


    • A Very Beary Hello
      A Very Beary Hello

      @Zaib Asghar It helps too that he's attractive. Another benefit of being good looking. Lolz

    • SLEEPYhead Hêy_støß_IT_2_
      SLEEPYhead Hêy_støß_IT_2_

      @cliff garth simbolon um spelling?

    • cliff garth simbolon
      cliff garth simbolon

      Bruh hes teth all fall and he have to youse granpa teeth thingy

  • Ino Gamerz
    Ino Gamerz

    Nobody: This man: "brushes 10 times per hour"

  • Asad Ahmed
    Asad Ahmed

    👑Congratulations👑 Best of luck! জীবনের প্রতিটি মুহূর্ত রঙিন হোক 🌈💖

  • Anistick

    This man has the most cleanest teeth in the universe

  • Dragon 3539
    Dragon 3539

    I can't wait to see your diamond play button toothbrush!

  • Mr Tokyo
    Mr Tokyo

    Imagine how cool a diamond play button would look😍

  • Ane Markulev
    Ane Markulev

    Me thinking he's actually going to clean his teeth with the actual play button: ayo wt-

    • Ali    (PianoAli273)
      Ali (PianoAli273)


  • Michael’s abstract art and toys
    Michael’s abstract art and toys

    I thought he was gonna use the brick of Gold to clean his teeth 😂

  • Aradhya singh
    Aradhya singh

    I love your tooth brushing style 😍😍🥰🥰

  • Fatouu OMG
    Fatouu OMG

    Flat gloooob never gets old 😂

  • abduZ

    This guy must have every toothbrush in the universe by now

  • Jjjhjjjjhjjn

    When he said it smells like the hotel hand soap it instantly came to my nostrils (I was able to smell it)

  • JRax 17
    JRax 17

    What does he actually use to stain his teeth I want one

  • Weird guy
    Weird guy

    I know that u test tooth brushes on a daily but which one do you use to brush in the morning and at night

  • Cute pets and cute me
    Cute pets and cute me

    Every time you do this it makes me want to brush my teeth

  • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    “Today were gonna be brushing with this golden playbutton” Me: How do you brush with a square object?

    • Popewitta Scope
      Popewitta Scope


    • Nate Speaks
      Nate Speaks


    • Halliburton Squad
      Halliburton Squad

      @Lovleyz_lifestyle watch the full vid

    • Huh?

      You don’t give up that’s how

    • you're lady meme
      you're lady meme


  • Karg_Bros Gaming
    Karg_Bros Gaming

    This guy really wants to brush his teeth with everything he can find

  • peaches

    i definitely didnt think he was gonna actually brush his teeth with the play button- 😎🤏🏻😳🕶🤏🏻

  • Autumn Rhods
    Autumn Rhods

    I actually thought he would brush 🪥 his teeth 🦷 with a play button ▶️

  • ANE 23
    ANE 23

    Congratulations on 1mill subs 😊

  • p0tat0_BR3AD

    “It smells like fancy expensive hotel soap” *But will the soap taste the same?*

    • Popewitta Scope
      Popewitta Scope


    • willplays 1
      willplays 1

      Hmm "Let's Find Out"

    • Krishnapriya Balasubramanian
      Krishnapriya Balasubramanian

      Of course not

    • Ritika Jain
      Ritika Jain

      He said it smells like not tastes like

    • Boyfriend

      But will the soap taste th

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    I love content it always makes me happy

  • Alf Man
    Alf Man

    I love your videos and shorts!

  • Maggie

    I thought u were going to brush ur teeth with the actual play button 😂

  • Gracie

    Not me sitting here thinking he’s about to eat his play button.( also congrats on it!)

  • Lily Jasper
    Lily Jasper

    That toothbrush is a 🏆 ! You earned it!

    • Asma Bably
      Asma Bably

      @Cspeed Master stop it instant dead to you.

  • sunny pop
    sunny pop

    I think that's the best one out of what I have seen!

  • unknown user
    unknown user

    Him: brushing his teeth Me: sees play button in the background

  • Clara Fennell
    Clara Fennell

    You are so brave to left here to just go like that and that's really good that you got your teeth to go like that I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Halloween and have a good day and my heart ❤️😚❤️😚❤️😚❤️😚❤️

  • Everett's favorites
    Everett's favorites

    When I Watch Your Vids Your Tooth brush Skills HELP OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • missing father🗿
    missing father🗿

    This man is probably the only dentist I'll ever actually follow

    • ChardCD

      Wait hes actually a dentist? How would he not realise that the thing you hold to brush your teeth wont actually do anything or that all hes doing is brushing away the disclosing stuff and not actually showing any results?

    • missing father🗿
      missing father🗿

      Yeah bentist too....never thought dentists could actually be entertaining

    • I Zolt
      I Zolt

      Bentist is funny though lol

    • imharmless

      What about bentist?

  • Virgo Boy
    Virgo Boy

    Am I the only one who thought he was actually gonna brush his teeth with the golden play button-

  • Jayasheela Thanigachalam
    Jayasheela Thanigachalam

    I love how his toothbrush says fat glob LOL

  • Mahajan Manav 7th A 10
    Mahajan Manav 7th A 10

    What do you do of new toothbrush after using it ?

  • Zahra Jabbari
    Zahra Jabbari

    My thoughts: Title: he’s going insane like the rest of us now Actual video: oh I’m stupid I though it would be the whole play button in his mouth

  • Kimberlee Nelson
    Kimberlee Nelson

    Now I know I can't be the only one who thought he was going to use the ACTUAL play button 😬🤣

    • Medicherla Medicherla
      Medicherla Medicherla

      irglo.info/from/icdiq3isftq2iH0/fy-lm-h-y.html Good one

    • xx JillianM xx
      xx JillianM xx

      Gurl same-🤣😂

    • R

      @wayne burnett you do same eee!!!!!!

    • wayne burnett
      wayne burnett

      Omg omg i agrey

    • R

      Omggg same

  • docter

    him: **makes golden youtube play button toothbrush** youtube be like: hey we make that hard work and your gonna turn it into a toothbrush

  • Clock

    Hey bro do u have the collection of ur toothbrush in every video u use?

  • GamingLight Theater 1 - Theater Animations
    GamingLight Theater 1 - Theater Animations

    When you think about it He didn’t even use the play button to clean his teeth He just used it to make the handle then used a regular toothbrush tip

  • Sv6789

    I love your videos they are so cool can you do more I went that too fresh worked really well they will maybe I'll get it one day I'll have to ask my mom

  • Aashi_roblox

    funfact:- we all really thought that he is gonna brush with that play button 🤣

    • Popewitta Scope
      Popewitta Scope


    • Damian Rogel
      Damian Rogel


    • Swetha D
      Swetha D


    • boriana donkova
      boriana donkova


    • ⌜﹒4givrx ᜊ ⌟
      ⌜﹒4givrx ᜊ ⌟


  • Nguyên Hoàng Nguyễn
    Nguyên Hoàng Nguyễn

    At first , i thought that you were going to grind the entire golden button

  • Mr meme and games
    Mr meme and games

    Am I the only one who thought he was going to brush his teeth with a play button 😂

  • verathatonegirlwhoisastupidbitch

    I cant imagine his collection of toothbrushes and toothpaste 😂

  • super_CK

    Congratulations for golden play button

  • Simpforeveryfandom

    I actually thought he’s gonna use an actual YT golden button to clean his teeth lol-

    • alyssa what
      alyssa what


    • Soyacui


    • InvaildRequest


    • Dina

      Same lol

    • Gel


  • RorenzoT creator
    RorenzoT creator

    That is awesome:-)

  • Rancho

    Your teeth structure is too perfect

  • Shagun

    A question ❓ What do you do of these many toothpaste'z & toothbrushezzz 🪥

  • Lost Spirit
    Lost Spirit

    This toothbrush won my heart

  • Alexiblue

    After 20 years his Kid: “Dad what did you do for a living?” Him: “oh I brushed my teeth”

    • Alexiblue

      @Resay Fetherbay it a ✨Joke✨

    • Resay Fetherbay
      Resay Fetherbay

      He is making yts and being a dentist why you think that



    • •bimbo•~•limbo•

      Well besicly hes doing a experiment on brushing he's teeth so ur wrong😉

    • •bimbo•~•limbo•

      Yea BC its his activity i mean like he does that for IRglo to earn money

  • Julie Allison
    Julie Allison

    I LOVE this video 😍📸

  • Laura Martinez
    Laura Martinez

    Wow it’s so beautiful

  • Laura Martinez
    Laura Martinez

    Wow it’s so beautiful

  • NubianDream

    How did you make a golden play button out of a toothbrush I am very curious

  • Nitin Mehra
    Nitin Mehra

    The next award.... The guinness award to the world's cleanest teeth EDIT: wow thanks for the likes

    • Pratyush

      @Popewitta Scope irglo.info/from/Z7aBi35riLLOlWA/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Adrien Crean
      Adrien Crean

      irglo.info/from/npxleqyimq_UYWg/fy-lm-h-y.html irglo.info/from/dtWgrY1-g9GphGg/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Popewitta Scope
      Popewitta Scope


  • Raysbest

    I wish this guy was my Dentist

  • Shashi Kanta
    Shashi Kanta

    Me at the begging: Oh he will crush his golden button make a new brush by himself . Also me at mid:oh my gawdd

  • shaana3

    him "let's see if this golden play button can clean me teeth" me " (in my brain) r u going to put the play button in your mouth"

  • Puskar Kerketta
    Puskar Kerketta

    me : gifts him an iphone. him : let's find out if this iphone can clean my stained teeth.. 😑

  • Hannah Wendt
    Hannah Wendt

    I thought he was actually gonna brush his teeth with the really gold play button That would hurt *A LOT LOL* Edit: whoa lots of likes! Thx lol

    • Anita Appau
      Anita Appau

      @hello. nvm

    • Coruptic


    • Saida Abdille
      Saida Abdille


    • Marwa Imoo
      Marwa Imoo

      P 0

    • Zen shorts
      Zen shorts

      Was about to comment that

  • 🐱 catzafur 🐱
    🐱 catzafur 🐱

    This toothbrush brushes ur teeth pretty well Me: it was the brush brushing the teeth

  • J for.........jungkook 🌚
    J for.........jungkook 🌚

    When you are too poor to buy a normal toothbrush 👁️👄👁️...😂

  • Waffr

    "When i grow up i will be a dentist"👏😃

    • Tammy