20 year old heads to Australia alone...
Ellie Thumann
WELL.......secrets out... im headed to Australia! furthest I have ever been away from home. alone. during an extremely vulnerable year for me. but saying yes instead of no and pushing myself out of my comfort zone has transformed me this year so I am gonna continue at it! lets start this adventure together :)
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  • MaskitMati

    Awww the beginning 🥺 glad it ended up being so great for you

    • Gwyn Alison
      Gwyn Alison

      I hope you two will meet one day Maskit!!💞

  • Mar K
    Mar K

    Ellie at the beginning of the video is literally me before any trip. Thank you for including that!

    • Life Of Liana
      Life Of Liana

      irglo.info/from/Y9Z8p2BigNedonE/fy-lm-h-y.html vlog ;D

  • Elif Meral
    Elif Meral

    i honestly love how honest and real she is with her videos

  • Hannah Beckenbauer
    Hannah Beckenbauer

    I know how scary it feels to be leaving home and heading into the unknown. I moved to Australia by myself at 18 years old - I was so excited but scared too! But it turned out to be the best decision I ever made and I have had ZERO regrets 🥰 hope you enjoy Australia as much as I did!!

    • Dylan Michael
      Dylan Michael

      Do you know who the friend is is she a model as well

    • Life Of Liana
      Life Of Liana

      irglo.info/from/Y9Z8p2BigNedonE/fy-lm-h-y.html vlog !

  • MaskitMati

    I feel like you were always made for Australia

  • lifeofcydd

    I really am loving the videos lately and this new and improved "doing the damn thing" Ellie! I am trying to also do me recently and I think that's why I am really resonating with your videos lately. It's unrelatable cause I'm not traveling the world lolll but I really appreciate how relatable you're still making it to watch cause you're just in your early twenties navigating life same as anyone else no matter how glamourous people may think your life is. Love the vids and love you:)

  • Jade T
    Jade T

    Thanks for sharing! Have been feeling so uncomfortable within myself about travelling alone soon, but you openly taking about it has made me know it’s right!! ❤️❤️‍🔥

  • ‏𓆩𝑭𝑨𓆪 🇦🇪
    ‏𓆩𝑭𝑨𓆪 🇦🇪

    Ellie I love u and I’m so excited and proud of u I hope you have a great 2 weeks in Australia 💗

  • gem L
    gem L

    I'm an Aussie who had 2 weeks to plan and travel to the Arizona for the first time a few months ago, it was the first time for travelling on my own and overseas and it was so scary! Had the best time in All of my 22 years but oh my gosh, LAX customs was so intimidating! I loved this vlog though, so proud of you for going out of your comfort zone 💖

  • Mariah1034

    Hawaii, New York City, Australia! This is the best year of your life. I know it has been hard for you, but you’re going to look back and miss this

  • Yumna Waleed
    Yumna Waleed

    ahhh im so prouddd this is so huge and sick!! love how you are always being true urself. big things are coming for u i just know it!

  • Mangy Matoba
    Mangy Matoba

    You know I love how you cry about things or say you're scared of doing something, and then you do it anyway. ❤

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace

    awe the intro made me lowkey sad but I TOTALLY relate. I also get homesick when I’m away from my loved ones for a long time, but just know deep down that it’s a good way to go out of your comfort zone❤️

  • Sh Zr
    Sh Zr

    Welcome to my home Ellie. Hope you enjoyed Australia and had a great time.


    Australia is the best, I love my home so much when I see influencers come here haha, hope you had the best time x

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie

    The pure excitement I get when she posts 😍😂

  • dapfh

    This video represents me so much,,, I’m so glad I stumbled upon it!!!! I am ALWAYS anxious and paranoid about everything I do that most of the times turns out being a good experience or memory for me…. I can’t believe this is normal for so many people, even the ones I look up to 🥹

    • Fresh Cookiess
      Fresh Cookiess


  • Ame Mtz
    Ame Mtz


  • Ori Alfassi
    Ori Alfassi

    You got this Ellie! 🙏❤️

  • Jos Miriam
    Jos Miriam

    i am sooo exited for the videos to come, I am moving to Australia after the summer and it's so cool to see your perspective on it

  • patriciacanicula

    I feel you ellie but I think this is a time for you to venture and just find yourself again and find happiness within you. You can do this girl! ❤️ Edited: I love to see her happy and ending up great for her!!!

  • Khushi Sharma
    Khushi Sharma

    so proud of you ellie! idk how but whenever you cry my eyes also get teary

  • Olivia Wiger
    Olivia Wiger

    Ellie, thank you for being so vulnerable. You are awesome and strong

  • Lily Bobtail
    Lily Bobtail

    Sydney looks good on you Ellie! It really fits perfectly your style!

  • Cas

    ahhh im so happy for you! when i went to aussie i was also suuuper nervous but i ended up having a blast and i love australia so much now. you make me want to go back so badly!!

  • Fiona Castley
    Fiona Castley

    omygosh I love you. I just turned 20 and I didn't know how completely terrifying it would be, so blessed to know we're not alone!! sml ellie!

  • Tiff 🥀🖤
    Tiff 🥀🖤

    Have fun in Australia Ellie! I'm excited to follow this journey with you! 🇦🇺🦘

    • Dylan Michael
      Dylan Michael

      Do you know the name of her friend Elizabeth I think is she a model as well

  • marilisa marinello
    marilisa marinello

    I'm so proud of you Ellie ❤❤❤❤🥰, and I love you so much ❤❤

  • Esha Sherwani
    Esha Sherwani

    you are amazing... just..I personally feel that mentioning ages as young as yours for doing big things might not be the healthiest thing for some

  • Kira Anders
    Kira Anders

    I‘m 19 and in the beginning of March I flew from Germany to Canada all by myself and now I‘m in Costa Rica, it was so scary at first but now I‘m very happy I did it

  • Evelyn Jowett
    Evelyn Jowett

    Ellie! I'm so excited for you! I'm from Australia and went to Fashion Week, too! You are one of my big inspirations for having my own fashion channel. Sydney is so beautiful. Hope you loved it! :D

  • Madhura Lad
    Madhura Lad

    So happy and love how real you are

  • Emma Stanek
    Emma Stanek

    thank you for being so real in your videos 💓💓

  • Brandon Sanders
    Brandon Sanders

    gorgeous!! I would have loved to come with you...I always wanted to go to Australia, it looks so nice! be safe and have fun.💗

  • Ekam

    You are really kind to show your moment of vulnerability before going to Australia because even if it's a great opportunity, it is really nerve wracking to go away from your family and figure out the world on your own.

  • Clarice Liew
    Clarice Liew

    SO HAPPY YOU VISITED AUSS. was so happy when i saw you were in the same city as me 🤣

  • Jan Carlson
    Jan Carlson

    It made my ❤ so happy to see you happy there!!! I knew you'd like it!!! I love the water as well❤

  • Kayla Bruner
    Kayla Bruner

    I was waiting for this!! So glad you had a great time!! xxx

  • Anshika!

    Awww when i saw you crying my heart broke 💔 u r so strong and ily

  • John Saxon Gitno4Life
    John Saxon Gitno4Life

    All I can say is that I really really love your honesty and I hope that you have the time of your life and enjoy your time in Australia your going to enjoy my beautiful country down under love you and your amazing channel love your family friend John xx❤️❤️🥰🥰

  • Diti bhimajiyani
    Diti bhimajiyani

    She's a total model material 🥂💎💗

  • Erin Breaden
    Erin Breaden

    I’m flying to the US all the way from Sydney next week by myself and I’m so fcking nervous!!!!! But seeing how you enjoyed your trip makes me feel better 🤍

    • Leah

      good luck, i hope you have fun!!

  • Poppy Noonan
    Poppy Noonan

    you've got this girl

  • Keely Emmens
    Keely Emmens

    I LOVE how real and honest you are and how your channel isn't just a highlight reel but you show the emotional moments too!! You're amazing!!

  • Stephany

    Favorite person to watch during my lunch breaks 👑 ✨ ❤

  • Eunda

    your honest feeling makes me be comforted. I have a plan to go completely different country. I know that is really good opportunity. but I'm scared too... anyway, I have to say I love you so much

  • bhea bondalo
    bhea bondalo

    so nice that you stayed in sydney! I went to brisbane, gold coast back in 2016 and we didn't get to visit sydney cause we were short in time.

  • Natalie Wall
    Natalie Wall

    hope you enjoyed your time here!!! 🤍🤍🤍

  • Anna Heid
    Anna Heid

    KILLING IT QUEEN anyone know what vlog camera she uses i need new💖💖

    • Life Of Liana
      Life Of Liana

      irglo.info/from/Y9Z8p2BigNedonE/fy-lm-h-y.html vlog :D

  • Paul Boakes
    Paul Boakes

    You're crying about going to Australia ??? That's how I feel about going to the US . I don't want to get shot or kidnapped or sold on the net 😂 . That Don't happen in Australia 😉 . Love from Australia 🐨 😝 💞 🌹

    • June Marie Weaver
      June Marie Weaver

      Haha! The US is only so dangerous in very few places.

  • Maddie Hearn
    Maddie Hearn


  • Georgia Williams
    Georgia Williams

    You and Hannah should do a trip around aus

  • jenna


  • Edward Lee California USA
    Edward Lee California USA

    Good morning so proud of you and I loved your channel always because you are sweetheart

  • sophielouise Faber
    sophielouise Faber

    shes living her best life 😎🤩

  • Lucia Martinez
    Lucia Martinez

    Donna Sheridan is so proud of you girl

  • Hesh

    You should try Perth in West Australia, too. Perth has more nightlife than sydney. Sydney has the jobs. Sydney is a morning city..thats my view😐

  • Lili Hanson
    Lili Hanson

    babe! if you get a chance come to New Zealand! and go to queenstown. u will love it xx

  • Holly Westlake
    Holly Westlake

    Ellie!!! If you ever visit a new country next PLEASE VISIT CANADA!! I think you’d love British Columbia

  • Liz Hofler
    Liz Hofler

    Welcome to Australia 🦋💙🦋

  • Nija

    Ahhhh I hope you have fun!

  • Marisol Rios
    Marisol Rios

    ur so inspirational!

  • Katelynn Miller
    Katelynn Miller

    Ur Saturday outfit is literally so cute, giving very much that girl energy

  • Koby vlogs
    Koby vlogs

    You inspired me to create my own IRglo channel! I just started one♥️ ily

  • gk

    Ellie you’re the best

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    You have done more in the past few months than some don't do in a lifetime 😎

    • Richard Smith
      Richard Smith

      @cailinbrooke 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🤯

    • cailinbrooke

      wow brb crying



  • Tahlia Jayde
    Tahlia Jayde

    Welcome to Sydney babe 🇦🇺❤️

  • Max Garling
    Max Garling

    You must come and visit the Ocean Suburb of CRONULLA! It's Full of Bays and miles of beaches!! :) Careful crossing the road ......The cars travel in the opposite direction! :( YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE SYDNEY !!!

  • UI

    don't cry babe, all's gonna be ok

  • Veronica's Life
    Veronica's Life

    Was that 1st class on the plane? That is so cool. I never even been on a plane b4. 😕

  • lee

    ellie would u ever come back to australia with your family aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi did u ever watch bondi rescue back home in the usa

  • Daniel k
    Daniel k

    Welcome to Australia have fun on my island

  • yashvi

    can someone send a link to her exact shade of headphones? :))

  • Mahogany Drive
    Mahogany Drive

    Jose Cuervo! Rookie mistake but also we all gotta start somewhere! 😂

  • Mint!

    Literally living my dream

  • Krystall Alice
    Krystall Alice

    Hey Ellie, I’m not sure you’ll reply to this as you have so many messages but what brand are your headphones? I’m really looking for some :) so happy for you to be in aus!

    • Luis Fernando
      Luis Fernando

      If you look at her headphones, you can see the letter b, so I think the brand is beats.

  • Sana A
    Sana A

    Have a fun in Sydney! It is winter here but it has been a little warm throughout the day Ahahah the Coloxly and Metamucil in the background is so me ahahah I love it

    • Sana A
      Sana A

      @Felicity Cook yeah true but with how cold it’s been lately, it’s basically winter

    • Felicity Cook
      Felicity Cook

      Not Winter until June

  • mikayla de lacy peek
    mikayla de lacy peek

    Why did I never know we had fashion week here

  • Shawn Allisha
    Shawn Allisha

    I have Crohn’s and I feel you.