Conte's INCREDIBLE reaction to Heung-Min Son's hat-trick! | CONTE CAM | Spurs 6-2 Leicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch all the touchline action from Tottenham Hotspur's 6-2 win against Leicester City in the Premier League.
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  • Diketso Molefe
    Diketso Molefe

    Conte and Perisic's reaction when Sonny scored is so wholesome🥺Really love this Club💙🤍

  • Nallely

    His celebration at Sonny's first goal 🥺🤍

  • win_nasdaq

    When Son scored the first goal, the other players look even more happier than him ..this is so wholesome

  • rexmexx99

    Contes reaction to sonny’s first goal is amazing 😂 my manager 🤍

  • Ragnar the Shiz
    Ragnar the Shiz


  • Sam


  • Montreal ML
    Montreal ML

    I watched when Conte celebrate Sonny's first goal more than twice. He was very very happy.

  • darksungji21

    This is one of the best Conte Cam bcuz you can really feel is happiness when Son scored bcuz Conte knows Son's qualities and Son was lacking confidence and really unlucky infront of goal.

  • Sony Jacob Thomas
    Sony Jacob Thomas

    Wholesome to see how much Sonny's first goal meant to his teammates and Conte!

  • primaire7

    Not sure what makes Sonny be always the favorite for all head coaches. Fantastic player!

  • Tottenham forever
    Tottenham forever

    Conte really loves Son and all of tottenham players no doubt about him now

  • PB Matty
    PB Matty

    This has to be one of the most emotional and heartwarming games ever.

  • Heine Kem
    Heine Kem

    Sonny is back with amazing style 👍

  • Paku Pakis
    Paku Pakis

    Conte is like a very happy and proud father when his "son" made a magical comeback.

  • Jibrael Nadela
    Jibrael Nadela

    the reaction of not only conte, but the whole coaching staff shows the love they have for sonny. even the doctor and kit man were screaming for sons first goal

  • HngSaku

    Conte looks so happy when Son scored his first goal😍

  • Josh Gonzales
    Josh Gonzales

    As a Honduran native I been supportive this team since Wilson Palacios used to played for them and I’m completely in love with the way conte is making the team play in Conte we trust ❤ !!

  • s

    the moment sonny scored, everyone smiles brightly makes me emotional 🥲

  • papillon

    It was not only Conte and the coaching staff, but the entire team that was rooting for him.

  • Andreas Pratama
    Andreas Pratama

    Conte's passion to the game is so wild. Will always love this guy.