VAR drama, Kehrer own goal and Soucek strike in London derby | HIGHLIGHTS | West Ham 1-1 Spurs
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch the key highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 1-1 draw with West Ham in the Premier League.
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  • DerrickJakedgreen

    The real problem is the midfield. We totally lack of a creative midfielder. All our midfield is just pass back to the defenders resulting them to be nervous when opponents starts to press them. We really need a creative midfielder to send passes up to our wingers or forwards to make use of their attacking advantages. I mean we have Son, Kulu and Kane who have great pace and great positioning. Why do we still keep back passing to the defenders even when the opponents are pressing us? Wouldn’t it be a huge risk? 😅

    • Yoshua Reynaldo
      Yoshua Reynaldo

      @Kieron Spiteri Well, i think it's agree to disagree on Sanchez and i agree with you about that Royal thing. I think the reason he always started him is because he wanted to improve. I heard from one source (not sure reliable or not) it's a mental thing, he's hiring a psychological coach to improve his confidence going forward. And since Conte's tactics are setup type, we could give him the benefit of doubt. Well i dunno about your view, but i said Romero and Perisic is an ideal Conte player because they are both good defensively and offensively. Romero is so daring that he wastes little time in transition. I think Djed will unfortunately have no time though. I believe Udogie will be on higher pecking order than him.

    • Kieron Spiteri
      Kieron Spiteri

      @Yoshua Reynaldo first off sanchez is aggressive no 2 royal the reason he always starts cuz he's improving better and he had a good game again also plus spence needs time ik I want him to start but read what conte said about him and romero and perisic aren't the only defenders that show what conte likes

    • Yoshua Reynaldo
      Yoshua Reynaldo

      @Kieron Spiteri Sanchez is not aggressive. Just look when he defends, at least recently, rather than acts like a spring which Romero usually do, he more likely to 'kick n rush' than carrying it or pass it with purpose. Davies is more offensive, but i think he lacked the physicality and nerve to go forward despite some brilliant moments. I think out of all our 'backline', only Romero and Perisic shows the grit that Conte likes. Doherty seemed to have shown it but it's strange why Royal started over him. Royal probably has desire to improve which we could see in some daring moments.

    • Kieron Spiteri
      Kieron Spiteri

      @Antonio Audia that's what you think but in reality it isn't

    • Antonio Audia
      Antonio Audia

      @Kieron Spiteri ok but for me is too weak a midfielder with only 2 players

  • Clownphobia

    For people that are critizing Son and sayin he should be benched, Son has set a way too high standard for people. We have to remember he won the golden boot no penalties, 4 months ago, he will come back. Its just the matter of time

    • eunhye

      @GON If Heung-min doesn't score, I hope Kane scores a lot. And it's not necessarily bad for Heung-min to rest on the bench.

    • GON

      @eunhye This time son got a lot of passes but still didn't score.. lmao, even Harry Kane is fed up with him. Son for the bench

    • 안보입니다

      @웅 팩폭하니 부들대네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 앙기모띠^^7

    • Ranbir Ahluwalia
      Ranbir Ahluwalia

      Just wondering, who’s saying this?

  • asseh

    As you can see from the game now, the coexistence of Perisic and Son is questionable. When he played with Sesse-nong, it was less burdensome to defend and moved to the center and did not move. However, now that I see Perisic shaking, Son continues to stay in the center because Perisic hits a lot above the attack and crosses center or cutback passes a lot. Son is a player who has to take the off-the-ball from the wing and leave it free, but Conte especially puts forward Perisic as a starter, making Son a lot of defense

    • Jo-Philippe William
      Jo-Philippe William

      @KT blame Perisic for what? Shining more than Son? We need fullbacks to attack and Perisic is doing exactly that, Son have to adapt. Salah and Mane plays perfectly with offensive FB or maybe Son isn’t Salah and Mane caliber?

    • Jo-Philippe William
      Jo-Philippe William

      @eunhye you need to be an expert to see who plays well and who doesn’t? It’s just my opinion, to me, our only good player is Perisic, there are a lot of worst players and among them is Son, that’s all. Last season he was our best, now he isn’t. I truly hope he managed to get in a better form because we need him. And yeah, kinda actually, what he does best now is running but when he gets the ball sometimes his touches are poor. At some point during the game yesterday, he pushed the ball too far and couldn’t shoot because of it while he was in an almost 1v1 situation

    • eunhye

      @Jo-Philippe William You said Sony is the "worst" player at Tottenham, but are you a football expert? Did Sony's skills suddenly regress?

    • jvcki wai
      jvcki wai

      @콩순E 차라리 모우라윙백이 에메르송보단 나을듯

    • jvcki wai
      jvcki wai

      @콩순E 우윙백 전멸 맞음

  • kuda

    For those blaming Son for everything I guess y'all don't even watch the game and just Son not scoring😂 How can he score when he doesn't get the ball ffs

    • Lambda

      @kuda It's still a loss. We didn't lose the match, but there was still a loss of points, and we really should be beating this West Ham side you aren't looking amazing, especially if we are supposed to be getting ready for the champions league.

    • kuda

      @Lambda umm we didn't lose😅 you obviously didnt watch the game

    • Lambda

      First of all, there is no one in comments blaming Son at all, just everyone telling us not to. Also he should be blamed for the loss, not just him of course, but most of the team should be blamed today because the performance was poor. Stop being so biased.


      @EraOfNoTomorrow Even Messi & CR7 needs to touch the ball in order to dribble everyone.

    • EraOfNoTomorrow

      They expect him to dribble past everyone like Messi or CR7 🤣

  • Google DEv
    Google DEv

    Was on Twitter and Instagram, everyone was hating about how Son played ignoring how the rest of the team played. If he was English, he wouldnt be getting this treatment

    • Jordan Harrison
      Jordan Harrison

      Nothing to support that claim at all. If anything all evidence points to the opposite. If he was English he'd be getting more criticised. English players get more abuse than any other group of players.

    • Massimiliano Ferrari
      Massimiliano Ferrari

      Look at Mount. Hes being critized a lot as well. Or Sancho last season.

  • letsssgooo

    Sonny ran alot but there was so little passes gone to him. He cant do all by himself to score. There is a lot of problems in our defender…. The ball from lloris and passes to Sanchez Dier is soo anxious.. and Sonny is isolated in the middle … I think Perisic and Sonny doesnt work well.. We definitely need a playmaker. The game was so boring only passing back.. Wish to see more intensive game .. We cant go to UCL like this !!😢

    • YT Knav_XD
      YT Knav_XD

      Oh the misery

    • eunhye

      @거북목하마 왜 나는 걱정하고 있어요…

    • eunhye

      @김민태 왜 잡으라고 하냐?케인처럼 소중하게 생각하지도 않는 은혜도 모르는 짐승만도 못한 인간 이하의 것들한테. 대화란게 되겠냐?차라리 소리를 지르는 편이 더 낫겠다.❗️

    • Ahmad Sbaei
      Ahmad Sbaei

      You are 100 percent correct conte needs to find a quick fix and i just feel like all the summer signings we did aren’t really giving us advantage

    • 거북목하마

      한국사람들끼리 잘한다 아주 ㅋㅋ 실제로는 한국에서처럼 아무도 손흥민 걱정 안함ㅋ 미디어만 믿지마 제발

  • Bongsu Wessel
    Bongsu Wessel

    Why don't they give SONNY the ball?

  • Francis Wong
    Francis Wong

    The problem with the team is the back four held the ball too long and yet their ball control capability was too weak. Not sure if this was the Manager's instructions or the players' own will, without supplying the firearms to midfield, no matter how good the forwards are, they are just keep waiting!

    • Yoshua Reynaldo
      Yoshua Reynaldo

      @Ei's Lloris as well. He always go long when pressed or situation is risky. We need players like Onana who could play from the back. I think the reason he is kept around (and stick for a long time) is because of his popularity in the dressing room.

    • Ei's

      It's the same back 3. They are definitely not Champions league players. Dier, Davies and Sanchez needs to be replaced. To many years here and to many mistakes (including many OG's by all 3 of them) they are way to comfortable at the club, both Davies and Dier knowing will get starting 11 spot. (don't know how or why) Problem is no one will buy them or make offers for them after so many years.

    • Harry Flashman
      Harry Flashman

      You're not "Wong" there Francis!!

    • Yoshua Reynaldo
      Yoshua Reynaldo

      Back three you mean lol. I agree though. Sanchez, Dier, and Davies didn't play the ball quick enough.

    • Terry Blackwell
      Terry Blackwell

      @William he don't know what he's talking about m8, thinks Spud's play with a back 4, and he got 75 likes for his comments, unbelievable Jeff

  • Levi Ackermann
    Levi Ackermann

    Feel bad for Son, nobody is passing to him... 🙏

    • PorterBros Extra
      PorterBros Extra

      @Michel Chammas yes

    • Michel Chammas
      Michel Chammas

      He got several key passes from Kane and he lost them all in front of the goal.

    • Sophie J
      Sophie J

      Maybe nobody wants win

  • Crypto Face
    Crypto Face

    The people who blame Son definitely didn't watch the game.

    • wsxedc

      Was there anyone who criticized Kane when his form was bad last season? a garbage team like tottenham thanks son to develope your team. There won't be any players like Son Heungmin in your club later.

    • ㅋㅍㅇㅂㅎㄷ

      토트넘팬들은 손흥민이 벤치에 있어도 손흥민 탓을 할거다. 이 뻔뻔한 팀에서 탈출해야한다.

    • hyun kyu park
      hyun kyu park

      why people blaming son, He's just same person like last season. It's only different his condition. new tatics just ruined everything, Perišić took his role, and now son stuck in the midfielder line. Son is better to leave this club.

    • Jenny Kookie
      Jenny Kookie

      @Zhe Shin thisssss thisss I saw that!!! And he was still trying to give his best u can see it by his running :( that's really sad

  • Loopy

    Its true that Son wasnt in his best form, but saying that he played poor this MATCH is wrong. His form seemed to be coming back, and it was probably his performance so far

    • Blue Regin
      Blue Regin

      The fact that people are blaming son is insane

    • Blue Regin
      Blue Regin

      Brother nobody is passing to son so he can’t even get as many chances to strike. The problem starts from the midfield.

  • Jason Jun
    Jason Jun

    Honestly hope Son leaves next transfer window. Spurs dont deserve him

    • Walda Garnett
      Walda Garnett

      What is your problem ? Sonny likes playing for spurs.

    • KidEllie

      Right, they're only blaming Son, not midfielders or centre-backs.

  • Theo Magath
    Theo Magath

    In the last 7 seasons, on average Son's first goal was at match 5.7, so I believe Son will come back as a beast

    • Aaising Grg vlogs
      Aaising Grg vlogs

      Yeah hope for best🥺

    • ㅋㅍㅇㅂㅎㄷ

      방출해라 그냥.

    • 준리

      Tactic’s problem

    • Ces K
      Ces K

      @Prince of Fulham This is why I personally thought this team needs to buy good attacking midfielders but Conte seems have different view.

    • Prince of Fulham
      Prince of Fulham

      It wasn't his fault today. In fact, it wasn't any of the front three's fault (or the d's fault). The midfield/wing had zero vision. Son was finding good space today.

  • Ash Island
    Ash Island

    The media slanders Son for his perfomance but no one talks about Kulu, Kane, midfield nor defense

    • Jordan Harrison
      Jordan Harrison

      Why would Kane get criticised? He's been your best player this season.

    • Liz Yi
      Liz Yi

      Because Son is an Asian :)

    • Diogo Rodrigues
      Diogo Rodrigues

      Son needs a rest, one game to recharge will help in the long run

    • 김미양

      I agree with you. Kulu has been so selfish and greedy from some time. Kulu and Kane are not trying to pass it to Sonny standing in a still better place in front of the goal this season. I wonder why.

    • Ricardo Hall
      Ricardo Hall

      Our defense was absolute ass.

  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee

    Definitely need stronger and creative mid for the team... can't blame son on this... he did ran alot but the pressure and without the solid pass he can't do all by himself...

    • counteract

      @Dreamx 7 hours left

    • Dreamx

      @Adam Adam yh true hopefully we get 1 or 2 players in today

    • Adam Adam
      Adam Adam

      hopefully we get ziyech he would be a great cam

    • KT

      Son > Kane. Kane who? Without Son, Tottenham won't be in the Champions League this season. Be grateful Tottenham fans.

  • Y Harry
    Y Harry

    Conte needs to adjust the tactics a bit. Ball movement looks so trash in the midfield/wingbacks and constantly fails to provide decent ball movement to upfront to Kane/Son. Perisic looks decent but the Perisic/Son left line does not go well when put together. Conte needs to find a way to provide quality balls to the forwards, especially Son. I don't think Son is in a terrible form.

    • ANDRS

      @Prince of Fulham you are not wrong. For some strange reason Persic was avoiding Son the most. Looking to force passes to Kane… it was weird

    • Prince of Fulham
      Prince of Fulham

      I hate to say this, but Perisic actually needs to shoulder a lot of the blame. I hate to say it because individually, he is skilled. But he has no vision. I'd have been drunk as a sailor if I took a shot every time he should have fed it to Son but just couldn't see the space.

  • oh

    I don’t think it’s smart to keep passing the ball back to Lloris & towards their own goal so much especially because that’s how West Ham scored a goal. & Lloris kept kicking it aimlessly up the field so the other team would receive it & score. Also Spurs’ passes in general aren’t as accurate as West Ham. Son had some good runs for the ball and good passes and even that block in defense. His teammates don’t pass to him as often so it’s obvious he gets less touches with the ball. Son was open so many times & no pass but when Son sprinted up with the ball he passed it to Kane, Perisic, Kulusevsky when they asked for the ball pass. Spurs need to pass the ball up so strikers have more chances to score and other team has less chance to score. Plus it gets boring seeing the ball pass back & forth to the same 3 ppl in the same area.

    • 튜쿠루루

      @hoya jang 감독이 페리시치를 윙으로 프리롤주고 오히려 손흥민을 중앙쪽 치우치게 이동시키고 수비가담시켜서 그런건데 ㄹㅇ 축알못인듯 님 ㅋㅋㅋ억까를 하려면 제대로 알아보고하셈

    • hoya jang
      hoya jang

      @티토능 내가 묻고싶네. 경기봄? 백패스말고 아무것도 안하던데. 최종패스만 받아먹으려고 매번 중앙에 케인보다 더 들어가있던데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 무슨 스트라이커임? 헤딩 몸싸움도 안되는데 포스트에 자꾸 공달라고 서있는거보니 웃기던데

    • 티토능

      @hoya jang 경기 봄?

    • hoya jang
      hoya jang

      공주면 백패스만 하는데 뭔 자꾸 공을 주래. 손흥민한테 공주면 뭐 드리블 돌파하고 기회만들거라고 생각함? 수비 한명 아에 한번을 못벗겨내는 선순데

  • Janny

    We are desperate to see Son’s goal but Conte wings game style it’s not gonna happen to Son! Sonny can’t even touched ball not much as used to .We can’t blamed one person. All players are not doing well and can’t passes through to Son and Kane. Midfielders are serious problems. Even we can’t see Son Kane collaboration goals at all. Conte testing wings game but they can’t. I wish Conte change mind to what used to do for triangle Son Kane Kul play like last season. Conte have to discover for good things for players not his style put the players. It’s not gonna work at all!!!

    • Mark Saunders
      Mark Saunders

      English ?

  • Naminsy

    Son is getting better little by little. but the whole team is the problem. How can you score a goal when the ball isn't coming?

    • 모찌롱

      @1 park 위에 외국인이 홀란드가 그렇게 득점 많이하는 이유는 데브라이너랑 기타 팀원의 도움이 있어서고 손흥민은 지원을 못받는다 라고 말하는데 영어를 못하니깐 저런거도 못읽지 ㅋㅋ

    • Zhe Shin
      Zhe Shin

      @Manny Yard Nobody passed to him, all chances that he shoot was achieved by himself

    • Manny Yard
      Manny Yard

      Son needs to be benched until he finds his scoring form again.

    • Howie Fisher
      Howie Fisher

      he would have scored but for the West Ham player getting the own he is getting in the right positions to score, just needs a bit of luck to go his way. Once he scores, we will see the Sonny we know and love

  • 장준혁

    Something wrong It's not just this game. We give the mid-field to the relative weak team as well It's amazing that we still didn't lose To list the problems, 1. No influence in mid area, We can find out only u- shape build up. Hojbjerg is vulnerable to pressure and often backpass. Of course, I know he is good at ball-taking, defend large area, A fantastic fighting spirit. The problem is that his mate is of a similar type, whoever come. Also frequent irresponsible passes, this make turn - over a lot. 2. Perisic and Son got overlap. Son Heung-min's position became ambiguous as Perisic advanced aggressively. Son has been isolated for five games. If Antonio going to do a tactic that only highlights Son's shortcomings, why don't he let Son go? 3. Defend line especially Dier - Sanchez - Emerson line is too unstable. They are usually fine but often make fatal mistakes. Even the quality of the pass is too low, and build-up play is impossible. In the current situation of Spurs, the disadvantages seem to be more prominent than the advantages. 4. No creative to destroy difficult situation Just choose the long pass as a way to overcome it. (Even this has a low success rate because of the weak aerial duels) Why don't he scout a player type like Luis Alberto? Frenkie De Jong? Daniel James? Really? More chicken wings? I've been spurs fan for 17 years, and I was looking forward to this transfer market. It was like a roller coaster and at the end i find spursy

    • 장준혁

      @Yeouido Lee 알빠노

    • Yeouido Lee
      Yeouido Lee

      방구석 전문가 납셨네

    • Master of Football
      Master of Football

      @N A he cracks me up

    • N A
      N A

      Spurs Fan for 17 years 🤣🤣 much more like fan of Son since his Korea debut

    • [rew] HRE
      [rew] HRE

      Bro you summed up all the things so well. Literally there's so much things that are going wrong atm

  • Eshet Chayil
    Eshet Chayil

    Tactics seem to be way worse than previous season. These tactics are for whom? Opponent team? It is certain that these are not the ones for our win. Why sonny who has to strike a goal is busy with defense? Why does sonny need to defend lower than the wingback?

    • Gary Downes
      Gary Downes

      Clown comment. We're 3rd in the league after 5 games. People doubting Conte's tactics are clueless mugs. Go "support" another team if you don't like it.

    • Saint Tongpha
      Saint Tongpha

      Extremely agree

    • Eshet Chayil
      Eshet Chayil

      @Alan batha Smith would anyone want to lose? those tactics just suck!

  • Lok Sabha
    Lok Sabha

    The midfielders and the wingbacks are to get the entire blame. They have put the defence under unnecessary pressure by passing back the ball too much unnecessarily. They are not even carrying the ball forward and feeding the attackers. They are playing safe. And now fans see only the mistakes of the defence and the attackers because they risks and lose the ball.

    • Sunshine Moonshine
      Sunshine Moonshine

      @ANDRS well you wanted Conte so that's his style now you have to live with it

    • Sue Smith
      Sue Smith

      @Lok. 💯.

    • 갸수노

      산체스는 무엇입니까?

    • M

      Lloris put un under pressure with his shit passing and decisions

    • so

      @Genghis Khan 너의 거짓말을 누가 믿니.

  • Yves Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent

    Obviosuly Son will get all the blame, but people have to realize that he is not responible for Spurs' midfield and defense poor display

    • DD디디앤미

      @H!gh Sn!per 손흥민은 이적 희망을 한번도 하지 않았으며 감독이 많이 바뀌고 팀이 흔들릴때 감정적으로 토트넘 충성심이 최고였기때문에 조금은 아쉬운 마음일거에요 영국의 자부심이라는 케인과 약간 입장이 다르니까요 그래야만했던 케인도 돌아섰던 시기에 손흥민은 팬들에게 토트넘을 굳게 사랑해야하는 큰 동기부여를 해줬습니다

    • H!gh Sn!per
      H!gh Sn!per

      @Fractured but yet they mentioning son..

    • Fractured

      @H!gh Sn!per Kane is the biggest known player in Spurs tho... He won multiple golden boots, and he also had the most assist

    • H!gh Sn!per
      H!gh Sn!per

      Because Son IS the biggest known player from Spurs, he won the golden boot recentely and all the pressure is set on him, i've been a big fan of heung min son for years and seeing fake fans blame it on him is just disgusting

    • Nun Nui
      Nun Nui

      @Fractured he's being sarcastic. it is not obvious anyway. only trolls who doesn't understand football would blame him. but he needs to get his form back soon. i think he's getting there.

  • step-bro27

    I believe Son will rise soon, he scored and 23 goals and was the golden boot winner 4 months ago. As they always say, form is temporay, class is permant

    • Horkit

      @LONE BLADE wdym? Son missed chances, Kane literally passes to him. Stop acting like everyone is being racist to him. You take things so personal. You have so many double standards. According to you, when Kane plays bad, it’s Kanes fault. But when son plays bad, it’s the teams fault and they’re racist. Also double standards from you, if Kane plays good, it’s because the team carry him to score. But if Son plays good, he’s “carrying” the team. These are the stupid ideologies people like you have.

    • Horkit

      @LONE BLADE oh shut up 😂 why are u mad that Son isn’t playing that well? Poor form happens to everyone 🤷‍♂️


      @Horkit This Spurs team doesn't revolve around Son. You're RIGHT. It only revolves around Harry KANE.

  • J

    Such a frustrating game!! With all the attacking talent we have, why are we defending all the time?? So much attacking talent wasted

    • Jo-Philippe William
      Jo-Philippe William

      @Al Couldn’t agree more : Souček and Antonio are a pain in the ass against us, always But, it also means that we are just not good against them We only faced Chelsea and we were lucky to come out with a point. Even though Arsenal didn’t face any real threat, they won their marches pretty easily, unlike us To me it just means that Newcastle is gonna destroy us🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Al

      @Jo-Philippe William although...first, never disrespect West Ham especially in a London Derby where they always bring their A-game against Spurs...always. Also, with no disrespect to their previous opponents, Arsenal are yet to face their first real test. And Newcastle showed that Manchester City can be given a tough time. It's still early in the season, so...let's how things turn out by the second half of the season

    • Al

      @Jo-Philippe William touché

    • Jo-Philippe William
      Jo-Philippe William

      @Al Say that to Man City or Arsenal

    • Al

      Also, it's West Ham away. That fixture is never easy

  • 애기야 가자
    애기야 가자

    Every media are blaming Son, but he is not the main problem for this situation. Critical point is they can not resolve the pressure. Our defenders and midfielders can not activate positive build-up. The only thing they can do is back-passing each other. Our one and only build up process is one-touch through-passes by Harry Kane. We must sign a creative midfielder like odegaard, and modify build up tactics.

    • 동동

      @김미양 팩폭에 당황해서 창의적인 표현이 없나 드립 ㅋㅋㅋ 팩트인데 창의적인 드립이 왜 필요하나요~ ㅋㅋㅋ 미양이

    • 동동

      @김미양 미양이 손뽕 평균 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • 김미양

      @동동 어? 나 가방끈? 긴데... 그래서 가방끈 짧은 중국인손까랑 말 안 섞으려고... 그렇게 창의적인 표현이 없냐? 남의 말 반복해서 발악하고 자기가 했던 똑같은 말 또하게? 자신의 티나는 짧은 가방끈 생각 안 하고 남의 가방끈 운운한 게 꼴 사나워서 "창의적 표현"이라 쓴 건데... 이제 끝! "애기야 가자"님이랑 "dafr"님한테는 피해주는 거 같아 죄송합니다~!

  • Salvatore

    I really hope who are saying "bench Son" had the same energy last year for Kane when he didnt score for 3 months

    • Jordan Harrison
      Jordan Harrison

      Kane has been your best player for years now lol. Better player than Son ever has been.


      @dobre ama nqma da e dobre When racists pretend to spew DEBUNKABLE "football reasons" to lie about Son and his fans. That's not football discussion. That's racism poorly disguised as Football.

    • dobre ama nqma da e dobre
      dobre ama nqma da e dobre

      @LONE BLADE You lot don't have other excuses but calling others racist when your opinion and theirs don't match. You guys think son is god or something idk..

    • kuda

      It's just funny how they think Son will just sit and wait at the bench. He WILL leave if this happens like he did before. Don't take him for granted.

    • Julie Gyong
      Julie Gyong

      We did last season. Now bench Son and give him a break.

  • Young Dagger D
    Young Dagger D

    How can Son show anything when no one is passing to him. The whole match, for 90 minutes he only had 35 touches which is equal is Kulu who played 20 less minutes

    • Blue Regin
      Blue Regin

      Just insane. They say son is in “bad form” but I think it’s just the situation around him. He needs the chances but he simply isn’t getting them. Kane and kulu had multiple chances to score but did not. Yet son gets the blame

    • Blue Regin
      Blue Regin

      Son is literally DEFENDING. Wasting all his energy on things that isn’t even in his role.

    • Sophie J
      Sophie J

      Defenders are more goal-minded than defence, so they can't defend or score and Son is defending😕

  • 파리

    Conte's main strategy is build-up from the right side and make space for the left, so Son can penetrate. this build-up starts from the lowest line, but Sanches performence was too unstable for the strategy. we need more options now, cuz opponents are prepared enough

  • sino7

    Slow passes, no creativity in the midfield. Was expecting more from bissouma on his first start but he was too conservative, mostly with simple side passes. Felt like we were playing with he was a spectator. Emerson on the other hand had a decent performance, he is actually improving miracles exist! We had some nice plays with quick touches between perisic, kane Kulu and son but that was it. Team was just too pragmatic. Yes we had possession but we didnt know what to do with the ball. Also, no more passing the ball back to hugo, he panickes and gives away possession. Their goal started with this stupid mistake and lack of attention on their throw in that originated the goal. We must improve, because luck will run out soon, cant keep just playing one half with crappy performances like this one and forest and chelsea and wolves.... We know this team can do better! Wake up! COYS

  • 이대진

    To make goals easily, pinpoint passes should be made firstly to the strikers. The goal keeper, center backs, mid fielders are all not enough to make accurate passes from the goal area, and also not enough to make build ups in time too. There are so many problems now we face !!!

  • Antonio Mitchell
    Antonio Mitchell

    As Spur fans we can all agree our biggest problem is midfield!

    • Mark

      Posted above - Leicester only want £25 million for Tielemans (as last year of his contract). We should be all over that!

    • Death

      and defense (except romero)

  • Derrik Desertman
    Derrik Desertman

    Damn that assist by Westham's Antonio is absolutely MASTERCLASS

  • Daniel Fernández
    Daniel Fernández

    The match was going smoothly and without much trouble until two individual mistakes cost us a goal. First Hojgberg was distracted talking to the ref instead of following his man, then Hugo tried to play the ball instead of just kicking it as far away as possible. After that, the whole team collapsed. Still early to say the Prem is lost but if they want to be champions they need to be capable of winning at every away ground, as simple as that.

    • Dribble Pi55
      Dribble Pi55

      We aint wining the prem

  • Ethan Cooley
    Ethan Cooley

    Need a creative midfielder asap

    • 빛소 FC
      빛소 FC


    • Mister M
      Mister M


    • Merry Delo
      Merry Delo

      bet kane did a bet of himself of winnin the golden boot, he missed 2 chances where he couldve passed to Son

    • Kamidia hijab
      Kamidia hijab


    • Kuban AID
      Kuban AID

      Bro our defenders is shit . Look at this woods called Eric Dier ,Ben davies.

  • Guard the Soul
    Guard the Soul

    If you can't play 1 or 2 games, you criticize the players, but if you don't play all 5 games, it's because of the manager's conservative tactics. It's not that I lost confidence in Conte. However, it is difficult to score if you do not take a little more risk. The lower-ranked teams gain points even if they only draw a draw, but Tottenham feel like they are losing two points. Conte has to give the players courage. Raising the line is risky, but it has to be done for three points. To get tiger skin, you have to go into the tiger's den. I would like to see a more courageous Spurs from the next game.😔🤍

    • fxtly

      100% very well said my friend

  • 김민태

    What do you think will happen to this team without Son? Everyone, get a hold of course. Remember what he's shown you all this time

  • Ginato Kumi
    Ginato Kumi

    We badly need a central midfielder who can spread the ball in all four corners. Let's hope for the best and plan for the worst 👍

    • Ginato Kumi
      Ginato Kumi

      @Merry Delo we will try hard next time it's okay it was the challenging match chill 👍

    • Merry Delo
      Merry Delo

      bet kane did a bet of himself winnin the golden boot, he had 2 chances where he shouldve passed to Son but got selfish and shot

  • llll

    Ah I wanna make them change whole squad of fullbacks and midfielders. Especially today, it was terrible to watch Sanchez-Emerson-Bisouma line that keep back passing each other. Even their touches and ball keeping skills were so bad that made people anxious whenever a ball goes to them.

  • British Shorthair
    British Shorthair

    Hotspur needs a better midfielder and centerback who can deliver a ball to the front in order to achieve their goals this season. Personally it feels like we are watching Mourinho's football again


      @Ei's The REAL REASON Jose was fired is because he's a weaker puppet.

    • jurex81

      @Sakthivelan M you’re blind. Richalison is a forward not a CAM

    • Ei's

      Its actually worse than Jose tactics. At least he had fast pace counter attacks and got both Kane and Son scoring crazy for one season. Yea, I know he didn't get us a trophy but he might have! If he didn't get the sack or if he was proper backed. He was right about most things including Dele in "All or nothing"

    • Howie Fisher
      Howie Fisher

      @TypeNatureTv no bloody chance!!!

    • Sakthivelan M
      Sakthivelan M

      @강민재 our goal drought is because we can't build up play because of a lack of a proper CAM which is why we invested 60 million in Richarlison

  • Nithin Ts
    Nithin Ts

    Sachez passes every ball to Hugo and same with Emerson... We need Romero back and Emerson is so much defensive There is some lack of rhythm between Perisic and Son.. I am hoping once that is sorted we will be back to winning and Son will start scoring.. He was looking so much positive yesterday One cross from Perisic was gold but nobody was there .. We need to keep improving

    • Manny Yard
      Manny Yard

      Son needs to be benched. Richarlson should be starting until Son finds his form.

  • Snatch Silenced
    Snatch Silenced

    Perisic needs to get used to the teammates. Right now his balls are disconnected from rest of the team.. and his passes aren't landing

  • Jenny Park
    Jenny Park

    What’s going on with SON and rest of the players? Without SON, Spurs would not have made it this far or as popular as they are now!

  • 코모

    수비가 문제있는데도 수비보강안하고 공격수를 수비로 쓰는..경기내내..답답하다..ㅜㅜ.. 착한 토트넘선수들...경기할때는 수비수들 상대팀들을 물어뜯어라..다들 애정하는 선수들이라 비판하는것도 마음아프다..ㅜㅜ..흑흑..

  • Charles Martell
    Charles Martell

    We badly need romero, he is very good at bring the ball forward.

  • Dominic Tan
    Dominic Tan

    Disappointing! Hammers has more hunger to go for a win while the team looks like playing not to lose. Hojbjerg is partly at fault for the goal. Not tracking Soucek. The team can be attacking and when the ball goes to Sanchez or Emerson or Davies, the ball will go all the way back to Lloris. Is this how Conte wants the team to play?

  • Crispy Lemon Bear
    Crispy Lemon Bear

    look how sloppy we are defending. can't blame attackers. its still about back and the middle. it's a miracle we are playing in the CL with this kind of quality.

    • Mr mal
      Mr mal

      especially on sanchez-emerson...worst linked up ever 🙄

    • PAUL MH
      PAUL MH

      Tottenham won't make the last 16 with a squad like this!

  • isoplus3513

    Tottenham played 5 games. 3 wins no losses. 2 draws from AWAY London derbies... And people are complaining as if they have been horrible. WTF?! Appreciate the team and the players. COYS.

    • Jimmy Page
      Jimmy Page

      Because we are so much better than Westham. It's understandable people will be upset. But we move on, COYS!

    • Ibrahim K
      Ibrahim K

      Because it’s west ham and we played bad this game, the Chelsea draw is fine but this one isn’t

  • Charles K
    Charles K

    My favorite Spurs is definitely looking tired/exhausted. He dosent has the same snap, creativity or confidence as he used to. Don't know if its the new Conte tactics that has him playing more defense or maybe he had too much fun in Korea but something is definitely different with him this season. We need our smilling assasin back.

  • Jadeus Dragias
    Jadeus Dragias

    Midfield needs a lot of work. Especially central. Team’s gonna get torn up by Man City or the UCL if this keeps up.

    • Antonio Mitchell
      Antonio Mitchell


  • KWJ

    The fact that Sonny is under intense criticism shows how much he's played at Tottenham in the whole time The British people are over-reliant on Sonny, while condemning him paradoxical pain

  • Jaceylside Media
    Jaceylside Media

    Don't look back Lets Go Spurs Coys🤍👊

    • Jaceylside Media
      Jaceylside Media

      @Joe yes of course

    • Joe

      Okey but we need a creative mid😭😭😭😭

  • aravind kumar
    aravind kumar

    there will be no impact created by Tottenham in upcoming UCL if they not pass to Sonny no passes to Sonny in yesterday games

  • Cosmin King
    Cosmin King

    Wasn’t our best but a points a point still unbeaten, onwards and upwards! COYS!!

  • Gia Park
    Gia Park

    I don't get it. Why can't we play better. If we can't get 3 points against West Ham, not sure what we can achieve. People talk about a need of better CB, but we didn't lose any key defense players from last season. It seemed our play is worse than last season. or did i have my expectation for this season too high? there was 3 wins and 2 draws so far but those games we won weren't that good. we should have definitely won the game against WH today. i am getting a bit frustrated now.

    • Kevin

      agree,we play worse than last season and it is going to be worse unfortunately

  • 냐암냐암

    Because of bad tactics and midfielders low quality, attackers can't get the ball every match. Sonny needs the ball

  • Cardiff Express
    Cardiff Express

    Why are we playing so shit? Playing from the back but so slow, so many back passes, sloppy passes idk what’s going on with this team! EMERSON OUT! No creativity from the right flank whatsoever, hojberg needs to get benched and can’t wait for Romero to be back cuz Sanchez oh my

    • Jaguar gamer
      Jaguar gamer

      @TypeNatureTv do you even know football?? Conte is a good coach man and your already saying Conte out even though we haven't had a lost go and learn how football works

    • TypeNatureTv

      @Cardiff Express Conte out

    • Cardiff Express
      Cardiff Express

      Play fkn Spence he got the pace and decent crosses so much better than Emerson

  •  FX SS
    FX SS

    If you see a team that is good at playing, when you pass it, you use your body or foot to move it left and right. He shook the defense a few times and then scored a goal with a forward pass. Tottenham? What kind of fearful players these are, they pass backwards like crazy He's also afraid of dribbling and has very few build-up forward passes. Whether the coach is scary or football is scary, there should be nothing scary A cool buildup will come out... Are you playing soccer to win by luck? They're playing like a 3rd division team that doesn't even know if they're trying to win by hard work.

  • Go WOKE, You Become BROKE.
    Go WOKE, You Become BROKE.

    Can everyone calm down? 🤣 West Ham's yearly cup final last night, at their ground, and we got a point. Just like we got one at Chelsea. That's two of our hardest games a season already navigated. Palace are the same. Whenever we visit, they play like it's a WC Final. I'd gladly take pts against all these teams away and try to dominate at home. We're undefeated and only gonna get stronger. Half the team haven't turned up yet. The midfield last night was changed, which so many people have been demanding. Now Conte gives starts, he's wrong for that too. Just calm tf down. COY!!!!!!

  • 김지후

    Is this really conte the football you want? Then it should have been graded. But it ended up like this. It's the worst. We want to deal with the right way of opposing tactics. Also, I don't want this kind of performance to continue.

  • scarssiel

    Don't listen to media's bullshit comments on Son seriously. I believe most of them are fans of other teams; they're intentionally misleading to weaken our team on any occasions. they know that we cannot maintain our top position without Son. Anyway, after the West ham game, I became confident that it's not Son's but team's problem. Balls don't connect to attackers properly. see the passmap diagrams of past games, if you can't believe. we need to have creative midfielders(at least ONE!). It's annoying to see backward passes between midfielders and defenders. especially Sanchez... sorry but he's terrible. Finally, this game, I think we allowed the equalizer due to Højbjerg's talking to the referee. He needed to focus more on the ball and opponents. COYS

  • Burger McDonald
    Burger McDonald

    The position of Son and Perisic overlaps and Son is asked to do defense as well while he is used like a consumables and gets replaced at the second half. 0:14 here, Son used to be there where Perisic is and he played the best ever. We can tell from the pass map or Perisic at this match.

  • 핑크펭귄

    Dier is slow to run and is passive in raising the defensive line, but when he comes out with Sanchez, He needs to be actively involved in the attack

    • Millesimal_Ed

      Agreed. Not a CB

    • tai long
      tai long

      Dier is poor

    • 타작마당

      한국어로 적어라. 쟤네들도 자동번역된다

    • 동동

      한국인 하위

  • F. H.
    F. H.

    Sonny got the golden boot and with Kane and Kulu were doing great, what do they do next? spent a fortune to get 2 replacement for them, lol. The problem was never the offense but that there has not been a creative midfielder since Erikssen and a more solid defense...

  • hyun kyu park
    hyun kyu park

    why people blaming son, He's just same person like last season. It's only different his condition. new tatics just ruined everything, Perišić took his role, and now son stuck in the midfielder line. Son is better to leave this club.

  • Ms Son
    Ms Son

    Poor Sonny. The British expect him to be a God or something 🤣. The rest of the team is suck so bad..what can Sonny do more?

  • Far_Noone100

    The guy doesn’t just lose his ability and go down the hill in a few months, he runs around the second most in the team and no one is passing to him lol whatever world class player comes in will be no better than Son lol the so-called tactics are just wrong, why not keep the weapon that’s been proved to work well and not create something new with the new firepower we have lol he has been a bait and labourer running around - literally. Wing back and wing forward overlapping with Perisic lol that’s not being creative if you have a normal brain lol

  • K Choe
    K Choe

    Undefeated thus far but the team just doesn't look that much improved from where we left off last season after the money spent in the summer. Perhaps the expectations were a bit too high. Hope to see more dominance against Fulham. COYS!

  • getit lees
    getit lees

    That judge took away our PK. And Hobi almost got his ankle broken for dat tackle and no single card

  • Trevor Standing
    Trevor Standing

    We were on the back foot for much of the game. To say the team has teething troubles is an understatement!

  • 강민재

    The problem is that why perisic is playing like a winger that crossed all time and raise his line and son is playing like a midfielder? That’s result make son nonexistent . Because son should plays only a middle place.also it doesn’t good for son who can make a speed and shooting at open place. I don’t want to see son playing like that position and always be criticized by the stupid people😫😫

  • Soda Ray
    Soda Ray

    Tottenham Hotspur games are not always fun. 100% backpass success rate.

  • Maverick

    I don't see this team going far if they keep playing like this, such a poor performance

  • Prince of Fulham
    Prince of Fulham

    Tottenham looks to be in trouble. I know nobody wants to hear this, but one trek pony is the only word that comes to mind. That first goal was the Spurs trademark counter-attacking footy, and a demonstration of how the lack of production has nothing to do with the front three. Conte needs to figure out the middle four before the team can even think about firing from all cylinders. I saw Sonny making runs into space but nobody had the vision to feed him. Maybe Kane needs to play in the midfield/wing and Richarlison play with Kulu and Son.


      Either you play Kane as a playmaker or you let Lucas Moura be that playmaker. The Kane ONLY target man system fails regularly.

  • GSI

    All I can say is Spurs are so lucky once again.

  • 파리

    We need Romero for the smooth right side build-up, which makes left side more spaces and eventually Son can penetrate. Romero is one of the key players in Contes strategy. Sanches was very unstable today and entire team was shaking

    • Bakang. Privv
      Bakang. Privv

      I disagree,The back 3 were not at Fault we need a solid creative midfield our back wingers where the ones at Fault

  • mhtbfecsq1

    So many schoolboy errors happening all the time and the slowness and lack of mental and physical effort from many players in possession is agonising/excruciating to watch and has got worse instead of better. Some players really need to get replaced asap if we actually truly want to build a team that can win things. They don't deserve to wear the shirt playing a derby in such a cowardly loser fashion. The three points were there for the taking and we asked west ham to beat us while we were winning 1-0.

  • Warrior J93
    Warrior J93

    Am I the only one thinking this felt like a defeat


      Penalty or not, Spurs are lucky to have a draw.

    • Merry Delo
      Merry Delo

      bet kane did a bet of himself winnin the golden boot, he had 2 chances where he shouldve passed to Son but got selfish and shot

    • Warrior J93
      Warrior J93

      @ahorita no joven ya es muy noche it hit Cresswell face and then the arm

    • ahorita no joven ya es muy noche
      ahorita no joven ya es muy noche

      I didn't see the game, why didn't they give us the penalty?

    • fxtly

      no, we played awful

  • Raymond Cottle
    Raymond Cottle

    We Need to have a fast attacking player in the centre circle, when defending. This will keep at least two defenders back and give our team something to aim at. We seem to invite the opposing team to box us in when they are attacking and keep us there defending.

  • Harry Flashman
    Harry Flashman

    Sanchez and Emerson put the fear of god in me, every time they touch the ball. Two bloody awful players!

  • Ming Tian
    Ming Tian

    Sons recent quiet games are not an issue on skill or techinque, he is a player where he has reached the top. Its an issue on confidence, once he finds his confidence back, he will be scoring like a machine. Let's have faith

    • dobre ama nqma da e dobre
      dobre ama nqma da e dobre

      @Ethan Cooley 3 or 4 games is not that bad.. but 5+ come on bro have u seen the footage when he was benched the game aganist forest he was fuming. There is clearly a problem and u realise it.

    • Ethan Cooley
      Ethan Cooley

      @dobre ama nqma da e dobre are you serious?? Every player itw has stretches of bad games and ends up playing well after. People were saying this about son last january and he went on to win us the golden boot. Also, you’re talking about a player who has been our best player since 2019. Did you forget harry kane’s first half of the season last year? You think because he played horribly for half a year that he isnt world class either??


      Not an issue on confidence. The whole team is icing him out DELIBRATELY.

    • dobre ama nqma da e dobre
      dobre ama nqma da e dobre

      @Ethan Cooley having these kind of periods every fucking year is unacceptable. Look at players like ronaldo and messi when they had 2 consecutive bad games they start working harder and they end up with 40+ goals. That's what world class player is heung min son is not that i'm sorry.

    • Ethan Cooley
      Ethan Cooley

      Thats what im saying. Son has periods like this every season, then he gets his goal and starts going off after that. Idk why everyone is so surprised about this he’s about to prove everyone wrong again like he always does

  • ᄒㅎ

    There are problems on the right side of Tottenham. So, now I think Doherty is better. because he can make the game more creative.

  • 초필살간지남

    I don't want to say that Tottenahm have been terribling from exit of Eriksen but this is true. I miss DESK 😢 and great defenders of past who Vertonghen, Toby. I consider three back is not efficient.

  • De Wirya
    De Wirya

    To all of you spurs fans who didn't want Son on your team anymore, just give him to Liverpool, we absolutely want him so badly!!!

    • Daniella Georgiou-Norman
      Daniella Georgiou-Norman

      @Master of Football Son isn’t old. But also Liverpool wouldn’t sign him anyway when they have Diaz and everyone else

    • Master of Football
      Master of Football

      Liverpool doesn't sign old player

    • Daniella Georgiou-Norman
      Daniella Georgiou-Norman

      Well you’re not getting him, Son loves the club, if he wanted to leave he’ll say, and he’ll never do that so don’t get your hopes up. Yes there are fans that don’t want Son, but that’s not their decision to make

    • KT

      To Liverpool bench?

  • PJYI

    We played better today. But we are still depending too much on Kane and Perisic to make critical passes. Hojbjerg and Bissouma linger too much in the middle and pass the ball to the back. Sanchez showed lack of control when opponents suppress. Son is still lacking presence. We definitely need some improvements if we want to win any trophies this season.

  • Colton Zadkovic
    Colton Zadkovic

    Bissouma completely in over his head today. He looked lost

  • Pabmyster

    Wtf these highlights are brutal. Very hard to tell what happened without replays

  • Haon Kim
    Haon Kim

    Tbh, this was Son's best performance so far. But Spurs fans will ignore that and jump on him

    • Horkit

      @Levi Ackermann so? Everything on Twitter is negative. There’s people on Twitter who post stupid shit all the time slandering people like MrBeast which get thousands of likes. It’s just how twitter is 🤷‍♂️ idk why people are taking everything so personally and seem to dwell on it so much.

    • Levi Ackermann
      Levi Ackermann

      @Horkit lol u clearly havent looked at instagram or twitter comments, a comment talking about getting Son out was top comment and had 600 likes 😂😂. it was full of that m8

    • Horkit

      No? Look throughout the whole comment section. They’re all praising him. He’s just had poor form, if a player has poor form then it’s understandable if they’ll be criticised. Isn’t that what happens with players like Dier, Lloris, Emerson? They’re all criticised and people treat them like shit and no one cares about them. But when even the tiniest bit of criticism goes to Son, all of you start crying and start putting words in people’s mouths. Just grow up. Stop dwelling so much on Son, care about spurs.

  • Ricardo Hall
    Ricardo Hall

    Just because Eric Dier and Ben Davies improved a little doesn't mean we should have them in our starting 11. We ought to remember that one is a midfielder and the other is a left back. But who am I to say any?🤷🏿‍♂️ And we wonder why we conceed so many goals.

    • dwp_orange

      100% they should be rotation players if we want to fight for the title

  • Google DEv
    Google DEv

    Son got front page for shooting instead of passing, but Kane does the same and everyone is silent on it because he is English


      @Jordan Harrison That's a laughable comment. The English Media blames the team and NOT KANE for being trophy-less. The English Media only emphasizes on Kane's PERSONAL GLORY (STATS PADDER) to further glorify Kane. Kane is world class? He's not even half of a prime Thierry Henry.

    • Jordan Harrison
      Jordan Harrison

      No one is silent on it. Kane is a world class player who gets criticised BECAUSE he is English. He literally gets all the blame for Spurs not winning trophies despite being one of their greatest ever players

  • Sophie J
    Sophie J

    Overall, everyone is heavy. Where's the Son-Kane duo that flew the last season? just be grateful for the second own goal!! Split up into two teams, the members of last season should follow the original tactics and the new members should follow the new tactics.

  • Hiradpro13

    West ham had all the space for us to create opportunities closed. They played well, it's not anyone's fault, it happens

  • Christos Kyriakou
    Christos Kyriakou

    What are the back 4 were doing.. Lloris did the same mistake 3 more times and they have scored because of that.. It was so upset to watch the players to pass so dangerously to each other I was so afraid that West ham will take advantage of that and it happened 😤😤

  • Nicholas Cannon
    Nicholas Cannon

    Hugo looks a weak link three times in the second half his distribution to the wing backs was poor and the goal came from this .

  • 호꾸야

    I'm so stressed out watching the Tottenham game

  • Silver Oh
    Silver Oh

    Tottenham has two golden boots. Currently, Tottenham is only defending with a sharp double sword. After all, sharpness is becoming dull.

  • A L
    A L

    When is this playing out from the back nervously going to end. It’s the premier league with fast strikers who press all the time. It’s outrageous

  • Ys 8
    Ys 8

    Hugo is unstable…


    Man City vs Forest 6-0. Spurs vs Forest 2-0. All of a sudden Richard is the new GOAT. I expected Spurs to drop points against West Ham, they did. They should have lost against a better West Ham side to be HONEST. Not even an ON FORM SON can save Spurs with a lousy target man strategy. Even Harry Kane realized it and plays a last minute false 9.

  • Karium 399
    Karium 399

    Sessegnon should play against fulham not that Perisic was bad its just that Sessegnon has been very good this season