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  • The Kid Knows Sports
    The Kid Knows Sports

    Great episode, bro!! Looking forward to the season. Let’s go Hornets!! 🐝🐝

  • PrettyBoyNewton

    Miles bridges arrested looks like that max offer may not come from anyone

    • mo williams
      mo williams

      @H O yeah, he fuked up, he gotta pay!

    • H O
      H O

      @mo williams the money will come but the wife will get a hefty percent of that to drop the charges.

    • wisdom IsLove
      wisdom IsLove

      @James Werts her move that she made against him, it even over shadow her logic skills of turning him over against her major pay💰day that she could have had just by simply waiting ✋ until he got the biggest pay🤑day of his life & hers, & their kids life, her anger 😡 & hatred of his ass was so intense that she wanted him to suffer♨️☄⛹🐲in that pit of disappointment 😞 & 😳 ultimate embarrassment; in other words she was more than willing to 👉✂️cut off her👉👃👈even to spite her face, that was a lot of unchecked resentment & stored up hatred mixed with revenge, he must have been kicking her ass for a while off & on, she wanted to 🤯hurt😱his ass in the worst kind of way,(hey i'm saying all of this in no way means she is guiltless 👌🏼); he's probably gone most of the time playing 👉 🏀 & he also has a career rapping all that crap about bitches & hoes, so he's got that kick ass mentality some what, & from observing her pictures I'm l👀ing at a attention getter, who wasn't getting it from her husband, & both of them silly & young & immature, & I'm pretty sure as the 🌬smoke clears there will be👉hid💀skeletons in both closets coming out☠, so there it is, & I still say "AIN'T NOTHING LIKE A WOMAN'S SCORN"!!!Hm🙄♨️☄⛹🙉😒🙈♨️☄🙊⛹💩😫😱🤯🐲🦧? Amen 🙏!!!

    • s t
      s t

      @mo williams no

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @mo williams I said that after we saw some offseason moves I would see how Charlotte did and they are a FAIL up to this pooint. Bridges mucked it up even worse that situation looks REAL with his wife letting all that dirt see the light of day. Melo can't opt out but he can force a trade and the better his season is the more pull he will have to get it done a year from now.

  • evolutionzgaming360

    I think what they need to do to overall help their team now is try to bundle Hayward and plumlee in a trade with a team and get a good center that has good defensive abilities I would suggest someone like Myles turner

  • Rashard Sleepy e305
    Rashard Sleepy e305

    This team go as far as lamelo takes them let’s just face that fact give him the keys 🔑

  • Sam Molter
    Sam Molter

    Great episode DKM. Im always a lamelo fan first, and the Hornets are goin backwards , and nobody wants to come there. Lamelo has really been the only factor on the team, and I sold my big lamelo assets because money talks it doesnt answer. IF things were good in charlotte wich they are not. I dont think they will make the play in game this year. Lamelo is gonna have to become totally one on one kobe type ball player, he is gonna have to lift himself up to be the whole HOrnets team , and the g league players around him are just like lebron and lakers when they signed westbrook .


    I think the hiring is fine. U already said he's working under a very high bar. They can get the coach the really want next off-season instead of settling for D'Antoni. Im a Rockets fan. I can tell you D'Antoni isn't the best option out there.

    • Fabio Alves
      Fabio Alves

      @GTFOH all his teams overachieved and got some players that weren’t even in conversation for individual awards mvp’s, he never had a proper team and always had tuff matchups in the west specially at his time

    • GTFOH

      @Fabio Alves D'Antoni has been coaching for a very long time and never got it done. Let's not act like that didn't matter

    • Fabio Alves
      Fabio Alves

      @GTFOH that was due to cp3 getting injured let’s not act like that didn’t matter plus they shot horrible overall after his injury (this is coming from a rockets fan)

    • GTFOH

      Also, the Rockets were loaded. The Hornets not even close to that Rockets team. They can do better

    • GTFOH

      @Michael Moore and yet they didn't up 3-2. Trust me, that sht still hurts.

  • Alexander Gallant
    Alexander Gallant

    I agree with making Miles restricted free. The team has talent and coach must make a difference. Kai Jones, Bouknight must play more

  • I am Groot!
    I am Groot!

    The trade market for Miles Bridges just deflated and his signing price dropped to maybe $18-22m per season. Unless the story drops to 'no charges' or something similar in the next 24-48 hours this puts Charlotte in an awkward spot.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Pert Burton The NFL works differently and as I understand it the process for the NBA is to appoint a 3 member board to investigate the issue and really can only act if they find some pretty concrete evidence otherwise Bridges could claim unfair treatment under the CBA. Further complication is that he isn't under contract technically for next season. Not sure there is much MJ can do at this point

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @THUGGWAFFLE88 I mean innocent until proven otherwise but it don't look good at all. If even 1/2 the stuff wifey said is true dude may have to leave the US to earn any real money playing ball


      Bro he’s done… Teams have already spoken out on this.. Nobody wants a bad human being

  • Flxo

    I just want the best for melo

  • Chantal Lester
    Chantal Lester

    I hope they keep miles

  • smokeonsum

    You should leave links to references and stuff so people can review it

  • Jay Jonah
    Jay Jonah

    We don't gotta get "used" to Clifford cause he's already coached the team 4 fours ago. Fact is, y'all "Johnny Come Lately's" gotta get "used" to him, don't play yourself DKM. 😒

  • justin s
    justin s


    • J V J
      J V J

      Keep him?? Y’all see what he did to his wife? BLM right?

    • Jan C
      Jan C

      Nobody wants Gordon with all that contract

    • Tifr

      Hopefully he dosent get arrested… cough cough

    • Mr.E

      Hayward is such a liability. Waste of money

    • Byron Parker
      Byron Parker


  • patrick roland
    patrick roland

    We saw Cleveland do something that changed the scope of their whole team, the used their bigs. Rookies and all, they used their bigs, why have them idle on the bench when they can impact the game? Borrego had flashes of using his bigs when we discovered Thor could play but then immediately stopped what was working, hence he’s not around anymore. Now’s the time to go deep into that young rotation and see what you can make the best use of for a great season.

    • A Lil Mighty Hero
      A Lil Mighty Hero

      I liked this Cleveland team these past two years. They just need a wing or two.

  • Thomas Jarrett
    Thomas Jarrett

    Clifford is not under any pressure, because he is a rehire and he has a team that's not proven anything,but Lamelo. The Hornets are going to be better, Clifford will not get out coached as much as Borrego has been in Charlotte.

  • Taz Mico
    Taz Mico

    0:00 def not the moment we've been waiting for

  • joy castorico
    joy castorico

    with MIiles Bridges and Melo just about to bloom and create a huge fan base in Charlotte is now over!

    • allowedme

      vDyinBreed Guilty AF.

    • vDyinBreed

      No it’s not bro is innocent until proven guilty

  • Deuante Kelly
    Deuante Kelly

    Keep it coming bro


    They ain’t stupid they ain’t cheap bro got arrested they can lowball miles now

    • s t
      s t

      @Drew no way...and how do Hornet's fans cheer for him????...weird...naw

    • Drew

      nah someother team might sweep him up

  • Spartans Creed
    Spartans Creed

    Like keeping an investing in your own talent is so important!! You don't punish your best players.... bottom line... And then give max deals to free agents that have not proved their self at all.... Because just cuz you're good on one team does not mean you're going to be good on another and that a fact jack!

  • Terry Legend
    Terry Legend

    You can feel the setup!

  • --

    He took a leap as soon as lamelo got there idk if he will average 20 on another team lamelo gets him easy open looks

  • blueguise23

    He's a monster.

  • Abraham Walsh
    Abraham Walsh

    tf goin on with the hornets


    Nobody: Dkm: Mason Bumlee 🤣🤣🤣

  • NightWolf20

    So they going into the season with no starting SF

  • Kymet Smith
    Kymet Smith

    I would say I hope they can work things out but I think she has a new man and that might be why it got so out of hand and the emotions got so high but no matter what even if you caught her in the act you cannot put hands on a women.They been together for a while and they got a family together so they might work things out unless she is done done

  • ItsDonovanDlsr

    wwwwww video like all ways DKM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dalton Steele
    Dalton Steele

    Thank god they didn’t give him the max

  • J G
    J G

    Charlotte isn't being cheap, we already have heavy contracts to plan for and offload. It's a smart move by any franchise to let the market play out for your restricted free agents since you can match. That's industry standard unless you're a superstar. Miles is great but not a no-brainer max player.

    • J G
      J G

      @Isaiah Oglesby Miles will be lucky if any other team makes an offer. Now Charlotte will get him back real cheap.

    • Isaiah Oglesby
      Isaiah Oglesby

      Definitely not anymore lmao

  • Joseph Naves
    Joseph Naves

    He should stay because he is nice on the court with Lamelo

    • What’s up doc
      What’s up doc

      @mo williams where is he going and also why

    • mo williams
      mo williams

      Charlotte don't care about Melo, he's leaving anyway!

  • trevor odell
    trevor odell

    This I did t age well...but I appreciated your positivity....can't be a downer all the time

  • Dipper

    Just give lamelo and miles the 30mil contract, hornets don't have the luxury to let borderline all star players go. Still a poverty franchise

  • GamingJake 1318
    GamingJake 1318

    Aaand Miles got arrested for domestic violence on Wednesday

  • Deedemetrius Lester
    Deedemetrius Lester

    lamelo come home as fast as you can baby get the bag

  • Deedemetrius Lester
    Deedemetrius Lester

    LaMelo we need you in LA. can't wait!

  • DrizzleDaddy Gaming
    DrizzleDaddy Gaming

    I don't see this team going very far with Hayward's massive contract on the books. He's a good player, but just not worth his contract and it definitely hurts the ability to truly build around Miles and Melo.

    • DrizzleDaddy Gaming
      DrizzleDaddy Gaming

      @Pro Canin GEEZ! So that's why his qualifying offer was rescinded. That's so messed up. Hope her and the kid are ok.

    • Pro Canin
      Pro Canin

      @DrizzleDaddy Gaming Files from doctor claimed the following "Assault by strangulation, brain concussion, closed fracture of nasal bone, contusion of rib, multiple bruises, strain of neck muscle." So severe case of the beats plus strangulation until she passed out, in front of their kid. A real winner this RTB MB guy.

    • Pro Canin
      Pro Canin

      @DrizzleDaddy Gaming Beat his wife senseless

    • DrizzleDaddy Gaming
      DrizzleDaddy Gaming

      @Pro Canin oh damn, what'd he do?

    • Pro Canin
      Pro Canin

      Miles might be going to jail or suspended. Ain't no building around that goofy.

  • Deedemetrius Lester
    Deedemetrius Lester

    as soon the metal contract is up home to LA baby, let's go LaMelo

  • Gianni Ludd
    Gianni Ludd

    Aye everything happens for a reason , miles wasn’t up for his position . I mean idk the case and what’s what it ain’t my business but it happened and he where he at . Gotta look at other options that’s just the facts . I would suggest bringing in new ppl like Liangelo Ball and maybe the Hayward plumlee trade I seen in the comments . But I ain’t sold on turner I don’t think he fits my squad . I would maybe try someone like Brook Lopez or if we going for dominance than maybe Turner . But I feel we plumlee wasn’t too bad , he just wasn’t as good on transition and rebounds , plus a big who kan shoot 3s is always a plus . He just needs to get rebounds and box out the offense . But gonna have to build around that Bridges loss right there kause that is indeed a loss . Washington kan maybe fill the void but not alone , I like Obre but Bridges was indeed the second man

    • Gianni Ludd
      Gianni Ludd

      @Random Guy I’m assuming you meant Gelo instead of Melo , but I agree . He still play high school basketball to me 😴 maybe a lil college , you kan get a dunk here and there . But completely a whole different topic from Lamelo entirely , and lonzo . Melo kame out the gate , rookie of the year , no doubt to B an future MVP if put in that right rotation . But as of right now when there is undoubtedly a void to fill on the spot , im already seeing what their doing and it’s definitely in consideration if they are bringing him back for summer league when the mfs ain’t even get the minutes the first time around . They may as well gone stop playing , kause that bridges loss just hurt the team and idk the finances to B speaking on who we kan and kant add to the team . So I’d say go ahead and take a chance on a recruit that was been recommended . It would kost lil less to nothing and they kan make trades during the season if need B . If it indeed turns out to work in their favor at least to secure a solid position in the nba playoffs unlike wasting our time with the play in then it would have worked in their favor for the best

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      LML Liangelo isn't ready yet. Let's see how he performs in the summer league. He needs to do better than last summer and get better minutes. And honestly if he performs good, maybe one more season in the G with better minutes to fine tune his game before even looking at the NBA. There's no rush for Gelo. He has two bros in the league and already has access to the league by being in the G and playing in the summer league

  • Beth Dxn
    Beth Dxn

    Miles h a s played his last game for Charlotte or maybe any team. Proves he's not deserving of a max contract or any contract at all. Renounce and trade for John Collins.

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball

    Still trying to figure out why you hating on Mason Plumlees so much ??? He’s not that bad and he’s better then a lot of centers that played starting roles on championship winning teams sooo? You making it sound like he Kwame Brown coming off being the #1 pick lol

  • NeonBayBay

    miles bridges just got arrested in LA

  • Rashard Sleepy e305
    Rashard Sleepy e305

    Myles not even a all star yet he better chill he had two great months and started feeling his self

  • Stephanie Simpson
    Stephanie Simpson

    que encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortalesn abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer


    Yall know how to stir up some bullsh!t!

  • Gelo Bustamante
    Gelo Bustamante

    Bros worried about the wrong court 💀

    • Ethan Brogan
      Ethan Brogan

      LMAOO 🤣🤣

  • Bov Outdoors
    Bov Outdoors

    Good news on Miles! He's in frikking jail!

  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez

    Miles bridges: 📉📉

  • Undsbandit

    My son made it out the league


    james bouknight is not ready. he was a mistake. move on

  • Courtney Hopkins
    Courtney Hopkins

    We good bro 😎

  • Terry Legend
    Terry Legend

    That chick set Miles up because he probably cheated or he was going to leave her so she said you won't be signing any new max contract and beat herself.

  • daniel maslinkov
    daniel maslinkov

    Miles can't stay out of trouble

  • Genghis Koz
    Genghis Koz

    If it's not a rape or murder charge a team should always have a players back not just throw him Like Jazzy Jeff

  • lj3372

    Looks like Miles was just arrested for DV last night in LA. This is not good

  • Inmyexpression

    Lamelo get out of there, find a team for liangelo

  • S. Patrick
    S. Patrick

    He needs to be released. No career should be had for grown boy beating they wife and emotionally scarring his children

  • alan mcgill
    alan mcgill

    Why does this channel ONLY cover the ball bros now? Like they are something uber special. Zo is injury prone and cant play a full season, gelo not even in the league and melo is nice but is he even a top 10 pg? This channel and ball facts, or as i call it ball opinions, is going down hill. Put out other content. Im tired of hearing about the ball brothers. They haven't done ANYTHING.

  • Samit Khanal
    Samit Khanal

    Miles bridges is in jail for domestic violence charges now😐😐😐😐😐

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    Dude just got arrested for domestic violence - he’s not getting signed by ANYONE

  • Cathal Hegarty
    Cathal Hegarty

    Sorry but Miles is not a max guy. Limited in size on the defensive end. But Hornets never really gunna be in championship contention so just making a 6th seed playoff team is good enough

  • Chris Santos
    Chris Santos

    Miles Bridges be acting very foolish.

  • Tony Wright
    Tony Wright

    6:11 Bro that podcast is a meme at this point. I accidentally opened it once and my face was stuck cringing the whole time listening to that garbage

  • Barnyard Brothers
    Barnyard Brothers

    This vid was dropped 2 hours too early. Hilarious

  • fried IT
    fried IT

    reality struck, like wtf

  • CW

    I hate being a lifelong hornets fan man. Cursed

  • trevor odell
    trevor odell

    This didn't age well

  • Kujichagulia Self-Determination
    Kujichagulia Self-Determination

    Don't wifee and have two kids by an Instagram model always showing off her body. Even more don't let that wifee baby mama provoke you attack her like some coward and ruin your entire career. Ray Rice woman tried to hide what he did, but Miles woman putting everything on Instagram to make sure he go down and go to jail. Neither one deserves that big NBA contract money.

  • Just Truth
    Just Truth

    The only thang to bulid with "Miles" now is getting his childish ass on a one way ticket out of there 🛩🛫🛬 , he's put his whole career on bvb the line & I for one just can't see any teams that will be willing to take all that drama on at this time, at best probably if he's lucky he will be bounced around for a while until he gets his affairs settled.Hm😭⛹️‍♂️😖♨️☄🙊🙉🙈🥶🤑🛩🛫🛬😫🙄😢😲🤔? Amen!!!

  • Bearded Bettors
    Bearded Bettors

    That AIRBALL lol

  • Chaunce Dickerson
    Chaunce Dickerson

    What a waste of talent. And for charlotte ouch. But Miles deserves whatever comes his way. You can’t beat on women, if ya do you deserve it worse.

  • Meeks

    Notification Gang‼️💪🏽

  • ThatTypeofMindSet23

    U make a g👀d point dkm!!!

  • Scalper Brxn
    Scalper Brxn

    we don’t know bumlee or air ball martin

  • Don’t Call Me Sir Call Me Survivor
    Don’t Call Me Sir Call Me Survivor

    Man’s looks like Thanos

  • dfair82

    Now what…..smh

  • Alexrom.1207

    He just got arrested

  • PKL

    Miles bridges just got arrested

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    DKM you heard that LaMelo will play in the drew league?

    • Rap God Reloaded
      Rap God Reloaded

      @DKM I've heard it from FlightSportsTV

    • DKM


  • BMG Billy
    BMG Billy

    Crazy how bro just got arrested after all Ts 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Tomasi Nasau
    Tomasi Nasau

    Bro they might not keep him.. Domestic Violence is a serious thing no one wants to be attached to that. No More AirBNB

  • Tony Wright
    Tony Wright

    Bruh Miles just got arrested for felony dont worry boys. He stayin

    • Tony Wright
      Tony Wright

      Update: This comment didn't age well xD

    • Drew

      dont hold your breath

  • Daniel Reyes-Rodriguez
    Daniel Reyes-Rodriguez

    Wanted to be first so bad 😭

    • BleedGreen

      I wanted to be first 🤓

    • BleedGreen


    • It’smeChaseV!

      You’re first in my book bro👊💯

  • Isaiah Oglesby
    Isaiah Oglesby

    We cursed

  • Spartans Creed
    Spartans Creed

    You better because that's only way I'm paying for another season pass is if miles is on the floor and happy!

    • Pudge CODM
      Pudge CODM

      Oh no they're gonna lose a season pass holder what will they do without you guess the wife beater will have to stay 😔

  • Jaffet Methuselah
    Jaffet Methuselah

    Lamelo will not be in Charlotte long term what a shame the warriors didn’t get him when they had the chance because he’s clearly better then Jordan Poole and Jordan is really good but Melo would have had that role better with his play making ability and having someone who can really pass with the slash bros and Wiggins

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      Lol... y'all trying to do the same thing Lonzo fans did and for the most part they got their wish. Lonzo went to a team with scoring so his lack of offensive skills beyond the 3 don't hurt the Bulls. Instead of lining Melo up for a ride on an already built team so he can get credit for things he don't do is not the move I want to see. By building something of his own he can become a legend.

    • TMglizzy


  • Lucky Ripz
    Lucky Ripz

    Not another female messing up bruhs bag! She caused bro millions!, he shoulda chilled until his new deal!

    • James

      Bruh he bashed her😂

  • patrick roland
    patrick roland


  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    Hornets are making a huge mistake not paying Miles Bridges the supermax.

  • Chris Barclay
    Chris Barclay


  • True Confidence Official
    True Confidence Official

    Ayeee zero hour gang

  • Eclipse. ExE
    Eclipse. ExE


  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez


  • CW

    MJ needs to sell the team. Until then the hornets will be a dumpster fire

  • ThatTypeofMindSet23


  • Bearded Bettors
    Bearded Bettors


  • Noir Shiesty
    Noir Shiesty