if you ever come home and see these people in your window, DO NOT go inside your house! (Run Fast!!)
if you ever come home and see these people in your window, DO NOT go inside your house! (Run Fast!!)
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    BRAN NEW STROMEDY VIDEOS COMING AFTER MARCH 10TH as soon as the event is done!

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      Debra Ostrander

      @~claffy the clown~ capx100

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    • -¡xITSUKIAx!-

      Is this fake?

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      Brandon Rosenbaum

      The guy in the black truck was showing the clown that you were the crown got hurt by your family and he that and he said the doctors and everything and you did everything and watch and you feeling it

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    Srikanth Vunyala

    Maybe you could close the curtains so that he doesn’t see you. But I love ur vids!

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    Emily Gorry

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      Arianna Rose willey

      19:02 I did too that’s crazy

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    Kelly Hamilton

    43:00 I think stromedy was expecting a garage not a clown

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    Paigelocoxox #Amberismine

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    Bec adams

    Hi stromedy I’m turning 9 in to months I would love to get some merch but my mum doesn’t let me I love your videos I’d love to see you but I live in Australia

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    Dusty Fowl

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    POV: all these creatures came from Clinton road (Clinton Road Is Haunted)

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    avery the goat_1

    19:02 you can see him move

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    3:17 No There's Not 10 There's Actually 9 Of Them

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    Kaylyn Moore

    They just want those toes lol🦶Also love your vids!✨

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    Rosie Gaming

    I’m very sick right now and I like scaring myself it’s just like my medicine and I just wanted to say thank you so “thank you”


    In 7:12 I think they suspected the garage door.

  • $amantha Reyes23
    $amantha Reyes23

    Can we just talk about how pretty the girls are

  • The Irish kid
    The Irish kid

    They probably knew where y’all were going to go because y’all shouted it out and your house is literally not soundproof

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    British empire ball

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    The Irish kid

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      Emily Gorry

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    Jason Satiro

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    “Sees the title of this video” Me: No shit… you don’t say.

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    spy ninja fan

    You should check if you have any like trackers on you so it tells them when your recording

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      Connor Dat Dank Memer

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    Kayla Roblee

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    save the world

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    Hensley Jimenez

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    Rosie Gaming

    I’m very sick right now and for some reason I like scaring myself it’s like medicine for me I just wanted to say thank you 🙏

    • Rosie Gaming
      Rosie Gaming

      @Kelly Keough my parents are the best ok they would never you can’t just say to a comment ‘Child abuse’ like bro don’t say that

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      Rosie Gaming

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    • Rosie Gaming
      Rosie Gaming

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      Connor Dat Dank Memer

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      Connor Dat Dank Memer

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    Shaylee Argo

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    • thing

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      Connor Dat Dank Memer

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    • nathan dolney
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