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  • Sans

    I fucking hate it when there's no context

    • Sans

      @Rippin 'em BassTV bro really

    • Rippin 'em BassTV
      Rippin 'em BassTV

      It’s a race

    • Sans

      @Lucas Bishop :/?

    • Lucas Bishop
      Lucas Bishop

      Yah just looks like pollution to me

    • Sans

      @David Gregory lmao

  • Mephistopheles

    And at the same time there is a scientist somewhere trying to figure out how we are getting so much plastic in our waters. 🤔

    • Mephistopheles

      @David Gregory - read it again, I never said the ducks were plastic. Looks like you are the one being corrected.

    • David Gregory
      David Gregory

      @Mephistopheles “and at the same time there is a scientist somewhere trying to figure out how we are getting so much plastic” you said it, seems to me you’re having an issue with being corrected.

    • Mephistopheles

      @David Gregory - lol, rubber ducks still aren’t naturally occurring in our waterways. what happens when a big fish or bird eats one? Safely digests it no problem?

    • David Gregory
      David Gregory

      It’s rubber which comes from a plant opposed to plastic which comes from oil. All rubber ducks made past 2015 were considered toxic. (Copied) Rubber Ducks are made from the sustainable sap from rubber trees, and handcrafted with vegetable dies these ducks are safe, environmentally friendly, organic, and biodegradable.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Absolutely hilarious

  • micah grubb
    micah grubb

    those old 50's boats!😄

  • Acchiever K
    Acchiever K

    How many ways we can damage the earth? Humans - Yes

    • Acchiever K
      Acchiever K

      @Sally they put net across river to catch these ducks don't you think the aquatic life will also be distributed? also if some animal tried tasting the ducks won't that be harmful? Best way is the way they organised it during the pandemic ONLINE!

    • Mike Smith
      Mike Smith

      @Sally dont bother. This is probably the same kind of person who thinks Teslas save the planet and men can have babies.

  • Master Wub
    Master Wub

    At first I thought those were actual ducklings and I was going to the comments to see animal right activity freak out

  • Billy Weaver
    Billy Weaver

    That's duck soup in the future when they git old enough to cook up

  • Quintin Reeb
    Quintin Reeb

    Adding plastic to the ocean, awesome

  • wait until 2024
    wait until 2024

    The guy with the mic is talking german 😂

  • ~Miss Thunder~
    ~Miss Thunder~

    Jesus- I though those where real ducks

  • ExploreCorn🌽

    They better’ve cleaned them up!

  • Peteplayz - Norsk Gaming
    Peteplayz - Norsk Gaming

    Classic German activity

  • Kris Dunwoody
    Kris Dunwoody

    This is how Baby Plastic Ducks are saved from Extinction, they breed the baby plastics Ducks at inland fisheries and farms, then release them into the Wild when they are old enough 🤔😄.

  • 麻多多


  • DB

    I remember when they did tht every year in Az but it disappeared just like the money from the donations

  • Noomie Troofy
    Noomie Troofy

    Yall i think the chat is having an arguement about saying this is pollution and not pollution. So the correct answer to this is No, This is not pollution. This is a rubber duck racing competition, and every duck have a number on them or below them. Its been done in a inclosed area so none of them can scurry away, And whatever rubber duckies cross the finish line first, and whoever have that number. Will receive a big prize including money and other gifts. So PLEASE, next time research things, look at it closely and understand why its been done and what for. Dont judge too quickly. Have a nice day

  • Alexander Uffelmann
    Alexander Uffelmann

    Ich dachte das gibt es nur in Kassel, ist jedenfalls unsere Tradition!

  • Britney Stephens
    Britney Stephens

    That's a big clean up. Hope someone took the job seriously. Looks fun though.

  • Sarah

    they better of picked those all up after

  • Al He
    Al He

    Like there’s not enough plastic in the oceans 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Chang Chen
    Chang Chen


  • db db
    db db

    The mighty blitsquack

  • nezuko

    I thought those were Cheetos puffs-

  • Johan van Boxel
    Johan van Boxel

    Just what the seas and oceans need . Some more plastic . Nice

  • Rymax

    "Und da sind sie Alle Gesund" Am i the only German dude here?

    • Rymax

      @Omar Qassem Nice!

    • Omar Qassem
      Omar Qassem

      I ch war schon 7 yahren in Deutschland, ich vermisse Köln so sehr, but now hello from Canada

    • Marvel_lover3000

      no im from germany too

  • Edward moore
    Edward moore

    Does anybody clean up these ducks when the race is over ?

  • jeantte1203

    There isnt enough plastic duck floating around already ? 😡

  • Reeble Snarfle
    Reeble Snarfle

    That's ALOT of rubber duckies.....😳

  • secret hamilton
    secret hamilton

    Real good for the environment.

    • secret hamilton
      secret hamilton

      @Sally These ducks are produced in China using slave labor and toxic chemicals. Educate yourself about logistics and manufacturing process, Sally.

    • Surviving With Terry L
      Surviving With Terry L

      Tell that to China....no one cares but the sheep being led to slaughter

  • the crying cowboy
    the crying cowboy

    this lake needs a bpa palooza day


    Am I the only one that doesn't understand the fascination with yellow rubber ducks ?

  • OGplays

    Are they real ducks ?

    • Bill Europe
      Bill Europe

      No, just rubber ones. It was a race for charity events. Thanks for watching and comment.

  • Jan Müller
    Jan Müller

    Das Geschwätz mit Vorsicht schon wieder… 🙈

  • Fu Biatch
    Fu Biatch

    As if there weren’t enough plastic in the ocean as it is

    • quorented

      @Sally yeah.. usually they insult because of they're own insurcurities. Why else would they be indenile about being worldfriendly themselves.. I'd say maybe they are 100 percent green, but if they can't do their research over one massive event like this then they most likely arnt green

    • quorented

      They collect all the ducks right after.. do you're research before assuming and wasting time with stupid comments.. and you're probably still drinking out of cans and bottles anyway and not tap water so you damn well know what you're doing anyway when you throw out those bottles anyway.. and don't say theyere recycled since half recycled bottles end up in the sea and trash dumps anyway🤷

  • Manny P.
    Manny P.

    That is a lot of ducks.

  • FitzW🌎RLD

    I got $100 on the yellow one

  • Mudfisher

    And who is fishing all those Ducks out of the water again?????

  • Chloe Woo
    Chloe Woo


  • Donna Lund
    Donna Lund

    What was this about??a race?? Who won??!

  • fazal raheem
    fazal raheem

    pollution 💔 we need to remove plastic from sea not adding into sea

  • boyfriend

    Parece muy divertido

  • WildOrange

    Du bist nicht der einzige der den einen dude versteht.

  • Titania

    Lots of plastic...I hope they make sure to collect them all afterwards

  • H20MXRACER 222
    H20MXRACER 222

    How is that good for the environment??

  • Антуан Де ля Моль
    Антуан Де ля Моль

    В России за уточек срок могут дать

  • Kay Stears
    Kay Stears

    Isn't that plastic cause it can do slot of harm

  • Shijoe Joseph
    Shijoe Joseph

    People trying to clean oceans and people dumping plastic into oceans! Ngaww!

  • Arturo Palos
    Arturo Palos

    That is a lot of pastic.

  • barry bruton
    barry bruton

    Now that's a lot of pollution

  • Stephanie Hutchings
    Stephanie Hutchings

    I hope they clean all that up

    • David Gregory
      David Gregory

      @Ur dad babe? You’re definitely a millennial.

    • Ur dad
      Ur dad

      @David Gregory lmao babe I think these comments show all your pride, it’s not that deep little boy

    • David Gregory
      David Gregory

      @Ur dad sounds like you’re incapable of time management. I remember my first job.

    • Ur dad
      Ur dad

      @David Gregory 15 minutes is a lot more malleable than hours on tv

    • David Gregory
      David Gregory

      @Ur dad oh but you have time for IRglo? 🤡

  • Stan

    Just add a little bit more plastic to the water ways

  • Robert Brighton
    Robert Brighton

    Rubber Duckys for EVERYONE.

  • Nigel & Samantha Katipa-Te Tai
    Nigel & Samantha Katipa-Te Tai

    What the duck is that 😳

  • Mathi Lerschi
    Mathi Lerschi

    Die Gelbe unten links gewinnt 🏆

  • Nina Hndz
    Nina Hndz

    Yup, just just keep polluting the Waters n endangering sea life

  • MarkFoz

    What happens next?

  • C Ham
    C Ham

    They're eventually found all over the world,even Antarctica, Australia, Africa. This has become a tradition. A few years ago a cargo ship lost a container of rubber ducks at sea. They ended up All over the planet. This has become somewhat of a ritual!! 🌊🌬️🏔️🥶🏖️🥵🌍😁😎

    • C Ham
      C Ham

      Where 's Bert and Ernie? 🛀😁😎

  • Ur dad
    Ur dad

    Cute idea, terrible reality

  • Gerold Atkins
    Gerold Atkins

    Redding California.one duck wins the race for prize

  • Alex Malatestas
    Alex Malatestas

    Let's drop more plastic in the ocean then

  • Max Power
    Max Power

    ¿Cómo se atreven a contaminar el mar de una manera tan ruin? Sólo de los patéticos chinos podría provenir tal estupidez.

  • Piyo Paraguayo🇵🇾
    Piyo Paraguayo🇵🇾

    concuerdo 👌

  • N. B. P. Davenport
    N. B. P. Davenport

    Who's going to clean that crap up?


    🇩🇪👍🏼 soo geil

    • WildOrange


  • Mounir Mahboubi
    Mounir Mahboubi

    That's polluting the ocean

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker

    So these are you ducks being put in the water for what reason?

  • claws in claws out
    claws in claws out

    Its not ducks its rubber ducks and its polluting the ocean

    • Bill Europe
      Bill Europe

      Actually no pollution. It was in a lake. And all the ducks were collected after the race. Sorry for the lack of the description. I will upload a long video soon. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  • punkt

    Jawoll! Plastik ins wasser ! Woohooo

  • Roger prieto
    Roger prieto

    Biodegradable more plastics?

  • Cristiano

    Deus no controle por que essa ação não é permitida

  • Cristiano

    Deus no controle por que essa ação não é permitida

  • Hoge funga
    Hoge funga


  • Dr.Farooque Ahmed Ansari
    Dr.Farooque Ahmed Ansari

    It is dangerous for sea animals, Very fool

  • Chriss WALKER
    Chriss WALKER

    Oh !!! Wie bescheuert,.. einfach toll @ de

  • Yann Guillemard
    Yann Guillemard

    But ,these babies ducks are réal ,no????

  • Stoney Bob
    Stoney Bob

    aaaaaaaand why was this funny ?

  • brady byers
    brady byers

    There is a habitat for humanity duck dash

  • Maddy 🇺🇦
    Maddy 🇺🇦

    Y’all need to chill out- it’s a duck race

  • Scarletoys

    Esos eran pollitos o patos

  • Abdul Manaan Qureshi
    Abdul Manaan Qureshi

    Ducky bhi face

  • fero92

    Maschsee Hannover

  • matt sieber
    matt sieber

    Ist kontrolliert? Sonst umweltschädlich!

  • Marcos Flores
    Marcos Flores

    Holy ruining the environment

  • carmen REGINA
    carmen REGINA

    Wow , wow , wow.......

  • 4K Walker Europe
    4K Walker Europe


    • María Pérez
      María Pérez

      El lazo

  • Eyal Landesman
    Eyal Landesman

    These are not cute ducks, these are plastic polution

  • zoltán adamy
    zoltán adamy

    Úszik mar par ezer kinai tengeren.

  • Dubai S
    Dubai S

    هل هم احياء كيف يعيشون وسط لبحر وهم صغار مساكين لاعرف ماهاذ🤔

    • Dubai S
      Dubai S

      @Öznur اه فهمت ليس حقيقا اوك 🌺🌺☺️

    • Dubai S
      Dubai S

      @Laura .Campos اه يعني هاذ تمثيل وليس حقيقه ☺️

    • Laura .Campos
      Laura .Campos

      There rubber?!

    • Öznur

      Evet ya günahlar

  • Barbara Craveiro
    Barbara Craveiro

    Não se faz isso !

  • Francesco

    Hauptsache die plastik Strohhalme sind weg ..

  • Bas Blom
    Bas Blom

    What’s the Plastic soup du youre?.. it’s duck sir!.

  • Barbara Passinger
    Barbara Passinger

    The man in the back says be safty and then and ther are they

  • Vicki Schuin
    Vicki Schuin

    Are they real

  • 黑口罩


  • Claire Philpott
    Claire Philpott

    And we wonder why global warming and pollution is so bad

    • Claire Philpott
      Claire Philpott

      @Me and they took them all out completely doubt it

    • Me

      There is a ring around them so they can clean it up after think and look before you comment.

  • Jose E.N.
    Jose E.N.

    Contaminación por diversión 😡

  • Vendetta Gh
    Vendetta Gh

    More plastic for sea

  • Alex Ellis
    Alex Ellis

    Quite funny? German humour I guess but there’s nothing remotely funny about this

  • a11 am
    a11 am

    Polluting the water.

  • jose carlos jimenez
    jose carlos jimenez

    Que manera mas tonta de contaminar el agua con plastico