“It was an important win” | Antonio Conte reacts to win against Leicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Hear what Antonio Conte had to say after Spurs' 6-2 win against Leicester City in the Premier League
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نظر: 396
  • Miguel Dias
    Miguel Dias

    It's impossible not to like Sonny...he's a complete player and on top of that, he's a fantastic human being, with a wonderful smile!

  • Savv Lewis
    Savv Lewis

    The boy scored 3 goals in 13 mins, coming in as a sub. First in Tottenham history as a sub to score a Hat-trick. Unbelievable.

  • Footballsoccer

    Some talking points. Kulusevski, arguably our best attacker right now. Perisic from the right and Sessegnon from the left might be a better option going forward. I have always said 3-5-2 can be a better option at times, and it showed in the last 20 min. Our mid was so stable and allowed Son and Kane to just focus on going up the field. Honestly Son needs to be played as a second striker not a wide winger. Thats why 3-5-2 works for him better. 3-4-3 for possesion but 3-5-2 for counter attack. I kinda wanna see a 4-2-3-1 with Kulusevski in that 10 role. He did mention he perfers to be a 10. All in all, good game and hopefully we keep this momentum.

  • Miguel Dias
    Miguel Dias

    What a Hattrick from Son, 3 goals full of quality and all of them were beautiful to see... 😍 Only Son, it's impossible not to like him!

  • Oroher

    missed Sonny's smile so much. what a day for the team 🔥🔥🔥 COYS

  • Al Go
    Al Go

    Let's go

  • Haley

    So happy to see Son back to his form. Was just a matter of time! Coys!

  • j g
    j g

    Wonderful game of Son, incredible player with great personnality and he showed today why he is underrated asf. Also great game on Hugo Lloris and Bentacur, Lloris is soooooooooo underrated, thanks for what he has done with us recently, bentacur also. 🔥

  • 잠이온다

    Let's not doubt Son Heung-min. He has done so much for us

  • Jack Lane
    Jack Lane

    Lost my mind when Sonny scored all his goals 🤣 The whole fanbase is so smitten with him and so happy to see him back in business 🐓🇰🇷

  • Shohei Ohtani
    Shohei Ohtani

    이게 바로 월드 클래스 손흥민 선수!!🇰🇷

  • Peggy Gurung
    Peggy Gurung

    I CANNOT CONTAIN MY HAPPINESS!!!Thank you so much Sonny. What brilliance man! Upwards and onwards. Yipeeeeee!!!

  • Jadeus Dragias
    Jadeus Dragias

    When you give Son some space, he does what he does best. When it became 3-5-2, Sonny had more room to manoeuvre. Sessegnon, Hojbjerg and Bentancur really stepped up this game. Sessegnon had fast reactions.

  • rox dude
    rox dude

    Son has just looked off it since the start of the season and really imo he just needed a rest. Quality player and a quality person who wants to play every minute of every game and gives everything. It's just not possible and conte sees that and just look at him today. Been wanting to see us play 352 /532 and today it happened and was the best i think we've played all season.

  • S. Kim
    S. Kim

    It's disgusting to see some fans shouting "it's impossible not to like him blabla". They were shouting "Bench Son" yesterday.

  • hohoko21

    Second half was definitely different! and Sonny…. omg this man made me so emotional today. We love you Sonny!❤️

  • FIFO

    Do not mention Son's confidence. Before 8 games's problem was Conte's tatic not a Son's confidence. That opinion is disgusting.

  • Damyoung

    Sonny made 3 goals for 13 minutes. But he lost his smile on the ground. He looked like he got hurt with fans' kind and lovely criticisms!

  • 윤지훈

    Never doubt again.

  • 빠른거북이

    don't make sonny go down for defense. he is the one of best offense players in the world. he always proves his value by himself.