Impossible Egg Drop Experiments from 165m Dam!
How Ridiculous
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نظر: 3 401
  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller

    Love the science with gaunson! Also it's worth noting the original egg landed in sand which absorbs a lot more of the impact slowing the egg on landing rather than stopping it instantly much like the grass clippings did, technically Donahoo had an assisted landing as well


    So a friend of mine here in Alaska raises chickens. His egg shells became very difficult to break. I seen this myself. It took silly amounts of effort to crack the eggs. Other than that they seemed OK. Turned out he had insulated his chicken coop with BlueBoard Styrofoam insulation and the hens were eating the insulation.

  • A1BASE

    The egg will reach its terminal velocity pretty quickly. You could drop it from 10,000m and it would be the same as dropping it from 200. (Accuracy not withstanding)

  • Texas Blues Alley
    Texas Blues Alley

    Love your dam videos. I can't stop thinking about how much planning and must go into a trip like this with a crew, supplies, meals, etc... don't know how you pull it off, but we love it.

  • Joe R M
    Joe R M

    Big shout out to Michael, Jack, and the other crew behind the scenes for HR. 👏

  • Kenneth Robertson
    Kenneth Robertson

    I never really had a group of guy friends growing up, or now, so I like watching these videos and living vicariously through you guys. Thanks for the good vibes and ridiculousness.

  • Dustin McKenzie
    Dustin McKenzie

    This reminds me of this rocketry program I did back in grade 8. We had to build water launch rockets that carried an egg up and landed without cracking the egg. I spent a day coming up with this fall-away parachute and capsule, but when I launched it arched perfectly, keeping the parachute and capsule flapping in the wind at the front of the rocket until impact.

  • Supslowrobot

    This channel is one my favorites, you guys make my day more joyful.

  • DrLipkin

    This video gave me an idea for the next throwing session. An Ostrich/Emu egg. One egg costs about $30 American, and is comparable to about 2 dozen chicken eggs. They require a hacksaw to crack before cooking. I want to see if the shell can make it through some things, or if it will go splat.

  • Ray Slater
    Ray Slater

    When Herron poked fun at Gaunson for the break in his voice when talking about Rexy, I laughed for like 45 minutes. Another great vid!

  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous

    Hey everyone! Hope you’re loving the dam vids, still heaps more to come including some INSANE trick shots!

  • Matt P
    Matt P

    We’re a recent follower of your guys channel. My 8 year old found you and we love what you all do.

  • IbokRock811

    Apparently David said he used organically farmed eggs 😅 but the big secret was how much time he spent calculating the drop angle and the drop speed!! I'm actually not done with the video loool so you still could get one that survived - but without all his calculations - it was still a very valiant attempt!! Well done boys!

  • Nahid Parvez
    Nahid Parvez

    Shopkeeper: How many eggs do you need?

  • Leo Archon
    Leo Archon

    The thing that strikes me the most about this trip is just how much lower the water level is on the reservoir side of the dam. Like, comparing it to the last trip, it's significantly lower. Is Switzerland in the middle of a drought or something?

  • El Corado
    El Corado

    Glad to see the mood in the camp is a lot better now. Seems like the air has been cleared!

  • electrospank

    Would be interesting to know the terminal velocity of the things you drop.

  • John Walker
    John Walker

    Got to love Rexy he never says no to a challenge, even if he ends up in the Emergency Room after.

  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
    Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    The guy who did the world record could have also used one of those chicken eggs with the extra thick shells that prevent the chickens from getting salmonella. I remember learning about those randomly, and I wonder if that would've made much of a difference, coupled with the ground it's landing on, and sheer luck.

  • Lleonix

    Chicken: Where will my egg go after laying it?