No Bounce Challenge ! FT Harry Kane + Toby Alderweireld
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch Harry Kane and Toby Alderweireld battle it out in the No Bounce Challenge! Four distances, No bounces, who will win? Find out now on Spurs TV!
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  • M C
    M C

    “No talking, let’s see on the pitch”

  • muhd tfq
    muhd tfq

    Harry's got some amazing shots on him.Incredible!

  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard

    Harry Kane is officially one of the best strikers in the Prem now. 2 seasons has proved that.

  • Rowan Brearley
    Rowan Brearley

    Thanks for everything Toby. Good luck with all your future endeavours

  • Arthurian10

    Gonna be honest, i'm not a Spurs fan. But boy, i do love this club. So much energy, and performing brilliantly in real life.

  • XJC 1
    XJC 1

    I love Harry's voice

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother

    If there's one thing you don't challenge Harry Kane to its hitting the back of the net!

  • Simen Storøy
    Simen Storøy

    We need more challenges! Lovin' it! I'm so happy to see the energy and that the players enjoy eachothers company both on and off the pitch! This year's team is incredible!

  • PsychoCaki

    More with Toby ! What a great player we have ! I cant imagine our defence without him :) .

  • Jeff Stevens
    Jeff Stevens

    What gets me is when Harry scores, he celebrates like he just scored for England. God love him.

  • George Clarke
    George Clarke

    Kane's finishing is insane, the challenge was just to hit the net but Kane decided top corner is the only way! Great video

  • Sophie Shearer
    Sophie Shearer

    Can you please do some challenges with these duos?

  • Shakey

    Don't worry Toby, I still voted for you as Player of the Season for us

  • mnmgaming

    Harry Kane is a fantastic finisher even in training!

  • the-tiesthatbind

    I love how Harry started adding a little Belgian 'no?' at the end of his sentences when speaking to Toby hahahaha

  • Zsuzska Csapó
    Zsuzska Csapó

    Our two players of the season so far!

  • Tjutd7

    They were some great goals from kane as well!

  • Ernesto Mendez
    Ernesto Mendez

    Harry Kane eres un crack ⚽👌

  • anthony carlin
    anthony carlin

    holy shit harry kanes ball striking tekkers is awesome. he hits the ball with such a force and with great penetration.

  • alex sibley
    alex sibley

    How well does Kane strike the ball? Unbelievable. He is going to be world class for years to come. Should definitely sign for United 😜