If you see this Haunted Ghost Cake, DO NOT Eat it... Throw it away FAST!! (We summoned a Demon)
If you see this Haunted Ghost Cake, DO NOT Eat it... Throw it away FAST!! (We summoned a Demon)
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  • Ranger_Enigma

    I love how you could see mark shut the bathroom door 😂

    • Kayla_vlogs101


    • Colt stender
      Colt stender

      I know right

  • RpTr 3L1T3
    RpTr 3L1T3

    This is definitely the most scariest and terrifying video ever

  • Emily Sparkle
    Emily Sparkle

    I'm gonna get a regular cake after watching this video. Keep uploading these cake videos though they are so entertaining.

  • Jellyflowers

    “How fake do you wanna this to be” Stromedy:YES

  • Flower_snake

    "These cakes are extremely dangerous" Me: "extremely dangerous but yummy"

    • Sarah Cook
      Sarah Cook

      You can say that again😋😋🤤🤤

    • TharOnegothgurl


    • IWannaDanceInTheDARK~


    • Orane Lurch
      Orane Lurch


    • jose pineda
      jose pineda

      And me I got baited

  • Landon Collier
    Landon Collier

    How do you know if it's over? It might be every night at the same time.

  • Mama Isabella and Turbo_simp
    Mama Isabella and Turbo_simp

    Sam and Colby : * actually contacts ghosts/demons and goes to haunted places *

    • Mama Isabella and Turbo_simp
      Mama Isabella and Turbo_simp


    • Faridah Binti Ahmad
      Faridah Binti Ahmad

      Same the demons is a BOSS

    • Donna N Jade
      Donna N Jade

      Really omgggg

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith

    I love how you can see the mark shut the bathroom door😂

  • Doger

    You know what i love when people throw away 400$ cakes for no reason.

    • susan medhurst
      susan medhurst

      It’s 1k not 400

    • jelly_fnf_fnaf

      you love the amount of spudidity and cap in it

  • bikersbuild

    The fact it says Marissa's Cake on one of the sides of the box makes me wonder if it really is not an ordinary cake because it gives me the feeling it's just from a dead person or just one they order to scare us

  • Gabrielle Cooper
    Gabrielle Cooper

    I love how they just lay on Rach other for 1 second then the Doorbell Rang

  • Makenzie Gussman
    Makenzie Gussman

    This is definitely the most scariest video I have every watched now I beleave demons and ghost are real 😱 and I’m gone be scared for the rest of my life

  • Leslie Romano
    Leslie Romano

    I love how scared they look even tho it’s a green screen😂 but… I LOVE HIS CONTENT

    • Ariah Neatham
      Ariah Neatham

      no it isnot

  • The Workey Project
    The Workey Project

    Super impressed with the video, Kyle!

  • Manuel Vega
    Manuel Vega

    I laughed when Mark said you guys ordered Snapchat cake xD lol

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      Xte dosent exist anymore

  • Loveriis biggest  fan!
    Loveriis biggest fan!

    Bro I showed my mom the dishes and she’s like send me their address so I can teach them how to clean 🤣

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      They live in 9463 Mnmnmnmnmnnmnmnnmnimnmnmnmmmn street, Phoenix

  • Patrick Brady
    Patrick Brady

    There's totally a evil spirit/demon attached to the cake

  • Lucidey

    They always underestimate me and then they turn their back and I’m like- BOO! 🧟‍♀️👿👹💀 that meme would be perfect for this video

  • lisa marie
    lisa marie

    Loved this video,it was really crazy, spooky🤪🤪👻👻

    • Jellyflowers

      @Shadow Natalie febey no -_-

    • Jellyflowers

      It’s clickbait._.

    • Syed Abid
      Syed Abid

      @Haikal Arrasyid njjjjj

    • Shadow Natalie febey
      Shadow Natalie febey

      !!BOO!! It said boo on the cake and it’s funny booooooooo did I scare you? 🤪🤪🤪🤪😱😱😱😱👻👻👻👻

  • Prince Richard Brony
    Prince Richard Brony

    3am challenge is back! I love it! I miss the 3am challenge!

  • Buck Woodling
    Buck Woodling

    Stop the video at 10:22 min in the video you can see the fishing string from the sink.love your videos been watching for 3years know PS HIDE IT BETTER 😎

  • MsLeLe

    When they joke around like when mike said and i quote “I did not know u ordered a Snapchat cake” those jokes make me love them even more

    • Billy Walls
      Billy Walls

      Just like to all of y'all already

    • MsLeLe

      @Nighttails lol thanks😭😭

    • Nighttails

      You spelled name wrong!😉

    • Avonelle Samkar
      Avonelle Samkar

      My nime is Justin I am a boy

    • Avonelle Samkar
      Avonelle Samkar

      I am a boy

  • singing videos
    singing videos

    Next time you order a cake keep a look out to see if you can see the man/woman that delivers them to everyone

  • 🌼Loki🌼

    Mark: I didn't know u ordered Snapchat cake 🍰🤣 so true🌼💀

  • lolo kiki meme
    lolo kiki meme

    All the videos you ever make I hit the thumbs up and catch up the great work I love all of your videos ❤😀😀😋

    • lolo kiki meme
      lolo kiki meme

      I'm watching the video on my TV and right now I'm on my phone

  • Patrick Brady
    Patrick Brady

    7:24 I saw a light turn off upstairs

  • Kiera Hindle
    Kiera Hindle

    We all have to agree that we're getting nightmares tonight

  • The Workey Project
    The Workey Project

    Much love to you, Kyle Of Stromedy!

    • The Workey Project
      The Workey Project

      @gogna Yup

    • gogna


  • The crazy gamer
    The crazy gamer

    I’m not going to lie that cake looks yummy love your vids

  • Eshal Hassan
    Eshal Hassan

    You guys really make my day because I love watching all your scary and crazy videos you guys should be famous just like Bella porch and btw I subscribe like follow and share I am a big fan

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore

    When stromedy fakes dropping the cake I laughed cuz at lunch I was crying then laughing and my friend thought I was fake crying, a lot of good memories at lunch today :)

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      @Eddietubecollin-oficial channel tbh I laugh with food in my mouth all the time, I NEVER CHOKE!

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      I don’t like laughing during breakfast lunch and dinner because I’ll might chock

  • Bar Bex
    Bar Bex

    Stromedy: I will tell the boogie man to come to u at night😈 Me: wait what at night my house door is closed My dad: Lol🤣🤣

  • beastlord1054

    I just got the merch and I love it going to wear it at school on my non uniform day. Also Kyle's moves tho

    • Wei Wei
      Wei Wei

      @gogna didnt ask kid

    • gogna


  • roblox.edites

    I'm watching this as I was just after getting a exorcism


    In the big window by the coach some one was just looking through the big window

  • Kiera Hindle
    Kiera Hindle

    These videos are never disappointing!!!!!!!

  • GaminG with Crazy
    GaminG with Crazy

    I don't know if it is true or not anyways I really love stromedy's scary videos

  • Veryanti

    Can you make more of thease cake videos please I love it!!! 🥰

    • Jellyflowers

      It’s click bait



  • I love Louis Tomlinson
    I love Louis Tomlinson

    Me casually holding my hand in front of the screen to avoid a jump scare which would lead to me screaming and waking the whole house

  • Piratheeba Yogananthan
    Piratheeba Yogananthan

    kyle you have to try this cake out at 3am that will be insane!!!

  • Kiera Hindle
    Kiera Hindle

    I'm starting to feel really cold and I'm in all my blankets

  • LaiKuen Hui
    LaiKuen Hui

    OMG when u guys take the cake in I saw someone standing behind a tree spying u guys 😰😰😰

  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    I can predict almost everything that happens in the video cause it so predictable but still amazing

    • Mina Ashido
      Mina Ashido

      @Shonda Holley I uu 0-0 U-U 0-0

    • Shonda Holley I uu
      Shonda Holley I uu

      This is about the big lake yo

  • Alan Bentham
    Alan Bentham

    I wish I was involved in the videos I would like to see haunted things I’m not scared

  • XxFox_RosexX

    What website did you get the cake on? Just curious because it looks like a talented baker done it.

  • Mia White
    Mia White

    I love how Jana said keep mah wife’s name 😂

  • Melvin

    I literally get all my birthday cakes from Marissa’s cake Lala Lala laugh laugh laugh laugh

  • Melissa St. Amand
    Melissa St. Amand

    I wish I was there I would eat the whole cake right now I don’t even care if I become a ghost don’t even care if I’m become haunted I don’t care I just give me some cake🤤🤤🤤

    • Family Dodds
      Family Dodds

      Cake cake cake cake cake give me now or else

    • rat

      Same with me yummy yummy yummy

    • Marisa Gwyn
      Marisa Gwyn

      Me too jus gimme a cake man I've been starving

    • Katie edwards
      Katie edwards


    • Ethan Waller
      Ethan Waller


  • Andrea Sommer
    Andrea Sommer

    That was funny when you were dancing with it

  • magic cowboy
    magic cowboy

    i wonder how awkward it is after finishing a scene in the video

  • Michael Kress-Russick
    Michael Kress-Russick

    They say they ordered it from the dark web but it says marissa’s cakes on the box.

  • Farhad Darya
    Farhad Darya

    The goast one was looking yummy 😋

  • Space5365

    My advice is to go to the bathroom every time someone gets possessed because every time they get cured in the bathroom.

  • Clara Afton
    Clara Afton

    I thought “Dea” was gonna be Deago 😂

  • Kaylee Jenson
    Kaylee Jenson

    I watch your video's everyday ☀ and every night 🌙

  • Brian Towbridge
    Brian Towbridge

    At the end of the day they all eat up the cake and laugh at the kids on this video commenting like yeah we lied to y'all

  • Ironwolf 2017 is SUS
    Ironwolf 2017 is SUS

    You make my day especially today i been coughing all day and it still is going on

  • AmoreGabby

    I’ve watched you for a few years and your channel made me think everything. is possessed

  • Candice Green
    Candice Green

    I love your channel so much I watch it every single day that's just my mom's picture so don't mind my mom's picture


    When u turned the lights of in the window some one was watching

  • Georgina Yates
    Georgina Yates

    I want to do this with you guys with the ghost cake

  • Bella Willis
    Bella Willis

    Keep up the good work I love your videos there so entertaining!!!!

    • gogna


  • kim parker
    kim parker

    Stroked:"demon were sorry we'll never eat the cake again" Me:*jumps*HOLY S***

  • Paul Santana
    Paul Santana

    Keep up the great work Stromede Love this contenet hope you do more

  • Simon John
    Simon John

    Lucky I am watching this at daytime not at night bc they are doing it at night

  • Andrea Sommer
    Andrea Sommer

    What’s so funny when you were dancing with it! Lol

  • Holly Blackett
    Holly Blackett

    Haha im still laughing at when stromedy called the house a farm

  • Selena

    The reason why yall dont ever see the delivery man is bc yall be talking for 20 mins straight before u open that door

  •  hzscga1 Cooper
    hzscga1 Cooper

    I love that he risk his self for us love you Kyle

  • 🌼Loki🌼

    We went from fat clowns 🤡 to cakes😌👏🔥🔥

  • Алекс д
    Алекс д

    I hope they order the LSD cake next P.s that ones a banger.

  • wolf pack🐺
    wolf pack🐺

    Keep up the great work stromedy love this content hope you do more

    • Philep Guzman
      Philep Guzman


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      @LA BM we know but we like it duh common sense 😒🙄

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      @LA BM lucas

    • LA BM
      LA BM


    • LA BM
      LA BM

      its fack-

  • Maddie Nelms
    Maddie Nelms

    The ghost cake looks kind of good

  • mini penguin
    mini penguin

    I love how YANA is looking at Kyle like the boogy man really

    • Britni Daubek
      Britni Daubek

      i know right

  • Notis Garcia
    Notis Garcia


  • sean showalter
    sean showalter

    Love you so much and I’m so excited to see you guys

  • AnimatingDinosaur

    You should order a tik tok cake and see if you turn into Charlie Damelio 💀

  • Andrea Sommer
    Andrea Sommer

    It was so funny you’re like whoa whoa like you’re you’re gonna drop the cake

  • Nomad

    The next one shoulder be a minds control cake

  • Iñigo emmanuel De asis
    Iñigo emmanuel De asis

    His friend is so funny 🤣