Ep. 25 | Wonderboy VS Iconic Horror Movie Villains
Stephen Wonderboy Thompson
We are back with another episode of the podcast and this week we have a fun Halloween themed one for ya. We discuss the fight game as well how I would do VS various iconic horror movie villains!

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  • mike campbell
    mike campbell

    Hey wonderboy what about robbie lawler?

  • Alvin Costner
    Alvin Costner

    Anyone else wanna see Israel and wonder boy fight in a kickboxing fight

  • Chris Rivera
    Chris Rivera


  • Astonishing Mr. Phootball
    Astonishing Mr. Phootball

    I know this is going to sound absolutely insane, But as a kid, I watched a ton of horror movies and read a lot of comics and in the 5th grade I had that exact conversation with my best friend at the time about using my imagination and dreaming I had a Green Lantern ring to beat Freddy. God's Honest Truth. That is wild. When I was a little younger me and my friends jumped their My Buddy Doll after seeing Child's Play 2 at a Birthday party. Also as a grown man at 35 years old, I don't like sleeping in a room with a mirror or where I can see a mirror. Jason, I've always thought about that guy boxing him in Jason takes Manhattan, he broke his hand bare-knuckle on the mask and was just tired and hurt but one nice side-kick would have knocked Jason off the roof. So Wonderboy on the roof with MMA gloves and you could probably splat him on the ground below, The military did come in on Jason Goes to Hell and blew him to pieces, I think that's the best game plan. You and ten of your buddies with Origin 12 shotguns with 20 round drums mixing slug and 00buck would leave him in pieces, then instead of being dumb like the military and collecting him for research put on hazmat suits to avoid some bullshit " Jason smoke getting in your lungs and turning you to Jason crap" then take a flamethrower to his remains. OR you could just start dating a chick with Telekinetic powers because that's Jason's biggest weakness. That chick in New Blood wrecked his shit.

  • Astonishing Mr. Phootball
    Astonishing Mr. Phootball

    " i love Thrasher movies...." Like skateboarding videos? " Like really gory ones" Oh like the ones where they break bones and get knocked out and stuff? really that's what the NMF is into? nothing like poultry geists or demons the old Thrasher killer guy with a knife.... Oh, he means Slasher Movies... Wonderboy it's Slasher, not Thrasher

  • Tampa Tom Fishing
    Tampa Tom Fishing

    🤣 befriend him

  • My 3 Sons
    My 3 Sons

    Sweat Tea vs Luke Thomas I will pay PPV $100 to see that fight

  • Taylor Taylor
    Taylor Taylor

    5 on 5 Russian street fighting lol

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood

    "If I get humped like that I'm quitting"

  • Alex Chu
    Alex Chu

    Are you still selling t shirts?

  • Zach

    Sean Strickland needs an opponent. Go beat him and call out Izzy

  • Norrrmmm

    5 million barstool deal for the baddy mate

  • My 3 Sons
    My 3 Sons

    SWBT & Sweet Tea bringing a whole new meaning to the lying on of hands, when a bad guy acts a fool @ their church.

  • RS_75 AC
    RS_75 AC

    Wonderboy vs. Chiesa would be a good fight

  • TaeBE BE
    TaeBE BE

    Hahahaha enjoyed the match ups with the horror flicks!

  • Alfiekenno

    How would we go about sending fan mail in to you?

  • Eric Books
    Eric Books

    What are you gonna go to 185 so you can get a total shot

  • Chango Burr7
    Chango Burr7

    Wonderboy VS Nick Diaz

  • spotteddogmemphis

    Can you breakdown Superbon’s kicking technique? I was watching another breakdown and I guess he doesn’t lean back when he throws his round kicks so it generates more power. He keeps his body in the same upright posture when he kicks. If you guys didn’t hear about it, Superbon viciously KO’d the kickboxing GOAT, Giorgio Petrosyan. One FC has some amazing kickboxing and Muay Thai fighters. A lot of them are really young too, like Stamp Fairtex and Rodtang.

  • Jason Ravitz
    Jason Ravitz

    NMF vs BMF! Make it happen! 👊🏼💪🏼🙏🏼

  • Cody Durfee
    Cody Durfee

    Church safety team, what a couple of guys, for a bonus I picture them standing the whole time with p.d.w. under the jacket

  • beijing biden
    beijing biden

    These guys seem like some real down to earth decent men.

  • Jake Ott
    Jake Ott

    Neither Diaz is an actual asshole. Either of them would make a good $$ match for WB....but our man's gotta get at that fuckin title.

  • Jake Ott
    Jake Ott

    Dude. WB is absolutely a case study for the long term benefits of an elusive-defensive style. Dude's my age (old) and has faced many killers, and is still sharp as a tack. Give me hope lol

  • krishni tharuki
    krishni tharuki

    I love Wonderboy so much. What a great ambassador for the sport

  • Jake Johnston
    Jake Johnston

    There's theory's that the jeepers creeper guy is actually a hero. There's a vid about it lol.

  • TheDaggwood

    Learned a lot today...mainly the reason you guys seem so special. Love from Oregon.

  • atvbass10

    “Francis Nigannou” 😂😂 they both caught on to that quick lmao

    • creep life
      creep life

      I'm pretty sure they don't give a damn about that white guilt, apologetic, weakness

  • Detravious Sadtler
    Detravious Sadtler

    Wonderboy vs Stylebender Top Ten Anime Fights


    Amaaaazing codpast guys as ever..... I think wonderboy Vs Baine ohhh that would be a scraparoo !! WB's speed and timing Vs baines strength and skill.

  • Irish Technical Thinker
    Irish Technical Thinker

    High above the mucky muck castles made of clouds.

  • the great one
    the great one

    Cody lost his last fight

  • Criesto 137
    Criesto 137

    Sweet T and WB vs. Nick and Nate. I would give every paycheck this year to see that tag team match.

  • Wes Montgomery
    Wes Montgomery

    Wonder boy is to humble everybody knows who you are man! Lol

  • Revan

    WB, a fight with Nick or Nate would be good for you. Money fight for sure, staying active. Wait for an opportunity to make that title run again.

  • Tim Wall
    Tim Wall

    Why the actual frick where you dismembering and burying your he man toys dude?

  • Little Man
    Little Man

    Being from the uk it’s so funny they can’t understand the scouse accent😂😂😂

  • Sterwong mouseface
    Sterwong mouseface

    Lmao this episode was hilarious 😹 can't forget vettori popped as well!

  • KingTairun

    Wonderboy vs Valentina, Rose and Amanda in 3 vs 1handicap match

  • J. C
    J. C

    I have to see WB in a title fight before its all said and done, best striker in a wrestling dominated weight division

  • Lost Audition Tapes
    Lost Audition Tapes

    What did you think of the Petrosyan KO? Would love to hear your thoughts, Mr Wonderboy. ANy chance of seeing you face off with Superbon in the future?

  • TheMata

    Do you two know the safety dance ?

  • tyler heerdt
    tyler heerdt

    Listening to you guys with my wife and dog while getting an oil change!

  • Brian O
    Brian O

    would you still not be willing to sidekick the knee if fighting Michael Myers? :)

  • Tiny Speck on Planet Earth
    Tiny Speck on Planet Earth

    It’s because Paddy is secretly Guy from Naruto

  • Alexander Deleon
    Alexander Deleon

    I got brown

  • Dk loud TV
    Dk loud TV

    Fight mike perry he needs more motivation someway or another

  • Slow DK
    Slow DK


  • Slow DK
    Slow DK

    Get Wonderboy a big payday💯🤙

  • Slow DK
    Slow DK

    Cracking me up 20 seconds in🤣💯👍Wonderboy = The Peoples Champ

  • Stan Arenas
    Stan Arenas

    he didn't get poped


    Don't nobody want them Wonderboy problems

  • Laz Toth
    Laz Toth


  • Christopher Camareno
    Christopher Camareno

    So ready for WB to be back in the cage 💪🏼

  • Iceey Pot_81
    Iceey Pot_81

    Hi WB... Thank you for mentioning the Philippines, I love you ❤

  • Rob Dunkin
    Rob Dunkin

    Im telling u.. I would smoke u Wonderboy in my dream! Lol. Like pretty bad but not too bad because I'm still a big fan

  • Gavesh Ajodha
    Gavesh Ajodha

    The only person to beat Jason Voorhees is Francis Ngannou 😀

  • PaSSioNs v.2
    PaSSioNs v.2

    I just realized the table was the sharingan. I want one!! That thing is dope

  • John Stover
    John Stover

    Matt Brown vs Stephen Thompson 2 would be awesome. I understand Matt Brown isn't ranked that high.

  • Cory MMARules
    Cory MMARules

    Wonder Boy needs to hire me as his publicist. I talk so much sh**, he would’ve had a fight a long time ago!

  • Simeon Talley
    Simeon Talley

    I think WB should fight winner of Leon and Masvidal

  • Tanner Griffin
    Tanner Griffin

    Might as well call out ole Mystic Mac. He said he wants to go back up to 170. Winning that would definitely get you the title shot.

  • 29Thrill

    You guys see Superbon kick Giorgio P. in the face?

  • Ryan Tabije
    Ryan Tabije

    Wonderboy vs Brakus from Best of the Best 2…..I say WB takes it by strikes…

  • Emily Daniels
    Emily Daniels

    The way he says "whatever" after Tony calls him out for never pronouncing last names correctly 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I feel you WB...same.

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd

    An MP was stabbed to death in a church this week in England.

  • A is for Annihilation
    A is for Annihilation

    Chucky would get straight up punted. Child's play.

  • A is for Annihilation
    A is for Annihilation

    Sweet T, "I'm not a hairy P fan" (I know, harry P.) 😂

  • A is for Annihilation
    A is for Annihilation

    WB, "I'll call u whatever I want to". U tell em, Step Hen Wonder Bob Thompson!😅😆

  • Danny Torres
    Danny Torres

    Love you Steven I hold you in high regards. Don't worry about the rankings, cuz your number one in my list. Just worry about wrestling and ground control. You're number one on the feet.

  • Benjamin Richard
    Benjamin Richard

    Sweet T has a fan base for sure!

  • B T
    B T

    I think the fighter's body should be like WB or Anderson Silva. Lean and mean

  • William Hardwick
    William Hardwick

    Michael Myers seems to be just as indestructible as Jason. How do you separate the two?

    • Johnny Herrera
      Johnny Herrera

      Nah Jason’s a literal zombie who’s taken way more damage I’d say micheals just a step below that

  • cln mg
    cln mg

    39:44 lol the human body doesn't work like that. You'll have a better chance of hiding from thermal imaging by staying near other heat sources so you'll blend in, or utilize physical barriers that can stop IR from reaching sensors (hide behind a wall maybe).

  • Austin Burke
    Austin Burke

    im still waiting for that belt wonderboy, you got this

  • mark perna
    mark perna

    At this point, I’d like to see WB against ANYONE. But Usman would be a great fight. Personally, I think those guys are all afraid of him. I didn’t think Masvidal would take another fight with you. You made him look like a TOTAL chump in the first fight. How many times did you knock him off his feet like it was a Rocky movie? Two?!! Three?!?

  • Jiawei Xu
    Jiawei Xu

    Still chance for WB to get that title shot!

  • Timm M
    Timm M

    We appreciate the heck out of Sweet-T!!!

  • Christian Glover
    Christian Glover

    WB should fight loser of Usman vs. Covington OR loser of Edwards vs. Masvidal, both fights would put him in a spot for a title fight within the next year

  • Bruce lee
    Bruce lee

    Love you wonderboy thompson I just watch your live and you are one of the sweetest people I have ever seen Iam big big big fan And you are my brother from another mother My only drram in this life that keeps me alive everyday and training so hard since I was 6 is to become Ufc champion 😑☝️❤

  • Xarko

    both Costa and Vettori are juicing meaheads

  • Tony "Fat Tony" Salerno
    Tony "Fat Tony" Salerno

    The last time Cody fought was when he got beat by decision by Rob Font

  • Tony "Fat Tony" Salerno
    Tony "Fat Tony" Salerno

    Wonder boy and wonder bro podcast 👍

  • liverbrainz

    LOL "befriend the monster" - that's exactly what Elmer Wayne Henley did with the real life "Candyman" Dean Corll in the 70's. Henley managed to kill Corll too, so that gameplay may work...

    • liverbrainz

      BTW, you're thinking of a slasher film, not thrasher. Thrasher is a subgenre of heavy metal. Accctthhwooly

  • JRichey 85
    JRichey 85

    29:06 Ole Sweet T is not a Big Hairy P fan.

  • That 1 guy
    That 1 guy

    Damn wonderboy is a real sweetheart helping that elderly lady to get car. keep doing your thing boss! 💪

  • Jacob Britt
    Jacob Britt

    You guys are awesome!!!! Can't wait til your next fight. Go wonderboy

  • wednesday

    wonderboy would not be trapped in a nightmare with freddy. it's freddy who would be trapped in there with wonderboy. i'd pick stephen against ANY horror movie villain. 👊

  • Aaron Schuitema
    Aaron Schuitema

    I too was the baby of my family, Sweet T, and tortured with horror movies from a very young age...For the better part of a decade, I opened every drawer and cabinet in the bathroom before a number 2. The leprechaun's ability to fit in small spaces and magically teleport really messed with me..

  • SurvivalBayArea

    Dude this was a dope one you guys should dissect movie stories more man funny stuff

  • Gene Rios
    Gene Rios

    Send nate a tweet! Do it!

  • SurvivalBayArea

    AYEEEahh sweet T huge fan can u sign this pumpkin pie bro? When you fighting next? Also don't sign on the whipped cream

  • Pain hurts Sometimes
    Pain hurts Sometimes

    This podcast was hilarious

  • kamen ninov
    kamen ninov

    LOL I am just listing FRIDAY the 13th t-shit LOL What a synchronicity :) :D

  • Miguel Penado
    Miguel Penado

    I believe they will give the looser of masvidal vs Edwards

  • John Kreese
    John Kreese

    Hey wonderboy, I got a excellent idea…..please talk to Shelby, Dana, whoever…but you should either fight the loser of usman/colby(your idea) OR winner of masvidal/Edwards……just food for thought….what up everybody everyybbooddyyy

  • Lets go, Jake.
    Lets go, Jake.

    I can make 170. Lets go. You and me WB. Im not very good at fighting and nobody knows who I am, but Im available.

  • Michael Fowler
    Michael Fowler

    I say you just start trolling Nate Diaz WB!Make him fight you!LUQUE WOULD DETROY HIM ANYWAY!So it would do him good to just take that L FROM YOU INSTEAD!

  • Alex Sorfa
    Alex Sorfa

    I think wonderboy is at the point where hes doubting himself about winning the belt hey the years go on you know cant fight forever so i wish him he actually gets a good stylistic match up for him and fights for the fucking title already cause i really want to see WB with a belt.

  • Philip Schinetsky
    Philip Schinetsky

    Gotta love that Sweet T and Wonderboy work security or “safety” team for their church. Awesome guys!

    • bigmac 707
      bigmac 707

      Really sad a church even needs that

    • That 1 guy
      That 1 guy

      No doubt. I love these guys!