If you see this Zombie Cake, DO NOT eat it, Throw it Away FAST!! (It's a Trap)
If you see this Zombie Cake, DO NOT eat it or you will turn into a Zombie (It's a Trap)
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  • Mars YT Channel
    Mars YT Channel

    When Stromedy was sacrificing himself to the “zombies” you can literally see Jana’s kitten running up to them but then backing away 😹 17:26

  • Tenishia Boykin
    Tenishia Boykin

    😂 this was funny to watch and a freaking crazy 😧 I love you guys videos !!! Please do more ❤️

  • Neil Magrath
    Neil Magrath

    Zombies are back. Lovely the zombie stuff. That cake looked really tempting. I would have loved a slice, especially the brain icing. I think vampire or lycanthropy cake would be good to order next. Please do more zombie stuff, you do it par excellence. Boris Karloff would have been proud of you.

    • Jocelyn Butts
      Jocelyn Butts

      @Paublo Maestas j

    • Jacqueline Clarke
      Jacqueline Clarke


    • Paublo Maestas
      Paublo Maestas


    • A Jcksn
      A Jcksn


  • CaptainBlaze

    2:12 The turning part was just super smooth dude.

  • Briana Smith
    Briana Smith



      Yo been become a zombie

    • andrewporter999


    • Crystal Life
      Crystal Life

      Agree adoribal

  • April Groves
    April Groves

    I assume it would make more sense to tape him to the railing of the stairs than to a chair that he could lift

  • Ayla Harrison
    Ayla Harrison

    mark: ~bites zombie head~ mark: ~gets possesed turns into zombie~

  • preppyvibes18💿⚡️

    I love these videos so much they make my day❤️

  • joe mama 4k 99k
    joe mama 4k 99k


  • Allison Sieger
    Allison Sieger

    Thanks for another great video keep up the good work your videos are always bangers be safe

  • Cracked out dom
    Cracked out dom

    I love how the puppy is just watching them making the video

  • Lexi Goy
    Lexi Goy

    I am laughing this video is the funniest thing I have ever watch his hand motions, his words, and his jokes😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • IWannaDanceInTheDARK~

    "The theme of the cake becomes REALITY!!" Me: HELLO CAN I HAVE AN ANIME CAKE?

  • Faye Simokaitis
    Faye Simokaitis

    This reminds me of the time when you were ordering all the dark web potions and you ordered the zombie potion. You should do a vampire cake next.

  • Pain Channel
    Pain Channel

    7:26 made me laugh

    • Livvyloo2013

      Ik same

  • Ava Kiplinger
    Ava Kiplinger

    I love your videos I watched them every single day and I've been watching them for a while now and I hope you will always have a great day

  • Ollie 2502
    Ollie 2502

    I looooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee these cake vids keep them going and you’ll be so successful in life

    • Crystal Life
      Crystal Life

      I agree because these videos are amazing

  • izik B
    izik B

    I OFFER A REMOTE CONTROL HAT CAKE. The cake causes everyone who has eaten from it to remotely control anyone who wears a baseball hat (possibly any hat or cap that looks like the cake). he remotely controls if the hat was worn backwards.

  • Steven Carroll
    Steven Carroll

    17:28 stromedy: Gets eaten by the zombies Cat: *causally walks in like nothing is happening and checks on them* me: AYO

  • Ashley Hoops
    Ashley Hoops

    yo kyle if they have a vampire cake,you should do that one next


      Yo keep up the effort and I love your vids

  • Courtney Prisque
    Courtney Prisque

    Also I love how Stromedy said i mean like who orders this and she said you! then stromedy says thats true LOL

  • Livvyloo2013

    Omg stromedy this is crazy I love these cake videos there so freaking crazy 😂😂

  • Jessica Jacques
    Jessica Jacques

    I would be cool if u can order a Frankenstein cake or a vampire cake also I really like it videos they are so fun to watch!

  • Olivia F
    Olivia F

    who else LOVes the dance Stromedy does whent the cakes get to the house?🤣

  • Erick Calvo
    Erick Calvo

    Should we do some scary cake series!

    • Amber German
      Amber German


  • Jay Sanders
    Jay Sanders

    I subscribe to everybody in the Prime Capital I love y’all guys you’ll make the best videos I’ve been watching you ever since my mom has show me that video and every time I go looking up on IRglo you are the first people I see and I always Click you

  • Cooper Stanfill
    Cooper Stanfill

    Love to Jana in hopes that that she’ll be okay

  • Dr shotgun
    Dr shotgun

    I love how the dog was trying stromedy🥺

  • Shadow

    Honestly, I stopped watching this guy and pretty much IRglo itself for a year, but I'm back

  • Jeremy Reynolds
    Jeremy Reynolds

    Personally I would order a Batman cake change into the dark knight Batman

  • madiha arif
    madiha arif

    Them in the last video:we are never going to order a cake from this place again Also them :orders another cake from the place Me:didn’t you guys learn from the last time

  • Taylor McGrath
    Taylor McGrath

    I just love these vids so much. Yall be carefull out there❤

  • you+tube

    I really like the way stromdey do some actions when the door bell rings

  • Christine Power
    Christine Power

    Its so good to see you in your house

  • sky4DOTogg

    this just looks like a good cake making

    • Irteza Mitha
      Irteza Mitha

      Ilov yorvidyoz🧠🧟‍♂️🎂

    • Krista Shepley
      Krista Shepley

      The twerk

    • Reggie Waring
      Reggie Waring

      I'm eating chicken nuggya

  • Colton Stears
    Colton Stears

    My friend: That cake looks delish! Me: that looks discusting (looks kinda good tbh)! Also I know I spelled it wrong. auto correct

  • Ayla Harrison
    Ayla Harrison

    Im sorry I cant be a member but I love your videos and watch them all keep up the good work! 🥰❤❣

  • Heather Eidson
    Heather Eidson

    See if there is a vampire cake. If so try that next!

  • 𝘀𝗶𝗮𝘀𝗼𝗰𝗲𝗮𝗻!!☻︎

    I searched zombie cake in google and the exact cake popped up. It was rated 5 stars🤔

  • Wanda Ealey
    Wanda Ealey

    Hey Kyle good job on your videos And Before I thought this was fake and now you made me think they were real and they probably are. Your probably one of the best vloggers in the whole IRglo career and we love you. You make me smile all the time and I love you and my freinds do too. Everyone who loves stromedy like this comment and maybe Comment on it. We love you guys. The crew should get more subscribers then any other youtuber. We all love Kyle and the squad We would die for them we love y’all.

    • SUSSY IMPOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      SUSSY IMPOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      it is true for me too!!!

    • Zoe Victoria flanders Munoz
      Zoe Victoria flanders Munoz

      Ya he’s my fav IRglor

  • Mitsuri

    I love how they were just helping mark and the camera man through the water on him imao

  • Malachi Reinbold
    Malachi Reinbold

    2:07 that was perfect timing

  • Lily blossom cat
    Lily blossom cat

    Mark did the wap for a few seconds 😂😂

  • Clipz


  • Bradley Stanley
    Bradley Stanley

    Keep up the good work stromedy

  • Justine Insuli
    Justine Insuli

    The camera man is always safe 🙂😉

  • Reich Caleb Cruz
    Reich Caleb Cruz

    18:11stromedy's zombie form kinda reminds me of zombie yihyun from the final episode of happiness

  • Jett Morgan
    Jett Morgan

    The person who made that cake probably watch this be like I made that cake for no reason

  • Angelica Martinez
    Angelica Martinez

    I laughed so hard

  • Danielle Gervais
    Danielle Gervais

    I love ur videos stromedy I’ve been here since covid started god bless y’all

  • Joshua Marsden
    Joshua Marsden

    What would happen if you ordered two cakes and then ate them at the same time

  • Elena Chami
    Elena Chami

    Oh my god that scared the heck out if me when kyle saw Diego under the table

  • Shadow

    Even if this is fake, I still jumped because of the jumpscares 😅

  • Asia Bibi
    Asia Bibi

    When Kyle was getting attacked it was so funny because the dog was trying to help Kyle

  • Lions of the deep
    Lions of the deep

    The best time of your videos is you working so hard I wish you never stop🤟

  • Ricardo Silveira
    Ricardo Silveira

    Imagine if it was a zombie Delivering the zombie cake

  • Neil Magrath
    Neil Magrath

    How about Cthulhu cake? Love the cake theme.

  • Sussyboi

    I thought you said to never order a cake from there again and here he is at the cakes again

  • Melodie Herritt
    Melodie Herritt

    The way that stromedy just Walks to the door

  • JS

    They should order a ghost cake.

    • Trevor Colby
      Trevor Colby

      @KL Malaysia Is there something I can help you with?

    • Trevor Colby
      Trevor Colby

      @KL Malaysia Hello

    • KL Malaysia
      KL Malaysia

      @Trevor Colby hi

    • Crystal Life
      Crystal Life

      That is an amaaaaaaaasingggggg idea

    • Trevor Colby
      Trevor Colby

      That does sound cool, so if they do order one. Then they better have some ghost traps ready, before the cake arrives

  • Ayla Harrison
    Ayla Harrison

    Kyle:A friendly zombie!

  • malia magill
    malia magill

    R.I.P to mark :/ for eating all of the crazy cake and doing crazy stuff

  • Michael on time
    Michael on time

    Just got finished subbing to all the crew you guys make my day and i want to make yours hope I get a shout out peace

  • Venuja Vethmin Samarakoon
    Venuja Vethmin Samarakoon

    Well at least the camera man is not safe in this lol

  • Lynnae Thomas
    Lynnae Thomas

    Come on first someone need to stop this next thing you know someone’s gonna be turning into Satan

  • Cicely Blatch
    Cicely Blatch

    It’s omg marks throwing it back for me 😂

  • Loresa

    Stromedy is the best IRglo channel in IRglo ever

  • Katie edwards
    Katie edwards

    I want some videos that, aren't, as scary because these ones freaking freak me out

  • Molly Sellick
    Molly Sellick

    When mark was on da floor tho ! Please do more of these vids ! !

  • Jurnee Noel
    Jurnee Noel

    This videos are so good especially the clown cake stuff

  • newt is hot
    newt is hot

    Can you do a behind the scenes video? :D

  • Drixx

    Even though this videos aren’t real your a really good youtuber and I love your videos

  • tyler don
    tyler don

    i love how there is a little short video of it

  • Joey Parrish
    Joey Parrish

    That cake looked rilly good but i would not eat it i want you to do more cakes like that one i have watched all of them keep up the good work

  • The official Guest666
    The official Guest666

    Watching this guy for 2 years or near 2 years and it gets more crazy and Breyer each vid

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      The official Guest666

      @Anthony Pridgen ok

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      Madison YouTube


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      Anthony Pridgen

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      stromedy biggest fan

      @The official Guest666 I don't have a life BC your in it 😎😎

    • The official Guest666
      The official Guest666

      @stromedy biggest fan and I am

  • Uncle G
    Uncle G

    love your vidss big fan :D keep up the amazingggg workkk

  • Amber Skye
    Amber Skye

    the cake was actually kinda cute

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    Ruby roo

    Not gonna lie I really wanna try that now

  • Rayven Kotila
    Rayven Kotila

    Kyle you are funny. And same with the rest of the squad

  • Maggie Nowack
    Maggie Nowack

    You should make a series of mystery cakes.