when you see this clown school bus filled with CLOWNS, do not pass it! Drive away FAST!!
when you see this clown school bus filled with CLOWNS, do not pass it! Drive away FAST!!
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  • Sasha's potato
    Sasha's potato

    Is it weird that I actually think it's kinda cute that they have dreams like the thought that they have families and different personalities and dreams it's just so cute 🥺or is it just me?

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      Your cute eyes are bigger than mine, I’m a snail!

    • Twinkling Addie
      Twinkling Addie

      @Tom McCreery do u know it’s for entertainment?

    • Tom McCreery
      Tom McCreery

      Do u know it is fake

    • Twinkling Addie
      Twinkling Addie

      SAMEE it’s adorbs 😊😂😭😩🥺

    • crystal robinson
      crystal robinson

      Las and ciabatta 😘😘😘

  • Cool guy 69 gamer
    Cool guy 69 gamer

    I love how at 5:29 he drops the mask and then camera cuts to him with the mask on and sitting

  • Theresa Collins
    Theresa Collins

    Stromedy talking to the clown that was waving the weapon before the video started be like: ok all you need to do is get a A sword and just wave it around like you’re a pro but act dumb

  • Kamaluddin Mohd Darus
    Kamaluddin Mohd Darus

    Really scary when they looking at stromedy

  • Keisy Star
    Keisy Star

    Is it just me or I’m the only one that says “run run” even though they can’t hear me LOL

    • Zack

      run run run translate to English

    • Addi-lea vB
      Addi-lea vB


    • Vera Gaminggirl
      Vera Gaminggirl

      I say run run run

    • Daffy

      Or run du du du du du

  • Domonic Santalucia
    Domonic Santalucia

    That clown Stromedy was talking to seemed awfully nice for a killer clown

    • John Wayne
      John Wayne

      @carson anderson TV

    • Domonic Santalucia
      Domonic Santalucia

      @najua one what’s up?

    • najua one
      najua one


    • carson anderson
      carson anderson


  • Ashwaq Mohammed
    Ashwaq Mohammed

    2:53 his window is broken

    • ImSwiish

      Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha so true

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Wow this brings back memories of the so called pandemic which has misterly went like the bird flu in the UK

  • Kristen Garner
    Kristen Garner

    I hope you make it out of there.

  • jorja shaw
    jorja shaw

    your so funny you make me laugh. but every time i watch your clown vids im never scared i have walked out in the dark alone after watching them

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      Had a belly

  • Definitelyhasfriendsyt

    Imagine if you wake up in a clown bus and there's an bunch of clowns with knives about to stab you:O I would curse. The heck out my heartstrings. I HOPE I NEVER SEE A CLOWN. Edit ty for 24 likes 👍.

    • Sammiera Smith
      Sammiera Smith

      @jemma thornton andthe girl mum I Koo Koo I'll as I am Nik by noon tomorrow so we ko I will get it ongut and the gm Aq p as a side of the one th👻🤡 lp Sw o as we ow what to loo Sw and do it again in a loop Koo koo see Koo aw lol I am not sure what the same time as well 🤡👻

    • jemma thornton
      jemma thornton

      That would be scary

    • Sunni Robertson
      Sunni Robertson

      That would be so SCARY

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    0:51 Kyle if you still have your Hyundai I30 or I40 or whatever it is you need to replace the front windscreen as if you don't it could brake while you are driving

  • Pollyplayz

    I’m watching this at night and in 7!!! Omg I’m scared!!

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      I’m not, I’m a snail!

  • Zee Hamdan
    Zee Hamdan

    Did you see him praying at 3:49 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel


  • Jennifer Hall
    Jennifer Hall

    I've always been scared of clowns but you guys make me feel better thank you so much

    • Kali Morgan
      Kali Morgan


    • Kali Morgan
      Kali Morgan

      And yah

  • SomethingSmartIDK

    Me: when is a new video? Stromedy: makes this video. Me: :>

    • Ruby Booth
      Ruby Booth

      same has it been 24 hours

    • latisha Mitchell
      latisha Mitchell

      Ll Ok I'll see Ok l

    • Amy Smith
      Amy Smith


    • patriots suck
      patriots suck


  • Jarrah Venables
    Jarrah Venables

    How come the cameraman can walk through the bus fine like :/

  • Maycie Avery My Vlog 🦋✨
    Maycie Avery My Vlog 🦋✨

    Hey OK but when the school bus was turning left something fell out

  • JOmama

    Me : when you get attacked close you window


    I see the eyes I can literally get that mask from the store in the bus you rented that first stromedy AKA Kyle

  • Tiny_ Was_Here123
    Tiny_ Was_Here123

    The clowns are probably like "come on dude I'm just going to clown school with my homies"

    • Robloxgamer 123
      Robloxgamer 123

      @TheUnlovedOne ¹

    • Robloxgamer 123
      Robloxgamer 123

      @Dakodi Carnes r

    • Robloxgamer 123
      Robloxgamer 123

      @Dakodi Carnes rjGYf

    • Dakodi Carnes
      Dakodi Carnes

      If they were clowns why do they have human fingers

    • Dakodi Carnes
      Dakodi Carnes


  • M Hassan Khalid
    M Hassan Khalid

    I dont know why but i think quite alot of his videos are sketchy like how the heck is he the only one finding these types of things

  • Rin

    This was so crazy but fun to watch

  • Akilah Grace
    Akilah Grace

    You’ve already found grouchy the clown and got so scared and now you’re scared about this

  • Layla Bruno
    Layla Bruno

    I saw the thing and I was like yes another video abt clowns when I seen it was stromedy I was like damn I don't wanna watch it anymore ( no hate to Stromedy or anything it's just that I don't really even watch his vids so don't come and hate on me 😒👌)

  • nobodylol

    Nobody: Not even me: Stromedy:*flys drone into school bus in the intro*

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      Either the main clown was holding the camera or that part was fake

    • subscribe or else I joined years ago
      subscribe or else I joined years ago


  • USSR

    2:23 i can see the clown is human from his hands lol

    • Vera Gaminggirl
      Vera Gaminggirl

      Well clowns are humans in masks

  • Cool Drift600
    Cool Drift600

    Yeah you should’ve got a cloud ID before you went on that one


    This very interesting video made me want to see it and this super cool could upload more content I love it

  • Martalja Moore
    Martalja Moore

    intro funny seeing free hugs on one of the clowns

  • C0FFEE

    14:43 a human is driving it. Wouldnt it be weird for the clowns? And they dont suspect him or something.

    • lovinqjoon

      Is fake

    • Brisa Flores
      Brisa Flores

      @Neil ‘Minge’ Sutherland l

    • Kristo Clarke
      Kristo Clarke

      Never die

    • Kristo Clarke
      Kristo Clarke


  • Blaze Das
    Blaze Das

    I wonder how every week something crazy happends but every 90 years to a person nothing happends ;-;

  • Michael Aguirre
    Michael Aguirre


  • OhLe4b

    did anyone notice theres a man on the bus- driving

  • Mariau77 Ceballos
    Mariau77 Ceballos

    One of the clowns looked like they were twerking 😶

  • kary brown
    kary brown

    For how many times stromedy has encountered clowns: welcome to the bus of death. It delivers you to hell

  • Bo Kayo
    Bo Kayo

    "Its turning into a clown apocalypse guys"- stromedy Me: lol this so cringe

  • Joe

    this guy is in love with clowns

  • Halimatou Bah
    Halimatou Bah

    Kyle i subscribed to your IRglo channel keep going with the good work 😘

    • 👑 Alice 👑
      👑 Alice 👑

      Yes your right

  • Nouval Syahreza
    Nouval Syahreza

    Sawan, I'm like I want to die, I'm sure the one who's the clown is surprised

  • FaZe 58
    FaZe 58

    The clowns actually looked like they could be really good friends

    • BuTterfly peanut YT 12
      BuTterfly peanut YT 12


    • Allen Dula ⭐
      Allen Dula ⭐


  • Iulian Arvinte
    Iulian Arvinte

    Imagine if you were in the same bus!!!!

  • Danijela Stojakovic
    Danijela Stojakovic

    That guy is definitely getting on the bus

  • Cindy Perez
    Cindy Perez

    I love your channel I like and subscribe stay safe from the clowns

  • Tanner Czort
    Tanner Czort

    Oh my god the clowns in the buss wow great content

  • Azozaso09

    youre channel is so cool dude keep the amazing work!

  • Eva Robinson
    Eva Robinson

    I love your clown videos 🤡❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Tiffany Yang
    Tiffany Yang

    I know he’s making this up it looks like a costume 🤣


      Ya the mask looks so fake like that has to be a mask and the hands look like they are human hands so this has to be fake

  • TaggedBlox

    Number 1 how did the camera get that without being chased unless this is staged

  • Samsung Bedjo
    Samsung Bedjo

    even though it's 1 year late it's still stressful

  • Ayo 😳
    Ayo 😳

    Me and the bois when we see a clown: *casually just gets outs a shotgun.*

  • piper's bby girls
    piper's bby girls

    Stromedy "this is the most insane video we have never done a more insane video. Me : really so the 1 man hide and seek, ghost paper , man of many riddles, the number neighboor and the videos when the scream family, strangrt and others creepy people came to your house was that not insane

    • Luanne Ekstrom
      Luanne Ekstrom

      @Chance Gaming ddh us uahaasah da dah S3 u has hahaz

    • Chance Gaming
      Chance Gaming

      What's popping i love your vids 🤩🤩😅

  • Elder tree
    Elder tree

    I love the outside of the bus

  • All might
    All might

    Students saying they will study really hard:

    • Kali Morgan
      Kali Morgan

      My name is zali

    • Kali Morgan
      Kali Morgan

      What do you mean students they are clowns

  • Kid Eater
    Kid Eater

    “This clowns are not messing around” Clowns half way out the window Yah totally there not messing around Edit: Thankyou guys for liking my comment never got this many likes before!

    • Alice Marquez
      Alice Marquez

      N no B by B B B B Go CBC

    • GradyBunch

      @Julian Champes 🧡💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    • Brittany Bridschge
      Brittany Bridschge

      @Sunni Robertson ghgg yog

    • gaki gagi gami
      gaki gagi gami


  • antonio girgenti
    antonio girgenti

    A school bus of Clowns. I bet The Joker's the principal.

  • Volcanoflames

    The clowns know that the clown sounds like Kyle

  • Logan - A Special Kiddo’s World View
    Logan - A Special Kiddo’s World View

    We need a clown hotel one day

  • Lindsey Kepner
    Lindsey Kepner

    That's so scary getting chased by clowns my 15 year-old brother and he's a teenager he's such a scary cat Because he's scared of clowns what a scary cat😂😂🍉🍉🍉

  • Skylar

    if your gonna go looking for clowns and you know that your gonna run into one, you should buy a clown costume and camouflage in with them so that they don't suspect anything

    • Sophie McMillan
      Sophie McMillan

      @XXCOW BOWXX why? Why you gotta be so rude

    • Grace Warner
      Grace Warner


    • Trim Sulegmani
      Trim Sulegmani


    • Melinda

      He had tried that

  • patricia marhone
    patricia marhone

    I don’t celebrate Halloween but it’s OK it’s just that I’m actually scared of clowns this video is so scary that I almost cried.

  • The Hehrings
    The Hehrings

    Insane content fr keep up the great work

  • Lindsey Douglas
    Lindsey Douglas

    Your merge is sick I like it it's super cool I want to get your gray hoodie but my mom says it's too expensive you're my favorite IRglors by and always peace ✌ ✌ ✌

  • Zee Hamdan
    Zee Hamdan

    It makes no sense how there attacking stromedys group but not the bus driving driver

  • Yacoub Korkian
    Yacoub Korkian

    Im a clown and im affended we look more scary🤣

  • Theodore Williams
    Theodore Williams

    Wow you got some serious guts boy you walked in the bus with all those crazy ass clowns I don't know how you get so brave that is crazy idea but you did it

  • Ana Guzman
    Ana Guzman

    Dude thats the clown I saw and me and my friends we were going to jump the clown that’s sticking his head out

  • glxe

    i saw the intro and liked immediately knowing i would find a banger

  • Madison Crepeau
    Madison Crepeau

    I’m surprised that stromedy hasn’t been doing scarier videos since it’s Halloween. It’s kinda sad :(

    • Gabrielle Dowdy
      Gabrielle Dowdy


    • Daffy

      @Ian G. Sully i know!

    • Luke Thomas
      Luke Thomas

      @✨food✨ true

    • Luke Thomas
      Luke Thomas

      Ikr like I wish it was clowns vs siren head

  • thabile's channel
    thabile's channel

    Something is sus with this clowns Why do they have a human bus driver

  • Ava Fursdon
    Ava Fursdon

    I am pretty sure that they have masks on

  • TheCuteKitten

    Amagine if they have lives and just want peace but but by filming them stromedy made them mad and now they are invading And also is this even real?

  • cutebear&angel(I don't have a yt channel yet.
    cutebear&angel(I don't have a yt channel yet.

    There just in costume bc I don't see there mouth moving but I still recommend running away

  • Lindsey Richard
    Lindsey Richard

    I'm watching this dressed up as a clown, on my mom's account for youtube, acting like i know each clown and naming them. Bob is my fave. Happy Halloween clowns, you too.

    • Erin Pudans
      Erin Pudans

      @H happy halloweeen I’m a clown Too

    • Lala loves TOYS!
      Lala loves TOYS!


    • Gunno Man
      Gunno Man

      The real names of the clowns are towering clown and hugz the clown in the thumbnail, their from spirit Halloween

    • Daria Bodea
      Daria Bodea

      Happy halloween👻

  • laras official
    laras official

    I know it's scary but it's really cool

  • Daneilia Palmer
    Daneilia Palmer

    i think you shouldent follow them i saw a clown onetime it ran after me everyone stay away from clowns

  • Erich Krystle Miral
    Erich Krystle Miral


  • Lizzy

    How did you get a chance to film this? This might be fake

  • Briannabeingalive

    Your vids just keep getting better and better each vid

    • Cool guy 69 gamer
      Cool guy 69 gamer

      You know the there actors

  • Alexa Gonzalez
    Alexa Gonzalez

    It’s a looks like when I show up for school late because that was a long drive and I live in Mexico and this is my first video of watching you