if you ever see a stack of money on your car, run and call the Police instantly! (It's a TRAP)
if you ever see a stack of money on your car, run and call the Police instantly! (It's a TRAP)
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  • Stromedy

    If you ever see a stack of money on your car, don't grab it!


      I love your videos I watch them when I was about like nine years old

    • Faizan Muhammad
      Faizan Muhammad

      Ooook👍👍👍👍🤴 4🇮🇹

    • Anna James
      Anna James


    • Heidi Kidd
      Heidi Kidd


    • Heidi Kidd
      Heidi Kidd

      Why are you just sitting there they're gonna see what don't sit there go out and get him are you just gonna sit down let him steal your friends car

  • 𝓢 𝓮 𝓪 𝓷♡
    𝓢 𝓮 𝓪 𝓷♡

    I feel like this is fake or the last part near the fence bc you could have just grabbed his leg but you didn’t want to.., you could have keep looking but you chose not to? Kinda suspicious

    • iStars

      It’s fake

    • Jacob stevens
      Jacob stevens

      It is fakr

    • Daniel Beavers
      Daniel Beavers

      it's fake lol they just want followers to make money. you would have called the cops right away

    • Killer gamer
      Killer gamer

      It is not fake bro bc I’m a big fan of him I trust him

    • Tanish

      But he does make good video

  • Ennard

    Amanda: * gets in her car from shopping * Thief: * pulls wire * Amanda: * sees the money * OH HELL NAW- * just drives at full speed knocking the money back off the car on the road next to the thief * the thief: '-' .... I've been jooked.. GOD DAMN IT-

  • Macy K
    Macy K

    Someone left money under my windshield wiper a couple days ago when I went on a hike. I left it on there and told myself "Let's see how far I can take this with me." Got to my mom's house a couple hours later and my brother was like "Why do you have money under your wiper?" No strings attached. But...it was just a dollar 😂

    • Imogen Taylor
      Imogen Taylor



    Thank you for making the video and making sure everybody knows that that we me and my grandma know when that happens we lock are doors and called the police or we can just drive off

  • Lochlan McBride
    Lochlan McBride

    when you realize that andre is the "Car Stealer"

    • CC

      Lol how dose he know it’s a man in the in the start

  • Haziana Hisamuddin
    Haziana Hisamuddin

    I feel so sorry from the people that loses they’re car they have to walk all the way back home😭😭😭

    • RaiBlay_Yt

      @Beth Miller don’t be that confident

    • E

      The video's are fake it says in the description that its for entertainment purposes only

    • E

      Wow imagine believing in these fake video's

    • Natalie Deych
      Natalie Deych

      What if there friends have cars use there ca4s

    • Amarjit Singh
      Amarjit Singh

      They can call taxis

  • Jen Hansen
    Jen Hansen

    If that happens to me boy I know what I'm doing I'm getting in my car driving away into a safe place calling the cops

  • Rosalyn_ _Gold
    Rosalyn_ _Gold

    Your such a life savor I am literally gonna tell my parents this immediately! Dude good thing your making these vids-

  • AlexLallesVR

    If they still do this a tip to everyone, close the door when you go to look at the money and lock the car! As best do not even go out of your car.

  • ItsVicky

    When ever i see something bad with cars in the vid, its always at walmart+ "This is actually very smart" said Stromedy Me:Dude thats just, wow

  • •milk•

    I love the way at the end Kyle is in the house they say is haunted and he was so chill about it😂

    • Glen Ryan
      Glen Ryan

      HA HA HA HA

    • scemer69


    • Angel Reyes
      Angel Reyes

      @Kylan Cheesman GB

    • murillo Murillo
      murillo Murillo

      It was day duh and they said it comes up at 3A.M so just letting yall' know -,-

    • gods beat
      gods beat

      Be that my ouija board shit is fakeeee

  • ¥{Itx.kieruu}¥

    Ima tell this to my mom and my dad this is rly dangerous!!!!

  • Welcome to wolf world
    Welcome to wolf world

    I legit found this on my dads car so I was like dad you got something on your car he gets out both of us I find someone and go and I say YOU TRYING TI ROB OUR CAR ! Then he runs off 😉😂😆

  • Jami

    You should’ve got in the back seat and once he stopped do the home alone “hello”

  • Mr. Random
    Mr. Random

    Bro I would’ve vaulted that fence right into him being my ass with you next time I literally parkour for fun catching this man would be amazing

    • christopher wooldridge
      christopher wooldridge

      Unless you knew the guy....... Think about it...... Think about it

  • HARRY LEE Gaming
    HARRY LEE Gaming

    The car that was stole one of you should of hide in the back to confront him 😀😃

  • Naomi Evans
    Naomi Evans

    Thank you I will look out for that when I am with my parents

  • James Gilmour
    James Gilmour

    How much cars does he need is he doing it to flex😂😂😂

  • BaconBloxFly

    4:39 He looks like Dwayne the rock Johnson 😂😂

  • A Price
    A Price

    im gonna keep watching this until im older

  • Unicorn Sprinkles Yeet
    Unicorn Sprinkles Yeet

    I’m glad that he actually tried to catch him and also that he told the other shoppers about this.👍

  • faithful_Flower46

    I find it funny that it see exact same stack of cash in the exact same condition every time seems a little sus 😳 and coincidence I think not

  • Dania Zakaria
    Dania Zakaria

    I'm scared of these kind of items but I risk it for the biscuit

  • Rose Reality Tv!
    Rose Reality Tv!

    Kyle be mighty fine when he running

  • Cristina Scavella
    Cristina Scavella

    I saw it happen out of my window I’m serious this is so sad for this guy

  • •milk•

    I honestly think stromedy needs to be a police officer.also I honestly prefer these types of videos to the super creepy videos.dont get me wrong I still love them but sometimes they scare the shit out of me😆 but Kyle should definitely try to do more of these

  • christina mullinix
    christina mullinix

    I know a way to escape first to act like you’re going out and then lock your door and then have your keys so then when you act like that then he can’t be able to steal it

  • 9!nHRAS

    I saw one of the tracker hooks from the other video fall out of the cars stealers pocket 😳

  • panda_playz

    When you see someone do this thing go fight him stromedy

  • ChrisTheManY

    this might be staged, but atleast he is raising awareness

  • しにたいちゃn ( I want to die )
    しにたいちゃn ( I want to die )

    This made me think to tell my family and bloned my mind these robbers are getting smart

    • Twix VR
      Twix VR

      U know this is fake right?

    • the man behind the slaugther
      the man behind the slaugther

      if I ever see a robber im gonna say hey you! robber:😢😭*cries because he kicked me in my no no square. hahaha. me:noob call 911.

    • FA • HYPER
      FA • HYPER

      @Shrek is my oppa me

    • {insert creative name}
      {insert creative name}

      You know this is fake right?

    • Redempta Bekah
      Redempta Bekah


  • Big Trick
    Big Trick

    I’m just wondering why he didn’t take the keys out

  • The Fallen Gamer
    The Fallen Gamer

    on first impression,I thought Stromedy was a clickbaiter, but he’s a hero in disquise (idk how to spell it) Ty stromedy, ur a good person

  • MineSam

    If the video takes place in Canada, why is the stack of cash American dollars?

  • Imogen Taylor
    Imogen Taylor

    My dad fell for this but it was a prank my mom and I were planning and we put real cash and we dressed as that thief and then we let him keep the cash💕

  • Blizzy Ninja
    Blizzy Ninja

    Why would we wanna run away and call the cops just drive away immediately

    • Alec Harrison
      Alec Harrison

      Ek xtreme o if you were driving and you saw 10 thousand dollars on your window would you really try and grab that isn’t that sus

    • justine pacapat
      justine pacapat

      Ya thats a good idea

    • Hickory Brown sugar
      Hickory Brown sugar

      So that the person doing this gets arrested and nobody else gets thier car stolen

    • Ek xtreme
      Ek xtreme

      You wouldn't be thinking about that

  • Grace Thundow
    Grace Thundow

    You could have got his finger print and give it to the cops


    thats happened to me before but luckily i got my car back

  • Danniel Anth
    Danniel Anth

    He's a parkour That's actually for professionals that take care of the environments

  • Michelle Russo
    Michelle Russo

    This is the first Stromedy video I have ever watched!

  • Team Exell
    Team Exell

    Imagine one of the people in the crew stayed in the back of a car and they waited until the thief went in and when he enters the car, they gang up on the theif🤣

    • harrison nechimbupfe
      harrison nechimbupfe

      That Won't

  • Younus Hussain
    Younus Hussain

    Imagine it Mr beast giving free money on your car like this🤣😂

  • Faizan

    Thank you this happened to me and I just copied you then I told my big brothers to tell all the people at the park to not get it

  • DucksUntilDawn

    1:12 there’s someone behind you and he disappeared

  • Rosalyn_ _Gold
    Rosalyn_ _Gold

    Oml thank u so much for telling me this oh my I’m so so surprised and I feel sorry that your friends car got stolen

    • marian bolden
      marian bolden


    • Aspart 2
      Aspart 2

      It’s not real 🤦‍♂️

  • Kraikey

    lol it didn’t happen to him because he had another stack of money on the other seat🤔

  • Creed

    Is this staged? Seems too over the top to be real in the video. I'm not denying that the scam/ theft happens just cant believe it just so happened for the video.

  • Logan Freeman
    Logan Freeman

    What happens if you have a key fob and they take away your car and then it shuts off because the key fob isn't close to the car?

  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    I saw this on my dads car last week and i told my dad to call the police

  • Jessica Bates
    Jessica Bates

    So I was at target and came and saw a stack of money on my friend’s car I saw the fishing line and followed it and I found a man sitting behind a poll hold the fishing wire he ran

  • goodbye

    I told my mom this and she said "why would i fall for stupid money? I'll just cut the string befor i get in"

    • Taki

      But she's still gonna take the money lol

    • Ismael Yanez
      Ismael Yanez

      Lol thats funny but becarefull

  • Nic sharp
    Nic sharp

    Thanks for saving our lives by telling us these things your the best😊


    Omg thank you so much for making these videos because of you me and my family have been saved so many times and I always tell my mom and dad to look out for surtant things so that that car does not get stolen Thank You so much Stromedy

  • kyle hice
    kyle hice

    He would be in trouble!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • siimply pops
    siimply pops

    Bad People watching this be like - oh a new way how to steal a car

  • Its Danny
    Its Danny

    There’s a guy behind you at 1:15 because I think he’s the one about to steal your car

    • Its Danny
      Its Danny

      jasperh that’s the same guy that stole the car 🤡🤡🤡

    • jasperh

      thats just a guy walking tf do you mean lmfao

    • RudeRedRat

      Yeah that's the same thing I thought too, he looks ultra suspicious

    • b-17 flying fortress dragon
      b-17 flying fortress dragon


    • xequwi


  • Lai Choo Hoong
    Lai Choo Hoong

    Me: omg is this really!!?? Later some minutes... Me: ohhhh ,look the camera man!

  • Dalton Walls
    Dalton Walls

    I have that once happened to me in Canada but the string on I saw and I knew it's fake


    PFFFT!!like I’m fallin’ for THAT!,even when I notice it I’m only going to drive off

  • Kayleigh Cloutier
    Kayleigh Cloutier

    That was crazy that scared me for a second

  • maryrose Neilan
    maryrose Neilan

    10k on the ground Me:tries to take it The money:gets pulled away by air Me: surprised pikachu face

  • CJ Stan
    CJ Stan

    Easy solution to this just shut your door and take your keys out of the car

  • Peter Long
    Peter Long

    If I see a stack of money on my windshield I'm pulling out my pistol while I grab it.... go ahead and try to steal my car

  • SLG

    Okay I'll give props to him for actually making a video that's not fake

  • DiabolicalDummeh

    Ok thanks for the tip I’ll tell my mom to not to do that omg

  • 天国へ行こう

    Imagine if someone random saw the money and takes it away, the thief will be like: NOOOOOOO WHY DID YOU??!!!


    Every time I’m in a bad mood I start watching your videos and then I feel better I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  • Kathleen Fink
    Kathleen Fink

    Wow you guys tried to stop that dood you r awesome Why do ppl even steal cars

  • BaseBall9

    About 1:15 behind him was a guy in a black suit and a mask-

  • Dawn Olson
    Dawn Olson

    One time I saw a hundred dollar bill on the ground I was like is thus a trap or just free picked it up nothin happed so me: FREE MONEY 💵

  • Arnel Recto
    Arnel Recto

    me at the start: OMG WHAT THE HECK?! me in the middle:scared*this is so not cool EVEN IN THE COVID TIME me at the end:oh my... i hope you called the cops and put him in jail

    • ً

      @Blue Eagle It's fake but I still love the video :/

    • Blue Eagle
      Blue Eagle

      Is fake that jayhills

  • Amanda Gibson
    Amanda Gibson

    This happened to me on my chevy and I saw that there was a $10,000 and I watched your video and I knew what to do so tricked the guy.there was a police next to me and showed him it! And he said well why don't you take it.i said to him that it could lead me to losse a car!! And he said ohh.so we wait and I got in my car and then the guy pooled the money,so I got out and then the guy got in my car and locked it but he didn't know that there was a police next to me.so I got in his car and we followed him! He finally stopped and jumped out!! The police chased him and we got him.I told the guy to be a little ore smarter!!! Haha like if this happed to you!😡😢😱🤣🤣👍👍

  • Janette McKee
    Janette McKee

    That look scary.I'll always make sure not to grab it 🤔🤯😳

  • No

    Ah yes I remember me and my family our car was a van because we were a lot so us kids got to stay in the van, because the adults have to go inside Walmart 😃❔well I watched this in 1am lmao👀👍

  • Marlon  Catayoc
    Marlon Catayoc

    Reality:oh~money Reality rob car guy:forgets Reality:cuts free money thx

  • YK Chris
    YK Chris

    2:34 there’s literally a stack of money in his car that looks exactly like the fake money 💵

    • heheつー。ーつI_am_Weirdつー。ーつ

      and then he took it off-... = - =

    • heheつー。ーつI_am_Weirdつー。ーつ

      well ya because he had it on his car too...

    • Abigayle Odom
      Abigayle Odom

      This no fake why would he put money on other cars

    • KotaBear 2
      KotaBear 2

      ya its identical hes capping

    • Liza Vlogs
      Liza Vlogs

      Hmm now I'm starting to think that this video is fake. 🤔

  • Cookie MB
    Cookie MB

    Wow ,I’ve never seen anything like this ever ! Thanks for the heads up..Oh I joined too. :-)

  • Gaming channel Chris
    Gaming channel Chris

    THAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO BUT I got my car back thankfully but He had a gun

  • The Oldest Man  From Entry Point
    The Oldest Man From Entry Point

    This is why you make sure your German Shepard is trained to bite people who are strangers, when you are not around. Edit: And if he shoots or harms the dog, he’ll explode. Just the way the law works.

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