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When arriving at the states from Senegal in high school. It was a viral sensation, being one of the tallest basketball players in the world as a teenager. However Tacko back then didn't seem too interested in pursuing a career in pro hoops, he even stated that he wanted to be an engineer, and would rather be Steve Jobs than LeBron James. And I get that Steve Jobs had more money but cmon if you ask 99% of hoopers the same question, I'm sure they'd all say LeBron.
After high school, Tacko attended UCF and went off the radar for a few years. His play was solid and consistent, but he wasn't really improving much by the year. So much so that coming into his senior year, his name was nowhere to be seen on any pre-draft boards. I even made a video discussing what happened to him in February. Only for him days later to have a breakout performance with 23 points and 20 rebounds, and carry that momentum into the NCAA tournament, and after Tacko did as good a job as anyone containing Zion Williamson in UCF's heartbreaking loss to the blue devils, he had found himself right back on the NBA radar. He set all kinds of records at the NBA draft combine, including height with and without shoes, longest-standing reach etc. And although going undrafted in the 2019 NBA draft. Earned a non guaranteed contract with the Celtics, that contract was extended after Tacko exceeded expectations through summer league and pre-season, and it seemed as if Fall had done enough to win over a fully guaranteed deal. However, Boston decided to offer their last roster spot to Javonte Green, who we covered back in November. And signed Tacko to a two-way contract, where he'd spend time in both the NBA and G-League this season.
While Tacko has played just 1 game with the Celtics in the NBA so far, where he had 4 points and 3 rebounds in as many minutes against the Knicks. He has spent the majority of this season so far playing G-league with Maine red claws, where Tacko has been nothing short of dominant thus far. In 6 appearances all of which have been off the bench. Tacko is averaging 15 points, 10.8 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 2.7 blocks per game. While shooting almost 70% from the field. His best game so far came against the stacked Raptors 905, where Tacko had 21 point performance shooting a perfect 9 of 9 from the field. He had another outstanding performance were on vs the Memphis hustle, was on top of his 16 points. He grabbed 18 rebounds, 14 of which were on the offensive end. Which is outrageous
And while Danny Ainge and brad stevens are being cautious with his playing time and have tried to temper expectations for Tacko, since joining the Celtis all he's done is exceed those. This was an undrafted giant they signed on an exhibit 10 contract, who quickly proved to be a fan favorite, viral sensation, box office attraction and most importantly. A productive basketball player, It's as if Tacko has a level of productivity he's capable of that he always brings regardless of the competition, whether that be college, summer-league, g-league or the NBA. Taco seems to always put up the same numbers, ranging from 10-12 points a night on above 70% shooting from the field. If he keeps up his good play, it'll only be a matter of time before the Celtics bring him into the rotation on a regular basis. Brad Stevens recently said that when struggling for depth in the frontcourt, they'll call up Tacko from the G-League. But on a current trajectory with the way he's improved over the last year, a future in the NBA for Tacko is looking more and more likely. Though I must say the Celtics front office and training staff are doing the right thing by being cautious, recently he suffered a bone bruise that will likely sideline him for two weeks.
I suggest Boston keeps doing what they are doing, allow Tacko to continue to thrive and develop in the minor leagues for this season. While still making the odd NBA cameo here and there, and then come to the end of the season with a year's long sample size evaluate whether or not he's ready to make the jump and play in the NBA on a more permanent basis.

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  • Sean O'Sullivan
    Sean O'Sullivan

    I think you've got the right idea. Keep him in the g-leauge where you can manage minutes and build his body over the season, if he plays consistently in the NBA he'll get injuried for sure and the g-leauge gives him the opportunity to polish his back to the post game, mid range jumpers, and footwork #TackoWednesday

    • Manny E Chill
      Manny E Chill

      Sean O'Sullivan yeahh

    • Polyluchs Shroud
      Polyluchs Shroud

      @Anthony Taylor What do you don't understand? And if you have a different opinion just bring up arguments and then we can discuss. Leave the emotions out of it, they are no arguments..

    • Anthony Taylor
      Anthony Taylor

      Ok u said gaining weight and gravity right? U either joking trying to provoke an answer to make somebody else look stupid or? It's gotta be the reason u indicated what u wrote right????

    • Polyluchs Shroud
      Polyluchs Shroud

      @Anthony Taylor he needs to gain weight. Since he is so tall his center of gravity is pretty high. So he needs to put on weight to conpensate for that as a center

    • Anthony Taylor
      Anthony Taylor

      @Sean O'Sullivan but his body up??? Seriously????

  • watdaification

    If he could stick his fundamentals like Timmy then we could see the birth of one of the most productive center from the bench in nba history. Pretty sure that’s the perfect player for him to emulate and base his game on

    • CPGoat #3
      CPGoat #3

      Boban is already doing that

    • John Dilig
      John Dilig

      A 'big 6th' player? That'll be something. While everyone's trying to get their starting 5, the C's are developing their 2nd team to be as good as the 1st... Scary...

  • Toussaint Erikson
    Toussaint Erikson

    Had this been 2009 or before Tacko would have went Top 3

    • P

      I got to see tacko fall play live when I was in Portland Maine. Mans dropped 23 and 10 in like 25 minutes of play lol. They were even trying to fight him. Dudes couldn’t stop him

    • ImMexicanGuy

      Junjie ZEROCOOL if Shaq couldn’t bully a rookie Yao Ming what makes you think anyone else could

    • Sauber GT
      Sauber GT

      @showman40 That is so true. Thabeet only went no. 2 because he was 7'3. He had no basketball talent whatsoever. Tacko in 2009 would have been drafted over Thabeet cuz not only is he taller at 7'7 in shoes, but he has surprising agility at his size.

    • John Control
      John Control

      Ky they said the same about Yao Ming 🤷‍♂️

    • Jay R
      Jay R

      That's exactly my point

  • The ExplosiveGamer
    The ExplosiveGamer

    I can see Tacko’s career becoming like Siakam, in terms of development, spend some time in the gleague, work your way up to the bench, then hopefully a starter, all about working hard, playing your role and being patient.

    • Kobe A5 Wagyu
      Kobe A5 Wagyu

      @Razvan Geamanu Siakam is 25 so there is still chance.

    • Razvan Geamanu
      Razvan Geamanu

      He's 24 though

    • Osas

      @Andy Too late

    • Osas

      Time is money tho

    • Andy

      Lonzo Ball needa to do this

  • madeniran -
    madeniran -

    I’m not even sure how Tako fouled him He literally stood there


      @unknown They're won't be another one of either. Which is why the game now is so amazing where Witnessing Evolution of basketball and players. When players of that era come they leave copys of themselves of others to masked Kobe copy MJ, MJ watch Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Doctor J Favorite Elgin Baylor and yours truly wilt Chamberlain lol. But just like Zion Williams will come and put on his mask but shine in his own coat there will only be one of him as well.

    • unknown

      @CENTURYwho do you think is the next LeBron or Jordan


      @unknown yeah he did agreed but Wilt was stronger than shaq he was lifting around 500 pounds training with Arnold Schwarzenegger back when he first came to the State he was a bodybuilder back then. Compare to shaq 450 or less he was bigger. He's only had two weaknesses which was BBQ chicken and fat he already had on him. Shaq could have been way better than he was honestly bigger than he is now, but he didn't have that Mentality like Kobe or MJ Imagine if he did work out like kobe did pushing himself to the limited every year to get better. He was already in his mind he was already.


      @unknown yep see bro back then the mindset was different WC and shaq was looking to kill you on the court no fear of anyone alot of players now days don't have that everybody want to shoot 3s, now days, but That mindset some players had back then. MJ Reggie Miller Allen Iverson the hold Detroit Pistons back in the 90s and late 80s it was hard to get them out of a zone. Jiro do you think Shaq is better than WC? If so why?

    • unknown

      @CENTURY and wilt Chamberlain

  • JD Gaming
    JD Gaming

    As much as I wanna watch Tacko in the NBA I think they are doing the right thing developing him in the g-league. It’s like the 2k g-league glitch but in real life

    • Mike Flash
      Mike Flash

      @Alex De La Cruz lol. What, once? Gtfoh!!!!

    • Alex De La Cruz
      Alex De La Cruz

      I think if he could build muscle and weight a little bit he'll probably be in the NBA but yet again Ming dominanted Shaq back then

  • Olu Hamilton
    Olu Hamilton

    If he played against the Knicks he would post career highs.

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith

      He would be MVP

    • Choppa

      Lol he'd put up 60 against gsw

    • ZAY

      Mahabeaut Smitt the Celtics need a Tacko Fall more than they need an RJ Barrett

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith

      Xavier Ivory RJ Barrett

    • Rudy


  • Best dam Plumber
    Best dam Plumber

    He will be a good addition to the Celtics this spring when injury’s and rest start to show up. Can’t wait I think he can get better at shot blocking. That will come with strength training. The ceiling is very high for Tacko.

  • Wrist Wrist
    Wrist Wrist

    He still needs to develop he can’t spin left yet

    • The Narcissist Dash
      The Narcissist Dash

      SGG Draco you rite..

    • FirstClassCondones🎙

      @The Narcissist Dash but you can't lie when he get a better spin he will be like her Hakeem olaga however you spell his name

    • Jugganuat

      @delta jtrxes the biggest problem that people have at that height is speed and quickness. By practicing on those things tacko will get up and down the floor faster each year and his endurance will increase.

    • Joshie Cash
      Joshie Cash

      Literally as soon as he spun left I saw this comment lol what are you talking bout

    • Jugganuat

      Make him run track

  • Tim Вилсон
    Tim Вилсон

    He needs to spend the rest of the season in the G league polishing his game and getting more experience. His conditioning is also not the greatest from what I hear, which is why he's not even starting on the Red Claws. He's only averaging around 22 minutes a game as it is. If he were to go up to Boston he'd average far less.

  • Ave Mcree
    Ave Mcree

    Great video! I think he'll be on the main roster idk about his minutes. He seems to be a bit too slow in todays league. I honestly think his thoughts of being the next Steve Jobs is admirable.

  • Leck

    Anyone who doesn’t know he said he’d rather be Steve Jobs because of his knowledge, because athleticism goes away but knowledge doesn’t

  • Francisco Carrillo
    Francisco Carrillo

    as much as I want him to be in the nba I don't think he's ready, but he's putting in the work so let's see what the future holds

  • Craig Morrison
    Craig Morrison

    Really hope the Celtics give him a contract at the end of the season

  • Falemon Jennings
    Falemon Jennings

    When the time is right the Celtics will use to see Tacko and the Celtics succeed together..go Celtics ❤❤❤😎

    • Al mac
      Al mac

      You haven't locked him down to a contract. He has a non guaranteed deal. I believe that means some other team can take him.

  • Connor Danielson
    Connor Danielson

    How tacko fall is dominantingg the g-league It’s quite simple He’s 7’6

    • Tim Cyron
      Tim Cyron

      He’s 7’5 and while being tall definitely helps, but there’s much more to basketball than just height.

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith

      Na man. He got skillz and heart.

    • Dr. Zarkov
      Dr. Zarkov

      @globalicon2012 oh I remember blah blah blah Muslim thugs or some shit, right? So what, they should have done something, like beat em down? & Loose $$, respect, and shit on the Celtics organization. Stupid, just like you by thinking Tacko wouldn't snap every racist bone in your puny body! Embid...... haha, you mean 😭Cry Baby?

    • Dr. Zarkov
      Dr. Zarkov

      @globalicon2012 how so?

    • Dr. Zarkov
      Dr. Zarkov

      @Jude Marino not to bad against Detroit, even though it was garbage time. He did what he wanted too, & he'll do the same thing against whoever you put in front of him. He's the fuckn future of the Celtics dynasty! Along w/ Tatum, Brown, Kemba, you can't fuck with em. I agree with you about Tacko playing in the G for a bit, because it's obviously helped. He's realizing that he can be a dominant force in the NBA, against whoever. That confedence is what is what was missing from his game & I think KG told him that when they me recently. Go C's 🍀☘️

  • Tommie Dillard
    Tommie Dillard

    Continue to develop him in the G- league this year and bring him in next year.

  • LawnDartLegend

    How can you not just love Tacko. I dislike the Celtics, but I wish him tremendous success. Such a class act on and off the court and genuine nice guy. I am excited about his future in the NBA. Go Tacko!!

  • Rangatology

    I think he’s capable of playing 15-20 minutes per game in the NBA for his first full season. Like Marjanovic, but more consistently.

  • Justen Parsons
    Justen Parsons

    He will be on the playoff roster. Celtics are saving him. It's because the 2 way contract and the way it works. I love this story and hope this guy makes it. Even if not in Boston. Hes a worker. Hes gonna keep working it.


    NBA: Goodbye, Tacko. Tacko: I'll be back.

  • That Dude Najarian
    That Dude Najarian

    It all predicates on how well he can guard the pick n roll and switch on defense. Someone his size is going to be easy for guards to exploit in missmatches. Thats what Brad usually looks for when it comes to who plays.

  • melvin barnett
    melvin barnett

    They're making a monster, literally.

  • kevin vasquez
    kevin vasquez

    He saw that nba money and was like engineering is for broke people.

    • Emeka American
      Emeka American

      @RustyGreens how do you know?

    • Emeka American
      Emeka American

      He can still be a engineer if he wants to be

    • Garage man
      Garage man

      @RustyGreens and your occupation is what exactly?

    • Leck

      Mussels you’re funny for judging him because if you actually looked something up unlike your dumbass you could tell he has over a 3.7gpa and graduated and the top of his class. 🖕racist

    • M Shmoke
      M Shmoke

      Engineers make good money. Problem is people have an unrealistic view of salary because of entertainers and athletes. 99% of people are not athletes or entertainers. Best of luck, Taco. Did he get his degree in engineering? Makes him smarter than 99% of the people commenting.

  • JL

    Call me crazy, but Tacko would be great for the Knicks.

  • Bojan Baic
    Bojan Baic

    The best thing for him is just to practice and play basketball with more experience he will become more and more dominant so he is in a position where it is benefitial for both parties to have the celtics organization take their time with him

  • Pine

    I’ve seen every C’s regular season games this year but 2 and I think he should be on the roster now .

  • 86Brando

    I think Tacko should ball out in G league this season because even though the Celtics need more help in the front court, it's not worth the rush for someone as raw as Fall is, plus, this gives Daniel Theis more time to develop with the current starters and he's earned it by this point, even with Enes Kanter back. I think Tacko can be a big part of the Celtcs near future, but there is no immediate need to rush him onto the main roster.

  • Supreme Evil
    Supreme Evil

    If he can stay healthy and play at least 45-50 games, it will be great for him. I believe, he can find his spot in NBA roster, develope his game and doing his thing.

  • JJ

    This dude is a star and whatever team that figures that out first is in for a real treat! This dude moves very well for being that tall and he is smart too, he scares people when they drive to the rim. He just needs a real chance in real NBA games, he already proved he put up solid stats in G league.

  • Olu Otuyelu
    Olu Otuyelu

    Boston could use Tacko Fall like Lakers use Javale McGee. A player you can bring in intermittently to boost defense plus additional fire power on offense.

  • Ranu meah
    Ranu meah

    wonder if he can get picked up by another team? that's what id be worried about! Give him more playing time if that's the case! Don't know what they are paying him now but if the Lakers called me up or another team id jump ship if they felt I needed more time! I'm sure his defense and center present would be a great contribution!

  • Uchiha.Raijin

    He has the skill and size, he just needs refine his game a bit more and abuse his lenght, he can literally dunk on anyway while they’re hands are up since people try to avoid fouling him while just standing. I feel like he contains his play when presented with the opportunity to posterize any other big man or help defender.

  • Pickle

    He’s moving pretty well now

  • W.W. Bennett
    W.W. Bennett

    He works hard to improve. I like his chances.

  • bovedli

    He’s gonna play next year.he has huge marketing potential. People go crazy for him. I honestly think he should be playing in Boston already. Just a few minutes here and there. Sold out arenas basically.

  • Ouonouan Wilfried-Désiré
    Ouonouan Wilfried-Désiré

    Tzcko would be a beast IN euro league. Remember, no 5s violation in defense. He can just camp under the rim and protect it like no other

  • JD Pina
    JD Pina

    Big facts - he’s doing so good in the gleague

  • San Jose Vincit
    San Jose Vincit

    whatever helps the team... either Tacko is ready now or sometime in the future when he can concretely contribute to the team... so be it. let him enjoy.. there’s a time for him and the team.

  • Jesse D76
    Jesse D76

    I'm a Celtic fan but I have to admit, hes still a bit raw with his skill. He needs to work on his footwork more. Time to call up Hakeem for that! Ince he improves that, his production numbers will triple! 😁👍

  • Taury13GT

    This man should be a starter on the Celtics tbh. He’s 7’7! He would be a way better replacement for Al Horford. He could get multiple rebounds at a time, easily take it to the rim with his long arms, get blocks, and be a big part on the team. Throwing lobs would be no problem, and him inbounding the balls could make plays for the team. If they sign him, it’ll make the team way better than it was last year, as if it wasn’t already.

  • Dan 44
    Dan 44

    Surely Tackos biggest issue will be injuries and load management. A guy as tall and slender as him who took up Basketball at a comparatively late age isn't going to last long if he's thrown straight in at the deep end.

  • George Estrada
    George Estrada

    lets pray for tacko. i hope you make it takco


    After this year expect him to come out of the bench for the C’s in the NBA regular season. Imagine him gaining bulk through the year and developing a shot. 🤷‍♂️

    • potzysk2

      He's 300 lbs. He doesn't need to gain any weight. He's not like Bol Bol at 210.

  • ubadman1

    theres a lot at play as well. 76ers and lakers each have real 7footers as well. and in the playoffs, they may need him for matchups. it woud be asking a lot but no more than asking whoever was gonna gaurd those guys anyway.

  • o bez
    o bez

    i genuinely think in the 90s he would have been no 1 pick. In them days your team revolved around the middle and freak height was so intriguing.

  • Devon Beedy
    Devon Beedy

    You keep him 2 way until the deadline to have him on the roster for the playoffs

  • Clement Chea
    Clement Chea

    let him continue to grow in experience in the G league and by next year he will be a more dangerous force to reckon with......dont forget there are still bullies like dwight howard and AD and strong giants like Giannis and paul george Embiid that are mover and shakers in the league

  • Cole Pollock
    Cole Pollock

    actually seen tacko fall once when my sister graduated two years ago from high school her graduation was held at UCF and when me n my family were on the way to their basketball arena for the graduation i seen tacko walking lemme jus say that me seeing tacko on tv and in real life was totally different like it really shocks me how humans can be taller than 6’8 bc seeing a man that is 7’6 is like looking at a tree

  • Inglês com Fé
    Inglês com Fé

    He can "be" Lebron James until he's 35 years old, after that he'll have his whole life to "become" Steve Jobs.

  • Colin Dunkley
    Colin Dunkley

    Just leave him in the G League until he gets more muscle. He sort of gets pushed around a bit in the post on offense.

  • LaParker Hunter
    LaParker Hunter

    Robert Williams starting big. Taco second option period. Let them young bigs get playing time. They need it!!!!!

  • Dominic McCloud
    Dominic McCloud

    I think he's ready, you cant go wrong with him as long as he keeps the ball up high

    • hulkdaddy71

      He's not ready, he'd get pushed around by guys like Jokic, Embiid, Gasol, Adebayo, Harrell.....

  • saugabwoy

    Tacko is legit. He moves really well and has good speed. Boston could do what my Raps did with Siakim, Van Vleet, and Boucher....just develop him in the G league. Makes no sense bringing him up if ur going to have him be the #4 Center. Players don't develop on the bench. When they are ready to give him run, they can bring him up. This is what the G league was truly meant for.

  • Alan Mazzucchelli
    Alan Mazzucchelli

    Can a two-way player spend most of his allotted games in the postseason or is he ineligible?

  • NBordzy

    He's going to be a top 10 center of the 2020s.

  • Michael Benfield
    Michael Benfield

    Give the man a contract!

  • Sergio Candia
    Sergio Candia

    I think can do and more if he wants. More aggressively is all he needs. Its fast for his size

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    He's worth the last roster spot for the playoffs.

  • kingeura1

    i think he's good but he have to improve more before he come back to nba,he don't need to make the nba right now just focus on improve his game for when he come back he destroy the game, it can take some time but he need that time for adjust his game

  • Nate

    IDK about dominant. But he is doing very well.

    • K 130
      K 130

      He gets offense boards like no one else

  • Its Ya Boi Shadow
    Its Ya Boi Shadow


  • Mike G
    Mike G

    Taco should go to Europe. He''d be great playing in Spain and earn bloody good money too.

  • terry terry
    terry terry

    He been ready , give the young man a shot

  • huge shoes
    huge shoes

    I'd love it if mavs drafted tacko

  • Edwaks

    The celtics should activate him on christmas day and showcase him to the world

    • Edwaks

      😂😂😂 but for real tho it would be like how the rockets generated the international market with yao ming

    • Toney Cook
      Toney Cook


    • Tech Masters
      Tech Masters

      put some lights on him , would be a nice Christmas tree with celtics green equip

  • Junjie ZEROCOOL
    Junjie ZEROCOOL

    If your LJ at 7'6 you are going to end up OWNING the NBA.

    • Lambert

      if you can move with that height

  • Danny Marshburn
    Danny Marshburn

    I Love the fact this young man is very educated.

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P

    He’d have to be double teamed in the paint and under the basket he’s unstoppable,he only getting smarter and hitting the open man is not going to be a problem Taco is making the cut

    • hulkdaddy71

      Defensively, he's very limited. Not quick enough to keep anyone in front of him. He's not strong enough to stop guys from bodying him. He'd foul out a lot.

  • Will

    I have season tickets to a tacko’s gleague team so I get to see him alot

    • Hanley


    • Will

      Shane Wellnitz bad it takes him a while to get down the court


      Who's asking?

    • Shane Wellnitz
      Shane Wellnitz

      How is he looking in person then?

  • Tim Zurowski
    Tim Zurowski

    The Celtics need Rim protection and getting boards.....Tacko can this this.....

  • Simon Patterson
    Simon Patterson

    The Australian league would be a good stepping stone for him. A step up from G league but not NBA level.

    • Goap Kodi
      Goap Kodi

      Simon Patterson lol stop being arrogant you know what I mean

    • Simon Patterson
      Simon Patterson

      @Goap Kodi you just did

    • Goap Kodi
      Goap Kodi

      Simon Patterson you are probably from Australia then so I can't really say anything

    • Simon Patterson
      Simon Patterson

      @Goap Kodi easily

    • Goap Kodi
      Goap Kodi

      Simon Patterson you think the Australian league is better than the g league😂


    Definitely ready if they would have kept him on the BC. He would have gotten better just like tre young did. The only thing he would have to work on is speed and getting stronger. I see when his down low he's not comfortable it helps that he's tall but he needs to be comfortable like how Shaquille o'neal was when he was sitting in the paint. Defenders that played against Shaq knew his body was his everything down in the paint once his three to four feet from the basket he's putting you in there with the ball. Lol


      @hulkdaddy71 never said he would be a Shaq that's to disrespectful in so many ways lol. There only one Shaq, now I was saying look at how he Post up Taco he's uncomfortable. Being a post man all these years and still uncomfortable. I know he's young still but Shaq when he started in the nba or even in college he was comfortable. Yes he had weight, but I've seen players half the size of a big men and still able to move them around when there driving to the paint. That's why strength comes in play. Tacko isn't going to get big in weight but if he get strong and a little bit faster he will be able to do things he never thought he could on the court.

    • hulkdaddy71

      Can't compare him to Shaq. Shaq had size, strength, and was actually skilled coming out of LSU. Tacko only has height. He has no strength, no real size, weight-wise, to move ppl around, and very limited skills

  • Deem

    He's ready now but they won't need him until playoffs

  • The tony treehouse club
    The tony treehouse club

    His fg percentage is pretty nice

  • Thiago Souza
    Thiago Souza


  • JGR_CraZZe

    How is tacko fall still in the g league? That’s the real question🤔

    • Sasquatch

      Andy white mamba 😆

    • James Lougee
      James Lougee

      He needs to put on at least 100lbs... one charge from any big man in the NBA and he will fall to the court and shatter into a million pieces as if he were made out of legos.

    • Andy

      Look at Alex Caruso and see why sometimes it better to play valuable minutes in the Gleague than be in the bench in the NBA.

    • Chris Wright
      Chris Wright


    • BumsTakingOver

      Celtics gonna slow walk him till he's ready to come start, instead of coming off the bench.

  • Conrad Rose
    Conrad Rose

    I’d rather be Lebron 😂just because I’ve never been the man on a team and that’d feel awesome to be Bron bron

  • April Shearin
    April Shearin

    He already better than porrier and his defense and rebounding exceeds Kanter

  • Uncle J
    Uncle J

    Can’t wait to see tacko vs bolbol

  • Kap1E 24
    Kap1E 24

    I’d rather be Lebron cause then at least I’d be alive

    • AJ Fata
      AJ Fata

      You get to play a sport for money-good money

    • AJ Fata
      AJ Fata

      Plus ur job would be way more fun

    • AJ Fata
      AJ Fata

      Kap1E 24 yup

    • BestShootingBigInGrimey

      And the most overrated "GOAT" of all time.

    • Increase

      That's a very good overlooked point.

  • Russel Johnson
    Russel Johnson

    Keep him in the G-League until playoff time. Then bring him up and let him lock up the paint as the game slows down and become a 1/2 court game... Especially when the Celtics could face the Buck or the Sixers who have a distinct height advantage.... Lebron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ËĖE 210
    ËĖE 210

    So now he have to wait 5 years to get drafted?

  • kilerpasta4044

    bro we need tacko in NBA

  • SmooBlox

    Tell him to find Hakeem the Dream. Chill with him for two years, learn the over and under and play a solid 10 year career.

  • William Antwine Johnson
    William Antwine Johnson

    Tacko Fall Max Deal. More than capable of more than you think👀 👀. People like minimies and no respect for big man at all. I would definitely draft him in MyTeams on God. DraftClass 2K21 ya dig.

  • Al mac
    Al mac

    So he does not have a guaranteed contract with the Celtics? If that's true then some other team should talk to him and sign up to a full contract. Swoop in and pinch this dude.

  • 237 Active
    237 Active

    so happy for the big guy

  • ace2456

    I let him stay in G league and hone his skills there and next season bring him up unless they have a big injury to there front court players then call him up

  • Rssa Basketball
    Rssa Basketball

    He should be playing in the nba

  • Anwar Yusuf
    Anwar Yusuf

    We need tako fall in 2k my team

  • さとうゆうと

    まだまだ改良はいるだろうけどホントにNBA行って欲しいや めちゃくちゃ好き

  • Yestrdeey

    Keep him in the g-league

  • trake

    Lakers need to pick up Tacko Fall

  • Julio Macasero
    Julio Macasero

    He should be in the NBA

  • MR Mercury
    MR Mercury

    How does the nba not draft a 7’6 player. I mean what team wouldnt want someone that tall.



  • six trumpet warnings 0007
    six trumpet warnings 0007

    Every team including the Lakers had a chance to get back fall so I don't want to heat any bitching should the Celtics win a lot of world championships.

  • Sonya Syverson
    Sonya Syverson

    yes he should be in the NBA

  • pel00n1

    We want Tacko